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4 Approaches To Help Your Lawyer Help You If you want an attorney at all, you have to work closely together to be able to win your case. No matter how competent they are, they're gonna need your help. Allow me to share four important strategies to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - regardless of what information you're gonna reveal in their mind. Privilege means whatever you say is stored in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team should know all things in advance - most importantly information another side could find out about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a regular and factual account of all information associated with your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys because of the data they have to enable them to win. 3. Show Up Early For Those Engagements Not be late when you're appearing before a court and get away from wasting the attorney's time, too, when you are promptly, each time. The truth is, because you may have to discuss last minute details or perhaps be extra ready for the truth you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You May Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for any type of crime, it's important to be able to prove to a legal court which you both regret the actions and therefore are making strides toward improving your life. As an example, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer to get a rehab program. Be sincere and included in the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely along with your legal team increases your chances of absolute success. Try these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you need to win your case.

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How Do You Receive Legal Help/Aid In Order To Proceed With A Divorce?
I Am Currently Legally Separated And Have Been For Over 3 Years. I Would Like To Get A Divorce, But Cannot Afford Legal Fees, Because My Wife Refuses To Cooperate Or Sign Anything I Send Her. So I Was Wondering About Legal Aid/Help. I Am In The Air Force But They Don'T File Divorces. The Army Does, But There Are No Army Post'S Within My State. Please Help?

I am NOT a lawyer, or even a paralegal. I'm not giving you anything anywhere NEAR legal advice, okay? But I can tell you what I know from my own experience as a divorced person who has helped friends go through this kind of thing.

You aren't going to get any kind of legal aid unless you're an abuse victim, and it doesn't sound like that. You have a stable income, obviously, so you won't qualify as impoverished, either.

Bluntly: around here (Atlanta, Georgia) there are plenty of lawyers who advertise that they'll file uncontested divorces for around $300. There would be court and filing fees on top of that - maybe $100 or so? - but that's not that much money. If you're in the Air Force and effectively single, you're eligible to live in the barracks and eat on base. The best way to do this is to get that money together and have a lawyer file for you, because you will be protected against screwing anything up that could hurt you in the future. If you have any kids or property involved, do that. End of story.

If you're really stubborn and willing to gamble your future against your ability to work the legal system as an entirely ignorant newbie, AND there are no children or real property involved (real estate, that kind of thing), AND you don't have to work out any other kind of property settlement, you MAY be able to file your own divorce.

I did my own a few years ago, but it was definitely NOT contested and very simple - nobody was in the military, etc. I have no idea how being in the military could affect things! I've helped several friends get started on doing this, too - one went all the way through and successfully divorced, as I did. Again - both parties wanted to be divorced, no children, no property.

You'll need to get a "Do It Yourself Divorce" book specific to the state in which your wife has established legal residence, since that's the state that should have jurisdiction for the divorce (I think. Again, I don't know how your military status could change things!) Try to find out what state has jurisdiction before you get any books, ok? Maybe the Air Force has some kind of legal advice office or help line that will get you that far, at least.

Nolo Press is the best, but I think they only have a book for California. You may be able to check the book out of the library, but it would be best to buy it. Make sure you have the most recent edition of whatever you get, and go for something with forms on a CD, rather than something that you'll need to type into a word processor yourself. There are web sites that say they'll sell you all this in a package, but from what I've seen they don't do much, if anything, about explaining any of the laws to you - you get a bunch of forms and you're left wondering what the heck you're supposed to do next.

The book will walk you through which forms you need, how to fill them out, what to send and file where, etc.

Your wife doesn't have to sign anything or cooperate. If you know that she'll refuse, just don't bother to try. Have the court serve her with notice that you've filed for divorce. They'll tell her when the hearing is. She can choose to file something herself - a proposal for a different settlement, or whatever - but she can't stop the divorce. You can't be forced to stay married to her against your will. If she files something, you should be served with a copy of it, and then you should respond, or not, depending on what it is.

In many states, there's an automatic dual restraining order in force as soon as you file for divorce. That means you can't have ANY contact whatsover with your wife (in person, by mail/computer/phone - NONE), and as soon as she's served with notice of it, she can't have any with you. Respect it. Violating it will get you arrested and piss off the judge. You really don't want that.

On the court date, if nothing is contested, your wife may not even show up in court. The judge should read the papers, swear you in, maybe ask you some questions, and sign off. Then you're divorced.

Prepaid Legal Services Scammer?
A Regular Customer Approached Me At Work On Day. He Proceeded To Tell Me About A Company Called Pre Paid Legal Services And How I Can Make Money. Long Story Short I Knew It Was A Pyramid Scheme The Second He Opened His Mouth. I Told Him I Wasn'T Interested. Now He Keeps Approaching Me About It Trying To Make It Sound Better And Better. I Told Him Again And Again I'M Not Interested And That I Believe In Making Money The Honest Way. My Work Won'T Kick Him Out Because He'S A Potential Customer (Cha Ching)....Can I Report Him And Get Him In Trouble For Being Involved In A Pyramid Scheme? Are Pyramid Schemes Illegal?

You ask a great question! Pyramid schemes (usually called MLMs or Network Marketing) are legal and legitimate IF they sell a REAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE. They are illegal if there is really no product, just a business opportunity.

So the question you need to ask "Is there a legitimate service here?" and "would I buy this service if there was no business opportunity". With Pre-Paid Legal Services, there is a legitimate service. Over 1.4 million people pay a monthly fee to be members and to use their services (they can cancel at any time but over 73% keep the service!

I have been a member for over 10 years and my family has benefited from it. My son was awarded $11,500 in a case where the insurance company initially want to pay him $1000 for injuries suffered when he was hit in a cross walk. I was able to negotiate a $60, 000 settlement when I learned from my Pre-Paid Legal lawyer that what my employer had done to me was illegal!

What I am concerned about is the way this person has been harassing you. He has stopped your from really taking a look at an opportunity and a service that could be beneficial for you.

Pre-Paid Legal was recently purchased by a New York equity company (MidOcean Partners) for $650 million because they believe that this is the way North Americans will access legal service in the future (like 80% of Europeans have for over 100 years!).They renamed it LegalShield.

Don't just dismiss this because of a jerk. And don't paint every business opportunity as a scam - but do your due diligence. By the way, if you do not make as much money as your boss or your bosses boss, does that make your job a scam? No it is just how businesses are set up!

Can A Person Move Their Family Law Case To A &Quot;Higher Court&Quot; Based On Spouse Knowing To Many Employees?
My Friend Is Going Through A Divorce/Custody Case And It Seems That Everything He Files, His Spouse Knows The Same Day. He Also Feels The Judge To Be Biased Because In His &Quot;Response&Quot; Hearing, The Judge Admittedly Stated &Quot;I Haven'T Even Read Your Response&Quot; And Then Asked His Wife &Quot;What Do You Want From This?&Quot; She Stated Her Wishes And He Said &Quot;Okay&Quot;. That Was That. So I Told Him He Could File To Have The Judge Disqualified For Ruling Without Reading Any Of His Response. He Went To Pick Up The Forms To File And Within Two Hours His Wife Called And Said &Quot;So You Are Trying To Get A Different Judge?&Quot; What Say You All?

Did the judge RULE On anything, or did the judge just acknowledge the wife's statement? He admits to not reading EITHER response (or else why would he ask her what she wanted?), but that's actually quite common, many judges rule based on the claims they hear in court rather than reading the more formal documents.

There needs to be very good reason to remove a judge from a case, and simply not liking his ruling isn't it. The motion goes before the judge himself, so he's probably not going to recuse himself on this basis.

As for the wife know about his motions, that is meaningless. She has to be informed ANYWAY, so whether she has a friend in the courthouse or just has an attorney who has a contact, it doesn't matter, she is still entitled to the information.

Legal Advice For A Renter In Virginia.?
There Is No Lease. The Bastard Doesn'T Even Claim The House As A Rental. We'Ve Paid The First, And Last Months Rent, Plus The Thing That Pays For Damages For When We Move Out...(I'M Blonde.) Someone Dropped A Puppy (Lab) Off In Our Yard. We Decided To Keep It. We Already Have A Dog (Lab), And Two Cats. The Landlord Saw The Puppy And Decided That No, We Don'T Get To Keep It. And That Either The Puppy Goes Or We Go. When We Asked Why, He Said That &Quot;It'S A Big Dog, And Unless You Plan On Having Her Outside All The Time, The House Is Too Small For That Many Animals.&Quot; --It'S A Two Story House-- Anyway, We'Re Looking For A New Place To Live, But We'Re Poor. We Can'T Afford Squat. Here'S The Legal Thing. We Just Talked To Him, And We Asked That We Not Have To Answer Yes Or No Until When Rent Is Due The 1St Of The Month For July. That Way We'Ve Got 30 Days, And We Don'T Have To Pay Rent Cause We Already Paid The Last Months Rent When We First Moved In. He Said, &Quot;No, You Didn'T Pay A

If you did not get a receipt and keep it for your first, last and deposit when you moved in as well as every rental payment that you've made since, shame on you.

As far as using the house that you're renting as a security for a loan on another property, no legal problem there. It's his property and if he wants to use it as collateral on another loan, that's his business.

Since you have no lease or renta agreement, you have no obligation outside of a 30-day notice of your intent to move. Conversely, you have no protection either. If he decides he wants to change his policy on pets, the only obligation he has is to give you a 30-day notice to comply.

I do not understand him not listing the property as a rental unless he has several tax exemptions that he would not have on a rental property and he doesn't claim the rent that he collects on his income tax. Make sure you get a receipt for anything you pay him. Not much you can do, but if he really ticks you off, turn him in to the IRS for Tax Evasion.


Which Lawyer?:]Help..?
My Dad Worked For This Guy And Now He Doesnt Want To Pay Him And Now He'S Looking For A Lawyer That Can Help Him To Get The Guy To Pay Him So Which Lawyer Here In Texas Could Help Him??

THE best way to find a lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask your: family, friends, coworkers, anyone you might know in the same situation, etc.


Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of attorneys that handle your type of matter. (If money is a BIG problem, you could also ask for the phone number of your local LegalAid office. - the attorneys at LegalAid are "real" attorneys, but sometimes in the field of Law, how much you are willing to pay does affect the quality you get.)

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Lawyer. Do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Attorney.
When you get the Lawyer on the phone line, ask him/her:
-Do they give FREE, initial consultations? (most do, but not all - you have to ask, don't assume)
- How much do they charge?
- Could you make payments on your account?
-Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.

(This is based on my knowledge, information, and belief. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Seeking advice over the Internet is not a good idea - the field of Law is too complex for that. Please be careful and do your research.)

Detained/ Lawyer?
If A Juvenile Was Detained In A Juvenile Dentention Center Until The Hearing, And If The Parents Get A Lawyer To Defend Their Child During The Trial, Can The Juvenile Discuss Anything With The Lawyer While Being Detained? Or Is That Left To The Parents? Thanks

A lawyer hired to represent a juvenile has only one client... the juvenile. The lawyer typically won't even meet with the parents of the minor, who are paying the bills... but are obligated to represent only the minor.

Whether or not the child has been detained doesn't really have any bearing on whether or not the child should speak with their attorney... if they have an attorney, they should be forthright with the attorney... even before the detention hearing.