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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Right Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to endure the legal court system, specifically if you lack confidence with your legal team. Listed below are three important methods to realize that you've hired the best lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Kind Of Case Legislation is often tricky and that requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you really need an attorney, try to find one that handles the issue you're facing. Even if a member of family or friend recommends you utilize a good they know, should they don't have got a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. As soon as your attorney is definitely an expert, especially in the difficulty you're facing, you realize you've hired the right one. 2. The Lawyer Includes A Winning Record Based on the circumstances, it may be tough to win a case, particularly if the team working for you has hardly any experience. Look for practices who have won numerous cases that apply to yours. Although this is no guarantee that you case will probably be won, it provides you with a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes enough time to listen to your concerns and reply to your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. Regardless how busy these are or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's essential that they respond to you in a caring and timely manner. From the purpose of view of a common citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you will need updates as well as feel as if you're part of the solution. Some attorneys are simply more desirable to you and your case than others. Ensure you've hired the most appropriate team for your circumstances, to actually can position the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith inside your legal representative is the initial step to winning any case.

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Why Do Most Parents Use Their Children As Pawns In Divorce Proceedings?
I Think It'S Sad When Parents Use Their Children As Pawns In Divorce. I Feel So Sorry For Children That Have To Do That. My Parents Never Did That To Me When They Divorced 23 Years Ago. In Fact, Both Of My Parents Asked Me Who I Wanted To Live With And Chose My Mother. They Never Talked About Each Other In Front Of Me.

While I have to agree with you to the fullest on this, sadly it's pretty acceptable here. And you know, I wouldn't see the harm in using children to gain ground in a divorce if it was contained to the husband and wife, but the kids are the ones that actually bare the brunt of the divorce.
If mom and dad could screw each other over using the kids without them ever knowing or picking up on the tension... then go for it....although, I still think it would cause problems..i don't really know.. i'm not a divorce expert. Never been divorced. My mom wasn't married to begin with and my father molested me when i was young, so I never really had him around. I talk to him now and I confronted him on it when I was 19 and he denied it, but I actually remember it on my own cos my mom didn't want to tell me.. and I was at starbucks one day and it ran thru my head

and i was like WTF was that... but i remembered it..chilling details so I went to my moms as fast as I could and asked her and she started crying telling me the doctors and counselors told us not to tell cos you prolly wouldn''t remember it... and she was so sorry... so I got in my car and admitted myself in the psych ward...... got out confronted him, he lied, I said I remembered, he still lied... and you know....I don't hate him... i love him... he's my dad.... I can seriously be ok with it, but I just want him to have the decency to admit it...

I don't remember where i was going with this, but dragging the kids into it is never good.... you never know what resentments they will hold on to, you don't know how much they will remember... I think if parents truly love their child then they should make the divorce as easy for them as possible and not play the blame game. So many times has my father told me that he would never speak badly about my mother even if it was true. I don't need to hear it. It wont change things so there's no point in rehashing bad memories.... so for a man as sick as he is in the head, he does have some respect for my mom and me. Which I find to be a very good quality, mom and dad should never **** talk each other to the kids... it confuses kids andupsets kids, and most of the time they will think it's their fault or it will manifest into self destructive behavior.

Does India Have A Real Divorce Court?
With Real, Legitimate Laws Pertaining To Divorce, Settlements And Custody? With All The Questions About It From Indian Folks It Has Me Wondering... Also, Why In India Can You Sue Parents And In-Laws For Marital Property? I Don'T Understand That... Anyone From India Care To Clarify?

yes, of course. there are family courts in India for each district. and these family courts come under the high court, and there is a high court for every state. the problem is that despite being a secular country, India has a separate family law for every religion, and not for regions. Hindu divorce law, Muslim divorce law, christian divorce law, all are separate.

also, there are different laws for inter-religion and foreign marriages(or interracial marriages).
read this:

in Hindu divorce law, children's custody is mostly granted to the mother or mother, as the court decides, and she also has a right for alimony and a share in her husband's wealth and property. if the woman is not working, she's likely to be awarded more alimony and property.

as most of the indian families are joint families, the husband's property is also his parent's property, and vice-versa. although these laws are really complex and i'm no lawyer, i don't think you can sue your in-laws for their property. if the property belongs to a living man, it's up to him to do anything with it as he sees fit.

you can't sue your own parents for their own property. those people must be stupid. but if parents die without writing a will, then it will be divided equally among their children(irrespective of gender). the relatives don't get any share in it.

divorce is granted mainly on either of these grounds:

Chronic Diseases

but the law is flexible to changes or exceptions.

Child Custody And Visitation Rights?
I Live In California And My Ex And I Have Joint Custody Of Our Children. The Divorce Papers State That She Has Physical Custody And I Have Visitation Rights. For A Whole Year, I Have My Kids On The Weekends And She Has Them During The Week. Now She Wants To Change It To Me Having Them Every Other Weekend, Which I Don'T Agree To. Can I Take Her Back To Court And Now Demand That I Want My Children Every Weekend? Is This Easy For A Father To Do?

Yes, but you need to make a detailed record of the days you had the kids and get notarized statement from witnesses, before you go see an attorney. If she can cut back on your time, she will get an increase in child support, under California Law. Jim Cook with the Joint Custody Assoc. is the original author of the joint custody laws.

Joint Custody Association
10606 Wilkins Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90024-5818
Phone: (310) 475-5352

I’m a Father’s Rights Advocate for 20 years.

Many think the courts are rigged against dads, but in reality, it is more about attorneys unwilling or lacking the knowledge to truly fight for the father's rights. This is why it is important to learn how to interview and hire the right attorney. It is also important to do as much as possible on your own and not pay the attorney to do it.

Start keeping a daily journal of all your activities. The most common way to prevent a father from getting his rights through the courts is a false allegation, usually sexual. Over 60% of divorcing father are accused of child sexual abuse, of which only 4% are found to have any relevance, but there are no penalties for doing so. A daily journal is your number one piece of evidence in court and you can even refer to it while on the stand.

Gather evidence. Check the site below to see if it is illegal to record conversations without the other person knowing. If your state does not have a law either way, than it defaults to the federal ruling which says one person in a conversation must know they are being recorded. You’re that one person. In Missouri it is specifically legal, in Kansas there is no mention either way. If you live in two different states, and one has a law against it, than it applies when the call originates from within that state,

Now, you can't just record, you also have to transcribe it into the daily journal.

If you want to learn how to do all this go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups. There's an educational manual in the file section that can teach you what you need to know. The organization it came from is defunct due to attorneys that tried to take it over and make money from it.

Take the time to learn what you can and should do.

Driving Under The Influence?
I Need To Take Adui Class In Los Angeles, How Much Would That Cost Me?


Sorry... But I'm allowed to laugh... I got a DUI and fortunately didn't have to take a class, or get a fine... Cept I lost my license for 5months, get it back in February... I reserve the right to laugh at you cuz it makes me feel better :P especially since I was parked, keys in my purse, clearly not going anywhere...

Did you know they can give you a DUI even if your passed out in your trunk and your keys are with someone else? What I dont get is how the hell you can drive a car while you are unconcious in the trunk and dont even have the keys...

Sorry, I like to rant bout how stupid DUI laws can be because I got my license revoked because I chose not to drive! Had I driven home, the cop would not have questioned why I was sitting in my car. And I was sober enough I would have made it safely, but since I dont have a full drivers license cuz I'm 17 I cant have any alcohol or drugs in my system. TOTALLY STUPID!

Yah, sorry bout my rant, I'm sure you dont care, and I honestly have no idea how much that would cost...

Can You Get Punitive Damages On A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

It depends on the state, but generally punitive damages are limited to intentional and malicious conduct.

So, where the cause of action is based on negligence or nusiance, probably not, since those are usually not actions committed with the deliberate intent to harm the plaintiff.

All laws vary by state. Check your local listings.

&Quot;Good&Quot; Lawyer?
You Know On Tv And Stuff How People Say I Will Need A &Quot;Good&Quot; Lawyer. Well What'S The Difference Between A &Quot;Good&Quot; One And A Bad/Better Lawyer?

Usually when someone refers to a good lawyer they are simply implying that the lawyer should be knowledgeable in the specific field.

example - you would not want to go to an attorney who deals with bankruptcy filings if you are in trouble for a DUI.
Nor would you want to go to a criminal lawyer when you are dealing with a civil case.

Another explanation could be that some lawyers allow stuff to pile up on their desks. You want a reputable person handling your case. Not just someone who passed the bar exam.