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Most men and women do not think about obtaining a legal professional until they are in desperate need. The legal dilemma could possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a criminal circumstance you need to be defended on. Organizations need law firms as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unfair business practices. Tax lawyers are also very helpful when coping with government problems. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has numerous legal professionals with different areas of expertise, so relying on your own personal legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the best law firm to meet your existing need without having to start your search each time you need legal assistance.It is best to locate a lawyer you can trust. You really want one with a good track record, who isreliable, effective, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will stand for you thoroughly and charge you fairly for their services. Quite often a referral from a good friend or business affiliate can be handy, however you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms available, due to the fact when you need legal help, you need it rapidly and you would like the finest you can manage to pay for. Thank you for searching for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is glad to produce specific search variables to match your necessities. We consistently make an effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find anything you are searching for.

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Best Way To Find An Attorney In The State Of Georgia?
I Have Damage To My Property (Land) That Is Being Caused By A Few Of My Neighbors. It Is Not Covered By Insurance Of Any Of The Parties Involved. This Is Going To Be A Civil Case, I Am Sure About That. I Have Contacted Them, Told Them About The Problem, And They Are Refusing To Do Anything About The Problem. I Have Tried To Do The Neighborly Thing And Get This Taken Care Of Outside Of Court, But It Looks Like That Its Not Going To Be That Easy. Everyone Is Pointing Fingers And No One Wants To Take Liability For The Problem. I Hired Professionals To Diagnose The Problems And Everything. Now I Am Just Not Sure What To Do. I Have Never Had To Deal With This Issue Here In The State Of Georgia...So I Have No Idea How To Go About Getting A Good Attorney. I Don'T Want To Go With Someone That Doesn'T Have Much Experience. I Need Someone That Is Strong And Knows What They Are Doing In Situations Like This. Does Anyone Know A Good Website Or Resources To Help Me Find Someone That Would Really Help Us Out. This Is A Very Unique Situation Because There Are 4 Properties Involved. Also...Will Most Attorneys Do A Free Consultation, Or Do You Believe That I Will Have To Pay A Fee Upfront? Any Information Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Most attorneys will have someone talk to you--it may not be an attorney. If the case is not up their alley, you can usually get a referral to someone who does good work in that area. If you call a dozen attorneys, you'll probably start to get some overlap in who you are referred to.

Otherwise, you can go to your local library and ask the librarian how to use the print edition of the Martindale Hubbell Directory. The online version is worthless.

Or, post your town and I'll find someone for you.

EDIT: The attorney you want to ask for a referral is Alan Mullinax. He is a peach of a guy. Has pictures of himself and every big shot in Atlanta hanging in his office. His favorite is of him and Muhammad Ali.

Alan is not the guy who will take your case, but he is a great friend, and he knows every reputable lawyer in Lawrenceville and he will set you off on the right foot. Here is his contact information:

Law Offices of Alan Mullinax & Associates, P.C.
Lawrenceville, Georgia Office
296 S. Culver Street
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046-4806.

Telephone: 877-351-5967
Fax: 770-822-1914

Tell him Odd Job says hello.

Your friend,

Odd Job

How Much Do You Get Paid For A Slip And Fall Accident?

Well it depends on how bad you were hurt and whether the property owner is liable for negligence. Most Insurance policies have a MED Pay provision which is no fault and it is usually 5-10k which could at least pay your med bills. Also depends on what state you are in and when the event occurred. Most Med pay claims must be made with 1 year of the fall. You really need a lawyer. Many lawyers will not take slip and fall cases because they are very difficult to win and the standard of proof is high. It also depends on where you fell and why you were where you were ..I .E. you could have been an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser. Your question lacks sufficient detail and therefore the real answer is I cannot tell you if it is worth anything.

Would A Law Office Hire An 18 Yo As An Intern?
A Gopher As My Mom Called It. I'M Looking For A Summer Job And Am Thinking Of Going For Law In College (I'M In The 11 Th Grade) And Think It Would Be Fun. How Common Is It To Higher An 18 Yo And How Would I Aproach Them About It. Thanks.

I have been in many, many law offices in private practice, government, and nonprofit work and never met anyone working there who was not a college student at the very least. No lawyer I know would trust a high school student with *anything* important, and when you're in a law office *everything* is important, so I'm not sure where "divot" has been working. Also considering the huge number of unemployed legal secretaries/paralegals it's not like lawyers are having trouble finding help.

You may be able to find someplace that will take you for an unpaid internship. It would be best if you started with places where you already have connections - like if you have a friend whose parents are attorneys. Someone is much more likely to take a chance on you if they already know you.

As a side note, if you are in the US law is a graduate degree only - you cannot study it in college. A high school internship/job with a law firm will not help you get into law school.

Question About Being An Attorney For A Corporate Law Firm.?
I Was Recently Accepted Into Law School And I Plan On Attending This Upcoming Fall (Fall 2010). My Question Is About Life As An Attorney At A Major Corporate Firm (Something Like A Fulbright & Jaworksi). What Is It Like Working As A New Associate At Those Types Of Firms? What Does It Take For A Person To Make Partner? I Understand That You Have To Be A Good Attorney And Put In A Lot Of Hours, But Is That It? Thanks For Your Answers.

If you work in BigLaw, the job essentially owns you for your first 3-5 years as an associate.

Generally speaking in order to be considered as partnership material you have to meet billable hour requirements of around 2,300 hours per year minimum. Not every hour spent at the office is billable. The ratio is usually anywhere from 3:2 to 3:1 depending on how efficient you are and how efficient the people with whom you are working are. That translates into roughly 3,100-3,800 hours per year. Obviously the quality of the work must be good as well.

You must develop good client-handling skills, keeping the clients satisfied and informed in your interactions with clients.

You must display entrepeneurial attitude, that is to say you must think like an owner rather than an employee and share the partners perspective and understanding in the business matters of the firm.

Client development is another important factor. Your efforts must have a direct impact in the increase of business that is brought to the firm. In a smaller firm this would often mean introducing new clients to the firm yourself but in a big law firm, where the firm is generally only interested in bringing in new clients that can generate 6 figures worth of income in legal fees, that is often not feasible, so the firm looks to how the quality of your work and client-handling skills builds or strengthens the business relationship between the client in the firm resulting in more work from the client.

How well your personality meshes with others at the firm, especially partners, but also other associates plays a factor in consideration for partnership promotion and of course the firm also has independent criteria to determine how many partners it is able to take on from the senior associate pool such as the overall growth of partnership income each year.

What Is The Process To Become A Divorce Attorney?
I Want To Become A Divorce Attorney! I Don'T Have Any Experience With Law But It Just Recently Interested Me. I Have Heard Horror Stories About Law School. I Have Heard It Is Hard To Land A Job And That Most Lawyers Would Tell You It Is Not Really Worth It. Currently I Am A 1St Year Kindergarten Teacher. I Am 22 Years Old Trying To Figure Out My Next Move. I Don'T Know If I Have What It Takes To Become A Lawyer But It Is All I Think About. I'M Thinking About Taking The Lsat To See If I Am Capable. Does Anyone Have Any Information About The The Process To Become A Divorce Attorney And The Day To Day Routines Of A Divorce Attorney?

It all depends on what are you live in. No one can predict the hiring trends, you know? If this is something you want to do, don't let negative people like Mailaccount influence your decision with their propaganda.

With that said, I've taken family law as a paralegal in the state of Texas. I can give you a little insight as to what a divorce attorney does. You will have to do more than just divorces. Let's get that out there right now. Most divorce attorneys are simply "family law" attorneys because with each cases comes a different set of facts. You can't be a divorce attorney without knowledge of other areas. You will have to deal with child support issues, abuse issues, adoptions issues, and the list really goes on.

You have to be strong. People are going to walk into your office and pour the intimate details of their relationships. You will have to have the ability to put aside your personal beliefs and morals and accept that everyone is entitled to legal representation despite how you may personally feel about their situation. You have to be empathetic and caring. When you think about dealing with family law issues, my family law professor said, "Think about the worst cases of abuse you ever saw on television. Then multiply it by ten. That is what used to walk into my office." Is that always the case? No, but he told us some stories that sent shivers down our spine. I recently attended a paralegal seminar and in our class regarding ethics, the attorney disclosed to us that he recently received a signed document in the mail. It had the bloody fingerprints of the wife who was found dead a few days later. These are the type of scenarios you will have to be prepared to face and help your client through.

As for daily routine, you may have a hearing. You might have a mediation. You will be taking phone calls and drafting petitions and will have a large calendar to keep track of. Deadlines are crucial, especially in divorces. There will be a lot of bargaining with other attorneys and trying to find a compromise to what you may think is the stupidest thing in the world. My family law professor said that he and the opposing counsel was so fed up about their clients bickering about a crock pot, that the two attorneys went out on the lunch break and split the costs to an identical crock pot. True story. He keeps the receipt in his wallet to remind him not to go back to family law LOL.

It takes a special person to do family law because the matters you will handle are people's lives. It isn't like suing someone for damages to a car. You will deal with domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and plain wackiness. You have to be prepared to accept that you will not be appreciated near as much as you should. You will need to really be able to tell yourself that you are doing a good thing, because the clients won't. They are so wrapped up in their emotional mess, they aren't going to take the time to tell you that you did a good job.

I work as a paralegal and I always tell the "dark side" of the law, because I think people get wrapped up in the money, or the prestige to have that J.D. hanging on the wall. I run into many attorneys that got into law for the wrong reasons. Make sure this is what you want to invest your life in. A great family law attorney needs to be able to rejoice on the small victories to make it through those darker cases. It isn't all bad, but you take the work that pays the bills. There is a lot of adult babysitting that goes along with being a divorce attorney. "Don't post that on Facebook!" "You said what on MySpace?"

One last story about family law before I submit. I was sitting at a volunteer luncheon with a table of family law paralegals. The lady to my right said, "I kid you not. She walked into the office with a box full of sex toys and demanded that my boss get them tested for DNA because she is sure her husband is cheating on her."

So, my advice...know what you're getting into. It is a noble profession and you will be able to help many people, but make sure you have the stomach for everything attached to it.

I Am Looking For A Durable Power Of Attorney Online. Is There A Website Or Source To Get A Sample Form?
Specifically A Durable Medical Power Of Attorney

Yes, you can see a sample at the website (Legal Forms Bank) below. They also offer fill-able power of attorney forms which make it quick and easy to create your own.