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A large number of people do not think about choosing a law firm until they are in desperate need. The lawful problem may possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce proceedings or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a felony condition you will need to be defended on. Companies need lawyers as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unfair business methods. Tax attorneys are also very helpful when dealing with government issues. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A big, full service law firm has a lot of legal representatives with numerous areas of experience, so based on your personal legal issue, you can promptly retain the very best lawyer or attorney to match your existing need without having to start your search each time you need legal help.It is ideal to locate a law firm you can have confidence in. You really want one with a very good track record, who issincere, productive, and wins cases. You want to have confidence that they will defend you thoroughly and charge you reasonably for their products and services. Occasionally a recommendation from a pal or business associate can be beneficial, however you should hold your options open and review all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you need legal help, you need it instantly and you need the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for looking for a lawyer or attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to deliver specific search parameters to satisfy your necessities. We constantly try to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find whatever you are looking for.

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Free Reverse Phone Lookups?
I Really Want To Doa Reverse Phone Lookup, But Every Site I Go To, Want To Go To Charges A Fee.. I'Ve Actually Paid A Fee Before And Didn'T Get The Information At All, Is There Any Way That Is Completely Free To Get A Phone Lookup?

Hey mate,

I don't believe it's possible to gain access to peoples information for free - due to legal reasons (I'm not a lawyer so you might want to look it up).

But I just did a search and found this site, it says it offers free information - but, like all of these kind of sites it also offers a paid option.

If you're interested the address is:

If that's not what you're after, just have a quick look on google. But don't expect to get any free reverse phone lookup services.. unless they're illegal/shady, they literally can't provide you with the information legally for free.

Sorry if this has made no sense. :P.



Should I Stay Or Quit My Job & Would I Be Protected Under Employment Laws?
I Have Been Working For This Company For Almost 3 Years. (Georgia - At-Will) 2 Years Of Which Have Been On Salary. I Received My W-2 This Month And Noticed A Difference In The Taxes Withheld And The Taxes Reported On My W-2. I Addressed This Problem To Him 4 Times And Finally He Took The Time To Look It Over. He Basically Said The Cpa Was Not Doing Their Job And Did Not Put The Correct Amount On My W-2 For Medicare & Ss. Well I Took My Information To My Cpa And They Told Me That He Took Money Out For Federal And State And He Claims He Did Not. I Am At A Dead End. I Know It Sounds Confusing But The Bottom Line Is He Took Money From My Paycheck For Taxes That Never Went To Taxes. I Never Receive Paystubs, Even When Requested, So I Had Nothing To Compare To. Even When I Made Hourly I Never Received Over-Time Pay. Since Becoming Salary Paid 1.5 Years Ago, I Am Entitled To Over-Time Pay Because I Make Under 24,000 A Year. I Know That If I Take Action To Rectify The Problems He Will Make It So Miserable For Me To Be Here That I Will Quit. What Should I Do? I Know That Theres No Way For Anyone To Know What Will Happen For Sure But Some Input Would Be Nice! Should I Stay And File Complaints Or Quit And File Complaints?

just wanted to clarify one thing
FLSA does NOT cover all employers.... so the laws that FLSA relate to may be irrelevant in your case.
so in Georgia for any-and-all businesses that are not covered by FLSA the minimum wage is $5.15 NOT $7.25.
to understand who is covered by FLSA:

if you do not receive a pay-stub how do you know there is a mistake on your W-2?
are you guessing or have you kept some records?
Federal law and the law in Georgia does NOT mandate that a pay-stub be provided to you.
the law does require certain records to be maintained and what information must be in those records but it does NOT state that a pay-stub must be provided to you.
the employer must be able to provide this information if it is required by the department of labor, attorney general or the courts in Georgia.

contact the SSA and IRS for assistance...they can help you determine if your employer has paid in everything they have withheld.

as far as whether or not you are an exempt employee and whether or not you should be receiving overtime you need to contact the state department of labor. the department of labor in Georgia does NOT do much and for the most part they simply allow other agencies deal with these types of issues.

to quit or to stay:
quitting a job for non-payment of wages or because an employer retaliates against you for filing a legal complaint is "good cause" and shouldn't prevent you from drawing benefits. the problem is there is no way to know for sure until you quit and apply.

it would be better for you to contact all the different regulatory agencies that may need to assist you such as the state DOL, IRS and SSA then if the employer does retaliate you are covered.
if you quit now and it turns out the employer did not do anything wrong or did do something wrong but would not have retaliated you won't be covered.
you can't quit because you think the employer might do something retaliatory unless you have proof that in the past that is what has happened.

How To Find Best Attorney For Social Security Disability ?
I Am Applying For Social Security Disability .How To Find Best Attorney For This ? What To Do To Win My Case.I Have Cancer And Multiple Health Problems.

Don't waste your time with a lawyer initially. There's nothing they can do at this level to help you. Go to and click on the link in the middle of the page that says "applying for disability". Just follow along from there. If you are seriously ill there should be no problem. If you do get denied the first time you just call the SS office and tell them you want to appeal. They have you fill out another form similar to the one you filled out the first time. A lawyer still can't help you at this round. If you are denied again, then it goes to a hearing before a judge. A lawyer may be able to help you at this stage, but is still not necessary. Don't give up a percentage of your money at the initial stages for nothing.

What Litigation Mean?
Why Personal Injury Claims Have To Go To Litigation ?

Litigation is any lawsuit or other resort to the courts to determine a legal question or matter. Litigation is essentially the name given to any lawsuits, no matter what their status. If an issue is currently in litigation, that means there is a lawsuit involving that issue. It may be just filed, in the middle of discovery regarding the suit, in the middle of arguments, or even sitting waiting for a finding by the judge, and it would still be referred to as litigation.

Would I Be A Good Lawyer? What Kind?
I Am Sixteen And Recently I Have Started Thinking About Someday Becoming A Lawyer. I Am On My School'S Newspaper And I Love Writing Essays And Papers. I Know Most Lawyers Don'T Actually Go To Court, But I Would Call Myself Argumentative, Defensive, Logical, Confident, Opinionated And I Never Back Down From A Fight. Next Year I Am Going To Be On My School'S Debate Team. I Often Play The Devil'S Advocate And I Am Good At Critical Reading. I Am Really Passionate About People'S Rights (Mainly Because Of My Journalistic Background). Also, I Was Wondering What Most Lawyers Major In Before Going To Law School.

Good lawyers are not argumentative or defensive. There ARE a number of lawyer who are argumentative and defensive but they are the bad lawyers. Their fellow lawyers despise them. And judges consider them to be substandard.

GOOD lawyers are persuasive and professional. Any disagreeable idiot can argue. And only insecure people get defensive. And only people who would cut off their noses to spite their faces "never back down from a fight." These are very very poor traits - and, regardless of what you want to be when you grow up, I would suggest you work on these issues to become more emotionally mature.

It takes a very special level of skill and charisma to professionally persuade someone else to agree with your way of thinking. Good attorneys need to be able to place the needs of their clients over their own pride otherwise the consequences can be horrific. (I am dealing with one such attorney who gave her client advice that was really bad because this attorney is an argumentative, defensive, "never back down from a fight" bit$h. And because her client followed her advice, the prosecutor ended up making the client a co-defendant in a felony child abuse case - rather than the witness that the prosecutor initially wanted her to be.)

The majors vary wildly. It depends entirely on the individual student and his/her aptitude and interests.

In Nj Regarding Simple Assault Dv Charge?
The Da Or The Police Pressed Charges On An Accused Simple Assault Labled Domestic Violence. The Vicim Did Not Press Charges Nor Wanted A Restrainin Order. Can The Victim Tell The Prosecutor To Drop The Charges Or Will The Prosecutor Refuse And Just Try The Defendant. The Police Have Pictures As Evidence. Also What Will Happen To The Defendant For A First Offense. The Defendant And Victim Are Expecting A Child.

>The victim did not press charges nor wanted a restraining order.

Yeah well that isn't how DV charges are handled your abuser didn't just wrong you they wronged the State. The people of the State have decided on a zero tolerance attitude towards DV there are no "simple DV charges" all of them are serious especially if there are substantiated injuries no matter how minor.

>Also what will happen to the defendant for a first offense.

In cases of DV there is generally no first offense slap on the back of the hand he will loose his right to own firearms will be ordered to attend counseling pay fines and court costs and may get jail time. In addition the State may keep the restraining order in place for 6 months to a year and it works BOTH ways you can get arrested along with your bf if you make any contact pregnant women get thrown in jail all the time.

>Can the victim tell the prosecutor to drop the charges

SURE but they'll totally ignore you if they have enough evidence they will very probably proceed with the State's case people are sick and tired of hearing the screaming and yelling that accompanies DV if you didn't report it then you were making enough noise to annoy the neighbors