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A lot of individuals do not think about finding a lawyer till they are in desperate need. The legal dilemma could possibly be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony situation you will need to be defended on. Businesses want attorneys as well, no matter whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business methods. Tax lawyers are also effective anytime engaging with government troubles. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A big, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with numerous areas of expertise, so relying on your own legal issue, you can instantly retain the most effective lawyer to match your ongoing need without having to begin your search each time you need legal support.It is ideal to find a lawyer or attorney you can believe in. You really want one with a very good record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You really want to have assurance that they will represent you accurately and charge you reasonably for their services. Quite often a word of mouth from a colleague or business associate can be beneficial, even so you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, due to the fact when you want legal support, you need it instantly and you desire the very best you can afford. Thank you for browsing for a attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is pleased to give specific search parameters to meet your needs. We constantly make the effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find anything you are looking for.

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A Person Was Caught Plotting To Kidnap My Kid...Need Legal Information?
I Received A Call From A Detective In Indiana Informing Me That An Ex Girlfriend Of My Son'S Dad, They Dated Over 14 Years Ago, Long Before He And I Hae Ever Met, Was Planing To Kidnap My Son. The Detective Said That She Could Not Give Me Any Specifics Of The Case Just Yet. But From What I Gather, She Had Tried To Hire A Person To Actually Do The Kidnapping, That Person Then Called The Cops On Her, And They Either Found A Note Book Or Was Given A Note Book By The Person Hired To Do The Kidnapping, Where She Had Plotted Out The Kidnapping. I Had Heard That The Police Where Called By The Person She Tried To Hire, Not Long After She Had Either Called Or Met This Person To Talk About The Kidnapping. Now My Son Is A Toddler, And The Kidnapping Would Have Been Across State Lines. The Detective Spoke With Me Today To Verify My Kid'S Age And Name Before Taking It To The Prosecutor. This Person Has Been A Constant Problem For Me For Over 3 Years Now, And I Worry Because Her Craziness Keeps Progressing. 3 Months Ago She Tried Extorting Us, When That Didn'T Work She Threatened To File False Charges Against My Son'S Father,And Now I Find Out She Was Plotting To Kidnap My Son. My Question Is Is This Enough To For The Cop/Prosecutor To Finally Take Seriously? If So, What Will She Be Charged With And What Happens From There? The Detective Had Me Send Over Emails Where She Tried Extorting Us, But I Was Worried Because They Didn'T Say Much On The Phone, And Only Asked A Few Questions About The Whole Thing. Please Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. I Never Imagined That I Would Have To Deal With This Type Of Situation.

For legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

Nobody here would be able to give you the detailed advice that you need in this type of situation.

As far as what she will be charged with and what happens after that, charges are filed by the District Attorney who has the sole option of placing formal charges or not. There is no way of knowing at this point. If she is charged, she will be formally indicted and then a trial will be set. If convicted, she gets the time sentenced by the judge. If not, she goes free.

Does Anyone Know Anything About Lexington Law Firm?
What Is Lexington Law Firm And Do They Really Clear Your Credit?

Lexington Law helps you to dispute the items in your credit history reports that are inaccurate or erroneous. They can also help with monitoring your reports and coaching you on how to improve your credit record. That's basically it.

They'll dispute erroneous items with the credit bureaus and with your creditors. That's something you can do yourself too, but they have it down to a science and can probably do it more effectively and efficiently.

Is it worth their fee? You have to decide for yourself.

If the blemishes on your credit record are accurate (in other words, you really were 60 days late 5 times, for example, on paying one account) then Lexington won't be able to help. No one will.

No one can clear your credit of items that are accurate. You have to wait 7 years (sometimes more) for those items to drop off your history. So start by examining your credit report and seeing if you really have any disputable items. If so, Lexington can help. If not, no one can.

I Need An Attorney/Lawyers Point Of View?
For My Daughter'S Sweet 16 The Following Occured; My Daughter'S God Mother Was Suppose To Pay For Her Mass In Church And Her Dress. She Only Payed 80 For The Church And 200 For The Dress, I Had To Pay The Rest Of The Money That Was Left To Pay Which Was 1000 Dollars. So She Pretty Much Screwed Me Over. The Dress Came With A Package Of The Bible, Rosary, Album, Doll, Buque Of Flowers Etc...... I Gave Her The Money To Pay, It Turns Out That She Didn'T Pay It All..... So We Didn'T Receive The Porcelain Doll Which Was Alone It Self 120 Dollars. There Is Alot Of Things She Did Wrong, But I Don'T Want To Get Into Any Details. On The Very Day Of The Party She Created A Problem And I Had To Ask Her To Leave. She Got Mad And Threaten To Kill Me And My Family. Unfortunetly She Has Not Left Me Alone She Constantly Harrases And Threatens Me With Phone Calls And Notes; Asking Me To Pay Her All The Money She Spent On My Daughter'S Sweet 16 Or She Will Send Me To Court. Today In The Morning She Left Me A Voice Mail Informing Me That She Will Be Sending Me To Court, That Her Attorney Will Be Stopping By This Week To Drop Of The Court Papers. She Informed Me That Since I'M A Homeowner She Will Try To Take My House Away If I Don'T Pay Her. What Do I Do? Can She Take My House Away? I'M Concern? What Do I Do? If Anything She Owes Me Money. I Already Payed Her Like 700 Dollars Which Is More Than What I Owe Her, If Anything.... She Owes Me Money And She Still Continues To Harras Me. I Would Really Appriciate It If Someone Advises Me What To Do? I Am Now Putting A Restriction Order On Her And Her Husband.

No, not for just a few hundred dollars. What nonsense.

On the other hand, sounds like you need Judge Judy or similar to solve this mess.

You got any witnesses or receipt for any of the money you gave her, vs. the money she gave you?

AFAIK, NONE of that money is any sort of a "contract", more of a GIFT. As far as I know, there's no law or contract that says either of you *have* to pay for a Sweet 16 or Debutante or Quincenera or whatever. However, Godmothers usually *do* help out, so you have to demonstrate a pattern. Did she help before? Maybe some OTHER girl? How much did she contribute?

As for the "problem", did any one HEAR the threat against you and your family besides you (and your family)? You need third-party witnesses.

As far as I can tell, unless there's some sort of a LOAN agreement (like you borrow money from her for the Sweet 16), any money godmother spent on her goddaughter is a GIFT, and does NOT need to be repaid by mother or anybody else. So as far as I can tell, she's got a fruitcake for a head. And if any real attorney actually wrote you a letter (and they have to warn you in writing before they sue), you should then talk to the attorney in a really reasonable manner. The attorney will realize she's crazy and drop her as a clientI doubt she has an attorney at all. It's all hot air.

Keep all the messages. Use a separate tape recorder and record ALL the nasty messages and keep all the notes. Make sure you can PROVE it's a note from HER (did she sign it? initial it? do you have sample of her writing?) If there's any OVERT threat, CALL THE POLICE. It's ILLEGAL to make terroristic threats over ANY MEDIUM.

Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days
Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.

Long Distance Parenting Plan Any Help ?
Need To Get My Nine Month Old Son Away From His Dead Beat Dad He Party And Sleeps Around He Doesn'T Want Him He Just Wants To Hurt Me. I Want To Start My Life Over I'Ll Be Moving 400 Miles Away To Go Back Home For Support From My Family And To Go Back To School. I'Ve Looked On Line And All I Can Find Is The Form To File Im Looking For Some Ideas What Does A Good Long Distance Plan Look Like??

I think you need to let him know in a quiet place with time to talk and let him know that you are planning to go but you prefer him to change so you can stay a family.

If he doesn't care then get a free lawyer at your court and get child support.

Get someone to help you move, preferably someone strong minded and cares for you a lot.

I hope that best for you.

On another note you seem to be a very nice person, so I like to add that what ever person you want a serious relationship with, take your time (years) and really really really see if this is the person you will spend your whole life with. If you can even better never get married and just enjoy your life with nothing serious and always do whats best for everyone like what you did when you asked this question,

Try your best. Love like you never love before. This is the best way for love to come and start surrounding your life. May love be around you, through you and is you.

Love and the Good Life will come

P.S. Email me if you have another further statements

Security Deposit Laws?
Can A Land Lord Take Your Deposit As Rent If You Are Late On Making Rent When You Are Still Living In The House?

The security deposit is for when you move out. The landlord will check your apartment and decide whether or not you get back the deposit. He can not take the deposit as rent and charge for rent on top of it.
If when you move out and everything is all right with the apartment your up to date with your rent then your landlord has to give you the deposit back.
I've own and apartment building for 27 years and that's the way I do it and I make sure to keep up with the laws. Also check the landlord laws in your state to make sure what the landlord can and can not do. I think every state is different but not sure.
Good luck!

What Are The Three Constitutional Law Book'S Most Read In Usa?
Specially During The J.D. Program.

Constitutional Law: Principles And Policies (Introduction to Law Series) by Erwin Chemerinsky
The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation by Thomas Jefferson

The Second Amendment by David Barton

Kaplan Criminal Law Casebook 6th

Documents of American Constitutional and Legal
Volume II: From 1896 to the Present Third Edition by Melvin I. Urofsky and Paul Finkelman

Reynolds, Andrew, Architecture of

You can visit the following sites of some renowned universities like stanford law school and Harvard law school and see their book list for J.D. Program.