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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will see that there are countless lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise that they can focus on your type of case. This may make the procedure of finding one with significant amounts of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, should you follow the following it will be possible to restrict your search off to the right one in very little time. Step one is to create a listing of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your area focusing on your position. When you are causeing this to be list you must only include those you have an effective vibe about based on their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down if you take a bit of time evaluating their webpage. There you should be able to find how many years they are practicing and several general information regarding their success rates. At this point your list needs to have shrunken further to people that you simply felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You should then take time to look up independent reviews of every attorney. Make sure to browse the reviews rather than just relying on their overall rating. The details from the reviews provides you with an idea of the direction they connect with their customers and how much time they invest into each case they are working on. Finally, you should talk with at least the last three lawyers that have the credentials you are interested in. This will provide you with time to really evaluate how interested these are in representing your case. It really is crucial for you to follow many of these steps to ensure that you find someone which has the proper amount of experience to help you the perfect outcome.

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Who Is The Top Litigation Lawyer In The State Of Washington?
Preferably In Western Washington. Seattle Or Tocoma.

Well, any litigation lawyer you ask will say that he/she is the best, so technically every lawyer is the best...

Is Anybody A Lawyer????
If You Are A Laywer, Can You Tell Me How Many Kinds Of Lawyers There Are And What Some Of Them Are? At Least 10!!!!! I Need To Write A Report On What I Want To Be When I Grow Up And I Really Want To Be A Lawyer, But I Do Not Know That Many Types Of Lawyers There Are?????Please Answer!!!!!!! The First One Who Answers It Will Be Picked For The Best Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Please Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ABA,

Who says a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is a good start? Lawyers have critical jobs in a wide variety of business, nonprofit, and government positions, and without them we'd have a hard time running a society as complex as ours. Don't believe it? Here are thirty jobs that can only be done by a lawyer.

Criminal Law

1. Trial Lawyer – In England, this is a barrister; he argues a client's case before a judge and acts as an advocate.

2. Defense Lawyer/Public Defender – No matter how outrageous the crime, every accused man and woman deserves to be able to defend himself or herself. A defense attorney gives them the voice they would otherwise lack.

3. District Attorney – Carries forward the state's case against an accused criminal, and determines which cases will be pursued, tried, or settled.

4. Jury Specialist – A special kind of trial lawyer who has developed expertise in selecting a jury that will be most sympathetic to the side he/she works for.

5. Sitting Judge – Sometimes an elected position, a judge maintains the courtroom's fair climate and renders final decisions on the outcome of a case, after a jury decision is reached or independently if there is no jury.

6. Research Attorney – Specialist in finding and citing case law, this attorney is rarely found outside of large multi-attorney practices.

7. Appellate Attorney – Argues the points of law in an appeals case (there must be something wrong with the original case in order to bring an appeal, and these guys find those issues)

Tort Law

8. Insurance Attorney – An attorney specializing in insurance law, generally working as a representative for an insurance company trying to deny a claim

9. Malpractice Attorney – A plaintiff's attorney who represents a person injured in the course of medical treatment, generally on contingency payment.

10. Personal Injury Lawyer – A plaintiff's attorney who represents someone injured through no fault of his own, generally on contingency payment.

11. Transactional attorneys – Draft documents and advise clients, but rarely go to court.

12. Legal Aid lawyer – sometimes law students, these lawyers advise and represent people who are indigent in a variety of specialties.

Corporate Law

13. Tax attorney – Absolutely necessary for large corporations, a tax attorney knows how to use domestic and foreign tax laws in the corporation's interest.

14. Corporate attorney – Any attorney working on retainer in a corporation

15. Attorney specializing in environmental law – Attorneys who ensure corporations remain inside the law when working with the environment (utilities companies must have them)

16. Copyright Lawyer – Lawyer working with copyright law for books, stories, music, etc.

17. Patent Lawyer – Lawyer who can do patent searches and who knows how to write patent applications that will be accepted

18. Labor/Employment Law – Attorney who understands labor law and ensures a corporation stays within those laws

19. Real Estate Lawyer – Handles all legal documents and zoning issues, etc. when a corporation or individual buys a piece of real property.

Federal Law

20. Policy Analyst – Works with federal bureaus and public servants to ensure policies are within the law

21. Legislative Drafter – Helps legislators draft law in ways that are compliant with current jurisprudence – you can thank these guys for the murder of many trees, for these documents are often very wordy.

22. Military Lawyer (JAG Corps) – Commissioned officers who specialize in practicing military law and also in helping military members work with civilian law

International Law

23. Admiralty Lawyer – Works with maritime law, or the law of the sea, where other national law may not apply

24. Comparative Lawyer – Trained in the legal system of at least two countries, he's able to reconcile laws while working with cases spanning both countries.


25. Law professor – A lawyer who has chosen to teach new lawyers; can be concurrent with a regular law practice

26. Legal information publications specialist – A lawyer who has not necessarily passed the bar, and who works for one of hundreds of professional legal publications gathering, organizing, and writing data.

27. Legal writer – An attorney who, above and beyond the writing his or her job requires, also publishes memorable articles and books on different aspects of the law.

Other Types of Law

28. Law Enforcement – In many situations, especially high ranks or governmental organizations like the FBI, a law degree can be critical for law enforcement

29. Entertainment Law – Attorneys who focus on intellectual property, libel, and other legal issues in the entertainment industry.

30. Nonprofit Law/Lobbyist – Generally a CEO or executive at a nonprofit or advocacy group who argues points of law in reference to his group (Center for Science in the Common Interest, for instance)

You should also look for Internet law to become a critical field sometime in the near future, as Internet issues grow increasingly complex.

There are two Major Types of Lawyers

criminal justice family court lawyers injury lawyers

Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc?
Free Legal Assistance

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How Do I Find A Family Court Lawyer?
I Have An Upcoming Family Court Summons

Someone who practices family law.

Try your states Bar association.

Free Legal Advice?
I Am Very Young And Just Getting Out Of A Verbally Abusive Relationship. I Don'T Know Whether To Try For Sole Custody Of My 3 Month Old And Child Support. He Has A Record But It Was Before He Was 18 So It Was Expunged (It Was For Assult). He Is Very Verbally Abusive Even In Front Of Our Son And I Am Scared It Will Lead To Physical. I Need Legal Advice. Any Idea Where I Can Get Legal Advice Free?

Definitely try for sole custody with supervised visitation.

Contact your state bar association for a list of attorneys who will give you a free initial consultation, and who may handle your case either Pro Bono (no charge) or on a sliding scale.

Depending on what state you are in, there are also battered women's organizations, who will help you obtain legal assistance. This is the search engine I used to pull them up in all 50 states, you may find one for the area that you live in:

Even though he may not have physically assaulted you, verbal abuse is a form of battery and you are doing the right thing in removing yourself and your child from that situation.

Porfessional Way To Fire An Attorney?
My Attorney Fees Have Skyrocketed And I Want To Cut Ties With The Firm. I Have Decided To Go It On My Own. I'M Extremely Upset With Their Work But Should I Do It With Good Taste, Professionally?

Often even after careful selection you may find that you and the lawyer you have hired have tangential views and cannot see “eye to eye.” If this happens however hard you try and resolve differences the chances are that your case will suffer. It is best that you gather all your guts and fire the attorney and right off any expenses you have incurred and start a fresh.

When you hire a lawyer to work on legal matters you have the right to professionalism and a commitment on part of the lawyer. Every state has laws on rights of consumers and what a lawyer must do. So, check with the Bar Association or on the World Wide Web what your rights are.

Never be afraid or passive you have a right to: set deadlines, receive copies of all documents, ask for an itemized billing, and get a second opinion when in doubt.

When a conflict on any matter occurs, the first thing to do is communicate. Sulking or speaking behind the back of the lawyer will not help. Be courageous and speak your mind. Many a time just laying the cards on the table can clear matters. If at the end of the meeting the problem remains unresolved you and your lawyer may mutually decide to part ways.

In order to fire a lawyer you must:

• Follow to a‘t’ the agreement made between you and your lawyer. You must include a disagreement clause in your contract and specify clearly the financial liability.

• Have on tab all the papers pertaining to the case and notes of why in your opinion things are not right.

• State clearly in writing why you need to fire the lawyer. And request the lawyer to hand over your file, give you a detailed bill of expenses, and return any retainer he may have in excess of the bill. In case you owe the lawyer money then he has the right to hold on to your file until you settle the dues.

Find a replacement before firing the first lawyer. And ensure that you are not delaying legal process by firing your lawyer in the middle of a series of hearings.

It is not prudent to fire a lawyer verbally. It is best done in writing stating clearly the reasons for firing a lawyer and outlining the payments made as well as terms and conditions determined when hiring the lawyer. Also make sure he receives your letter.

In case of any difficulties approach the courts or ask another lawyer to send him a legal notice. In many states you can submit a complaint about lawyers. Check out the guidelines by the Bar Association of the state you reside in. The law states that lawyers need to follow a code of conduct and must be professional in every way.

Just as it is up to you to hire a lawyer so also it is your choice to fire a lawyer too.

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"Overbilling. When many clients receive their monthly accounting from their attorneys, their jaw drops. Most clients do not realize that they are being charged for every single telephone call, every facsimile, every time your lawyer sneezes while thinking about your case. Lawyers also have a terrible tendency to round up. If you feel you are being overbilled by your attorney, do not sit back and take it. Overbilling is a nasty practice in the legal world, and it should not be countenanced. Fire your attorney, then file for a fee arbitration to recover some of what you were overbilled.

Good luck with your case!