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4 Strategies To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To When you need a legal representative at all, you need to work closely using them as a way to win your case. Regardless of how competent they can be, they're gonna need your help. Here are four important methods to help your legal team assist you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're planning to reveal in their mind. Privilege means everything you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team has to know everything in advance - especially information another side could find out about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of all information related to your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with the data they must assist them to win. 3. Show Up Early For Those Engagements Not be late when you're appearing before a court and avoid wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are promptly, each and every time. In fact, because you may have to discuss eleventh hour details or even be extra ready for the case you're facing, it's smart to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You Have Your Act Together If you've been involved in any type of crime, it's important so that you can prove to the legal court that you simply both regret the actions and are making strides toward boosting your life. As an example, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for any rehab program. Be sincere and involved with the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely with your legal team increases your likelihood of absolute success. Try this advice, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you need to win your case.

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My Daughter Has Erbs Pasley Due To Birth Injury ? But Iwas So Young I Knew Nothing About Sueing Is It To Late?
She Is 14 Yrs Old

I'm afraid so. There's usually a 2 year statute of limitations on that sort of claim. Even if it's longer, it wouldn't be that long. Sorry.

ok, wait... different states say different things about when the statute of limitations begins to run. some states are really strict about it saying that it starts to run when the breach occurs (which is really hard for products liability since the thing might not be packaged shipped and bought before the 2 years expires... SoL would start running when the thing was manufactured). other states say that it starts to run when you have knowledge of the breach (like when the product breaks and injures you). and still other states will say that it starts running when you have notice of a causal connection between the act that was the breach and the injury. But that last is a minority. The rule I was supposed to learn for my torts class (for my exam that I just took in December) was the second one: that the SoL begins to run when the injury occurs. The case in our textbook refused to allow a lawsuit where this man was injured by the chemicals at the plant where he worked and he went to doctors who tested him and they couldn't give any tesitmony that there was a causal connection until a doctor that he went to 20 years later... even though that was the first time that he could bring a lawsuit, the SoL had already run because the SoL is a thing to limit the number of lawsuits... and because the courts don't want liability based on this after-the-fact knowledge because the employer wouldn't have known at the time that he had been using dangerous chemicals.
Even if, as my fellow answerer has stated, the SoL wouldn't start until you learn of the possible wrong doing, the SoL would have already run because you knew of the wrongdoing at the time when your daughter was born... the fact that you didn't realize you could sue doesn't matter to a court.
Even the information he states regarding the extension of the SoL for disabilities and infancy is flawed... I checked the website and it does say that, but there's a separate category for medical malpractice where it says 3 year SoL or 1 year from date of learning of the injury and that children can bring suit until they're 8... and 14 is older than 8
Actually, the information about the extension of the SoL for disability or infancy I did learn, it in regards to property law... disabled people can't make a lawsuit if their property rights are infringed, so they have until the disability has concluded before they have to sue... if that's their whole life, then their successor can sue.

I am very sorry about your daughter's injury and if you want to be sure, you should talk to a lawyer because the law in your state might say differently. but the law as far as I know, would not permit your lawsuit.

How Does Marxism Influence Family Law If Applied?
I'M Making A Research On How Marxism As An Ideology In Totalitarian States (Such As Former Ussr For Instance) Influences Family Law. I Would Be Happy To Know Your Ideas And Thoughts About It.

There is no peaceful co-existence between Communism and bourgeois law, and its social forms like the family.

The family plants the seeds of anti-social feelings and actions, because it attaches interest to a particular circle of accidental relationships at the expense of communitarian living.

The abolishment of private private was not only material, but legal, social, cultural as well. That's what a revolutionary change means: the complete removal of private barriers and locations.

The factory unit was the ideal form of social living, not the isolated, private family.

In fact, the early Reds were great advocates of abortion, abolishing marriage, dissolving families into communal units, moving women into full labor equality, having work place units provide child care.

Where Can You Get Legal Protection Insurance?
I Mean Full Coverage For A Variety Of Events Including Protection From Crime, Protection From Libel, Protection From Abuse, Etc; Often-Times You Can Only Get Certain Things Covered But Not All. Theres Always So Many Gaps. I Want Insurance That Allows Me Financial Access To Fair And Affordable Legal Council And I Dont Mind Buying Insurance If It Will Cover Retainer Fees Etc; Lawyers Are Really Expensive And So Everyone Should Have The Righ To Fair Legal Representation-- It Is Not Fair In Our Current Society. Perhaps The Reason There Hasnt Been Such A Full Package Is Because It Would Upset The Balance Of Power If Even The Poorer Folks Could Afford Representation? Just Some Thoughts..

Sounds like you are interested in a prepaid legal plan. Depending upon the plan, features may include some of the following:

Phone consultations.
Document reviews.
Discounts on legal services through a network of attorneys.
Some free legal services, such as the preparation of a property deed or simple will.
A certain number of attorney drafted letters.
Access to a database of legal forms and documents.

There is no such thing as "full coverage". Pay careful attention to what the plan does and does not cover. I'm not sure you are going to be able to find a plan that will meet your expectations of what should be covered. It's not a blank check just because you bought prepaid legal.

Also, if you find that you don't like the attorney available through your plan, you may find that you are unable to change attorneys through the plan, or that there are no other attorneys in the area who participate in the plan.

Could A Appeals Attorney Use This Or No?
I Was Watching A Show Documenting A Case Where A Mother Was Convicted Of Capital Murder For Salt Poisoning Of Her Foster Son. The Thing Is, Multiple Psychiatrists, Doctors (For Both The Defense And Prosecution) Suspected The Foster Child Injusted The Salt And Contents Found In His Stomach On His Own Due To His Pica Disorder. The Prosecution Believed She Made Him Eat All The Salt From Punishment, But There Were Many Specialists And Even Some In The Investigation Team Suspected She Did Not. Well, In A Tv Interview Two Jurors Admitted During Questioning They Didn'T Know What Happened But Had Doubt The Mother Purposely Killed Or Even Made Him Eat The Salt. The Reporter Then Backtracked And Was Like&Quot;Well Then, You Are Admitting You Had Reasonable Doubt That She Killed Her Kid Or Intentionally Made Him Eat Salt.&Quot; The Same Two Jurors Said &Quot;Yes.&Quot; Then The Reporter Said Then Why Did You Agree On Guilty Of Capital Murder? The Two Jurors Sort Of Started Stammering And Didn'T Know What To Say. They Then Admitted They Were Not Sure Of Evidence At All, But Still Convicted Her. The Jurors Were Obviously Not The Sharpest Tools In The Shed From Their Answers. Not Saying This Woman Is Innocent, But Can Interviews With Jurors Affect A Right To An Appeal? Could A Defense Attorney Ever Use A Jurors Words After A Trail? Just Wondering.

can interviews with jurors affect a right to an appeal?

---No. First of all, everyone has the right to appeal, but appeals have to be based on decisions made by the Judge regarding procedural issues. Appeals are not retrials. Jurors are limited to using the facts presented at trial in deliberations. If they learn of new info later or rethink things later it means nothing.

Could a defense attorney ever use a jurors words after a trail?

--Again, no. Once the verdict is in, nothing the Jurors say matters anymore. The only way anything like this could play a factor is if the jurors came out and said they were coerced or bribed into their verdict.

Got Some Legal Advice I Need It..?
I Work For A Company That Recently Instated A Policy That States Managers And Employees Are Not Allowed To Communicate Outside Of Work Unless It Work Related... I Am Just Wondering If This Is Legal.. That Seems Like It Reaches To Far Into Personal Lives

It's called an anti-fraternization policy and is generally legal. Note that in this case it only applies to communications between managers and employees outside of the workplace, and only for non work related matters. Employees are free to fraternize socially among themselves so long as none of them are in management positions.

The reasoning behind such policies is to protect the company from any liability which might arise from misconduct by management towards employees (which could be anything from having an employee run a purely personal errand to sexual harassment).

The broader the scope of conduct and employees covered by a policy though, the more likely it is that it will not survive a legal challenge. For example, a few years ago, an anti-fraternization policy was ruled as unlawful because it was deemed to have a potential chilling effect on workers' protected right to organize as or under a union under the NLRA.

In your situation since the fraternization is limited to actions between management and other employees and only for non-work related matters, that ruling would not apply.

Florida Adult Labor Law?
Looking For Any Information On Florida Law Requiring Breaks For Adults, Not Minors.

Florida does not have any laws on the books specifically related to this area, except those pertaining to minors. Florida law requires that minors under age 18 must be given an uninterrupted meal or rest period of at least 30 minutes for each four hours they have continuously worked.

Although Florida does not have a lunch and break law for those persons 18 and over, there are applicable federal rules for Florida citizens. While Federal Law does not mandate specific breaks or meal periods, it does give guidance as to whether or not an employee should be paid during these times. Short breaks are usually 20 minutes or less, and should be counted as hours worked. Genuine “meal periods” are usually 30 minutes or more, and do not need to be compensated as work time. For this to be the case, however, the worker must be completely relieved of his or her duties during the meal break. If the employee is still required to do any duties (even minor duties such as answering a phone), it can’t be considered a meal or lunch period and must be paid.

Federal law also contains other provisions related to employee pay during times of waiting, sleeping and traveling. Whether or not waiting time needs to be considered paid work hours depends on the situation. If an employee is allowed to do something of his or her choosing while waiting for another task to be finished or while waiting at the workplace for his or her services to be called upon, it is generally considered work time. On the other hand, if an employee is waiting to be called upon, but has great freedom to do what he or she wishes while on call (and has plenty of time to respond to the call), it is not generally considered paid work time.

When it comes to sleeping time, employees required to be on duty less than 24 hours is considered to be “working” even if he or she is permitted to sleep during some of those hours when not busy. If an employee is on duty more than 24 hours, a sleeping period of no more than eight hours may be deducted from work hours. However, this can only be done if sleeping quarters are provided and at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep may be achieved by the employee.

Finally, another issue I find comes up in the area of work hours is the issue of travel time. The general rule of thumb is that time spent in the normal day’s commute to and from work is not considered paid working time. However, if an employee is traveling in the course of a days work, it must be considered paid work time.

Complete information on the laws related to lunches, breaks and other pertinent labor issues can be found on the Florida Complete Labor Law Poster. This poster offers all the required postings for both federal and state labor laws.~~