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Most people do not think about choosing a law firm until they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty might be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a felony case you want to be defended on. Businesses need to have lawyers as well, whether or not they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly unfounded business methods. Tax lawyers are also effective while dealing with government difficulties. Just like doctors, lawyers have areas. A huge, full service law firm has a number of lawyers with diverse areas of experience, so depending on your individual legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the finest legal professional to satisfy your up-to-date need without having to begin your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to find a legal professional you can believe in. You need one with a good track record, who ishonest, effective, and wins cases. You would like to have trust that they will represent you properly and bill you reasonably for their products and services. Quite often a reference from a friend or business affiliate can be beneficial, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, for the reason that when you need legal help, you need it immediately and you would like the very best you can afford to pay for. Thank you for browsing for a law firm with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to supply specific search variables to meet your requirements. We continually try to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find whatever you are searching for.

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Can Someone Give Me Some Good Child Custody Legal Advice?
My Good Friend In Oregon Wants To Leave Her Boyfriend And Move To Texas . They Have A Child Together. They Are &Quot;&Quot;&Quot;&Quot;Not&Quot;&Quot;&Quot;&Quot; Married. The Baby Does Have The Fathers Last Name. Could There Be Any Legal Action Taken Against Her For Taking The Baby Out Of The State? Could She Lose Custody Of The Child By Leaving The State Without The Fathers Permission? What Should She Do To Get Away From Him With The Baby? It Is For Her And The Babies Safety. It Is A Unhealthy Relationship That She Is In. She Is Unable To Post Her Own Question For Fear That Her Plan To Leave Will Be Found Out. The Fathers Mother Has Money And Could Cause Legal Problems, So She Plans To Kind Of Just Disappear. I Want To Know The Dangers And Legal Consequence'S That Could Come Of Her Just Up And Leaving Him With The Baby? Thank You For Your Advice, This Is A Very Big Step For Her, I Appreciate Your Helpful Answers. :)

Even though they are not married, the father is still able to pursue legal action against the mother for taking the child without his knowledge and/or permission since custody is not yet established.

However, since the move is to supposedly ensure the safety of her and her child, if the mother is able to validate this with evidence of endangerment (domestic violence, verbal threats, etc) then the father really has no case at all.

If this is the situation, and the father takes legal action, the father will either get limited/supervised visitation, or the mother will get outright custody.

No sane family court is going to rule against a mother who is genuinely trying to ensure the safety of herself and her child.

Do I Need A Probate Attorney For This?
I Recently Married A Widow That Has An Existing Valid Will, Leaving Everything To Her Only Child Daughter From The First Marriage. After Four Months Of Marriage, My New Wife Died Before We Could Revise The Original Will. Step-Daughter Has Now Expressed Interest In Trying To Nullify The Original Will And Making Me, The New Husband, The Sole Beneficiary. We Have Gotten Along Well, So Far, But My Inclination Is To Just Execute The Existing Will. Let Her Have Everything And Perform Her Duties As Both Executor And Sole Beneficiary. Money-Wise ..Assets V. Debts.. It Will Be A Wash.. So That Isn't A Factor. Can Anybody Suggest Why I Shouldn't Just Hunker Down As A Legal Nobody In The Current Picture And Let The Original Will Probate Out?

I'd do exactly that. I doubt you have grounds to "nullify" the will. IF the beneficiary wants to make you a gift of some of the personal property, it doesn't have to have anything to do with probate; same with the funds except for possible tax issues.

Can Your Lawyer Take Some Of The Child Support You Should Be Receiving?
If You Owe Your Lawyer Money, Can They Take Take Some Of The Child Support From Your Ex To Pay Off Your Fees?

None should go to your attorney. To assure that all goes to the custodial parent, the court should order that all child support payments should be sent through the court registry or the state child support office. It should NEVER be paid by the non-custodial parent through any other person or agency.

When I was collecting child support in Texas, I agreed to meet with a guy at his lawyer's office. He was behind about $1,000. I told him that, if we received $500 by 10AM the next day, we could cancel the hearing at which we would have asked the Court to send him to jail. He handed five $100 bills to his lawyer. The lawyer took one of them and handed me the rest. I gave the lawyer a receipt for $400 and told the guy "Thanks. Now you have to pay only $100 before the hearing tomorrow for us to cancel the hearing." I don't know where he found it, but he got the other $100 before the hearing.

Payments through the court registry solve a lot of problems.

Serching For A Patent Attorney?
Is There Any Good Patent Attorneys Here In The Bay Area California

It depends on what you mean by "good."

There are lots of patent attorneys in the Bay Area, but there is no substitute for shopping around. Large firms generally charge more but may be worth the cost depending on your needs. Solo practitioners and small firms tend to cost less than large firms, but may not be able to handle the same workload that large firms can.

I would advise you to talk the directly to the individual doing the work to get an idea of: (1) the individual's competency in the technology of interest; (2) the individual's interest, availability, and cost; and (3) how comfortable you would be working with the individual.

Here is a sampling of largish to huge powerhouse firms that have Bay Area offices specializing in patents:

Beyer Weaver --
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zaffman --
Bozicevic Field & Francis --
Fish & Richardson --
Fliesler Meyer --
Townsend and Townsend --

Here are a sampling of Bay Area solo practitioners and small firms:

Janah & Associates --
Law Office of Karen Canaan --
Law Office of Louis Wu --
Moore Patents --
Robins & Pasternak --
Stevens Law Group --

Legal/ Law Enforement Professional Advice?
I Live In Las Vegas, Nevada About Two Years Ago I Pled Guilty To A Misdemeanor Concealed Weapons Charge. Under Really Bad Advice From A Friend, I Thought I Was Obeying The &Quot;Tote Law&Quot; We Have Here In Nevada. I Had My Pistol With Me While Walking My Dog. I Was Stopped And Arrested.Initially I Was Charged With A Felony, But In Court I Was Offered A Misdemeanor With The Stipulation Of A Fine And Inpulse Control Classes. I'M Thirty Years Old, And Besides This Inccident Have Never Been In Any Sort Of Violation Of The Law. The Question I Have Now, Is How This Will Affect Me In The Future. I'M Planning On Moving Out Of State Soon, And Still Own Long Rifles I Purchased Close To A Decade Ago. I Was Originally Charged With A Felony But Pled Guilty To A Misdemeanor, So I Don'T Know If I Can Have My Existing Firearms Repaired If Needed Or Possibly Purchase New Ones I'Ve Seen Advertisements That Offer Expungement Services, But I'M Not Sure About That Either. I Appreciate Any Advice Available On The Matter.

Nevada law does not require the registration of firearms. However, handgun owners in Clark County must register their concealable firearms at a law enforcement agency within an incorporated city of Clark County.
Nevada is a "shall issue" state for concealed carry. The county sheriff shall issue a concealed firearms permit to qualified applicants. A person must take a class to receive the CCW concealed carry permit and must qualify by demonstrating use of the exact handgun that the person will carry if an automatic, and only a representative model for revolvers(all revolvers operate the same way).

Also effective Oct 1, 2007 a CCW permittee can qualify with a revolver and thereafter carry ANY revolver (or derringer) - the permit will simply state "Revolvers Authorized"; however, one must continue to qualify with each make/model/caliber of semi auto pistols.
The CCW permit costs $105, and is valid for 5 years for residents and 3 years for non-residents.

Effects: -It might make it slightly harder to get a job due to your record but since it is only a misdemeanor you shouldn't have excessive difficulty.
- As you mentioned that you have rifles, you need a permit for those and when they see your record that might have an effect.

I'd give you the Firearm Laws for the state your moving to but you did not mention it. However if you have a permit for Nevada these states MIGHT admit the permit too: States that honor Nevada's CCW permit: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas*, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan*, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (*Residential Permits Only)

Hope I Helped and Good Luck

I Am Needing Some Legal Advice.?
Back On December 30Th 2006 My Pickup Was Totaled In An Accident. It Was A 98 S-10 And Was Not Paid For. My Payments Were Being Made To Chase Bank Through A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee. A Few Days Later After I Got The News From My Insurance Company That It Was A Total Loss, I Went To My Lawyer And Had A Chapter 7 Conversion Done. The Purpose Of That Was To Have The Garnishment Of My Wages Stopped. About The Middle Of Jan., My Insurance Co. Sent Me A Letter Telling Me That I Was To Receive A Check. After Waiting Almost 3 Months, I Have Been Told By My Chapter 7 Trustee That Since My Truck Will Have To Be Paid Off First Before I See Any Money, That It Could Be Another 1 To 3 Months Before I Get A Check If Any Thing Is Left Over. I Am Really Counting On That Money To Help Me Get A Vehicle And My Patience Is Wearing Thin. My Question Is This; Do I Have Any Legal Recourse, And If So, Against The Insurance Company,Or The Lienholder, Which Is Chase Bank.

This isn't an insurance matter. This is a bankruptcy matter. Whenever you file for bankruptcy, you are basically putting your finances into the hands of the trustee of the bankruptcy court.

You vehicle had a lien on it. Your insurance has no choice but to pay the value of the vehicle to you and the lienholder, in this case, Chase Bank. They get the money for the remainder of the loan because that is secured property. You exempted it from bankruptcy, which is why you were continuing to make payments on it, in order to keep your vehicle during the bankruptcy. However, when it was totaled, the bank gets paid. Any money that is left over from the payment is now in the hands of the trustee.

What the trustee does with that remaining money will be up to the courts. I don't know whether you'll get any money that is left over or not. Since you are in Chapter 13, meaning you are paying off at least some of your bills, they may use the money to pay your bills.

You need to talk to your attorney. No, I don't think you have any recourse against the insurance company. They did exactly what your policy required. They paid off the lienholder, Chase bank. You'll need to talk to your attorney to find out where the remaining money went but my guess is, it's in the hands of the trustee who may be using it to pay some of your other bills.