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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Irrespective of what your legal needs are you will see that there are many lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise which they specialize in your sort of case. This will make the process of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the following it will be easy to limit your search on the right one in almost no time. The first step is to produce a set of the lawyers that are listed in your town focusing on your needs. When you are causeing this to be list you should only include those which you have an excellent vibe about based on their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down through taking some time evaluating their internet site. There you should certainly find the number of years they are practicing and a few general information about their success rates. At this time your list ought to have shrunken further to individuals that you simply felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate level of experience. You need to then take time to lookup independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure to see the reviews instead of just relying on their overall rating. The details from the reviews provides you with a sense of the way they connect with their clients and the time they invest into each case that they are focusing on. Finally, you will need to meet up with at least the very last three lawyers who have the credentials you would like. This provides you with enough time to genuinely evaluate how interested these are in representing you and your case. It can be imperative that you follow many of these steps to ensure that you hire a company that has the right amount of experience to help you the perfect outcome.

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Legal Aid Lawyer For Alimony...?
I Live In Springfield Illinois...Does Anyone Know Of Any Legal Aid Lawyers For Legal Separation, Alimony And Child Support?? I Am Not Having Any Luck Finding Any. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

Call your local department of public aid/ department of human services / department of children and family services, whatever they call it up there.. they have a reference book which will give you the number for legal aid there..

A word of caution though.. I live in S. IL.. and tried to use them for my case.. I did qualify economically, but.. the lawyer didn't call me for 2 weeks after I was approved.. the first time she called was on the Friday afternoon before my hearing on Monday, by which time I had already scraped together enough money to hire a private attorney.. due to many court appointments, I got to see them in action, and I'll be honest, they were way overworked with a heavy caseload and were busy trying to settle in the hallways as fast as they could.. if it's possible to get a private attorney otherwise, try.. but if not.. at least it's someone.

Copyright Question: I Want To Name My Company With A Generic Name But There'S Already A Company Who'S Trademark Is Registered In Germany?
So Let Me Give You An Example: Say I Want To Name My Company &Quot;Theory Marketing&Quot;. But There'S Already A Company In Germany Named &Quot;Theory Ltd&Quot; Who Makes A Marketing Related Product As One Of Their Main Products. However They Target A Completely Different Market And They'Re Registered In Germany. Can I Still Name My Company &Quot;Theory Marketing&Quot; And Target The Us Or Am I Looking For Trouble? Thanks P.S. Only Answer If You'Re A Trademark Lawyer Or Have Other Special Knowledge Please - Not Looking For Opinions. Thanks

You should not get an answer from a lawyer at this site, because there is no incentive to take any risk in providing information. My legal background is limited to an MBA, over 30 years in procurement engineering at computer companies, and courses in philosophy of law, legal environment of business, and a few related.

The basis of trademark law is whether confusion is reasonably possible by a large established enterprise and your company. Just because a company exists, even in the same field, with a similar name, does not mean an average person will face confusion about any association.

Your USA use of Theory Marketing is not affected by the German company Theory, Ltd.
A trademark lookup says:
86035198 4653862 DIAMOND THEORY MARKETING owned by a Delaware registered LLC, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. Beverly Hills CALIFORNIA 90210
Advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods and services of others; Development of marketing strategies, concepts and tactics, namely, audience development, brand awareness, online community building. digital word of mouth communications and customer and user experience enhancement; Development of advertising campaigns for print media, web pages, mobile media, and direct marketing; Planning, design, development, maintenance, tracking and reporting of online marketing activities for others; Design of advertising materials for others; Dissemination of advertising for others via the internet and public and private wireless networks for display on mobile devices; Promoting the goods and services of others through search engine referral traffic analysis and reporting.
77674721 3966769 A PURE THEORY OF MARKETING owned by Ascentium Corporation of Seattle, WA consulting services in the fields of technology and interactive web solutions.
as the first pass check of whether there is any issue.
That is part of the deal.

There should be no issue using Theory Marketing and registering it as a trademark, but you do not have exclusive rights to either the words Theory or Marketing. I would not expect to see any confusion of your company with the existing two trademarks registered in the USA.

If you are located in Germany, their laws apply, and I have no basis to know if an issue exists. Anywhere in the USA, no problem. It does not take a lawyer to know this basic information.
If USA, for the US State, you still need to check business licenses and registrations of businesses within the state.

Is Indiana An Alimony State?
Can A Spouse Receive Alimony After A Divorce In The State Of Indiana?

Indiana Alimony Laws
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The following is a summary of Indiana alimony laws, and is by no means intended to be an all-inclusive description of what to expect in your particular case. In some cases, the exact text of the statute may have been simplified and/or modified to provide for easier understanding. For a more specific understanding of the laws, you should consult the full Indiana Code and/or consult with an attorney about how the law might apply to your particular situation.

A court may order alimony if it finds that:

(a) a spouse is physically or mentally incapacitated, to the extent that the ability of the incapacitated spouse to support himself or herself is materially affected,

(b) a spouse lacks sufficient property, including marital property apportioned to the spouse, to provide for the spouse's needs; or

(c) the spouse is the custodian of a child whose physical or mental incapacity requires the custodian to forgo employment.

Indiana laws allow the court to consider the following factors when determining an award of alimony:

(A) the educational level of each spouse at the time of marriage and at the time the divorce is filed;

(B) whether an interruption in the education, training, or employment of a spouse who is seeking maintenance occurred during the marriage as a result of homemaking or child care responsibilities, or both;

(C) the earning capacity of each spouse, including educational background, training, employment skills, work experience, and length of presence in or absence from the job market; and

(D) the time and expense necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the spouse who is seeking maintenance to find appropriate employment.

A court may award rehabilitative alimony if necessary, in an amount and for a period of time that the court considers appropriate, but not to exceed 3 years from the date of the final decree.

-From 31-15-7-2 of the Indiana Code.

Is Lawyer Suitable Profession For Women?
So That They Can Seduce And Marry A Rich Guys And File Divorces And Ripe Huge Wealth Without Much Hardwork. They Need Not Even Pay For A Lawyer, Right.

Actually usually lawyers hire other lawyers to represent them if need be. Just saying.
Btw I am studying law in the hope of making my own money and not relying on a guy to provide for me - shouldn't that make you happy?

Social Security Disability Attorneys, Are They Frauds ?
I Hired A Social Security Disability Attorney In August 2009. They Said They Would Open Up My Claim And See It Through To The End. I Have Multiple Things Wrong With Me That I'M Not Going To Discuss, However, I Believe That I Have A Fair Chance Of Getting Approved, Based On My Medical History And Work History. Now, The Attorney That I Hired Forgot To Sign Me Up In August And I Called Them And They Apologized And Filled Out The Paperwork. I Talked To The Social Security Administration And The Attorneys Didn'T Even Send Them A Medical File. I Called The Attorney And They Confirmed That They Don'T Have A Medical File For Me And They Didn'T Send For My Medical Records. I Would Like To Fire These Idiots For Breach Of Contract ( They Are Not Aggressively Pursuing The Claim And They Have Already Made Two Horrific Mistakes ). Is It Possible For Me To Terminate Them Without Oweing Them Anything ? Can They Still Be Entitled To Compensation Should I Get Approved ? Whats Your Input On This Question ? Thanks For Answering.

Disability attorneys do not do ANYTHING for you on your initial claim or your first appeal. If you get denied a second time and appeal again the case goes to an actual hearing before a judge. At this level an attorney can be beneficial (still not required though). An attorney never collects up your medical records. Social security does this at no cost to you. Social Security is required to provide a copy of your file to your attorney at their request. Your initial claim and first appeal are processed solely by social security. There is nothing for a lawyer to do. Lawyers taking a claim at this level are just hoping that you WILL be denied so that the case gets to the hearing level. By then a couple of years has gone by, so if your condition has worsened, and a judge says OK you are now disabled, the lawyer gets his percentage of a BIG backpay check.

How Do Legal Tender Laws Work?
Let'S For The Sake Of Argument, Omit Coins Out Of The Discussion. We Can Agree All Paper Bills Are &Quot;Legal Tender&Quot; Under Us Law. Currently, All Businesses Are Allowed To Accept Alternative Forms Of Payment In Exchange For Goods And Services, As Long As They Are Non-Debt Payment. Ok, Let'S Say Somebody Owes Me $100,000. He Wanted To Trouble Me, So He Excercises His Rights And Handles Me 100,000 One Dollar Bills. The Part Of Carrying The Weight Is Easy, The Cost Of Time To Count Them Is Not. Can I As A Creditor, Demand He Count The Bills In Front Of Me To Prove He Has Indeed Presented 100,000 One Dollar Bills, As An Assurance Before Accepting It? After All, It'S Not That I Don'T Accept It, It'S That I Cannot Trust He Has Given Me The Full Amount In Non-Counterfeit Bills, So I Need Him To Show It To Me Before I Can Write Him A Receipt Or Let Him Get On His Way. Is That Fair And Legal Within Legal Tender Laws?

The legal tender law just says that the Federal Reserve Bank cannot question the value of the bills you present, not that you have to accept them as payment from anybody. Similarly, a credit card or personal checks are legal tender but you are not required by law to accept them for payment.

However, in your scenario of an existing debt, once the "tender" has been made (delivering 1,000 stacks of dollar bills), he could argue that the debt is discharged. You, of course, can specify the acceptable forms of payment BEFORE the debt is incurred, or reserve the right to reject unacceptable forms, and having failed to do so, you have accepted the risk of a debtor delivering any form of legal tender. You would have the option to reject the payment if it were, for example, $100,000 worth of diamonds.

If you go into a restaurant with an American Express logo on the door, have a meal, then they reject your offer to pay with AMEX ("We only take cash"), you have the argument that the debt is discharged when you have offered legal tender as within their advertised forms of acceptable payment. They may see it differently.