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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Right Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to endure the legal court system, specifically if you lack confidence with your legal team. Listed below are three important methods to realize that you've hired the best lawyer: 1. They Specialize In Your Kind Of Case Legislation is often tricky and that requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you really need an attorney, try to find one that handles the issue you're facing. Even if a member of family or friend recommends you utilize a good they know, should they don't have got a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. As soon as your attorney is definitely an expert, especially in the difficulty you're facing, you realize you've hired the right one. 2. The Lawyer Includes A Winning Record Based on the circumstances, it may be tough to win a case, particularly if the team working for you has hardly any experience. Look for practices who have won numerous cases that apply to yours. Although this is no guarantee that you case will probably be won, it provides you with a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes enough time to listen to your concerns and reply to your inquiries, you've probably hired the correct one. Regardless how busy these are or how small your concerns seem from the perspective, it's essential that they respond to you in a caring and timely manner. From the purpose of view of a common citizen who isn't knowledgeable about the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you will need updates as well as feel as if you're part of the solution. Some attorneys are simply more desirable to you and your case than others. Ensure you've hired the most appropriate team for your circumstances, to actually can position the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith inside your legal representative is the initial step to winning any case.

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Wheelchair Work Question... Law?
So Say A Man Applies For A Job With A Fortune 500 Company. He'S Then Told He Won'T Be Considered For The Job Because He Is Bound To A Wheelchair. They Alleged That They Did Not Have Wheelchair Access And Did Not Want To Spend The Money Necessary To Install Them. Is This A State Or Federal Case? Which Statutes Are Involved? I Know It Goes With The Americans With Disabilities Act (Ada), But I'M Having Trouble Finding Statutes And Finding The Answer To This Question. It'S For My College Law Class, Any Help Is Very Appreciated. I Know This Is An Imaginary Case, But It Was Given To Me For Class And I Need To Be Able To Come Up With Some Kind Of Statutes To Go Against This Case, And Also I Need To Be Able To Specify Whether It Would Be Heard In The State Or Federal Courts...

You can't find a law because there is no law. As part of the ADA it's "reasonable" accomodation and the employer gets to decide what's reasonable and what's not. The employee can fight that decision.

For example: I'm an HR Consultant. I work out of a 1960s 2 story office building that is grandfathered from ADA law. It's inconsistent that I'm in the office or not.
- retrofitting the building is not a reasonable accommodation for me.
- me carrying the person up and down the stairs is not a reasonable accommodation because I probably can't lift the person and I'm not always there
- it's not reasonable to me to hire someone to carry the person up and down the stairs.

If the potential employee filed a case against me, I would most likely win. I'm a small business. I don't own the building.

However, in your scenario, even though it could be the similar building, they would most likely be required to purchase one of those wheelchair elevators and make the proper adjustments.

Also, remember it's not "do not want to spend the money". It's what's reasonable and that's different for each scenario.

Different Types Of Lawyers?
I Was Wondering What The Different Types Of Lawyers Are And What They Specialize In Maybe With Examples. Thank You!

Different types of lawyers: Employed, underemployed, and unemployed.

Anyone can be a lawyer. If you are willing to pay the tuition some law school, some place, will take you. There are a lot of bad law schools that will take anyone with a pulse. I could probably get my dog into several law schools. The profession has gone down a lot. Many law grads can't find jobs.

Here is a story of a lawyer working at Radio Shack making $7.65 an hour with $200,000 in student loans:

Here is a story about a lawyer serving pizza:

Or you could work at Target:

Only half of law grads find jobs that require a law degree, many of these are low paying. There is a huge glut of attorneys pushing down wages and opportunities.

Be a lawyer, maybe you could work at Pappa John's,Radio Shack or Starbucks after you graduate law school, with a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of debt.

Can A Paralegal Give Legal Advice? Why Or Why Not?
I Am Writing A Paper In My Legal Ethics Class And My Major Is Paralegal Studies. I Am Pretty Much Almost Done With The Paper But I Just Wanted To Get Some Thoughts And Views From Other People About Paralegals Giving Legal Advice. What Do You All Think, Is It Legal Or Will It Be Unauthorized Practice Of Law (Upl)? Can You Explain Your Answer As Well? Thanks For Everyone Who Answers.

Paralegals are NOT authorized to give legal advice, which is considered the practice of law. Practicing law requires admission to the bar, and paralegals are neither educated for that nor eligible for admission to practice. It is, in fact, unlawful to practice without proper licensure. Further, in almost all jobs that means automatic dismissal from employment. Yes, paralegals can be very good and know a fair amount in their particular areas. However, paralegals do NOT have the breadth of knowledge necessary to provide legal advice. The risks of paralegals stepping across the line and practicing without a license -- even just finding a law for a client -- is a huge malpractice risk for the employer, and is one of the biggest reasons many attorneys will not have any paralegals on staff. (And for just a bit more money, they can hire a new attorney admitted to practice, avoiding the risk of unauthorized practice and having a staff person with a breadth and depth of knowledge who is thus less likely to make serious errors and who may be assigned many more tasks.)

Cook County Property Tax Assessment Appeals Attorney?
Does Anyone Know A Good Attorney To Handle A Residential Cook County (Illinois) Property Tax Assessment Appeal?

Don't pay an attorney!!!

You can do it yourself! It's easy. All you need to do is send in info on similar properties. Get their website off of their notification to you. You can enter anyone's house address.

All you need to do is find simiar properties to yours in your immediate area.
Right down the addresses.
Go to their website.
One at a time ...enter the addresses.
They will give you the code to enter.
Enter the code....the property will pop up.
Compare it to yours. [do yours first and print it out].
If their property is similar to yours....same lot size, same number of stories, etc. and they pay less taxes. Print it out.
I believe now they only ask for three comparisons.
They used to ask for five. Double check that on your notice.

If you know of any City Workers that live on your block, or neighboring their properties....even if a larger house than yours. Theirs for some reason is always lower. Use it as a comparison if is lower.

[for immediate neighbor retired as a City Electrician Supervisor. We have the EXACT same buildings Two story brick. His was listed as a two story FRAME. He also had central air and rented out the basement. He paid $800.00 a year less than I did. I printed his out and used it for a comparison.]

I have five properties. I did it all myself and won four out of the five appeals.
If you don't have a computer, go to the public library and have them help you.

Please!! Don't give away more of your money to some attorney who will do the same thing you can do.

Good luck.!!

Help With Divorce?
I Got Married In Oklahoma, I Now Live In Texas(1Yr) Which State Do I Have To File For Divorce In? Does It Matter? What Are The First Steps I Need To Take?

it doesn't matter which state you live in you can file for divorce anywhere, try to find a legal aid in the state you are in, it's much cheaper then a lawyer.

Do I Need A Lawyer?????
Who Can Help Me With Legal Paperwork For The Divorce? I Want Financial Information, So Filling Out Long Forms, But We Are Doing This Amicably And Just Need Mediation/ Help With Legalities Of Separating Assets. No Kids Involved. We Have Been Separated For Well Over A Year And This Is Just Taking Too Long. He Cheated On Me Btw So Don'T Even Go There With Moral Highgrounds About Divorce! Plus, He'S Staying In The Condo Which May Take Forever To Sell. Any Advice Would Be Appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!!!

If you're going through a divorce, then yes, you definitely should get a lawyer.