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Finding A Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are many lawyers in your area that advertise they focus on your form of case. This could make the whole process of finding one with a great deal of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it will be easy to narrow down your search to the right one in very little time. Step one is to make a selection of the lawyers that are listed in your neighborhood specializing in your position. While you are making this list you need to only include those that you may have a good vibe about based on their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down through taking a little while evaluating their webpage. There you should certainly find the amount of years they are practicing and a few general details about their success rates. At this time your list should have shrunken further to those that you just felt had professional websites and an appropriate level of experience. You must then spend some time to check out independent reviews of every attorney. Make sure you see the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The information from the reviews provides you with an idea of the direction they communicate with their clientele and the time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you will want to meet up with at least the past three lawyers that have the credentials you would like. This will provide you with enough time to genuinely evaluate how interested they can be in representing your case. It really is important to follow every one of these steps to ensure that you find a person which includes the right level of experience to get you the ideal outcome.

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Sister- In - Law Taking Power Of Attorney?
My Husband Is An Advanced Alcoholic And Drug User. We'Ve Been Separated For 8 Months Now After A 24 Year Marriage. His Mother And Sister Have Always Disliked Me. Now They Have Proof Of Why! I Am The Cause Of His Addictions... So They Believe. I Am Not Out To Ruin My Husband, I Just Want To Be Safe. Addiction Is A Terrible! I Am So Sorry For My Husband, But Know That I Cannot Help Him In Any Way. The 'Side Effects' Of Adultery And Abuse Are Too Damaging For Me To Be The Supporting Partner I'Ve Always Believed I Was. (So Ignorant...) We Are In The Middle Of Divorce. He Lost His Very Good Job The Second Week Of December Because Neither He Nor His Girlfriend Bothered To Tell His Employer He Was Going Into Detox (Fourth Time In Rehab In A Year...) So That'S Very Suspect Because He Always Took Great Care In Not Losing His Job. It Is Even More Suspect That It Happened Shortly After The Judge Ordered Spousal Maintenance For Me And Child Support After He Tried To Revise That Judgment, But Failed. Now He'S Not Paying A Thing And I Am Hanging On A Thread, Trying To Keep The House And A Fairly 'Normal' Life Afloat For Our Teen. He'S Emailed Me That For The First Time He'S Experiencing Depression (He'S Been On Ssris For Many Years And I Often Talked About His Need For Counseling...). He'S Informed Me That He'Ll Move Away To His Mother'S House In Oregon. We Live In Washington State. Here'S What I Am Wondering. His Sister, Who Is Really Vile And Vindictive, Affluent And Entitled, Pious To No End And Managing Everybody Else'S Life Is Trying To 'Help' Him. If She Were To Take Power Of Attorney Over My Husband, What Would That Spell For Me? Would I Have To Mediate With Her? If It Goes To Trial (Which I Suspect This Divorce Will) Do I Have To Argue Her? How Much Power Does She Actually Have If She Were To Take On The Poa. Trust Me, She'S Just As Dangerous Behind The Scene.. Thank You For Any Input!

I'm so sorry for your predicament. That's horrible.

The only good advice you are going to get is from a good attorney. Him putting his sister as POA means that she takes care of his affairs if he is unable to do so, but laws vary from state to state so I would really look into websites concerning this in your area and consult an attorney as soon as possible.

He'd have to be in pretty bad shape not to be able to handle his own affairs. Usually POA is given to people with aging parents who might become incapacitated and unable to make their own decisions in the future.

But first and foremost, get the info you need to protect yourself. This does seems like it could get ugly fast...
Good luck!

A Question For Law School Students And/Or Lawyers???
A Few Questions, Actually: 1) I Have A Strong Background In Standardized Test Taking. However, My Quantitative Skills Have Often Carried My Scores, Although My Verbal Scores Were Not Terrible. Has Anyone Else Been In My Situation, And If So, How Did You Fare On The Lsat? 2) As I Mentioned, I Am A Very Quantitative Person, And I Am Afraid That The Law May Not Hold My Interest. I Would Hate To Change Courses, Enroll In A Law School, And Pay The Tuition, Only To Realize That It Is Something That I Absolutely Hate. Can Any One Recommend A Source Where I Could Determine If The Curriculum Is Something That Would Interest Me. 3) I Have Had Trouble Finding The Different &Quot;Tiers&Quot; Of Schools. The Schools I Am Looking At (And Businessweek Ranking) Include: U Of Georgia (32), Georgia State (82), Emory (22), Etc - Essentially, All Are In The Top 100. How Do I Find Out What Tier These Schools Are In? Also, Tuition Is Listed As Ranging From 7,000 To 35,000. Is This Per Year Or Semester?

Take a practice LSAT test. You can find free ones in many places. That's the only way to tell how you do on the test. Everyone is different.

Go visit a local law school. Ask to sit in on a class. That'll give you an idea if you'd be bored out of law school. Just remember that being a lawyer has very little to do with what law school is like.

I'd also recommend shadowing different types of lawyers. See if you can shadow a lawyer practicing Intellectual Property. It sounds like you have a BS degree so that may be an area of law that interests you.

Tier is easy to figure out. They normally follow the US News rankings. 1-50 is First Tier. 51-100 is 2nd Tier. 101-150 is 3rd Tier. Anything lower is 4th Tier.

Tuition depends on the school. I'd have to see the wording to see if they've broken it down to semester or not. $35,000 is definitely going to be for the whole year. $7,000 sounds like it could be for a semester, altho I know state schools in that part of the US are good bargains so it might actually be for the year. Just check the school's website. Research is a big part of being a lawyer. Finding out the answer to that shouldn't be too hard for your. Don't like doing even that, then don't be a lawyer.

If A Lawsuit Occurred, Would President Obama Be Required To Prove Birth≫?
I Don'T Believe In Conspiracy Theories, But It Has Been Brought Into Question That Barack Obama Was Born In The Us. If A Lawsuit Were To Be Filed, Saying A Law Was Unconstitutional And Amongst The Reasons Given Was That Barack Obama Is Not Legally Able To President Or Sign Bills Into Law, By Virtue Of Not Having Been Born In The Us, Would He Be Required To Produce A Legal Birth Certificate For The Court? If He Could Not Or Would Not, Would The Law Be Declared Unconstitutional. Would Barack Obama Be Removed From Office, If He Could Not Prove Legality, Or Would He Be Held In Contempt, And Thereby Be Impeachable? I Am Sincerely Seeking Facts In This Matter.

Over 60 lawsuits have been filed about Obama's eligibility and all have been dismissed. The issue is one of "standing." A court can't hear a case unless the court is entitled to hear the case, that there's been or will be a specific injury, and that the court can fix the problem.

Courts have held that it's a "political question" -- a power specifically delegated to one branch in the Constitution. They followed the Constitution, and have said that only Congress has the power to remove a sitting president. In addition, only Congress and the Electoral College can "qualify" the President-elect -- none of the Electors and no Rep or Senator raised an objection. Thus Obama was seated and sworn-in as President. So any lawsuit alleging that Obama was ineligible gets dismissed -- the courts have no jurisdiction (Congress does) and the Courts can't provide a fix (only Congress can).

So a lawsuit could be filed saying a law was unconstitutional (or that a serviceman's orders were given by an illegal Commander-in-chief) because Obama was ineligible. The lawsuit wouldn't make it past the Motion To Dismiss stage, for the reasons above on Standing and Jurisdiction. If the MTD was denied and the case went forward, then the defense (Obama's lawyers from the Dept. of Justice) would stay proceedings and appeal the denial. The case would never get to the point of discovery, let alone trial.

In the unlikely event that a case DID get past the MTD, then Obama simply gets a new copy of the Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth (posted on along with an affidavit from the Hawaiian Department of Health (Vital Records) that says how it was generated and that it matches the records they have on file. The Judge then would say OK, looks good to me, case closed.

Getting Obama's name on the ballot is a different matter. Objections can be filed in many states challenging Obama's qualifications to be listed as a candidate. Perhaps the Court of Public Opinion would require Obama to provide further proof. But in any event, birth in Hawaii is sufficient. Any challenge would require better proof than the State of Hawaii as provided --not just rumors.

Natural/Native born citizen requires birth on US soil. Parental status doesn't matter. That's been the rule in this country from the founding. There are only two kinds of citizens: natural born, and naturalized. There is no third class of "born in this country but not a natural born citizen": that was fixed by the 14th Amendment (slaves and their descendants were born in the US but couldn't be citizens.)

Best Dui Lawyer In West Chester Pa?

These three come with the highest accolades:

Lee A. Ciccarelli - 610-915-8446
Leonard Rivera - 610-840-0128
Charles Thomas - 877-397-3003

Which Lawyer?:]Help..?
My Dad Worked For This Guy And Now He Doesnt Want To Pay Him And Now He'S Looking For A Lawyer That Can Help Him To Get The Guy To Pay Him So Which Lawyer Here In Texas Could Help Him??

THE best way to find a lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask your: family, friends, coworkers, anyone you might know in the same situation, etc.


Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of attorneys that handle your type of matter. (If money is a BIG problem, you could also ask for the phone number of your local LegalAid office. - the attorneys at LegalAid are "real" attorneys, but sometimes in the field of Law, how much you are willing to pay does affect the quality you get.)

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Lawyer. Do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Attorney.
When you get the Lawyer on the phone line, ask him/her:
-Do they give FREE, initial consultations? (most do, but not all - you have to ask, don't assume)
- How much do they charge?
- Could you make payments on your account?
-Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.

(This is based on my knowledge, information, and belief. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Seeking advice over the Internet is not a good idea - the field of Law is too complex for that. Please be careful and do your research.)

Detained/ Lawyer?
If A Juvenile Was Detained In A Juvenile Dentention Center Until The Hearing, And If The Parents Get A Lawyer To Defend Their Child During The Trial, Can The Juvenile Discuss Anything With The Lawyer While Being Detained? Or Is That Left To The Parents? Thanks

A lawyer hired to represent a juvenile has only one client... the juvenile. The lawyer typically won't even meet with the parents of the minor, who are paying the bills... but are obligated to represent only the minor.

Whether or not the child has been detained doesn't really have any bearing on whether or not the child should speak with their attorney... if they have an attorney, they should be forthright with the attorney... even before the detention hearing.