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Finding A Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will see that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise that they are experts in your form of case. This can make the process of finding one with a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it is possible to narrow down your research to the correct one in almost no time. The initial step is to generate a selection of the lawyers which can be listed in your neighborhood specializing in your position. When you are causeing this to be list you must only include those that you have an excellent vibe about based on their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down if you take a while evaluating their internet site. There you should certainly find the amount of years they have been practicing and several general information regarding their success rates. At this moment your list needs to have shrunken further to those that you felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate quantity of experience. You ought to then spend some time to look up independent reviews of every attorney. Be sure you read the reviews rather than just relying upon their overall rating. The details inside the reviews provides you with an idea of how they connect to the clientele and how much time they invest into each case that they are working on. Finally, you should meet up with at the very least the last three lawyers that have the credentials you would like. This will give you time to really evaluate how interested they may be in representing both you and your case. It is actually important to follow every one of these steps to ensure that you find a person that has the proper level of experience to help you get the best possible outcome.

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What Is The Role Of The Legal Adviser In The Magistrates Court?

Magistrates are normal people not solicitors so wont know the legalities of any orders or legal implications of past cases which may have set a president in law.

The legal adviser would let them Magistrates know if there are any presidents or facts of law they need to be aware of.

An example would be if they wanted to give out a fine more than the maximum penalty set/allowed, a legal adviser would advise the magistrates what he can fine the defendant.

If the defendant said he could not afford to pay the fine and the magistrate told the defendant to get a loan.

A legal adviser would correct him and point out he cant order anyone to get into debt.

This is to avoid presidents being set and mistakes made which could further lengthen court cases if they have grounds to appeal a decision.

A Magistrate would seek advice from the legal advisor if he was unclear on any matter.

Should Slip And Fall Lawyers Like The Edwards Be Banned From Running For President?
They Have No Soul

add congress and state legislators to that and you got something going

tired of our government looking like a photo of the national bar convention

Are Suicidal Cases Dealt By Criminal Or Family Lawyers?
And Do You Think A Mother Who Survives An Attempted Suicide Deserves To Be With Her Kids Again? What Should Be Her Punishment?

Whether criminal or family lawyers deal with suicidal cases depends on the particular situation. The law would ensure that the person seeks treatment to prevent another attempt, and issue orders to minimize impact on the people around the suicidal person, such as children.

Attempted suicide is not a criminal offence in the sense of deserving jail time as punishment. Normally, the law grants ordinary citizens certain liberty to act and make decisions, but such freedom assumes rationality. By the suicide attempt, the person demonstrated to the court that he is not rational as expected. The court would then look to determine action. If the court understands that the person was merely overwhelmed by circumstances, they may order treatment. If the incapacity is deemed more permanent, other measures may be taken. These measures would be in the protection of the person, protection of people around the suicidal person, and finally in the protection of the state. The first two protections are obvious, but the state needs to be protected in the sense that suicidal people may spend resources (police attention, medical services, others) which are spent rarely by ordinary people but suicidal people may spend repetitively, even abusively.

You ask if a mother who survives an attempted suicide deserves to be with her kids again. Such words would be used by a lawyer trying to induce guilt on the unsuspecting. A mother's right to see her children is not eliminated by a suicide attempt as such. What the court would look for is whether the underlying mental condition that produced the suicide attempt may have an impact on the children development. On such basis, contact may be denied, never on the suicide attempt as such.

You ask if suicide attempt is a punishable by law. The real answer is mostly not. The court would ensure the suicidal person gets treatment. That said, there maybe circumstances where the court may punish a suicide attempt. I should point out that most suicidal people seek treatment on their own. Most people under those circumstances would handle the issue discreetly, and the courts may never hear about it. A minority of real suicide people would be seen by the courts. Then, there is another set of people, who are not really suicidal. They pretend to be suicidal as a way to manipulate the people around them. A person may be what I call not a real mental adult, and cannot deal diplomatically with others. These people may try to play the pity card, pity that is deserved by real suicides, but not by them. This is more common than expected. If the courts decides such is the situation, there may be punishment.

Legal Aid For Child Custody?
I Am Trying To Pursue Full Child Custody Of My Daughter. She Was Conceived And Born In A Different State Than I Live, As Well As Where The Father Now Resides. So This Creates A Problem. I Live With My Current Bf (Not The Biological Father) And Was Told By A Legal Aid Service That I Won'T Qualify For He Makes Too Much Money, Even Though He Isn'T The Father, Nor My Husband. I'M Scared To Represent Myself For I Wouldn'T Know Where To Start. Can Someone Please Tell Me Who I Can Turn To For Legal Representation For A Free Or Atleast Low-Cost Service??? I Live In The Bay Area In Ca.

Eleven years ago I could have put your question on here almost verbatim. I know your heart is hurt, broken, angry, confused and you probably feel like you want to die inside. But if you find anyone to help you during your search, I and many many other childless mothers, would love your input. I'm guessing that you've already searched mothers for justice, the NOW organization for womens rights or at least googled "mothers without children" there's also Unless you have money to pay an attorney in family court or unless your circumstances are "monstrous" you may want to focus on your self. Custody battles and family court can take your soul and by the time you get it back your child or children will be grown. I went to extremes to get help with my battle and in the end I found an attorney who out of the goodness of his heart only charged me 2000.00 and I lost complete custody of my son. It was a trade off between my son and my daughter seven years after they were taken from me through deception by my abusive alcoholic ex-husband. I had to wait until the oldest of the two was 14 before she could choose on her own to live with me. But by this time the only life she knew was the life her dad had created. Life doesn't make sense and to me it never will. I've been an activist for mothers who get their children taken away through deceptive means or misunderstandings. What do I do exactly? Wipe a lot of tears and pray a lot of prayers. Occassionally I run into a mother who has yet to make her first court appearance in a child custody battle. This seems to be the only way to prevent disaster from happening. It's difficult and I don't want to shoot all of your hopes down because there is always hope. Peace

What Type Of Law Does A Medical Marijuana Lawyer Study?
I'M Curious To Know What Type Of Law Degree Lawyers Who Practice In Medical Marijuana Cases Usually Study For.

A law degree.
Graduates of Law School receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence (abbreviated J.D.). To practice law the graduate passes the Bar for the State and begins a study or specialized area of practice.
Every JD studies the same thing; choices for assignments allow the student get a feel for different area of the law. Then go on to do bankruptcy, divorce, criminal, etc. They also chose to prosecute or defend.

What Does A Cpa Lawyer Do?
I'M Thinking Of Becoming A Lawyer In The Future, And A Lot Of People Advised Me To Become A Cpa Lawyer. I Have No Idea What They Do, Though! Also, What Are The Other Types Of Lawyers? I'Ve Only Heard Of Criminal Lawyers & Corporate Lawyers.

Certified Public Accountant - you work with tax laws - which are constantly changing. LOTS and LOTS of paperwork. You'll need to love working with details and lots of paperwork. You'll be helping the rich find ways to bend the tax laws and NOT pay taxes.

But, overall, becoming a CPA is a good idea - there are LOTS of future job opportunities there. But forget about the part about becoming a Lawyer. Just stick with the CPA part.

Choosing a career is one of life's most important and difficult decisions. But knowing what your expectations are, and then comparing them to the realities will help you make educated decisions.

There are more attorneys than there are legal employment positions. We simply already have way too many Legal Professionals. AND the legal profession is dramatically changing: it is in absolute CRISIS! Job searching in this vocational field has changed >>DRAMATICALLY<< in the last five years. And, every year, more and more people graduate from law school, but there are fewer and fewer jobs. Even the largest and most reputable law firms are experiencing unprecedented cutbacks. I don't expect the situation to improve in the coming years.....

Be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are STILL in a World-wide Recession. Obviously, economic conditions affect the number of jobs available. Consider career paths that have available JOBS.<< Even in a Recovery, there are some jobs that just won't return - the field of Law won't make a comeback. Too many things have changed in this vocational field.

Warning> Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This no longer is a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many, many reasons: We now have computers. So, many people today (mistakenly) think they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet and legal books. Also, there are a lot of companies out there making very efficient legal software for the field of Law. Today's graduating lawyers tend to be very computer savvy, so they just do the work themselves to save themselves the cost of overhead - they aren't hiring legal staff. Also, the "Public" buys this legal software/law books in order to get legal work done without the expense of an Attorney. Also, we simply already have way too many Legal Professionals - we just have an absolute glut!! ("Legal Professionals" includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc) For example: Sites like have taken away work that many small-time attorneys/lawyers would do/used to do.

The field of Law has a mystique that actually exceeds reality. The field of Law is a vastly overrated career - especially by television.<< There are many myths regarding the field of Law. Law is a more demanding profession than most people realize. It is not like what you see on TV.

Cost of law school to be lawyer, approx $150,000+. Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt, if becoming an attorney is your "true", ultimate goal!!<<< Even after paying the expensive tuition, you still need to pay for books, room and board, and miscellaneous fees.

The legal profession leaves little room for outside interests. Commitment to the law profession tends to produce an unbalanced lifestyle.

There are no jobs in this vocational field. My family, coworkers, friends, acqaintances, etc. have been laid off left and right in this vocational field.

The competition to get into law school is intense. Applicants to most law schools greatly exceed the number that can be admitted.

Even if you finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking (at an alarming rate), many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid. And the competition is fierce in TODAY's job market!!

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we already have too many law schools. We are STILL in a Recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival - they will tell students anything to get to the students' money. (Which is why they won't tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates.............Remember>>> law schools are BUSINESSES - their TOP concern is making money for themselves.

>>>>>THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can't stress this enough>>>): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the BOGUS, INFLATED law school salary/job stats given out by >law schools< (AND by the U.S. Bureau of Labor)!!***<<<<<

If you don't believe me, then:
**Check out these websites: http://informeddecisionmaking.blogspot.c...
(A link to a website does not constitute endorsement.)
**do a SEARCH here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local law firms - ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources - ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about future job availability in the field of Law..................
**Do "informational interviews" with several attorneys from at least two or three different firms. (You can find how to do "informational interviews" from your local Public Library - ask the Librarian.) Interviewing attorneys is a time-efficient and extremely beneficial way of discovering if law is the right vocational field for you. Talk to a few Human Resource Managers who work at employers in the field of Law. Ask them what their opinion is on future job availability for the field of Law. Ask them if they have any current open positions. Ask them how many resumes they receive when they advertise ONE open position. (It is ususally approximately 300 resumes are received for each open position advertised.) If you personally know a practicing lawyer, set up a time with them to do an "informational interview" to ask them about their career. Talk to many attorneys. Better yet, spend an entire day with one of them.
**Talk to recent law graduates. Ask them what success they are having finding employment opportunities. <<<

If you want a JOB when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the fields of: >>>Healthcare, Information Technology, Law ENFORCEMENT, environmentalism, emergency planning, accounting, education, entertainment, utilities, home-car-commercial-industrial repairs, vice industries, clergy, and/or debt collection. I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where the jobs are, and future job opportunities/availability....and scholarships.

There are MANY issues of working in the vocational field of Law. My answer is an attempt to give you a realistic way of looking at this career, and I have told you things that most will not tell you about the profession - at first. Be careful, do your research, and have your eyes open wide.

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please be careful and do your research.<<< You DID ask the question here on Y/A. I am just trying to help you.)