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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer Irrespective of what your legal needs are you will notice that there are numerous lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise they are experts in your type of case. This can make the process of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the tips below it will be possible to limit your pursuit off to the right one out of very little time. The first step is to make a list of the lawyers which are listed in the area that specialize in your situation. When you are which makes this list you must only include those that you may have a great vibe about based upon their advertisement. You can then narrow this list down by taking some time evaluating their website. There you should certainly find the number of years they have been practicing and several general details about their success rates. At this moment your list should have shrunken further to those which you felt had professional websites along with an appropriate level of experience. You should then take time to search for independent reviews of each and every attorney. Be sure you browse the reviews rather than counting on their overall rating. The info from the reviews will provide you with an idea of the way that they connect with their clients and the time they invest into each case they are focusing on. Finally, you will need to talk to no less than the final three lawyers who have the credentials you are looking for. This gives you the time to genuinely evaluate how interested they may be in representing you and the case. It is actually imperative that you follow every one of these steps to actually find someone that has the right degree of experience to get you the very best outcome.

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Where Can I Chat With A Lawyer Online?
Where Can I Chat With A Lawyer Online Without Any Of The Signing Up **** Or Paying. Thanks. First Best Answer Gets 10 Points Immediately!


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what projections are you looking at? lawson is a mid first-round pick this year. curry is projected as a mid first-rounder nexxt year. henderson is a late lottery pick this year. and hansbrough is a bottom of the first-round pick this year.
lawson is too small and too streaky a shooter to go higher this year.
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i'm not sure what sort of problem you would have with henderson going in the lottery.
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Need Help Finding Good Lawyer?
I Had Lost My Licsencs Do To Insurance Fruad And Disobeying Of Office And Had To Spend Time In Jail. I Never Did My Time Because I Was 7 Months Pregnant. Need Good Lawyer To Help Me Now. Thanks.

The best way is to develop a special "old boy" network for this.

Obviously you don't know any lawyer for this, so the second best thing is to get a name of someone who is good at this area, and be able to walk in and say you were referred by someone who is important to that lawyer.

That's likely to be someone you don't even know right now.

What you need to do is find someone you are close to that knows a lawyer personally, whether from having them handle something for them, or just socially. Go to that lawyer, say your friend told them they could help you find a good lawyer for your problem, and explain basically what it is. Chances are that it is not in their specialty, but most lawyers know lawyers that they can refer matters outside of their practice to.

You won't find a recommendation like that here. Start with your family and close friends, see who knows a lawyer of ANY kind, see if you can get a personal referral from them.

Beats the Yellow Pages.

Help Me Find This Law Firm! (Utah Based, I Think)?
I'M Looking For This Law Firm That I Was Told About. From What I Understand, It Is Based In Utah. I Only Have A Partial Name. The Name I Have Is &Quot;Mattson (Or Madsen?), _____ And Jensen&Quot; Also, I Heard That The Mattson Guy Was Part Of The General Authority In The Lds Faith. Can Anybody Help Me Out With This? Thank You!

Do you know how common those names are in Utah? If it's Monson, it could be a third cousin, twice removed.

What Does Criminal Justice Offers?
I'Ve Always Wanted To Do Something In Law. Ive Always Thought Bout Becoming A Laywer, But Im 2Ed Thinking.

Criminal Justice careers can be exciting and rewarding. They can range from trial lawyer to a paralegal that works with criminal defense lawyers, to a corrections officer working in state prisons, to a homicide detective who solves murders. Many government organizations need people who have a strong understanding of criminology and crime statistics. There are many support roles throughout the criminal justice and law enforcement community.

The following list are some of the job titles of graduates with Criminal Justice major:

* Police officer
* Detective
* Criminal investigator
* Corrections, Parole, or Probation officer
* Warden
* Security investigator or specialist
* Lawyer
* Legal assistant
* Court administrator Judge or Magistrate
* Federal government [FBI, CIA, ATF, Customs, Secret
Service, INS, Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement]
* State [state trooper, SBI agent], Local law enforcement
agencies, Arson specialist, Serology specialist or
Fingerprinting specialist.

Hope this helps.
Good luck.

Fraud Texas Attorney General Childsupport Question?
I Have Some Evidence That May Prove That The Father Of A Child Of My Ex'S May Not Be The Biological Father Of The Child. I Believe That The Father And My Ex And A Couple Other People Know That This Is True, I Don'T Think The Biological Father Knows. I Would Like To See If There Is A Statute Or A Rule That Says This Man Cannot Be Collecting Child Support From The Mother Because He'S Really Not His And They All Know This.

There is too much missing information to determine the exact answer.
There are some possibilities.
1-The biological father was married to a cheating ex that gave birth to another man's child during her marriage. By Texas law, the husband is the father UNLESS he makes an immediate challenge that the child was conceived via adultery. The husband can not make the challenge years after he has supported the child as his own. If he doubted it was his own child, he must make the challenge shortly after birth.
2-If the child was born out of wedlock & falsely presented as being the child of your ex in an act of deception, he should have asked for a DNA test before allowing things to get this far.
3-The ex may know it's not his child but still wants to be a part of the child (or baby's mama) life & therefore is not bothered to pay child support for that connection.

Look. Either you have proof or you don't. ("May have proof" = no proof.) If you think this man is financially supporting a child that his not his responsibility, tell him to get a DNA test. If it's proven he is not the father, then HE has choices to be made with an attorney.