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Most people today do not think about finding a law firm until they are in desperate need. The legal problem might be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a criminal situation you need to be defended on. Firms require lawyers as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business strategies. Tax attorneys are also very helpful while coping with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A large, full service law firm has many attorneys with different areas of skills, so relying on your personal legal issue, you can instantly hold on to the finest attorney to fulfill your ongoing need without having to commence your search each time you need legal assistance.It is ideal to find a legal representative you can believe. You want one with a good record, who ishonest, efficient, and wins cases. You need to have trust that they will stand for you effectively and charge you fairly for their products and services. Quite often a reference from a friend or business associate can be beneficial, having said that you should hold your options open and review all the firms available, for the reason that when you want legal help, you need it immediately and you desire the finest you can afford to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is pleased to produce specific search variables to meet your requirements. We constantly make an effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can immediately find anything at all you are looking for.

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How Much Does Law Firm Owner Make?
How Much Does A Person That Owns A Law Firm Make In A Month? And What Classes In College Do You Have To Take To Own Your Own Law Firm?

Law firms are owned by the partners of the firm. In the United States, all law firms must be partnerships or sole proprietorships and all the partners or owners must be lawyers. Non-lawyers are not allowed to have any ownership interest in a law firm, with rare exceptions, such as for widows of deceased lawyers, and they are usually required to sell the partnership interest back to the firm. So you need a law degree to become an owner of a law firm.

If you have a law degree, there are three ways I can think of to become an owner of a law firm. First, you can get hired as an associate. This is usually how law firms hire attorneys straight out of law school. Associates will work at the law firm as an employee, not an owner. If an associate works at the law firm for about seven years and impresses the partners with his or her skills, she may be promoted to becoming a partner and will buy an ownership interest in the law firm. Second, you can become a partner at one law firm, and be hired as a partner at a different law firm, without having to be an associate at the new law firm first. Usually, very successful lawyers who will bring good paying clients to the new firm have the most chances to do this. Third, you could start your own law firm. This is the easiest way to own your own law firm, but it's the most risky, since you have to start everything from scratch.

Law firm partners' pay depends on how large the firm is and how successful the lawyer is. A successful partner in a large law firm in a large city could make a million dollars a year, while a struggling solo practitioner may have trouble making ends meet.

Basically, any means of becoming an owner of a law firm requires a lot of hard work over a long period of time. It's not something you can achieve simply by taking the right classes in college.

You can still WORK at a law firm if you are not a lawyer, as most law firms will have some secretaries, paralegals, and other administrative assistants on their payroll, but they will never be allowed to own the law firm unless they become attorneys.

Kentucky Minor Legal Information!?
I'M 16, And Currently Living In Southeastern Indiana. I Recently Moved Her From My Home Town In Northern Kentucky. My Friend Has Offered For Me To Move In With Her And Her Family Back In Kentucky To Finish My Last Two Years Of Highschool. I Live With My Dad Wjo Has Full Custody, If He Agreed To This Would This Legally Be Able To Happen? Please Let Me Know Asap!

If your parents both agree, this would be legal.

However, if they're divorced, this is a valid reason to change custody to the other parent, who most likely has no intention of paying child support for you to move in with strangers.

the least probable thing is that this friend has even talked about this with her parents.

Can My Sex Offender Husband Get Joint Custody Of Our Daughter?
Ok... I'M A Dumbass, And I Know This. I Just Need Legal Advice. I Married My Husband For What I Thought Was Love. I Got Pregnant Right Before We Were Planning To Get Married. My Daughter Is Now Four Months. I Found Out At 5 Months Pregnant That He Had Another Woman Pregnant As Well. His Son Was Born 9/19, My Daughter Was Born 10/8. He Was Sleeping With Her For At Least The First Six Months Of Our Marriage. He Also Slept With At Least One Other Woman. He Vio'D His Parole By Being Online Talking To Other Women. Because Of All Of The Above, I Am Divorcing Him. I Would Like To Know If He Would Still Be Granted Joint Custody Despite The Charge? The Charge In Itself He Served A Year For. He Was Caught Driving With No License, With A Girl That He Claimed He Did Not Know Was 16. A Year Ago, When We Married, I Believed His Story, But Now Seeing His True Colors And Knowing His True Intentions... My Belief Is Now Wavering. She Said That He Fingered Her, But In All Honesty He Was Railroaded As Far As The Trial And All Actions. Regardless, He Has A &Quot;Corruption Of A Minor&Quot; Charge, And Is The Lowest Tier Offender. By His Probation, He Really Isn'T Supposed To Be Unsupervised With My Daughter, But I'M Not Sure The Exact Extent. I Know That Right Now, He Is Never Alone With Her. She Is Always In Daycare Or I Am Home. We Live In Ohio. Thank You In Advance For Any Assistance, And As I Said Before... I Know I'M A Dumbass.

the first thing you have to do is to forgive yourself for being blind to who he truly was.
we all do stupid things, we just have to remember to forgive ourselves, ok!?

next thing for the to-do list, is to get some free legal aid gotta start somewhere, and don't let the guy take a pass and tell you, you need to get a lawyer, ok!?

now, after getting a heads up from various sources, go talk to the district attorney. see what kind of advice or opinion you can get out of him.

ask them all about what kinds of options do you have to keep your child safe

you may be able to petition the court and do it yourself, or at worst, with the advice of a lawyer as opposed to turning over all your rights to a lawyer. but that decision will be up to you

be brave, stay strong
best wishes

Legal Advice, Horrible Lawyer?
My Daughters Dad Filed For Custody Of Our 2 Year Old Daughter Because He Thought I Was Dating Someone He Doesn'T Like. He Has No Grounds For What He'S Doing. I Hired A Lawyer, Who Has Been To Busy To See Me Or Answer My Calls. As Of The Day Before My Scheduled Court Date, I Still Had Not Spoken With Her. Her Office Called Me The Day Before Court And Told Me Court Had Been Pushed Back And That She Would Call Me When It Was Rescheduled. Since I Didnt Have Court, I Went To Work. When I Checked My Phone, I Had All These Texts Asking Where I Was. Apparently Court Had Not Been Rescheduled, And I Missed It. I Tried Calling My Lawyer, Who, Of Course, Didnt Answer. I Went To Her Office And Was Treated Rudely By The Same Woman Who Told Me Court Was Rescheduled. I Was Once Again Told, &Quot;We'Ll Call You.&Quot; I Looked On The County Court Website And Saw Where There Was Court Held And That There Was A Child Support Memorandum. That Is All The Information I Have Since My Lawyer Cant Be Bothered With Me. I Cant Afford Another Lawyer, And I Feel Stuck. What Do I Do Next?

When a court date has been CONTINUED, you should get a notice with the CONTINUANCE date from your attorney. Your attorney will call you when she has that info. When a continuance date is requested, the attorneys office calls the court to notify of a continuance (basically taking that case off the docket/court schedule for the day), opposing counsel (your ex's attorney) and ask that the date be changed. Your attorney and the other attorney agree on another date.
Then the Paralegal types up a "Continuance" (and a proof of service), takes it to the court to be FILED.The Paralegal will send you, your ex's attorney a copy showing the new date. It sounds like your ex's attorney, and your attorney have not agreed on a date yet, and filed the proper paperwork. Check once a week with your attorneys office. Be patient with the office, as a Family Law assistant, we get screamd at all day by clients who dont understand that this process can be lengthy, and complicated. We dance as fast as we can. We cant help that perhaps Opposing Counsel is not responding becasue he wants to be an azz (and they will just because they can...), the courts are backed up, etc. That is not an excuse to being rude.
All you can do at this point, is wait to hear from your attorney. There are many reasons why a new date has NOT been set, so dont worry. Your Attorney HAS to notify you of the new date, by law, so when she gets it, you will get a notice of when to appear. Be patient, Family Law is very complicated.

Child Visitation Question?
I Received Court Documents In The Mail On 03/13/2009 Saying My Son'S Father Is Taking Me To Court For Visitation. He'S A Drug Addict, An Abusive Person, Doesnt Have A Job. I Dont Want My 1 Year Old Son Going Over There Every Other Weekend. Well It Says I Have 28Days To Write An Answer To The Court. I Dont Even Know How To Go About Doing That. Please Let Me I'M So Upset.

Get a lawyer.
Whether or not you can afford a lawyer, write a paper on your experience with your ex.
Stick to the facts. State only what you know to be true. Second-hand news and guessing would not be considered relevant.
State how he as been with the child. Neglect, abuse, drug abuse, no-shows for visiting times, and abuse towards you in front of the child are valid concerns that the court will look at.
The court will not care what his love life is like, unless his love interest(s) is a known child abuser/molester that he plans to have around the child. The court has no interest in hearing about affairs or wild sex scandals, unless a minor is involved.
The court will not care about all his annoying habits or idiot things he has done if it does not directly involve the child. Avoid rambling. Keep the letter short (about 1-2 pages AT MOST.) Anything longer would only bore and irritate the court.
If he has had any run-ins with the law, documents proving this would be helpful, especially if they concerned drug use or domestic violence.
The court will not look kindly on you for saying you do not want your child to be with his father. It doesn't matter that the father is a bastard. Courts try and keep family together as much as possible. State in your paper that if the child should spend time with his father, they should be supervised visits and the father should pay for the supervision (which is costly. If he really gives a rip about the kid, he would find a way to pay for it. If he doesn't care about the kid, he will make up excuses not to have the visits.)
Your ex will write a paper in response to your declaration. Don't let this rattle you. It will describe how your points are lies and he'll very likely throw in some jabs about what a lying whore you are. Keep your cool. You will probably be given the chance to write a declaration in response to his response. Ignore the jabs and stick to your story. Don't sink to his level. Resist the temptation to jab back. The court hates petty bickering. Just give your side of the story in response and, again, stick to the facts and avoid rambling.

Lawyers Help?
I Just Want To Know....How Do Lawyers Go About Charging People? I Know That Their Are Contingent Fee, Hourly Fee, And Retainer Fee, But I'M Really Talking About Per Hour. Let'S Say That I'M A Client And Your My Lawyer And You Tell Me That You Worked On My Case For 5 Hours Today And You Charge $250/Hr. How Do I Know That You Really Worked On My Case For 5 Hours Or Just Not Lying To Me To Get My Money?

Heheh. You dont know. Thats why you never take a lawyer on a hourly rate. Your attorney done lied to you!

Always go for a contingent rate or retainer fee. I work for the worlds biggest collection attorney and do bill collecting throughout the U.S and have over 300 lawyers working on cases in every state.

Depending on what type of attorney you want, I may be able to hook you up with a good attorney on a contingency rate. He makes money if you make money. ONLY!!!
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