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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will find that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise they concentrate on your type of case. This could make the whole process of finding one with significant amounts of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it will be possible to restrict your pursuit to the correct one out of very little time. The first step is to create a selection of the lawyers which can be listed in the area focusing on your needs. When you are which makes this list you must only include those that you may have a good vibe about depending on their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down by using a bit of time evaluating their internet site. There you will be able to find the number of years they have been practicing and a few general details about their success rates. At this point your list should have shrunken further to the people that you just felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate quantity of experience. You must then make time to look up independent reviews of each attorney. Make sure to look at the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The data within the reviews will give you a sense of the direction they connect to their customers and how much time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you should meet up with a minimum of the last three lawyers who have the credentials you are interested in. This provides you with time to genuinely evaluate how interested they can be in representing both you and your case. It can be vital that you follow all of these steps to actually find someone which includes the right measure of experience to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Do You Know What Defamation Of Character Is?
Are Any Of Your Sons Or Sons In Laws Attorneys?

Yes, I know what defamation of character is. And no, none of my sons or sons-in-law is an attorney, but one of my daughters is.

In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. "Defamation" is however the generally-used term internationally. Slander is a harmful statement in a transitory form, especially speech, and libel is a harmful statement in a fixed medium, especially writing but also a picture, sign, or electronic broadcast, each of which gives a common law right of action.

Providing, of course, that you are willing to accept that explanation from a FEMALE attorney.

Legal Advice?
My Husband Had A Credit Card Go To A Collection Service, They Worked Out An Agreement That He Would Pay X Amount Up Front, He Then Gave Them Check Numbers To Take Out $100 Every 2 Weeks For Around 6 Months, At Which Time They Would Call Back To See If He Could Settle. Needless To Say, They Have Taken Money Out Of Our Account Past The 6 Months That Was Agreed On. On Top Of That They Stopped Taking Money Out At One Point And Then Said That We Had Missed 3 Payments, Even Though It Was Suppose To Be Automatic Withdrawls. Today They Called To Settle, At Which Point My Husband Told Them We Couldn'T, Needless To Say I Got On Our Bank Account Today And Seen That They Had Taken Another $100 Out Today. Is There Something That We Can Do Here?! We Only Authorized Them To Take Out 6 Months Worth Of Payments. They Are Trying To Scare Us By Telling Us They Will Take Us To Court. Any Help Would Be Much Apprictiated! Thank You!

Unfotunately since you authorized them to take monies out of your account and you gave them your account number the bank is not going to be very sympathic to you. You could call them and file a claim agains the money they took out which in turn the bank will do an investigation and may or may not give you the money back which could take weeks. What the bank will advise you to do is to close out your account and open a new one.
You need to review the last six month and verify how much they have taken out of your account, add the money your husband gave up from and see if you are in fact paid off or not. If you are then I would copy this information and send it to the company for proof you've paid in full, along with a letter requesting they stop ALL FURTHER WITHDRAWLS from your account. Tell them in the letter you no longer authorize access to you account and any further action against your account on their part will be handled through legal actions. Threaten them that you've already contacted your bank and that any futher transactions will be considered bank fraud. (That one works, I've used it)
But if you have not paid in full, and you only have a couple more payments left go ahead and write this same letter and outline to them something to the effect of you have 3 more payments left in the agreement, these payments should take place on this date, this date and this date. Say after this date (last payment date) the account will be paid in full and further withdrawls should be stopped.

There are so many times when these companies will just hound the hell out of people and withdrawl moneys other then the agreed upon amount.
But since you did give them your account information there really is not a lot that can be done with the bank. They will tell you the same thing.

However, once you notify the company in writing you need to follow up with the bank and let them know you've done so.
One more thing you could/should do when you write this letter. End it at the bottom below where you sing your name on the left side of the page Cc: to your bank.
You con't actually have to send it to your bank but if they see that they will think you've sent it to your bank and that you will take legal actions.
Don't let them bully you!! Stand your ground.

Good Luck!!

Can I Get Charged For Missing A Legal Consultation Appointment?
I Set Up A Consultation With An Attorney A Couple Days Ago Via Phone And Gave The Law Office My Name And Number, But Decided To Meet With A Different Attorney Instead. Is There Someway That They Can Charge Me (They Charge $165.00 An Hour For A Consultation) For Missing The Appointment Without Calling In Advance? All They Have Is My Name And Number (Which Means They Could Probably Get Other Information Pretty Easily). Or Am I Just Being Completely Paranoid?

Yes, you can get charged for missing a legal consultation. I am a paralegal and I've hunted down people with only their name. We have our ways, databases and legal subscriptions. If a good paralegal knows enough about your situation, and any other information such as who and what the consultation was about, they can get your address.

However, with that said, if they didn't ask for your full information, they probably don't charge for missed appointments. Not all law firms charge for the missed time. It takes too much effort to chase down non-clients.

Medical Malpractice?
I Have Been Going To My Dr. For 3 Years Now And Trust Her Completely. She Has Had Me On Seroquel And Wellbutrin For 2 Years And Just Decided To Up My Dosage Of Wellbutrin (Against My Wishes). I Didn'T Have A Reason To Raise The Dose, She Just Said She Wanted To. Well After 1 Week Of Taking The Higher Dose I Had A Seizure (Thank Goodness I Wasn&Quot;T Driving My Son Anywhere!!!) I Fell Off A Really High Chair And Broke My Nose, Lacerated It Resulting In Many Stitches And A Nasty (Soon To Be) Scar And Had A Concussion. When I Went In To See Her After This Event She Said She Knew She Shouldn'T Have Increased The Dose With My Past Medical History Of Bulima (I Guess The Pdr Says Not To Give To Bulima Patients) And She Said That She Also Has Had Another Pt. Have A Seizure At The Higher Dose Too. And The Pdr Says That The Higher Dose Has A High Risk Of Seziures. Should I Sue? I'Ve Racked Up A Lot Of Bills, Had To Drop Out Of School B/C Of The Concussion And Missed 1 Month Of Work.

I'm sorry you had to go through this. Medical malpractice is a negligence issue. However, instead of holding the doctor to an "ordinary reasonable person" standard, we hold them to the standard of the average member of the local medical community, or in the case of a specialist, to the National Standard.

Where it gets tricky is that you MUST present expert testimony to prove a medical malpractice case. Your expert must be knowledgeable about psych meds, must say that your doctor made a choice that was unreasonable, and that didn't meet the medical standard for whatever level your doctor is to be held to.

It's sometimes very difficult to find a doctor who is willing to testify against another doctor, and it can get very expensive. Look in the yellow pages for an attorney who handles med mal, and see if they will give you a no-charge consultation. If you have a good case, they may take it on contingency. Otherwise, this is going to get expensive for you.

Good luck. Namaste.

EDIT: thumbs down? This is straight out of my Torts text - what more do you people want?!?

How To File Legal Separation?



Secure the services of an attorney. You can also file the separation papers on your own. It may be wise to solicit the help of an attorney to ensure all your bases are covered, however. After all, a legal separation is a legally binding agreement. Another option would be to draw up the paperwork yourself or invest in an inexpensive do-it-yourself legal kit.

Meet the residency requirements for your state. Each state is different. To find out what the requirements are where you reside, visit your state's court website.

Include provisions for custody and visitation of any minor children, child support and possible alimony, equitable division of any joint property and who will be liable for any current debts. Work out all the details because, not only is the legal separation legally binding, in some instances it can also dictate the divorce decree should the separation progress into a divorce.

Have the petition for separation served on your spouse. This applies unless you are filing for the legal separation jointly. Once served, the spouse will only have a certain amount of time to respond to the petition.

Notarize the agreement. If both parties agree to the terms of the legal separation, the only thing left to do is have the agreement notarized with both spouse's signatures. If one spouse contests the separation, a judge will have to make the final decisions about the separation in court.

Tips & Warnings

It is best if the terms can be amicably agreed upon by both spouses. Try to be reasonable and fair in negotiating the terms of the separation to avoid further headaches for both parties involved.

Help! I Need Legal Advice!?
Recently I Was Laid Off From Michaels Arts And Crafts Because I Had Been Filing Fraudulent Refunds. And Then A Loss Prevention Investigator Found Out And Had Me Agree To A Promissory Where I Will Pay Back 856.99. Which I Took From Them. However I Still Fear They Have Other Legal Options. I Want To Know What Other Consequences Could I Be Facing?

You could face criminal charges for theft, and fraud. However, if you pay them back the money they may not do anything else, it will cost more money for a lawyer than what you owe. However, if you don't pay then expect them to take legal action, they might decide to press charges as well as take you to court for not paying, and your promissory note is a legal and binding contract. My advice is to pay them back as quickly as possible, make sure you get a receipt or pay by check so you have proof you paid them back. There is a time frame in which they can file criminal charges, I'm not sure of that time frame, but if you pay them back you probably have nothing else to worry about.

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