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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will find that there are numerous lawyers in the area that advertise that they can focus on your sort of case. This may make the process of finding one with quite a lot of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, should you follow the following it will be easy to define your quest to the right one out of almost no time. The first task is to create a set of the lawyers which can be listed in your town that specialize in your situation. While you are making this list you should only include those you have an effective vibe about based upon their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down by taking a little while evaluating their internet site. There you must be able to find just how many years they have been practicing and several general specifics of their success rates. At this moment your list needs to have shrunken further to the people which you felt had professional websites along with an appropriate level of experience. You need to then take the time to look up independent reviews of each and every attorney. Be sure you look at the reviews instead of just relying upon their overall rating. The info inside the reviews gives you a sense of the way they connect to their clientele and the time they invest into each case that they are taking care of. Finally, you will need to talk with at the very least the final three lawyers which may have the credentials you would like. This will give you enough time to truly evaluate how interested they are in representing you and the case. It is important to follow most of these steps to actually hire a company which has the proper measure of experience to get you the ideal outcome.

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What Types Of Lawyers R There?
I Want To Pursue A Career In Law But Im Not Sure What Type. Plz List The Types Of Lawyers There Are And What They Do. Thx Alot. N If U Can What Courses U Need N How Long It Takes To Graduate :) Thx.

What type of lawyers??? There's so many it could make your head spin!

Essentially, if you take the big three professions there are lawyers for them: business, medical profession, and the government. Of course, you have your court lawyers (on both sides of the isle). Tax lawyers, sport lawyers, magazine companies!

Because there are so many, YOU have to narrow down the search. How? Good question, if you want to be a lawyer, your going to know the law (duh right). Next step, what environment do you want to work in? Be in the courthouse? In an office? Working for the government? Military? International? Once you narrow down that list it makes finding what sort of lawyer you want to be.

So, first step: go to college. It doesn't necessarily matter on what degree you get in your undergrad. But, schools normally recommend a field closely related to the law (i.e., Political Science, Criminal Justice, or if the school (offered mostly as a minor) Pre - law. All of these courses are done in the last two years of undergrad years. (The first of course being general education). Courses offered can range from basic Constitutional Law and Bill of Rights courses (the backbone to law classes) to rights, mock trails, ranging from major to major.
Note: Find out if your university has a Law Society/Club. They are wonders to have as associates and friends.
Also, I mention this heavily because this is the time you are taking pre-law classes. And, the whole eye-opening experience into the legal profession.

Second step: If you haven't changed your mind, and you still want to go to law school. Take the LSAT before graduation. LSAT, like the SAT is the exam you take to get into law school. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. This exam is one of the most difficult and stressful test you will ever take.

Third step: Get accepted to your law school.

FINALLY, as long as you perform well in undergrad and LSAT you'll be off to law school.

Law school itself: is normally a two year process.

First year: "During this time, students take all the required (core) courses. These courses include civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, legal writing, professional responsibility/ethics, property law, and torts"

Second year: "This time is occupied mostly with electives and any remaining core courses. Specialized courses begin now. Students gain hands-on experience by working in law firms, participating in mock court sessions and practice trials, researching and writing for the school's law journal, and/or participating in law clinics."

Hope that helps and best of luck to you!

I Got Court In A Few Weeks For A Dui Charge Of .08 Or Higher Is My 1St Offense I Wana Know Whats Gonna Happen?
Ive Already Served 48 Hrs In Jail At The Time Of The Dui And Had Dmv Hearing Now I Got Court

A DUI defense may include filing pretrial motions to suppress the evidence. These motions, when argued successfully, may result in the DUI case being dismissed. Some areas where evidence can be successfully contested include having the blood sample retested by a private lab, or hiring an analyst to determine if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was rising. Also photographing and inspecting the scene of the arrest, as this may be helpful in showing that the ground was not level when the driver was performing the field coordination tests. Effectively cross-examining the officer to expose mistakes and inaccuracies while gathering of evidence is also crucial to presenting a strong defense for the trial.

Be aware that the prosecutor is not your attorney and has no obligation to counsel or be fair with you. Defending yourself in the criminal-justice system is a very stressful experience in a potentially hostile environment, which may result in severe penalties. Obviously, your outcome cannot be guaranteed; but an experienced drunk driving lawyer can investigate and prepare your case for defense to minimize/avoid court penalties and protect your driving privileges.

You should definitely get a qualified lawyer.

What Would Lawyer Costs For An Auto Insurance Company Be?
I'M Trying To Work Out A Settlement With The Auto-Insurance Company Over An Injury That Happened Last December. They'Re Offering $3,500, But We Want $5,000. I Was Wondering How Much It Would Cost Them In Legal Fees, And Lawyer Costs If We Were To Bring This To Court. It Could Help In Our Bartering If We Know They'Ll Be Saving Money Just Settling. Thanks.

Some insurance companies consider a lawyer's fees the cost of doing business. So they don't really give that consideration when they value a claim.

They also know that if you hire a lawyer and sue - you will have to pay your lawyer 1/2 of your settlement plus expenses - a smart adjuster will point it out to you that to you. Be careful trying to ague that the insurance company should give you more because you are saving them legal fees -the company can use that argument back against you. Because if you hire a lawyer - you have to pay him as well.

Can Someone Please Explain The Differences Of A Constitutional, Civil Defense, And Criminal Defense Lawyer?
I'D Like To Know!

A criminal defense lawyer is one who defends someone accused of a crime.

A civil defense lawyer is one who defends someone being sued for causing harm to another, such as a car accident.

A constitutional lawyer is on who specializes in the study of the constitution and bringing legal action, or defending someone, based on constitutional rights. Constitutional law can come up in the other areas, especially criminal defense.

Question For Lawyers?
Hey! I Was Curious About How Being A Lawyer Worked Because It Interests Me. :) Here Are A Few Questions Of Mine! 1.) How Much Money Do Lawyers Make On Average? (In Canada Or In The U.S (: ) 2.) Somebody Once Told Me You Don'T Get To Pick Who Your Fighting For, Like You Could Get Stuck Defending The Criminal? Is That True? Or Do You Get To Pick Your Cases? 3.) Whats The Best University To Go To, To Become The Best Lawyer You Could Be? 4.) Is Your Life Ever In Danger? Like.. If You Fight Againest The Criminal, And Then He Goes To Jail For Five Years And Gets Out Would He Seek Revenge On You? Has That Ever Happened? 5.) Is Your Job Enjoyable? Or Do You Only Do It For The Money? 6.) How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer? How Many Years Of University Do You Need To Do? And How Good Do Your Grades In School Have To Be To Become A Lawyer? Thank You! Sorry If My Questions Are Stupid :/ I Know Nothing About Lawyers! I'M Just Curious!

In Canada...

1. Earnings depend on a few factors. If you're working in a big Bay Street firm, you're raking it in - close to 6 digits right after getting called to the bar, and really no upper limit, depending on area of practice. Geography and practice areas count for a lot, but I would guess that the majority of lawyers in Canada - once they're well-established - make between $150k and $200k.

2. As for picking who you fight for...that depends, too. If you're generally a prosecutor, nobody's going to force you to defend a criminal. Lawyers usually practice within a given area of law, and in general there's no strict obligation to take any particular file. (Technically, you ought to have a reason to decline a file, but it isn't hard to find a reason.) But economics mean a lot. Declining paying clients isn't a good business practice, in general.

3. In Canada, most law schools are roughly equal.

4. Certain practice areas entail dealing with occasional crazy people. If you're in one of those practice areas, you need to take precautions to protect yourself and your staff. It's not a huge deal, though.

5. Enjoyable? Personally, I love law, and it's hard to imagine doing anything else. Still not sure I'd say I *enjoy* it.

6. In general, in Canada and the U.S., you're looking at 4 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school. In Canada, you don't strictly need the full 4 years of undergrad, but it's becoming increasingly necessary. After graduating law school, you need to pass the bar admissions exam, and in Canada you also have to spend a year or so as an 'articling student'. Grades...depend. You need pretty decent grades, but the number depends on program and what school you want to go to. You also need a good LSAT score.

Craigslist Listings, Legal Advice Sought?
Many Companies Use Craigslist To Advertise On. Example: Let'S Say You Are A Property Management Company And You Rent Apartments. Your Company Manages Many Properties Under Different Names. Many Of Which Advertise On Craigslist. Lets Say One Of Your Properties Is Call Santa Apartments. Now, As A Resident Or Ex Employee Of Santa Apartments, I Am Aware That Santa Has A Serious Bed Bug, And Roach Problem In The Apartments. As An Individual I To Can List Advertisments On Craigslist. Am I Allowed To Create A Posting Warning People That Santa Has Bed Bugs And Pest Control Issues? Does Freedom Of Speech Protect Me? Let'S Assume For The Sake Of Argument, That Santa Apartments Is Well Documented As Being Pest Infested. Am I Infringing On Any Rights Of Santa Apartments? Am I Putting Myself Open To Any Legal Action From Santa Apartments? Thanks In Advance For Any Help.

Freedom of Speech will not protect you, as it does not make slander legal nor does it give you any rights to violate anyone elses rights. Unless you own craigslist you can not use it for your Free Speech.

That aside, yes, you are opening yourself up to civil and possible criminal liability. We all know that craigslists will identify you to the police if you break any laws.

You had better have some serious proof not only of an infestation but that the apartment did not comply to Health department orders.

If they suffer any loss (say a vacancy) they can come after you for that money.

If you are an expemployee they can come at you with a criminal charge is any of this is things that you knew about while under their employ.