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3 Ways To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to go through the court system, particularly if lack confidence in your legal team. Listed here are three important approaches to recognize that you've hired the proper lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Type Of Case The law is often tricky which requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want a legal professional, look for person who deals with the issue you're facing. Regardless of whether a family member or friend recommends you use a firm they understand, should they don't have a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. As soon as your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, specifically in the problem you're facing, you understand you've hired the correct one. 2. The Lawyer Features A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it could be difficult to win a case, specifically if the team helping you has little to no experience. Try to find practices which have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. Even though this is no guarantee which you case will likely be won, it offers you a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes time to listen to your concerns and answer your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. Irrespective of how busy they are or how small your concerns seem off their perspective, it's essential that they react to you in a caring and timely manner. From the aim of take a look at a common citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you require updates as well as think that you're section of the solution. Some attorneys are simply a lot better to your case as opposed to others. Make sure you've hired the best team for the circumstances, to ensure that you can placed the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith in your legal representative is the first step to winning any case.

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Does Anybody Know A Good Lawyer In Oc, California That Works With Estate Planning?
I Need To Set Up A Revocable Living Trust But I Do Not Want To Pay Lots Of Money. I Am Looking Fo A Professional Affordable Attorney, Anydoby?

Jensen, Dennis L - Jensen Dennis L
(714) 843-0450
18377 Beach Blvd, #212, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Seems to know what he's doing and is reasonably priced.
It is not a fancy lawfirm.

How Would I Go About Finding An Attorney Who Would Be Willing To Fight City Hall?

Fighting City Hall is not a big deal. Almost any attorney will do if the underlying subject matter is within his/her area of expertise. I represent a County and we get sued at least weekly; literally. If you have a land use case, look for an attorney who does land use and development; if it's police brutality, look for a civil rights attorney; if it's and injury, look for a personal injury attorney. How to do it? The best attorneys do not advertise. Ask every friend and relative to recommend an attorney. Even if you end up with an attorney who does NOT fit your needs, ask him/her for a reference.
In my state, the State Bar has a lawyer referral service. For a fee of about $30, they will find an attorney that fits your needs and will get you a free consultation. I assume that does not exist in every state, but call your state bar office in your state's capital city and ask what services they have available.
Believe me, there is NO shortage of attorneys willing to sue a government.

Attention Lawyers: Do I Have A Discrimination Case?
Would I Have A Discrimination Case? I Asked To Get Out Of The Pool Because I Was Wearing A Cotton Shirt And It &Quot;Ruins&Quot; Their Pool Filter. I Tried To Get Them To Understand That Because Of My Size (Women'S Size24)And The Size Of My Chest (F) That A T-Shirt Is The Modest Swimming Attire I Choose To Sport. I Was Told It Was An &Quot;Unexeptable Reason And To Leave The Pool Area&Quot;. I Made The Last Ditch Argument Of &Quot;But Those People Are Doing It Too!&Quot; (6 Other Individuals Were Also Sporting Modest Uv Protection In The Form Of A Cotton T-Shirt)And The Supervisor Said That Those People Will Be Dealt With. So I Cried As I Sat In The Shade Watching My Family Play And Felt That The Precious Little Money We Had Spent That Day Was Wasted. For 45 Minutes I Waited For The Supervisor To Handle Everyone Else Wearing A T-Shirt. He Just Sat In His Office As &Quot;They&Quot; (The Cotton People) Continued To Enjoy The Facilities. So I Went To His Office And Said &Quot; I'Ve Been Sitting Out, You Have Yet To Get Others Out Of The Pool, So I'M Going To Get Back In The Pool Till You Decide That Everyone Needs To Get Out. I'M Going To Enjoy The Afternoon With My Family&Quot;. He Threatened To Have Me Escorted Out By Police If I Dipped One Toe In The Pool. I Asked For His Supervisors Info And He Flat Refused And Said He Had Other Things To Take Care Of. I Insisted And Told Him Since I Was Paying To Enjoy The Park And Was Now Unable To, That I Would Just Keep Him Company Till He Found The Time To Get Me The Supers Info. He Found Time After About 10 Awkward Minutes Of Silence. He Chatted With His Supervisor About Personal Business Then Said, &Quot;Oh Boss, There'S A Woman Here (Briefed His Side Of The Mess And Then Handed Me The Phone) I Talked With The Supervisor, He Tried To Smooth Things Over. Told Me How The Cotton Shirts Are Detrimental To The Pool Filter And They Would Have To Shut Down. I Said If &Quot;If It'S So Detrimental Than He Should Immediately Asked The Others To Get Out Also, But He Didn'T And I Was Feeling Discriminated Against. The Others Were Still Out There. He Agreed And Said He Would Handle That Matter With Manager Pak And Agreed To Give Me A Refund Of Our Admission To The Park. Manager Pak Gets Back On The Phone And Laughs And Giggles And Shoots Looks At Me, Then Hangs Up. Rants About How It'S Not His Job To Tell People To Get Out Of The Pool, His Staff Is Trained To Do It And That He Only Deals With The Difficult Cases Such As Myself. Then Says He Will Get My Refund In A Few Minutes After I Get Him The Receipt. I Pointed Out That His Customer Service And Managerial Skills Were Seriously Lacking And His Supervisor Would Be Hearing From Me Again. He Said &Quot; Here'S Your Slip For A Refund, Now Leave.&Quot; Do I Have A Discrimination Case? I Don'T Want Money. I Want The Brat To Apologize To Me For His Rudeness And Bigotry Against Me, And Be Required To Attend Customer Service Classes (The Army'S Version Of &Quot;Customer College&Quot;). Your Help Drafting A Letter On Your Letter Head And Possibly A Phone Call Or Two Is What I Need From An Attorny, Any Helpers?

I assume what you are really asking is if you have a discrimination case based on weight, not T-shirt material.

The answer is still no. It's private property and you aren't a protected class. Sorry. I know it sucks. If they gave you back your money, that's the end.

Any Tips For Mock Trial Defense Attorney?
Important: It Is A Mock Trial Of Lee Harvey Oswald And I Am One Of The Two Defense Attorneys. Do You Have Any Information That Is Useful Wether It Be Pertaining To This Case, Or Just A Clever General Tactic. All Help Is Appreciated, Thank You.

I was once a mock trial coach, and I found that the kids on my team were woefully unprepared, so my first bit of advice is prepare, prepare, prepare. For each witness, read over any statements they have given many times. Know every bit of discovery backward and forward.
In trials, I always use a trial notebook. For me, this is a three-ring binder with index tabs for:
Opening Statement
One Tab for Each Prosecution Witness (for each one, put in any discovery for that person, with important areas highlighted, then have your list of cross exam questions that are suggested by the discovery)
One Tab for Each Defense Witness (again, put in discovery, and have your list of direct questions)
Closing Argument
Rules of Evidence (a summary)

You have to pretty much know the rules of evidence, you don't have much time to object.
The most important ones:
Hearsay (basically the witness is testifying to what someone else said, and the reason the other attorney is trying to get it in is that he's trying to prove that what the original speaker said is true)
Some common exceptions to the hearsay rule are : that it's an admission, in crim law, of the defendant; and that it was an excited utterance, said right away after a surprising event.
No Foundation (the witness hasn't testified that he or she has a basis for knowing what he or she is testifying about).
Irrelevant (the witness is testifying about something which doesn't prove or disprove a matter that's in dispute, like the elements of the crime).
Try to make your objections in kind of an indignant tone of voice, like you can't believe the other attorney is trying to pull this. That gives you some authority with the judge and jury, and it freaks out your opponent.
When the prosecution puts a police officer on the stand, they'll try to get in all of his credentials, like how long he's been a police officer, where he's worked, on and on. This is just to build up his credibility with the jury. Immediately interrupt, and say that the defense stipulates to his credentials.
Treat your client with respect. Look at him with interest, put your hand on his shoulder once in a while, and give him a legal pad and a pen so he can write notes to you. Then he won't interrupt your listening to the trial by whispering to you.
We all know that the Dallas cops beat the crap out of Lee Harvey Oswald, so put a bunch of black and blue make-up on his face, like his wounds haven't healed.
Good luck.

About Legal Separation?
How Does It Work As Far As Child Support And Spousal Support Goes? How Long Does It Take After The Papers Are Filed For The Legal Separation To Take Effect? We Will Be Getting A Divorce In The Future, But Since He Is Going To Iraq In April, I Need To Get This Separation Asap, So I Can Get My Own Life Going Again With My Daughter. Any Extra Info You Can Give Me About Legal Separation Would Be Helpful, I Live In The State Of Iowa... Also Wondering How Much It Might Cost?

A legal separation is a contract in between you and your spouse and have very little or no legal relevance.

This bassicaslly stipulates the amouth of spousal and child support given, the division of debt and assests, and living arrangements. Since he is in the military, this is helpful but he can still get in trouble for adultery under UCMJ, since LS is not a replacement for a divorce.

You can find the standard form online for a small fee, then you get it notarized, that means that you sign and he signs in front of a witness, preferably a notary public or a lawyer. You can do this at JAG for free.

Good luck

Drunk Driving Laws?
Isnt This A Contradiction. We Have Laws Against Drinking And Driving. Drinking Makes You Lose Your Judgement. Losing Your Judgement Means You Think You Arent Drunk. If You Think You Aren'T Drunk You Will Drive. Wouldnt It Be Better To Ban All Public Drinking? (To Save Children'S Lives That Are Killed In Burning Car Wrecks On The Highway.. Oh And My Own Life Too!!)

Prohibition is the only way we can stop drinking and driving. You are completely right, we punish people who legally ingest a substance that impairs their judgment and then we put them in jail when they make bad decisions.

Mothers against drunk driving should be trying to ban alcohol!