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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will see that there are countless lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise that they can specialize in your kind of case. This may make the entire process of finding one with a great deal of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, if you follow the following you will be able to define your research to the right one in very little time. The first task is to generate a list of the lawyers which can be listed in the area that specialize in your circumstances. While you are which makes this list you should only include those you have a good vibe about based upon their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down by using a bit of time evaluating their webpage. There you must be able to find how many years they are practicing and several general specifics of their success rates. At this moment your list must have shrunken further to the people that you felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You must then take time to look up independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure you read the reviews rather than counting on their overall rating. The data inside the reviews will provide you with an idea of the direction they connect to their clients and how much time they invest into each case that they are focusing on. Finally, you should talk to at least the very last three lawyers which have the credentials you are interested in. This will provide you with the time to actually evaluate how interested they may be in representing you and the case. It is actually vital that you follow most of these steps to actually find someone which includes the right degree of experience to help you get the best possible outcome.

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Grandma's Will Is In Probate....?
The Probate Is About Four Weeks From Closing..Can It Be Closed Sooner..We Just Got Approved For A Mobile Home, Which Grandma Left Us The Land, But The Mobile Home Dealer Is Waiting For The Estate To Close ..Do We Have To Wait?..Are There Any Probate Attorneys Or Mobile Home Attorneys Here That Can Help Me Answer This

I'm not a probate attorney, but am in law school. I believe that you have to wait until the probate is closed until you can recieve your share. You could contact a probate attorney, but by the time their petition made it through court, four weeks will probably be up.

Lawyers Or Attorneys Please! Legal Advice? My Customer Failed To Pay Me!?
Yes...Hi, I Am A Small Business Owner. I Paint Homes For A Living. I Also Attend College Full Time. I Recently Was Not Payed Money Owed To Me For Work That I Performed. My Customer With Held My Contract For Several Months Without Giving Me The Copy As Promised (Of Course...That Was A Mistake On My Part), But I Had Performed Several Extra Projects For Her..And Not Only Did She Not Pay Me For Those..But She Had Not Finished Paying Me For The Original Agreement Either. What Can I Do?

Having a copy of the contract would help, but not having a copy doesn't mean you're without recourse.

Without documents, the customer may argue that the additional projects were within the scope of the original agreement, and may argue that you agreed to less compensation than the contract provided. It'll be up to the judge (or jury) to determine whose argument has greater credibility. So always be calm, dignified, accurate, and honest when discussing this.

If she's a deadbeat, she's probably been sued before. Your state probably has a way to look up civil suits online. See if she has other collections actions filed or judgments against her.

You have two options.

1. Small claims court. Different states permit recovery at different amounts. One state may only permit $3000 and another $5000. If the amount you want to recover is in your state's ballpark, look into bringing suit in small claims court. You can represent yourself, but do your research. You can probably bring her other adverse judgments in as evidence that she has a history of nonpayment. Bring photographs and all documents relating to the case. Be very organized and very calm. Wear a suit or something professional and remove all your jewelry besides 2 earrings.

2. Civil suit. If the amount you need to recover is more than the small claims maximum, you're going to need to contact an attorney and bring suit in state court.

Good luck.

What Is An International Lawyer?
What Is International Law? What Degree Should You Get For It? Salary?

intl law is a broad field- trust me
theres : intl human rights law, intl commercial law (intl contract law), intl military law, environment, tort etc

a lawyer by definition (one of many) holds a law degree- even if he/she isnt praciticing.
so get one, or get an associates degree or a paralegal degree- i heard you can get one if ur in the US, not sure, here u can only get certificates for paralegal studies or legal secretaries - but all you do is help out the lawyer,

in the US, i read that paralegals also take up investigative work, im not surprised.

you'll deal with stuff like:

if ur a big company in Australia and ur dealing with a US co. in the USA, which court do you assign the "proper law" US LAW or AUST LAW?? this is contract law,

human rights: like go to the intl court at the hague or other UN backed courts to procecute genocide etc.

you can get a cert of intl human rights law at the hague and i dont think you need a law degree but i dunno where that'll get u. ( i was reading a book on islamic sharia law from a guy who did arts at cambridge and also the intl law cert from the hague- thats how i know)

comparative law is my fav, all the aussie expats get heaps

i know that in australia a lawyer starts at 56k usually, but if u dont like it, new york offers 1st year associates 300k and london's 1st year grads get 80k, we also have expats in germany/france too (im learning french/german/arabic- lookin forward to it)

try to get a law degree if u can afford it, our govt pays for us now, but we pay back later.

Question About Cosplay In China?
I'M Doing A Project About Cosplay In China And I'M Having Difficulty Finding Sources Or Information About It. I Checked Out Wikipedia But They Only Have General Information And I'M Looking For Specifics. Anybody Know Any Links, Videos, Books, Etc? Thanks A Lot!

From an incomplete article on Wikipedia:

"ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo held in Asia. It is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China.

“Following the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, ChinaJoy is designed to be another top event in global game industry. It is meant to strengthen domestic game supervision, actively regulate the markets of electronics and internet publications, rigorously fight against piracy in order to encourage and support legal game products, and establish a platform for the comprehensive development of Chinese electronics products.” - think of it as the Asian counterpart of E3.

Aside from showcasing new games and exchanging resources, ChinaJoy hosts the biggest cosplay competition in China (considering the number of applicants, probably the largest in Asia), regional competitions are held prior to the main event, and finalists are showcased on ChinaJoy. Of course as always, people who come to ChinaJoy feel free to cosplay themselves, apparently it's quite a sight.

Numerous mmo forums and such have articles and pictures related to ChinaJoy, just search the term in Google.

What Are Basic Things To Study When Becoming A Lawyer?
I Am Thinking About Becoming A Lawyer And I Just Want To Know So Basic Things N Stuff To Study Up On Before Going To College I Havnt Decided What Kind Of Lawyer Yet But I Would Also Like To Know Wich Kind Of Lawyer Is Best

Things to study: Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, English, History and any oral/speech communications classes which are available.

Law schools want students who can think critically and write well, and who have some understanding of the forces that have shaped the human experience. These attributes can be acquired in any number of college courses such as the ones listed above.

An undergraduate career that is narrowly based or vocationally oriented may not be the best preparation for law school. As long as you receive an education including critical analysis, logical reasoning, and written and oral expression, the range of acceptable college majors is very broad. What counts is the intensity and depth of your undergraduate program and your capacity to perform well at an academically rigorous level.

Lawyers must know how to analyze legal issues in light of the constantly changing state of the law and public policy. They must be able to advocate the views of individuals and diverse interest groups within the context of the legal system. They must be able to synthesize material that relates to multifaceted issues. They must give intelligent counsel on the law’s requirements. Moreover, lawyers must write and speak clearly and be able to persuade and negotiate effectively.

Law practice is so diverse that it is not possible to describe the so-called typical lawyer. Each lawyer works with different clients and different legal problems. Ordinarily, certain basic legal skills are required of all lawyers. They must know how to: analyze legal issues, synthesize material, advocate, write and speak clearly and negotiate effectively.

The best "type" of lawyer doesn't exist and neither does the best specialization. You must chose an area which interest *you* because ultimately, that will be the best.

If you want a quick review of the areas of law then Corporate law probably is the one with the most potential for the highest salaries, but at the same time it is also the path which involved the most janitorial work and of course is the most competitive when it comes to employment in big firms, not to mention the 50-60 hour work weeks.

Criminal law, will probably see you in front of a judge arguing your first case much quicker than any other area, but is also one of the most underpaid and at times it can be frustrating defending people who are guilty, and all you seem to be doing is trying to get a lesser sentence for your client, but the opportunities for growth are there, working for big government agencies such as the CIA, FBI, DEA and of course district and federal attorneys.

Family law is one of the smallest area and offers the least career prospects.

International law is forever growing, reflecting the increasing interdependence of nations and economies. Public international law provides a limited range of job opportunities, particularly with national governments or international institutions or with public interest bodies. Immigration and refugee law also assumes increasing importance as more people move more frequently across national boundaries for business, tourism, or permanent resettlement. Private international law may offer more extensive employment opportunities, either through law firms or for corporations, banks, or telecommunications firms. Fluency in another language or familiarity with another culture can be a decided advantage for law school graduates who seek to practice in the international arena.

Tax law is also another area which is growing in importance, so much so that the complexity of federal, state, and local taxes have necessitated a specialty in this field of law. It is one area of the law where change is constant.

Where To Find A Good Austin Dwi Attorney?
I Need A Good Dwi Attorney In Austin For One Of My Family Member. Where Can I Find A Good Dwi Attorney?

A DWI attorney's legal specialty is defending those accused of Driving While Intoxicated. So you need an experience and specialized DWI attorney. For DWI charge, I recommended you Steve Bowling Law firms. Here really some experience and specialized DWI attorney can be found. I hope you will get rid of this problem, if you were not truly convicted.