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A large number of people do not think about finding a law firm until finally they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty could possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust legal professional. It may be a felony situation you need to be defended on. Firms require attorneys as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly not fair business procedures. Tax lawyers are also beneficial any time interacting with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A huge, full service law firm has a number of attorneys with various areas of experience, so relying on your own legal issue, you can promptly retain the greatest legal professional to fulfill your ongoing need without having to commence your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to locate a lawyer or attorney you can have confidence in. You really want one with a decent record, who istrustworthy, productive, and wins cases. You need to have confidence that they will represent you properly and invoice you fairly for their services. Sometimes a referral from a friend or business associate can be helpful, having said that you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms available, due to the fact when you require legal support, you need it quickly and you really want the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a lawyer with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is pleased to give specific search parameters to satisfy your needs. We constantly strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find whatever you are searching for.

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Can Someone Help Me Find An Affordable Criminal Attorney In Atlanta?
I Need A Criminal Attorney For My Son That's Facing A Murder Charge. I Have Contacted Several People However They Are Asking Between 10K And 25K, I Know There Is Someone Out There Cheaper Than That!

I doubt that you are going to find an attorney for less than that. You can look in the local phone book for the local american bar association and they can give you a list of criminal defense attorneys and perhaps some attorneys that do court appointed cases. You can ask if they know of any that do pro bono cases, it never hurts to ask.

If all else fails and you can't find one, have your son request a court appointed attorney, they will give him a form to fill out and if the court finds that he is indigent, they will appoint him one. If they turn him down the first time go back to the court with the names and firms of at least 3 or 4 attorneys that you have tried to hire and were turned down, that may change his mind and he'll appoint him an attorney.

Can You Sue A Lawyer For Misrepresentation If He Loses....?
An Estate Planning/Elder Law Lawyer Defends Someone With Felony Drug Charges And Loses The Jury Trial. Misrepresentation? Is This Lawyer Even Allowed To Represent The Defendant?

You can sue, but whether or not you win is another matter.

You can sue a lawyer for misrepresentation if they withheld evidence or produced false evidence.

Legal Question About Custody?
My Friend Has 100% Full Custody And Pshyical Custody Over Her Two Children. But The Father Only Has Visting Rights. She Wants To Move Out Of State For A Freash Start. Is She Allowed To Move Out Or Is She Not Allowed Due To The Father. Father Has A History Or Mental Illness In Out Out Of Hospital. Domestic Violence.

Ok FULL custody is a misnomer, it is called sole custody and usually in joint custody the noncustodial parent (the not living with the kids) has visitation rights.
The difference between sole custody and joint custody is usually found in what rights each parent has. for example if he has no right to say anything about education, religion, doctors and such, then she most likely would have sole custody. if she has to allow him a say in those things it is generally joint custody.
Either way, there iwll be rules for moving in the decree. it will probably be in a clause or section soemthing about geographic restrictions.
antoher way to tell if it is a standard custody agreement then there will be two set of visitation guidelines. those for parents residing within 100 miles of each other and another for parents residing more than 100 miles from each other.

She should read her custody order and seek the advice of an attorney if after reading it she still doesant know the answer.

Adopting My Grandson, Who Lives In Another State. I Need Legal Advise Can Anyone Help Me?
My Daughter Wants Me To Adopt Her Son, A Dna Test Showed That Her Boyfriend Is Not The Father. His Mother Has Been Awarded Temporay Custody Until Later This Month. My Exhusband Remarried And Petitioned The Court To Be A Foster Parent So He Would Have State Funding. My Daughter Wants Me To Adopt My Grandson Who Is Now 1 Year Old, And I Need Legal Counsel To Assist Me, I Dont Have Much Money. But Work Very Hard And I Want To Do This. They Reside In Another State, Do I Get Legal Help Here Or There? Would Legal Aid In That State Help Me? I Have Two Weeks Before Court Date, Any Advise?

I am not a lawyer, but I've seen similiar cases...
First off, you need to have a Home Study done, by someone
from the local DHS Office nearest you. (This is a require-
ment anyway, for when anyone is bringing a child into their
home, by court action.) This will be one step, ahead, for you.
Another thing. Who is the father of the baby? I would think
that the birth father, could have something to say about the
situation, too, and if he doesn't, then the birth father's parents
are next in line, to petition the court for any "physical"
connections to the child, too. They have the ''same Rights"
to the child, as you do.
Since you do work, and the child is still at the age to require,
a personal babysitter, then YOU WILL NEED DOCUMENTS
or daycare for the child.
PLACEMENT, but your ex-husband, does have the right
to file for custody, since he is grandfather to the child, too.
You might check out the Resources, with a local Legal Aid
Office, near you..and another thing, you can go to the court
house, court clerk's office, and ask if you can file a request
for a Court Appointed Attorney. (I don't know a lot about that
type of service, but I know it's been done at times, by the
When any case on a child, goes into the court system, the
decision of the welfare of that child, then becomes the re-
sponsibility of the Court System, and the Final Decision
is made, by the Judge, of that particular court.
Some Court Systems, have Friends of the Court...which is
an advocacy service...and some places have CASA, which
is a child advocacy service, for the child.
Legal Aid Offices can be found in many locations. You would
probably have to go thru an office nearest you.
Generally, if no one had brought the case before the judge
your daughter could have allowed you to have the child, with
you, with only a written agreement, signed by both of you
before a Notary Public.
You may address the court, by written statement, and taking
the letter to the court clerk's office, or judge's office, and ask
for a postponement, of the case, until all parties, have had a
chance, to have Legal Representation. This is done, in many
court cases, over and over...
You will need documents to proof your residence, your own
income, and it wouldn't hurt anything, if you presented, a
statement from your medical doctor, and also get an eval-
uation, from a Mental Health Agency, as to your Ability to
Care for the child.
Everything that is done, on behalf of any child, brought before
the court system, IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE ''IN THE
BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD", and not for the conven-
ience of any of the Adults, involved in a case.
If the names of the Paternal Grandparents, are known, then
they have a right to also, petition the court for Custody or
If they are Known, and are still living, then the court needs to
know this fact, so that there is no further court actions, on
their part, at a later date.
Hope this helps. TF

Would You Get A Lawyer If You Get Hurt Seriously On The Job?
My Husband Completely Shattered His Ankle. Now He Needs Pins And Plates In His Leg. I Know Each State Varies On Laws And Regulations. What Would You Do? And Besides That The Company Has Laid Off Most Of Their Nurse Case Managers And Now He Just Had A Case Manager. Is This Normal For A Serious Type Of Injury? He Has To Have An Ankle Replacement. We Live In The State Of Arizona.

I would go to a legal directory and contact maybe a dozen lawyers. Find some that offer free consultations and use the free consultation from each lawyer to get more information. This way you can get the opinion of multiple attorneys for free, and by the time you finish with the 3rd or 4th lawyer you will have a great idea of your options and what you should do. I know employers treat this kind of situation carefully but almost always try to screw you (in my opinion). You can use this free legal directory to find lawyers in Arizona

Wisconsin Family Court Question Primary Placement?
I Could Give A Lot Of Detail Here But In An Effort To Keep It Simple I Will Just Talk About The Basics. My Ex And I Divorced In 2005, At That Time I Had Agreed For My Son To Live With Her Because I Believed It Would Be Better For Him To Remain With His Half Brother. (She Had A Child From Previous Relations) She Married The Guy She Was Cheating With Barely 6 Mos After Our Divorce. In Short The Guy Is A Terrible Provider. My Son Moved About 5 Times And Probably Went To 5 Different Schools During The Time He Was With Her. This Was Due To Her Dumb *** Husband Not Being Able To Hold A Job And Pay The Bills. In October Of 2009 He Left The State To &Quot;Look Into A Job&Quot; He Took Off To Arizona With Her Having Little Knowledge Of It. She Was Then Evicted From There Rented Property For Rent Not Paid. She Was Basically Homeless With 4 Kids. (She Had 2 More With Him). She Basically Ended Up Staying With Friends For Nearly 6 Mos. To Her Credit She Agreed To A Stipulated Change Of Placement, Changing Primary Placement To Me. (For My Son) In About February Of 2010 She Went To Live In Arizona. For Some Time They Literally Were Living In A Camper. Her Husband Went Through Many Jobs Until In The Summer Of 2011 They Put What They Could In There Car Leaving Everything Else Behind Including A Couple Dogs, And Left In The Middle Of The Night For Wisconsin. Supposedly He Could Not Find Work In Az. Once Back In Wisconsin He Never Found Work Either. In Short They Spent 3 Mos Shacking Up With Friends Before Once Again They Took Off Back To Arizona Because He Supposedly Had A Job Offer. (Just Some Info On The Jack***, He Wont Do Anything That Doesn'T Involve Driving.) Turns Out He Ended Up Driving A Taxi When They Got Back. In Any Case To My Knowledge They Are Now Living In A 2 Bedroom Trailer Home (2 Adults And 3 Kids). Now She Seems To Be Telling My Son She Wants To Get Him Down There Over The Summer. Right Before They Decided To Come Back In 2011 I Was Almost Going To Make Arrangements But It Is Very Obvious To Me There Is No Stability There. Somehow Or Another They Are Now Running Some Sort Of Taxi Service. Knowing Her Husband He Is Probably Doing It Illegally. Like I Said Before He Wont Do Anything That Doesn'T Involve Driving. Id Would Almost Bet That They Will Crash And Burn Before Too Long. Getting To The Point Here, When We Divorced We Never Had An Actual Visitation Agreement Or Order. It Was Simply Reasonable Time And Notice. That Always Worked Fine When She Was In Wisconsin But 2000 Miles Away Doesn'T Make That So Workable. When We Signed The Stipulated Change Of Placement No Visitation Agreement Was Put Into Place. I Would Also Ad That She Has Paid Me No Child Support Since He Came To Live With Me. The Reason Why Is I Did Not Ask For It, She Was Basically Homeless At The Time And Had 3 Other Kids To Care For. I Am A Person Who Believed Just Cause Something Is Legal To Do Doesnt Make It Morally Corect. To This Day However She Has Not Even Made An Offer To Pay Support. In Fact She Sent My Son A Birthday Card This Year With $20.00 And It Was The Only Thing He Has Ever Really Gotten From Her. Bottome Line Here Is I Dont Feel It Is A Safe Enviroment For My Son To Be In Down There. I Have Also Had Him In Counseling Where He Had Told The Counselor About Her Husband Being Physically Abusive To Him. Another Reason I Dont Want Him There. I Am Also Quite Sure That If She Got Him There That In August When He Would Have To Come Back That She Would Claim To Not Have The Money To Send Him Back And Try To Put Him In School Down There. I Know Ive Gave A Lot Of Info Here But Ultimately My Question Is Do Have A Legal Standing O Prevent Him From Going There? Again We Do No Have A Visitation Order So I Would Assume There Is Nothing She Could Try And Inforce. I Would Also Assume She Would Have To File In Wisconsin Court To Get A Visitation Order And Then Get It Inforced. This Is A Rough Situation For Me, I Wan My Son To Be In Contact With His Mother But I Feel She Should Come Up To See Him Given The Situation. Even With That I Am A Little Worried That If She Came Up That She Wouldnt Try To Take Off With Him. I Would Assume Though That Would Be Kidnapping Under Law Because I Have Primary Placement. At The Least It Would Be Interfering With A Placement Order. I Know This Is Long But If Anyone Could Give Me Some Factual Information I Would Greatly Apreciate It. If Anyone Has Further Questions, Ill Do My Best To Answer Them. Thanks In Advance.

he court that has jurisdiction is Wisconsin because that is where the child resides. She should have contacted you about visitation first (your agreement is reasonable time and reasonable notice) instead of going to your son and making an assumption that it was okay for him to spend the summer in Arizona. That put your son in a situation that he should have never been put in and the courts won't like that. I assume that you've never disagreed on visitation before which is really amazing so this is new ground for you.

You have every right to talk to her and negotiate. She has no order in place stating that she can just pick up the kid and take him to another state. She made the choice to move away from him.

I would recommend that you talk to her and negotiate with her first if at all possible, explain to her your concerns and tell her you would be willing to allow her to see your son but she needs to come to Wisconsin. (She has friends she can stay with). I would also involve the boy's counselor if he is still seeing a therapist to get her professional opinion on what is in the best interest of the child.

If she just decides to take the child and keep him in Arizona I don't believe it would be considered kidnapping since it is not clear who has legal custody of the child. If you had sole custody, yes, but it sounds like you two just agreed the boy would live with you. I assume that you then have joint custody so she has a legal right to make decisions on his behalf too.

If I were in your position, after I spoke to my ex and tried to resolve it between us, I would initiate a modification of your custody agreement to include a visitation plan based on a substantial change in circumstances such as being in your primary custody and her move so far away. Get something in writing. You can bring up the issue of child support if you want. You can even threaten her that this will be the next step if she doesn't agree to your terms (but I wouldn't recommend it).

You have a strong case for keeping the boy in Wisconsin. Courts don't like to move kids around. You can clearly give him more stability. She should have visitation but it should be in writing so you can take her to court if the boy is abused or if she refuses to return him.