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The majority of individuals do not think about obtaining a lawyer until they are in desperate need. The lawful matter might be personal, like family law, for a separation and divorce or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony condition you need to be defended on. Organizations want attorneys as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unfair business methods. Tax legal professionals are also effective when interacting with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A large, full service law firm has many legal representatives with various areas of competence, so based on your own personal legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the very best attorney to meet your current need without having to commence your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to obtain a legal representative you can have faith in. You want one with a very good record, who issincere, effective, and wins cases. You want to have confidence that they will defend you thoroughly and bill you fairly for their products and services. Occasionally a reference from a pal or business affiliate can be very helpful, even so you should continue to keep your options open and examine all the firms available, due to the fact when you require legal help, you need it instantly and you really want the finest you can afford to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a attorney with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to give specific search variables to fulfill your requirements. We constantly make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find anything at all you are searching for.

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Are There Any Credible Internet Resources That Provide Information On The Cost Of Civil Litigation?
I Am A High School Teacher And My Students Are Investigating Various Civil Cases For A Research Paper. Part Of The Paper Requires The Students To Examine The Economic Impact Of Civil Litigation. I Am Trying To Find Internet Resources That Provide Information On National Trends, Costs, And The Impact Of Civil Litigation On Society. I Appreciate Any Help With This Search.

Usually when you hear discussion of what's described as the economic impact of civil litigation, you're hearing a political discussion, in which one side or the other is complaining about what it calls frivolous cases. More often than not, these "frivolous" cases turn out to be not frivolous at all, but cases which the complaining side has lost, or is about to lose.

That having been said, the costs of civil litigation vary tremendously by type of litigation and by location in which the litigation takes place.

You'll find that business organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, will have well written explanations of why the costs are in their view too high...and lawyers' organizations explaining that access to the law, and litigation, benefits everyone, because it helps level the playing field, protecting both the large and the small from infringements on their rights and damage caused by those who without litigation would be unchecked in their ability to harm others.

How Do I Prepare A Professional Email To Request An Attorney'S Legal Service?
I Would Like To Prepare A General Email To Send To Multiple Attorneys In My Area And I Need To Know The Professional Format And Appropriate Way To Request Their Legal Help If They See Fit. If You Also Have Any Personal Recommendations For An Attorney In The Kansas City Area For A Personal Injury Claim They Would Be Very Much Appreciated!

Email is not a professional way to request an attorney's services. Pick up the phone.

How Does An Attorney Appeal A Case?
Any Sort Of Help Would Be Appreciated. Thank You.

First, interview client and examine court files to determine if there is may be merit to an appeal. May also have to interview witnesses. If there may be a meritorious appeal, then:

1. Notice of Appeal filed and filing fee paid.
2. Request to Prepare Clerk's Transcript and Reporter's Transcript.
3. Clerk and court reporter submit cost of transcripts.
4. Pay for transcripts.
5. Transcripts prepared and delivered.
6. Read transcripts.
7. Research areas of error for basis of appeal.
8. Write Appellant's Opening Brief, have it printed and filed.
9. Review Respondent's Brief and research areas that need response.
10. Prepare Appellant's Reply Brief.
11. Prepare Oral Argument.
12. Appear at Hearing and argue case before appeal's panel.

Which Occupation Makes More? A Lawyer Or A Forensic Scientist?
Also, Which Makes More? Thnx Alot!!

Lawyer for sure!

Having said that, there's more reasons to follow a career path than the money that you can or can't make.

I hope this helps.

Domiciliary Parent?
Joint Custody

"Domiciliary parent? Joint custody."

The quick answer to your question is "It's 'the parent with whom a child lives.' It's just another way of saying the parent who has primary physical custody-- but much shorter."

Generally, the joint custody relationship provides each parent with equal input into the health, education and religious upbringing of a child-- where disagreements are often addressed in mediation or ultimately by the Court. Both parents are entitled to get copies of report cards, have access to medical records, decide what religion the children should practice, etc.

The non-custodial parent (or the non-domiciliary parent) is given visitation while the domiciliary parent has physical custody at all other times. It is not precisely true to say "he cannot bring the child across state lines, cut her hair, take her out of the parish" or the like, unless those things are specified in your Joint Parenting Agreement or similar papers from your granted divorce. The non-custodial parent who exercises visitation under a joint parenting relationship generally has the same rights as the domiciliary parent during that time. So, what's good for the goose....

Joint custody arrangements between parents who are not cooperative are more burdensome than they are worth. So, if you and your ex can't decide on where to meet to exchange custody or who was to blame for the divorce, then you might want to reconsider the joint custody thing....

[This is not legal advice. You should consult a licensed attorney-at-law for legal advice or representation before making decisions that may affect your legal rights.]

Probate Court?
My Mother Has A Will, An Everything Of Hers Is Willed To My Sister And Me Including Her Home, Car, Savings Accounts. Can Anyone Tell Me Will This Have To Go Through Probate?

Yes, it will. The will must be probated. See sections 8000 et seq of the Probate Code (link is below). You don't just show up at the bank with a death certificate and a copy of the will.

The executor or personal representative must inventory the estate [Section 8850]; note that any bequest is subject to claims of creditors [Section 8851]; the inventory is filed with the court and becomes a part of the public record [Section 8852]. Notice must be given to all creditors [Section 9050 et seq]. Notice must be by publication [Section 8120 et seq].

Creditors have a limited time to file a claim:
9100. (a) A creditor shall file a claim before expiration of the
later of the following times:
(1) Four months after the date letters are first issued to a
general personal representative.
(2) Sixty days after the date notice of administration is mailed or personally delivered to the creditor. Nothing in this paragraph extends the time provided in Section 366.2 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
(b) A reference in another statute to the time for filing a claim means the time provided in paragraph (1) of subdivision (a).
(c) Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to extend or toll any other statute of limitations or to revive a claim that is barred by any statute of limitations. The reference in this subdivision to a "statute of limitations" includes Section 366.2 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

The duties and liabilities of the executor (personal representative of the estate) are listed in Sections 9600 through 9606.

The personal representative must pay the decedent's debts.

The personal representative must make distribution (order for distribution) or file a status report within one year of probate.