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3 Ways To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to go through the court system, particularly if lack confidence in your legal team. Listed here are three important approaches to recognize that you've hired the proper lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Type Of Case The law is often tricky which requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want a legal professional, look for person who deals with the issue you're facing. Regardless of whether a family member or friend recommends you use a firm they understand, should they don't have a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. As soon as your attorney is undoubtedly an expert, specifically in the problem you're facing, you understand you've hired the correct one. 2. The Lawyer Features A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it could be difficult to win a case, specifically if the team helping you has little to no experience. Try to find practices which have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. Even though this is no guarantee which you case will likely be won, it offers you a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes time to listen to your concerns and answer your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. Irrespective of how busy they are or how small your concerns seem off their perspective, it's essential that they react to you in a caring and timely manner. From the aim of take a look at a common citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you require updates as well as think that you're section of the solution. Some attorneys are simply a lot better to your case as opposed to others. Make sure you've hired the best team for the circumstances, to ensure that you can placed the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith in your legal representative is the first step to winning any case.

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Circle K Slip And Fall Cont.?
What Happenened Was I Has Walked Out Of The Store Into The Parking Lot [I Live Next Door So I Was Walking] I Had Forgotten An Item So I Turned Around Took A Few Steps And Slipped On A Transmission Oil Spill. I Went Whoop Right Into The Air And Landed On My Back And Left Shoulder. It'S On The Security Video. I Never Intended To Fall Nor Was I Trying To Get $.

it doesn't matter you fell on there property you did not try and defraud them by falling.

If you are in the parking lot not at a pump it is not reasonable to assume there would be tranmission oil.

You are simply asking to have your medical expenses covered due them not properly maintaining there property.

The parking lot is there property and if there were enough oil for you to slip and fall they would have cleaned the area up.

do what I said get an atty one that will take the case for a % of settlement that way you will know if you have a case. they won't waste there time taking a case if they don't feel you have the grounds for the case.

Tough Secret Marriage Legal Question?
Here Is The Situation. I Have Been Dating This Girl For 3 Years. We Want To Get Married. The Problem Is That Her Parents Don'T Approve. We Are Both Christians. We Are So Ready To Get Married. We Understand The Commitment And Responsibilities. We Are Abstinent Until Marriage.(Really Really Hard Though) Her Parents File Her As A Dependent On Their Tax Return. If We Get A California Confidential Marriage Can Her Parents Still Claim Her As A Dependent If She Is In Fact Still Their Dependent? She Would Be Depending On Them.I Would Claim Married Filing Separately Or Single I Don'T Know. Does This Allow Her Parents To File Her As A Dependent? She Is Going To College So They Still Claim Her. They Pay Her Rent And All That Stuff. We Are Both 18+ But Because Of Her Families Deep Christian Values They Wont Let Us Marry. We Will Eventually Have A Real Service And A Public Wedding But Not Until Her Family Is Ready.

I am a Christian, getting married in your age is not really prohibited in the bible, as long as you both know what marraige means. I think your too young to marry, its not wrong to marry at your age but theres just a lot of things you should know.

Getting married does not end there. You should always consider the things like, are you stable with your job? What if she gets pregnant, are you ready to do the Fathers responsibility? Be very careful with marraige, like they say, its not like something you eat and when you get burned, you puke it out.

I am married when I was 22, and I did not follow what my parents and the elders of the church told me, I think I really can surpass all the trials with God. Yes it is true I did overcome it and our marraige is in care of God.

But there are consequences about this, like when you actually live on 1 roof, you will know what I mean. Its different being romantic than being married. Being a boyfriend or girlfriend is sweet, and thats just it, when you get married, you become one flesh, in other sense, all of you will be combined with all of her.

Do you think this will match perfectly in instant? No, and with lack of maturity, these can cause divorce.

If I were you, you are 18 right? take your time with your girlfriend, enjoy your relationship, but do not cross the line. You know what Im saying?

Finish your school, get a job, when you are stable and ready for all. Then you marry.
Getting marry is not just all bout ready to love and for the responsibility, it goes along with finance.
If your girlfriend is still depending on her parents how can you stand on your own.

When you get married, you leave your parents and stand by your own. It doesnt matter if you are rich and tell me money is not a problem, given that money is not a problem, but money isnt everything.

Dont get carried away by the passion that you feel for each other, control your self. Let everything be organized, because our God is a God or plans.

You will know the right time for you to marry, if your parents says go, and her parents says go. Thats it! As far as I am concern, her parents wants her to finish her studies, not only because she can be put as a dependent on tax issues. You will not understand a parents thinking until you become one.

Put your self into the parents of your girlfriend, would you allow your daughter age 18 to get married and not finish her studies and get a job? Only bum parents would do this. All parents good and bad wants the best for their children.

I advice you to finish your studies, when you graduate get a job, and if your ready then marry. Do not be afraid of loosing your girlfriend, if she is for you she is for you, pray to God that no matter how long we wait you want her to be your wife. And if its God's will it will happen, trust God, nothing is accident in this world.

About the legal thing, yes her parents can still claim her as a dependent, as long as you dont file for "married jointly" on your return.

Her family does not allow her to marry not just because of Christian values, because it is not forbidden to marry at your age in the bible, but God has given us the knowledge to the right way, to the right path, not to the miserable path.

Even some religion will not allow you too. Dont blame our faith as Christians. Its not a good idea.

Marraige does not work the way you think it is. God said a man has to marry, and for this reason he will leave his fathers house with his wife.
Sure you can do this but what if she gets pregnant? How can she finish her studies? How can you provide for them? Are you sure you are ready and can you take that responsibility?

Believe me its not a joke to get married, its not just like oh we get married and we can have sex and we dont sin anymore. This should not be. Think again, follow your or her parents, and the elders of the church. You still have a lot of rice to eat.

God bless you!

Joint Legal Custody??
I Have Joint Legal Custody With My Son's Father And I Have Full Physical Custody Of My Son... If I Decide To Give My Mother Full Physical Custody (Military Duties) Does My Ex Have To Sign Anything?

i don't believe that you can just give your mother full physical custody with a father being involved. He has to have a chance to have custody if you are being deployed. Unless you can prove him unfit. I am sure that this is not what you want to hear.
But yes he will have to sign something, and unless he is a complete loser.....not saying that he is......but he would have the right to take over the custody, being that he is the father.......

I hope this helps if you have anymore questions about this just email me. Ill be glad to help...

Uk Divorce Laws???
Does Anyone Know What The Law In The Uk States About Divorce And How Long It Takes To Be Finalised?

Here is information I obtained from a solicitor's website:

Divorce in England & Wales is currently granted on the basis of the irretrievable breakdown of marriage. The Family Law Act 1996 which was passed by Parliament would have amended the law in quite significant ways but it now appears that many of its provisions may never be brought into effect. There are currently five so-called "grounds" which can be relied upon as evidence of irretrievable breakdown:

1. Adultery
2. Unreasonable behaviour
3. Desertion
4. Two years' separation with consent
5. Five years' separation without consent

There is additional information on his website.

Divorce Attorney Says Divorce Taking Long Because Of &Quot;Misnumbered Documents&Quot; Is This For Real?
We Signed All Documents October 15, 2007. It'S Now February 22, 2008!! Attorney Said That Its Taken So Long Because Previously Filed Docs Were Misnumbered/Out Of Order. What The Heck ?! Could This Be True? It'S An Uncontested No Fault Divorce!

My uncontested divorce took precisely 21 days from the time the docs were signed but I am sure this varies by state and even local court and we had no children. If you want the truth, it is probably your attorney's ineptitude causing it. I had a lousy attorney but fortunately hers was on top of things and got everything filed very timely. Assuming everything is negotiated, you might want to ditch the attorney, look into this yourself and save some money. You probably don't need an attorney to finish it for you at this point.

P.S. Be VERY careful of people who try to quote statistics in their advice, especially when they start citing church studies!!!!!

Can I Get A Lawyers Help From Il For A Pa Divorce?
I Was With My Wife For 16 Years And As Of 2007 Sept. We Have Not Lived Together We Lived In Pa At The Time. But At The Time Things Went To Hell She Just Asked Me To Leave And The Business We Had Closed Due To Finance. I Moved To Another State Il. Now This Month She Has Sent Me Papers From Pa To Go To Court For Spousal Support. When I Left There Was No Income Coming In She Let All Payment Go Let Both Houses Go And Ran Up All The Credit Cards To The End And Now She Wants Spousal Support. I Have Found A Job Here In Il And She Has One There. Since We Are Both Working Will She Get Spousal Support. Also Can I Get A Il Lawyer To Work On A Case From Pa.Help Im So Lost Also Last Thing We Found Out 3 Years After We Got Married My First Divorce Never Went Through Does This Make A Difference Even Though For 16 Years We Did Everything As Husband And Wife.Bought Houses Cars And Got Loans Together.We Have A Marriage License But Does It Make A Diff Since Im Not Legally Divorced From My First Wife

You need a lawyer. First it's a big deal that your first divorce never happened and therefore your 2nd marriage is illegal. Is PA a common law state? Only a few states do. Did you live in PA the whole time?

As for spousal support, if you make substantially more than she does, she may have a claim for it. Spousal support is granted when a family had a certain income and then with the separation, her income is substantially decreased. It is also awarded when the wife did not work to take care of the house/children as agreed to by the spouses. Now she will have a much harder time reentering the work force.

As for the payments, you would both have been responsible for the joint house to begin with. By leaving, you did not abandon all mortgage payments. Usually the asset is sold and the money split evenly. You need to prove that she maxed out the credit cards after you split and if it was not for money for the joint assets (upkeep on the house, children's tuition) you may not have to pay for that.

You need to get a lawyer in PA. As lawyers must pass an individual state bar, a lawyer in IL cannot represent you in PA.

I can't believe you knew for 13 years that your marriage was not valid and you did nothing to make it so. All the loans will be split (house, car, etc). You don't have a legal marriage license though--I'm not sure how you got it to begin with since they are suppose to check your divorce papers first. In order to a common law marriage not to be recognized, you must be clear that your intention was to not be married. It might be argued by a lawyer that since she KNEW that your marriage was illegal and invalid at 3 years into it and did nothing to ensure you fixed that problem, she was not intending to be married.

Is your divorce final now? If you are still not divorced from wife one, wife 2 cannot win b/c you could never have been married legally.

Usually if you filed jointly for so many years and lived as man and wife in a common law state, it would mean you were married. However if she makes more than you do or roughly the same, her claim for spousal support will be bogus. You didn't mention divorce papers but if you aren't divorced from her (assuming the marriage is ruled as valid) she can't get spousal support either since a spouse can't sue his/her spouse.