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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will find that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise they concentrate on your type of case. This could make the whole process of finding one with significant amounts of experience a bit of a challenge. However, when you follow the tips below it will be possible to restrict your pursuit to the correct one out of very little time. The first step is to create a selection of the lawyers which can be listed in the area focusing on your needs. When you are which makes this list you must only include those that you may have a good vibe about depending on their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down by using a bit of time evaluating their internet site. There you will be able to find the number of years they have been practicing and a few general details about their success rates. At this point your list should have shrunken further to the people that you just felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate quantity of experience. You must then make time to look up independent reviews of each attorney. Make sure to look at the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The data within the reviews will give you a sense of the direction they connect to their customers and how much time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you should meet up with a minimum of the last three lawyers who have the credentials you are interested in. This provides you with time to genuinely evaluate how interested they can be in representing both you and your case. It can be vital that you follow all of these steps to actually find someone which includes the right measure of experience to obtain the best possible outcome.

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Question For The Good Lawyers And Legal Advisers..?
I Enrolled In A College Using My Education Insurance,The Problem Is All Students Enrolled Using Their Insurance Didn'T Show Up In The List Of Students Enrolled Due To Inconsistencies By The College'S Staff. We'Ve Been Clarifying The Problem With The Registrar And They Keep Saying That The Problem'S Alright But It Has Been Three Weeks Now But Our Names Still Didn'T Appear. The Question Is, Is It Right For Me To Sue The College? What Charges Or Complaint Should I File Against Them?

what would you sue them for? A clerical error?

They say it is ok, so clearly your spot is secure. You have no damages.

Corporate Lawyer Information Uk?
Would You Advise On Becoming A Corporate Lawyer Via The Law Graduate Or Non-Law Graduate Path? If I Pursued The Non-Law Graduate Path Would That Give Me Other Career Options To Fall Back On If I Failed The Highly Competitive Selection Process Or Is This Just For People Who Didn'T Realise They Wanted To Be A Corporate Lawyer When They Pursued Their Degree? P.S. I'M Aiming For The Top Law Firms As I'D Rather Do Something Else If I Couldn'T Work In A High Energy Environment --- Does This Affect The Avenue I Should Take? Also Any Info On The Chances These Big Law Firms Offer For Their Lawyers On The Chance To Move City Would Be Appreciated; Specifically To The West Coast (Sf) Usa (I Love Technology)? Which Avenue Costs More?

Americans may be surprised at the differences between legal education in the United States and England. The British system, which produces two kinds of lawyers (solicitors and barristers), has several different programs that qualify students to practice law in England and Wales.

The LLB, or Bachelor of Laws, is the English undergraduate law degree, for which candidates must study seven modules in different subject areas, including public law, European Union law, criminal law, procedural law, property law, law of obligations, and trusts and equity. The LLB is a three-year program. As in the United States (where students can opt to study in a pre-law program as undergraduates), British students are not qualified to practice law after this undergraduate degree, but by following a year-long program (LPC or BVC), they can become licensed solicitors or barristers.

Students who wish to become solicitors, after finishing their LLB, must enroll with the Law Society of England and Wales. While they will not be considered full members, they are "student members," and enroll in a Legal Practice Course, or LPC, which lasts for one year. Afterward, they work as apprentices under a training contract for two years. Barristers, on the other hand, take a one-year course called the Bar Vocational Course, or BVC, also under the auspices of the Law Society, and then serve a year of "pupilage" in the chambers of an established barrister.

While an LLB is the most common educational option, British lawyers may wish to change specialties after practicing or training for a time; for example, from corporate law to human rights law. A Master of Laws, or LLM, allows them to do this. This one- to two-year program provides specialty training and cross-training in different fields of law, helping lawyers gain a more in-depth understanding of their field or explore an entirely new field.

Conversion Course
A postgraduate diploma in law, also known as a PDL or conversion course, qualifies students to become lawyers, no matter what they studied as undergraduates. This graduate program allows students to study for one or two years (full-time and part-time, respectively), qualifying them for an LPC or a BVC afterward.

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Legal Custody Issues?
My Brother Has Had His Son For Over A Year. He Has Lived With Him Even Though My Nephew'S Mother Had Legal Custody, Reason Being, She Got Back Into Her Drug Habit. Well After Living With My Brother All This Time (He Lived In Texas Until Recently) And He Moved Back To Oklahoma And Now The Mom Has Sobered Up (Supposedly) And One Day Went And Got My Nephew From School. My Brother Called Her And Said &Quot;Where Are You So I Can Come Pick My Son Up?&Quot; And She Said &Quot;I Think He Should Live With Me, Especially Durring School Days. Would You Like To Come Get Him For The Weekend?&Quot; My Brother Said &Quot;No, I Want To Come Get My Son And Bring Him Home, Because He Lives With Me...?&Quot; And She Said &Quot;Well The Papers Say I Have Custody&Quot; And Those Papers Were From Years Ago. I Know My Brother Needs To Take Her Back To Court, But Isn'T There A Law That States, If You Have The Child For A Certain Amount Of Time And The Other Parent Dosen'T Even Attempt To Come Get The Child And Dosen'T Even Call To Ask For The Child, That The Other Parent Is Then The Custodial Parent?

Your brother isn't too bright. The second his child came to live with him, he should have gone to court, reversed custody and had child support awarded to him. Because he didn't, the child's mother has taken the child back and will probably demand that he pay back child support.

Your brother needs to get a lawyer NOW and go back to court...he should ask for a transfer of custody to him based on the fact that he had the child unofficially for the last year and that it is in the child's best interest to continue that residence with his father AND on the grounds that the child's mother has a problem with drugs, such that she abandoned her child for a good year.

Your brother may or may not get custody back...if he doesn't, that will because he didn't do the right thing (file for custody) at the right time. But even if he doesn't get custody, he should demand random alcohol and drug testing for the mother...and if he does get custody back, then he should have that random drug testing instituted as part of the visitation. Oh, and even if he does get custody back, he will legally owe the child's mother that "child support", which will be a painful and expensive lesson for him.

One last thing...there is no law that states that if the custodial parent abandons the child for a year loses all rights to the child UNLESS the non-custodial parent goes to court to gain custody themselves. Tell your brother he needs a good lawyer now. Good luck and God bless!

What Could I Do At A Law Office?
I'M Seventeen Years Old. I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Knows Something I Could Do At A Law Office At That Age. Either A Job Or Volunteer Work, Doesn'T Matter, But What Would I Need To Be Able To Do It And What Would I Have To Do For The Job/Volunteer Work?

When I managed a major law firm we hired many high school students who worked as apprentices. These students were supplied through the local high schools 'Education to Careers" program, they were paid at a minimum wage, and several even stayed on and later went on to become paralegals, or went onto also attain law degrees (some even got part of their education paid for by the firm). Work that was available was: filing, running errands to the courthouse, sorting mail and delivering it, picking up after conferences, putting postage on outgoing mail, preparing mass mailings, putting up stationary supplies, running deposits to the bank, making copies for staff members, keeping library materials up to date, watering office plants, transporting files around the office to various team members, just to name a few things. You will find that there is always lots to do in a firm to keep busy and it can be very interesting work, however you must be ready to keep whatever information you hear or see completely confidential, and be of good character where you would not cause embarrassment by your actions outside of the firm, as most firms are concerned with their reputations.

What Constitutes The Unauthorized Practice Of Law In Ny? What Legal Questions Can A Non-Ny Lawyer Answer?
For Example, Can Non-Ny Lawyers Negotiate A Ny Law Contract, Advise On Its Enforceability, Interpret The Contract For Clients, Etc? Does It Matter Whether You Bill The Client And/Or Whether You Are Qualified In A Jurisdiction Outside Ny? Does The Degree To Which You Are Supervised By A Ny Lawyer Matter?

That's several questions rolled into one:

1. Yes, non lawyers may negotate a contract, interpret it, and advise on its enforceability. (Whether anyone should listen to their interpretation or advice is another question...)

2. No it doesn't matter whether you're licensed elsewhere or bill for your services.

3. No, it doesn't matter whether you're supervised by a New York lawyer, although if you are, that lawyer's malpractice insurance may be on the line.

The true issue here is whether the activities involved constitute practice of law. The answer would be that this could as easily be the function of a business consultant - and it involves no representation before a tribunal or court.

There are various legal ethics hotlines against which you could check the answer...or you could go to the DRLs (the disciplinary rules under which lawyers operate in New York).

Does Anyone Know How Or Where I Can Get A Copy Of My Divorce Decree?
I Got Divorced In Iowa And Live In Colorado. Need The Decree For Mortgage Purposes. Help!

Try the County offices, where it was decreed. There should be a copy on file.
Were you not given this document, once your divorce was final?
To not have taken enough "care" to know where it IS, speaks poorly of you.(Just my opinion)

HMMmmm, I see by the thumb-down, that the truth hurts.
You did not "care" for your marriage, so it "failed".
Even once you were divorced, you did not "care".
Are we seeing a pattern here?
You ARE, what you ARE.
I hope nobody is stupid enough to get involved with you. You are not even worth it. And you can't "thumb" THIS!