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Does Oklahoma Have Grandparents Rights?
I Would Like To Know If Grandparents Have Rights In Oklahoma? I Mean Can A Grandparent Go To Court And Ask For Visitation Rights?

Oklahoma law governing grandparent visitation is extremely long and detailed, though relatively clear and easy to understand. In Oklahoma, grandparents may be granted visitation if the court deems it in the best interest of the child, provided that the grandparent can show either parental unfitness, or that the child would suffer harm in the absence of visitation. Visitation will not be awarded under any circumstances if the nuclear family is intact and both parents object to visitation. Family situations in which visitation can be sought include death, divorce, separation, annulment, unmarried parents, incarceration and desertion. In most of these situations, a preexisting relationship between the grandparent and the grandchild is necessary for visitation. Some of the subsections call for a "strong, continuous grandparental relationship."

Oklahoma law provides factors for consideration in deciding the best interests of the child. These include the following:

The importance to the child of continuing a preexisting relationship with the grandparent
The age and reasonable preference of the child
the willingness of the grandparent to encourage a close parent-child relationship
the length, quality and intimacy of the preexisting grandparental relationship
The emotional ties between the parent and child
The motivation and efforts of the grandparent to continue the grandparental relationship
The parental motivation for denying visitation
The mental and physical health of the grandparent
The mental and physical health of the child
The mental and physical health of the parent
The permanence and stability of the family unit and environment
The moral fitness of the parties
The character and behavior of any other person who resides in or frequents the homes of the parties
the quantity of visitation time requested and any adverse impact it would have on the child's customary activities
If both parents are dead, the benefit in maintaining the preexisting relationship.

Oklahoma also provides guidelines for proving parental unfitness in a suit for grandparent visitation; however, such a finding cannot be used to terminate parental rights. These factors include the following:

Chemical or alcohol dependency, untreated or unsuccessfully treated
A history of violent behavior or domestic abuse
An emotional or mental illness that impairs judgment or impairs the capacity to recognize reality or to control behavior
A failure to provide the child with proper care, guidance and support
Any other condition making the parent unable or unwilling to give a child reasonable parental care.

Adoption does not automatically terminate grandparents rights in Oklahoma as it does in some states. The law states that visitation may be sought if a grandchild is not living with the parents or if legal custody has been given to another party, except in some cases of legal adoption. Grandparents of a legally adopted child cannot request visitation after the adoption or in a case in which a child was adopted before the age of six months. Visitation rights that were awarded before the adoption may not be terminated without an action of the court.

Great-grandparents have the same right to visitation as grandparents.

I Want To Be A Criminal Defense Attorney?
I'm 15 Years Old And I Want To Be A Criminal Defense Attorney What Do I Need To Do To Become One I Know That I Need To Go To Law School But Is There Anything Differently That I Would Need To Do Differently Than Someone Who Was Like A Injury Lawyer Or Disability Lawyer

I think its awesome that that's what you want to do. To get to law school, you have to get a 4 year undergraduate degree first. It doesn't matter what you major in. The most popular majors before people go to law school are usually political science and history, though criminology or criminal justice would be a good undergrad major if you want to do criminal defense. Once you get your undergrad degree, you have to take the law school entrance exam, the LSAT.
In law school, everyone takes the same classes for the first year. After that, you can start taking more specialized classes. If you want to do criminal defense, you can also participate in moot court and a criminal law clinic (in the clinics you get to assist lawyers with real cases).
After you graduate, you have to pass the bar exam in the state where you want to practice. Then you're good to go.

The best thing you can do right now is keep your grades up and focus on your end goal.

*I also forgot to add that you can intern at a criminal court over the summers during law school and that should prepare you pretty well for the courtroom.*
*Oh yeah, another thing.... You can go to any law school and become a criminal defense attorney. Law schools teach all kinds of law.*

Question About Israeli (Orthodox Jewish) Divorce Law?
I Have Recently Watched Documentry About Women Who Can'T Get Divorced Because Their Husbands Won'T Allow It Http://Www.Channel4.Com/Fourdocs/Archive/Manhunter.Html Is It Really True That Under Jewish Law Even If A Man Deserts His Wife For 20Yrs Gets Remarried..If He Won'T Give His Wife Permision She Can'T Get Divorced From Him Even Though He Broke The Marriage Contract?? Is This Law In All Of Israel Or Just For The Othodox? What Do Israelis Think Of Such Men Who Hold Women Hostage Like This? What 'Pressure' Can The Israeli Government Bring To Force The Husband To Give A Divorce?

You have some of it right, and yes, it sucks (spent 3 years as a "Misarevet Gat", a woman whose ex wouldn't give her an official divorce). But it goes both ways: a woman can also refuse to give her husband a divorce. In Israel, the rabbis control family law--only they can make an official marriage, and only they can give an official divorce. However, a man cannot marry more than one woman: to get remarried, he has to give a gat to his first wife. But I know a woman who's waited 20-some years for her gat, and her husband moved to Australia and is living with a woman, so it's almost the same. What happens is this: a couple goes to the rabbis and asks for a divorce. The rabbi asks each if they agree. If one refuses, the other is offered "Shalom Bait" (Peaceful Home). That means they live together as man and wife for one month, and must have sexual relations during that time. If the one who asked for the divorce still wants it after that time, the rabbi must grant it. However, for women who want a divorce, Shalom Bait is like "sactioned rape" so they often refuse it. For others, they want to leave an abusive relationship, and taking that option could be dangerous, even deadly. So they prefer to get another date with the rabbi, in a few months time, and try again. Outside of the rabbis, you can get a civil divorce agreement, which is not official, but it details alimony and custody and such. So for some women, waiting for the official divorce is no big deal, because all the important details are settled. And if he still won't give it and she wants to remarry, there are ways to get it. If he doesn't pay child support, he can be imprisoned. And sometimes, if he won't give a gat, under special circumstances, he can be imprisoned. Hauled out once a month and asked again if he will give the gat. Not pleasant, but it has happened in some cases. Anyway, this is the law for all Israel. So now some secular couples have a wedding party, without a rabbi, and never get officiallly married; they just don't want the rabbis interfering in their lives. Some couples take the Shalom Bait, and it works for them. The government can't do anything about it. Yet. There are people who are trying to get civil marriages legalized, which would mean also civil divorces; but it's a long haul. The religious minority in the govt uses its power carefully, selling their votes to others, with conditions that they get their laws passed. Like El Al can't fly on Shabbat, which costs the company and the country billions of lost custom; and so it is with ancient divorce laws.
There is a web site that explains the problems this can cause for women who can't afford to keep themselves and their children, if they can't get child support with out a divorce. You see, you open a case for divorce either in the civil court or the rabinut (rabbis court); usually it's a race between the couple: the woman wants the civil agreement, the man wants the rabbis to decide. If the man wins and they go through the rabbis, they can say there will be no child support until there is a gat. On the other hand, there are some ways to get it...if the woman opens the case first, in the civil court, she can ask for alimony for herself (not child support), which is rare in Israel, and it is to be paid until he gives the gat. And on the other hand, the laws are very much against fathers--there is no joint custody, as americans know it. Fathers almost always get every other weekend and one afternoon a week, alternating holidays. And if there's any problem at all, even if there are no grounds, the father almost always gets the short stick, even losing custody completely, while still having by law to pay child support.

Is There Any Free Legal Aid Help For A Child Custody Battle In Or Near Woodlands Texas Or Spring Tx?
Daughters Boyfriend Took The Baby And Wont Give The Baby Back, Seeking Free Legal Aid Help Or What Can We Do? Can You Provide Us With Some Phone Numbers Thank You Doing All We Can.

I assume you're anti women's rights. Doesn't she have the right to be the parent with limited visitation rights? Are you sexist? By the way, if he files for custody and ask for a jury trial, which Texas is the only state that does it, you want women completely ban from the jury as they are far more likely to rule in his favor than male jurors.

Attorney- Client Privilege?
I Need To Find A Web Site That Gives A Comprehensive Listing Of All Exceptions To Attorney- Client Privilege. I Can Access

ACP protects communications made between a client or potential client and a lawyer made in confidence for the purpose of obtaining legal advice. ACP must be asserted in response to a court order and if it is not the privilege is waived. It is also waived if the communication is shared with anyone, or if part of the communication is shared. The one major exception is if the communication was in furtherence of a crime. Each state may have small variations but this is the basic rule.

Attorneys also have a duty of confidentiality where they cant voluntarily disclose any information relating to their representation of their clients. There are a lot of exceptions to this and vary from state to state. Read model rule 1.6 and look for the variation in your state. Common exceptions are to defend the lawyer in a lawsuit, to prevent a crime, to use as evidence in a dispute regarding fees, to comply with a court order, andto prevent death or serious bodily harm.

If Your Your A Lawyer At A Law Firm How Would You Make Partner?

By spending a minimum of 8 years at the Law firm and being an outstanding attorney