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I Need An Employment Lawyers Help Please!?
How Can A Company Terminate Someones Employment Because The Employee Did Not File An Appeal With A Ltd Company When That Person Was Cleared To Go Back To Work(May-2012) For That Company By His Doctor And The Ltd Company Own Doctor That Flew Into To Meet And Test The Employee And Cleared Him To Return To Work? The Employee And His Doctor Notified The Company At Least 2 Different Times(May-August-2012) That The Employee Was Cleared To Return To Work. The Ltd Company Notified(May-2012) The Company That The Employee Was Fit To Return To Work . Also The Hr Department Set It Up So This Employee Could Also Look At The Various Other Job Openings This Company Had Open Through Their Private Intranet. This Employee Also Interviewed For Another Job(Jan-2013)With The Company While Still Waiting To Return To Work. So The Hr Rep From This Employees Plant Site Had To Approve The Employee To Be Able To Take A Test For Another Job. After Passing The Test, The Employee Was Called In For A Follow Up Interview For The Position. The Interview Went Good. Then 2 Weeks Later The Job Was Re Posted Again With Only Certain Employees Being Allowed To Apply This Time. So On Or Around March 21St, The Employee Received A Letter Stating That His Employment Had Been Terminated On Or About March15, 2013 Because No Appeal Was Filed With The Ltd Company To Stay On Ltd. Why Would The Employee File An Appeal When He Was Cleared By 2 Doctors To Be Able To Return To Work. March 18Th, 2013 Would Have Been The 11Th Year Of Employment. I Need A Lawyer To Help With This And That Is Not Afraid To Stand Up For The Little Guy. What Are My Options? What Can Be Done In This Case? This Employee Lost Enjoyment Of Life And Was To Ashamed To Go Out And Take The Chance Of Somebody Asking About His Employment And Having To Explain How He Was Terminated For Not Filing An Appeal. A Loss Of Income Of A $31/Hr Job Plus Health Benefits Which Was All Lost. And The Company Has Hired People For The Same Position That They Terminated This Employee For. How Do Companies Get Away With Doing This? He Had To Sell His Home And Move Out Of State And Back In With Relatives Just To Be Able To Survive. Is There Actually A Law Firm Out There That Actually Cares About The Individual And The Rights We Are Losing Everyday? Please Try And Help Me Out With A Solution. Tia Jlb

If you want a labor lawyer (employment specialist) to represent an emloyee, they exist. Plenty. Hire an attorney to represent you.

It seems there might be separate legal issues you have going on here.
1) Long term disability
2) Termination of employment

Let's see if I follow.
May 2012 - Employee was cleared to return to work
Jan. 2013 - Employee applied for other jobs
March 2013 - Latest time employee could appeal decision to end long term disability. thus, the LTD payments ended.
March 2013 - Employee was terminated, retroactive to (effective on) the date the LTD appeal rights expired.

Between May 2012 and March 2013, I'm not sure from this narrative waht the employee was doing on the job, if anything.

Generally, it seems that employees and employers have different rightrs:
* An employee with LTD insurance has the right to get paid while unable to work for an extended period of time. This is governed by the terms of the LTD insurance plan. The employee is entitled to the terms, which should spell out the terms of appeal of the decision to end Long Term Disability payments.

* An employer needs to fill a job with someone to do the work. The employer does not have to keep the job unfilled, waiting for an employee out on LTD.

* Job duties need to be performed by somebody.

* When the employee returns to work from LTD, they might not have a job to return to. Often.
* Some employees are only able to do light duty jobs. Employers might not have those jobs, and can terminate the employment.
* The employee might be lucky enough to qualify for a different job with the employer. However, they compete for the open positions, against other candidates. Someone else might be considered better suited for the job(s) that open up.

* Being cleared to return to work does not mean an employee was terminated because they did not file an appeal. They might have been terminated WHEN they did not file an appeal. * The termination letter might have chosen the end of employment as the last date the employee was allowed to appeal a decision on long term disability.

* LTD appeal - I don't know the insurance plan terms; it's not my plan.

Please, seek the advice of a labor lawyer who sides with employees They exist. Look up "labor lawyer". Make sure they represent employees, not employers. Yes, they exist. I worked with dozens long ago for a labor law agency.

You need a labor lawyer to figure this out, if you want to hire one.
"Labor lawyer" or employee relations attorney are the names of specialists representing either employers or employees. You want to make sure you get one specializing in employees rights. Get an opinion; it might be a free consultation.

However, your date of appeal has passed.

Being cleared to return to work doe not mean that your job remains open while you are on long term disability.
You might not have your old job open to return to.
The employer might not be required to keep the old job open.
The employer might have had to replace you while you were disabled.
The employer might not have to return you to your old position.
The employer might not have another position for which you are the best candidate.

Attorney ???
As A Attorney, How Many Years Of Law School Would You Have To Complete And Have Anyone Heard Of A Malpractice Attorney ??? What Is Their Career ???

I've been an attorney for more than eighteen years; so my advice might be based on outdated information. When I was researching law schools to determine which to attend, there were a couple which did not absolutely require applicants to have bachelor's degrees.

One might be able to complete law school in two and one-half years by attending summer school; however, I recommend not doing that unless you have a very special and overriding need to finish law school as quickly as possible. In all likelihood, you will benefit more by working in the law during the summer rather than attending summer school.

It is not absolutely necessary to attend or graduate from law school. There are a couple of states, one of which is Washington, which have clerkship programs: one trains to be an attorney by apprenticing ones self to a judge or practicing attorney. The downside is that you might not be able to practice law in a state which doesn't have a clerkship program because such states require graduation from an A.B.A. accredited law school for admission to the bar.

There are many malpractice attorneys. They practice in the area of professional malpractice. Probably most of them practice in medical malpractice, suing or defending physicians; however, there are many who also practice in legal malpractice, suing or defending attorneys.

Product Liability Insurance For A Store?
I Am Looking To Open A Country Store. In The Store I Want To Rent Out Spaces For Other Vendors. My Insurance Agent Says They Need Product Liability Insurance First To Protect Me. All The Vendors Are Not Liking That. One Said My Insurance Should Cover Everything So They Don'T Have To Get Any More Insurance. Is My Agent Pulling My Chain? Someone With More Insight Please Advise.

Your agent is correct. Each of your vendors should have their own general liability insurance policy, and you should make them prove it with certificates of insurance before you allow them to rent the space. If you own the location, you may want them to add some sort of fire protection for rented premises too. It's comes automatic on a lot of general liability policies. You don't want to be responsible for the products or actions of the people renting space in your store.

For a good example, look at how the malls rent out the small kiosks that you see in the center of the aisles. Each of those small vendors/business owners are required to have a certain amount of coverage before they can have the space, and they need to prove it with a certificate. You should make sure they have at least a one million dollar general liability policy.

Should Stem Cell Research Be Legal?
Yes Or No

Your question is too broad. There are a lot of forms of stem cell research out there. Did you know that you can get rather rich stem cells from the fat drawn from the body during a liposuction surgery? How's that for community service? Get lipo and donate your fat!

The place where ethics comes into play is with the embryonic stem cells and how these cells come about. Women have to undergo dangerous hormone therapy to get the eggs out to fertilize . . . what is a fertilized egg? A zygote, what is a zygote? It's a baby. You're creating lives to destroy them to maybe have a small chance of saving another life.

Not all embryonic stem cell research is unethical. A woman who miscarries can donate the baby's body for research. May I point out to you that of all the research that has been done with stem cells that embryonic is the only one that has not yielded any progress.

There have been incidences in different parts of the world where people are able to walk again after spinal cord injuries . . . thank you adult stem cells!

This may be an interesting article for you:

I actually caught part of this guy's presentation on EWTN, I was very impressed on how in depth and thorough his presentation was. Most of what you hear on the news and other open sources is frivolous information trying to confuse the public as to what stem cell research really is. That (I believe) is why the proposition passed in Missouri to legalize certain stem cell research. The proposition was written to confuse the public and make it sound like a charitable thing. Unless you were very well versed in what the research was, you'd have no clue as to what the proposition was actually saying.

Check out that article, though, hopefully this nation can become more prolife some day so that we can focus our research on something more worth while.

What Are The Legal Laws Against Underage Sex In The State Of Florida?
Ok So I Have Been Dating This Girl For A Year And A Half. We Are In Love And Her Parents Are Very Strict. So They Didn'T Know What So Ever That We Were Having Sex. My Girlfriend Is Way To Honest And She Pretty Much Told Them. Now I Just Turned 18 And She Is 16 Almost 17. What Are The Laws Against It.. Her Dad Says If It Happens Again That He Can Have Me Arrested. ?? Help! I Gotta Know What Can I Do?

Legal laws????? as opposed to what? Illegal laws!!!! What a grand notion!

He'll do nothing. 16 is legal. If he invites you over though, go in the back yard and make sure that there is no fresh hole in the ground....

Go ahead and have sex with your girl, and ignore what people say.
I have come to the conclusion that most people that are pro chastity, pro abstinence and against premarital sex etc etc, are either impotent or cannot get any....

No Iron Clad Custody (Verbal Agreements)?
My Husband Has Shared Responsibility For His 3 Year Old Daughter. Its More Like 70-30. He Does Most Of The Buying(Clothes, Food Etc) And She Pays Daycare Every Other Week And A Few Snacks For School. She Doesnt Buy Her Daughter Any Clothes And Always Complains About Money. She Seldom Spends Time With Her And Is Always Ready To Roam The Streets. She Distances Herself From Her Family So She'S The Only One In Her Daughters Life Other Than The Fathers Family. So Everytime She Needs To Go Somewhere She Has To Call Him To Pick Her Up Or Try To Find A Way That Will Make Him Come Get Her. He Doesnt Pay Her Child Support However, He Is Really Most Responsible To Be Custodial Parent. If And When She Decides To Start Being Responsible, Can She Get Child Support Even Though He'S Been Taking Care Of Most Of Her Needs.

If and when this happens there will have to be a custody agreement and then if she gets custody yes she can get child support. If he gets custody then she will pay child support. I would recommend if you have not already. keep recipets from this day foward for everything, Don't pay cash do things that can be tracked. Because if she does this one day she can get him for back child support and they tend to believe mothers even though he has been doing this. Keep everything even the day care expenses. This will help in any future cases if there are any