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Bars On Private Property Laws?
Are The Cops Aloud To Come To A Bar That Is On Private Property Of 8 Aces In Il. Anytime They Want , They Have To Drive About 500 Ft. Plus On My Property On My Road To Get To My Bar

Yes, generally. Is this a business?

Do you have allodial title for the land? If you don't know then you don't.

1. you don't own the land, the county does. You only own the structure on the land.
2. Odds are liquor laws don't allow anyone to sell liquor for commercial profit without a license. If you have a license probably gives the county or State authority to enforce that law, implied consent to enter the building.
3. They made need a warrant.
4. Are you open to the public? The police are part of the public.

If this is a private non-profit bar in your home, then you are safe.

Child Custody Advice Please Help!!?
Me And My Soon To Be Ex Are Having Extreme Issues With The Verbal Arrangements That We Have Made In Regards To Our Children. We Verbally Agreed That I Get Them On Friday Afternoon When They Get Out Of School And Also During Any Breaks During School Easter,Christmas Etc... I Have Moved On And Have Somebody Else In My Life And This Is Not Sitting Well With Him Because The Kids Really Enjoy Him And We Intend On Getting Married Down The Road. I Just Started A New Job Which Requires Me To Work 3Pm-11Pm And He Will Not Let My Boyfriend Pick Them Up Out Of Spite And Says &Quot;The Kids Should Not Be With Your Boyfriend When You Are At Work&Quot; Keep In Mind My Boyfriend Treats My Kids As If They Were His Own And I Am Extremely Comfortable With Him There With Them As Are They. And He Expects Me To Give Up This Job Which Has Great Benefits And Is In The Field I Enjoy Doing To Make Him Happy When I Am Doing The Best To Provide For My Children.We Are Not Legally Divorced Yet But Have Just Begun Speaking With An Attorney. While Married We Did Not Sleep In The Same Bed For Over 5Yrs An In Pennsylvania That Is Technically Divorced Without The Judge Signing Off On It. What Can I Do To Be Able To Still Have My Kids On The Days That We Verbally Agreed On?? He Is Using The Kids As A Pawn Against Me And This Is Not Fair To The Kids.Please Give Me Advice On This Matter Its Extremely Important To Me. Thanks So Much For All Who Answered

Get a lawyer, and work out a legally-binding visitation/custody arrangement. Your ex cannot legally keep you from seeing your children and should be required to make accommodations due to your schedule. However, being one of the custodial parents, he also has the right to not release his children into the care of what is, to him, a complete stranger. He doesn't know your boyfriend, and I completely understand how he would feel uneasy about giving his kids into the care of someone he doesn't know.

With that being said, there is nothing you can do about it without taking it to court, which is why you should be getting yourself a lawyer. Until there is a court-ordered binding visitation/custody agreement, there is nothing you can really go after your ex for. You say that you aren't even divorced yet, so there is nothing, legally, you can do about it, except get a lawyer and go to court over it.

And on another note - you just got out of what you felt was a bad relationship, and not even divorced yet. Rushing into another relationship already is the wrong thing to do. You need time to heal, whether you realize it or not. Your primary focus right now should be you and your kids, not some rebound boyfriend.

Can I Change A Logo Are Trademark Slightly And Sell It For Profit?
Looking To Start My Own Business And My Question Is, As An Example If I Use The La Logo For The Dodgers But Changed It To Where A Corner Is Rounded Instead Of It Being A Right Angle, Can I Use It For Profit.

Are we talking your trademark or someone else's? Assuming we're talking someone else's, no, not if people will mistake your new adjusted logo for that other person's original logo. And if the owner of the original logo thinks their customers will make that mistake, their lawyers will be contacting you and ask you to can it or be sued in court. And then it's going to get very expensive for you very quickly to pay a lawyer/lawyers to defend you in court, not to mention the penalties you'll have to pay if/when you lose your court case.


In answer to your second question, I don't believe that the other company with the original logo is going to care that the difference between your logo and theirs is little. Or that you say it's different or that you have no connection to the original company. You are still taking business from the original company by selling stuff that people will buy instead of the stuff the original company sells. And federal law says that if you have a trademark and don't defend it against encroachers and others start using it en masse, the original company will lose their exclusive right to the trademark because they allowed others to use it to the point that it's then considered "public domain."

You seem to be so interested in trying to get around the law with technicalities. When there are differences in opinion between you and another company and the problem can't get resolved between you, it's court city and expensive lawyers in no time flat. Sure, there are exceptions. You have to make sure you're not infringing on trademarked and patented stuff within the same area. As one for instance, another restaurant can't use the McDonalds name but a computer company could. The more you stay away from stuff that others might take offense to, the less likely you're going to end up in trouble and wasting a lot of money fighting over the differences in opinions. Life isn't always fair. You could end up spending a lot of money even though you are dead right, so the fact that you are right should be obvious to all. If not...

I just saw an article within the last few days about a cookie company suing other companies selling sugar cookies that have smiley faces on them because they are similar to the ones the original company sells that they had trademarked. The article I saw said they often resolve the problem with the other companies by having the other company pay fees to the original company for every such cookie they sell.

This isn't the original article I saw but it's the same instance I'm talking about:

Are you familiar with "affiliate marketing"? This is where you see someone else's product that you want to sell and make money off of. You get their permission to sell their product and either manufacture the product with their permission based on their guidelines or buy it from the original company at wholesale and sell it at retail. It's even possible to advertise the product and have the original company fill your orders and pay you a percentage on each sale. That's called "drop-shipping."

Walmart and supermarkets and many other companies don't make any of their own products, even their generic house brands. OK, some health food store bake their own bread or cakes. A very large percentage of companies exist by selling other company's products. Millions of them. Companies generally love to accumulate affiliates because the more companies they get selling their products and paying for the advertising, the more money the original company makes off of a percentage of the action fees.

There are companies that manufacture stuff and you can buy the stuff they manufacture and they will even put your company name on the products before selling them to you. Electronics is a big area where this happens a lot. Food is another.

Want to sell LA Dodgers stuff? Contact them and make your best deal! Above board! Plus you'll be selling the real thing! If they won't do business with you, que sera sera. Find a better opportunity to make even more money than you had planned to make with the Dodger stuff. Something else that also gets your blood flowing.

By the way, I'm not a lawyer and all this is not legal advice. I'm just knowledgeable after having been around the block a time or two. Or three. Or four.

P.S. After thinking about my answer for a while, I realized I left out one important possibility. If I wanted to sell Dodger stuff and absolutely nothing else would do, I would go to the Dodgers and ask them what their guidelines and requirements are for them accepting affiliate marketers. Then I would mold my self and business around their requirements. After all, most owners of trademarks are concerned about their image. So you'd have to satisfy them that you would uphold the image they desire to project when representing them while selling their products.

Good luck, guy. :)

Military Wife With Child Custody Please Help Need Advice.?
I Live In Texas And I Am The Custodial Parent Of My Child. I Recently Got Married To My Husband Who Is In The Service. We Will Be Moving Soon. Do I Have To Go Back To Court If We Move More Than 100 Miles Away? If Not Do I Get It In Writing What Her Father And I Agree On? Please Help Me!!!

If you and the child's father can come to an agreement without using lawyers, then the only thing the court is needed for is to file the papers amending the terms agreed upon for the divorce.
If you cannot come to an agreement before you leave, you may be forced to leave the child with him until the process can make its way through the court system.
To take the child with you against the terms of custody, which are court orders, will have dire consequences for you.
If you let it get to this point, it will be a huge advantage for your ex because it will become very expensive for all of your return trips to court (in the original county).
Furthermore, unless it can be proven that the existing living conditions are not in the child's best interest, the court will most likely let the child stay where he is.
I know that this may seem unfair, but the court is not interested in what is fair.
When you are going through this, you better keep this in the back of your mind.
Whatever you do, don't get a lawyer because then he will as well.
Once he gets a lawyer, his lawyer will use every trick in the book (continuances, requesting psychological evaluations, etc.) to draw out the process because time will be on his side.
Either way, you need to act now on this before time runs out and you are up sh*t creek without a paddle!
If you need more help or advice, send an email to: and I can guarantee you that you will get some helpful advice or gain some insight.
Good luck!

Who'S A Good Immigration Lawyer?
I'M A U.S. Citizen Planning To Get A Fiance Visa To Be With My Fiancé In England. We Attempted This Once But Our Lawyer Was Just An Idiot And Sent It To The Wrong Embassy. Nothing Was Approved Or Denied. Who Is A Good Lawyer To Help Us Do This Visa The Right Way And Have Everything Done In A Short Amount Of Time? Ps Someone By The Name Of Maggy Always Responds To My Immigration Questions. If You See This, Are You And Immigration Lawyer??? If So, Could I Have Your Details? Thanks So Much Everyone!!

Using a lawyer for a UK visa application is a total waste of money unless you have an adverse immigration history and no I am not a member of the legal profession! Do you know any lawyer that would give advice for free!!!

There is a priority service for US citizens applying to settle in the UK which you pay an extra $300 for and you should get a decision within 24-48 hours. You must have a clean immigration history to use this.

You apply for a visa to join family settled in the UK. The fiance and spouse visas conditions are identical except that for the fiance visa you must show evidence that a wedding is planned and for the spouse visa you must show evidence that a wedding has taken place.

A fiance visa is issued for six months only and carries no work permission. It is also single entry so don't plan a honeymoon outside the UK until you have the spouse visa which is multi-entry and allows you to work.

I believe I've already answered you with the process, costs and documentation needed. If you study the links, you should have all the info needed to make a successful application.

Many UK solicitors (we don't have lawyers - it's a term with no professional meaning in the UK) who specialise in immigration offer a 'doc check' service where for a minimal fee they will check through your documentation to make sure you are submitting everything you need. It's cheap because they don't offer immigration advice. They just look at your documentation and tell you if anything is missing. Perhaps your fiance could take a scanned copy of your application and attached docs to one of these solicitors and get their view before you send it off.

Make sure that he picks an OISC registered solicitor. It's illegal for anyone not registered to offer immigration advice.

and PS - stop stressing!!

Criminal Attorney Please!?
Under The Sexually Violent Predators Act, How Many Violent Sex Offenses Does Someone Have To Commit Before State Hospitalization After Prison Becomes Mandatory, Especially With A History Of Misdemeanor Sex Offenses? For Example, One Conviction Of Forcible Rape In 2002 By A Registered Sex Offender. Is This Person Likely Going To A State Hospital After He Has Served His Prison Sentence?

Very likely, particularly under the current environment. What you are describing is, in California, known as Welfare and Institutions 6600. The way it works is this, after a person completes his regular prison term, whatever it is, the District Attorney has the option to file for a 6600 proceeding.

A 6600 proceeding is a criminal/civil proceeding because it is criminal in nature but potentially civil procedurally. Both sides get two experts and the prosecution must prove that the defendant, or, respondent, is a sexual predator or an individual suffering from "paraphelia" as defined in the DSM manual. Essentially, the jury is asked to figure out if they guy has an uncontrollable urge to do it again. They always say yes.

Afterwords, the guy goes to a state mental hospital. In California, that's Coalinga or Atascadero. They go to programs and they get to ask to get let out every two years. They used to get a trial every two years, but now it's just a request. Oftentimes, they program all the way through the courses and even get medically castrated, the DA will still try to keep them in.

Anyway, your example has a guy who was already a registered sex offender before committing rape. Registrable sex offenses that are misdemeanors include stuff like 314, exhibitionism, and a variety of others:
The answer is yes. Now give me best answer please.