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Most individuals do not think about choosing a law firm right up until they are in desperate need. The legal problem could be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are hunting for a bankrupcy or trust attorney. It may be a criminal case you want to be defended on. Businesses require lawyers as well, regardless of whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfounded business methods. Tax attorneys are also helpful whenever coping with government troubles. Just like doctors, lawyers have specialties. A huge, full service law firm has a number of lawyers with numerous areas of competence, so hinging on your legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the best attorney to fulfill your existing need without having to begin your search each time you need legal support.It is most effective to locate a lawyer you can trust. You really want one with a good track record, who isfrank, efficient, and wins cases. You would like to have assurance that they will represent you accurately and charge you reasonably for their services. Occasionally a reference from a friend or business associate can be handy, even so you should keep your options open and evaluate all the firms accessible, because when you need to have legal help, you need it immediately and you desire the very best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for hunting for a legal representative with us. Your time is important, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to offer you specific search variables to satisfy your necessities. We continually make an effort to focus on the most popular phrases so you can quickly find anything at all you are looking for.

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Is A Career As A Psychiatrist Or A Criminal Lawyer More Beneficial?
I Know Both Take A Lot Of Schooling But It Seems Like Its Worth It In The Long Run, I Would Love To Be A Criminal Lawyer And Defend People But I'M Not Sure How Secure The Job Is And A Psychiatrist Is A Lot Of School But I Would Really Love To Help People And It Seems Like A Job That Will Always Be Needed. What Do You Reccomend? Any Answers Or Info Will Be Helpful Please!

Neither one. You'd be wasting your time and your money.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry. That would take you about 10 years in college and medical school and you would run up a debt of about $250,000.00. And psychiatrists are very few and far between. You would have to create your own business as they are generally not employed by clinics or hospitals. So, you would be on your own.

As far as being a lawyer, perhaps you are not up to date about the legal field. The legal field is a total glut and has been for several years. That means lawyers are a dime a dozen. Law schools are turning out new lawyers by the thousands every year and there are no jobs for them,.

First, you go to law school and graduate. All law students in all law schools study the same thing. They all learn the basics of all the law, so trying to specialize in something like criminal defense would be almost impossible. Then you try to get a job with a law firm as education without several years of practical experience is worthless. Here's a clue: LAW FIRMS ARE NOT HIRING! It is virtually impossible for new law graduates to get a job. About the only thing they can get is doing contract research at minimum wage.

There are many law graduates now suing their law schools because of the promises of jobs and now they find it impossible to get one.

A recent news story on TV showed a top graduate of a New York Law School was suing them because he could not get hired by anybody in the city of New York. He was working as a waiter in a pizza shop making minimum wage. His debt from law school was $230,000.00. He will be 65 by the time he gets that paid off. If that's what you want to do, ENJOY!

Do Canadian Lawyers Sue A Lot For Medical Malpractice?
Serious Question Given That It Is A Single-Payer Country. Is Medical Malpractice Suits In Canada, Where The Government Is The Defendant, As Rampant As Medical Malpractice Suits Are Here In The States? After Obesity And Smoking, The Biggest Medical Expense In The Us Is Due To Tort Law.


There are several for this...

1. Loser-pays. Canada has a loser-pays legal system. If you sue someone and loose, a judge may declare the case 'without merit' and order the plaintiff to pay the defendants legal and/or the court costs. It avoids 'blackmail' lawsuits which you get in the US where the doctors/insurance settles merely to avoid the cost of a lawsuit.

2. No medical damages. Because of universal health care, you typically can't sue for any medical costs to correct the issue since they would be covered. Any medical costs you suffer as a result are automatically covered. Also, since you are covered, you don't need to sue immediately in order to get money for care.

3. Liability limits. In Canada there are absolute liability limits on non-deliberate damages for pain and suffering. This is based on inflation and sits around $330,000. Loss of work damages are not so limited, but typically costs issue maximums of around $1M -- the general reason being that if you were in a profession which could earn much more than this... you'd carry your own insurance.

4. Better regulation/certification. Canadian doctors are better monitored and because the province owns all the hospitals and there are a limited number of provinces... you typically don't get incompetent doctors moving around. Doctor rating sites, licensing agencies (college of physicians), etc. make it much easier to deal with a problem doctor.

5. Arbitration. Most provinces require malpractice claims to go through an arbitration process of some sort. The province usually wants to settle (since it will be paying the medical costs anyway) and the lawyers usually want to settle (since they are capped in awards anyway). Most judges are unlikely to award much more than the arbitrator decides anyway. Usually in these cases, fault is fairly obvious and there is little reason to draw things out in court.

Getting Into A Good Law School?
Which Would Be Better For Getting Into A Good Law School? Going To A City College And Transfering Into A Top 4-Year University, Of Going Straight To A State?

Generally speaking law schools do not rank undergrad degrees based on the issuing school. I just finished law school two years ago and have this advice to give.

Get into an acredited university or college. Find an easy undergrad program that you like or are interested in. It will be easier to get good grades in such a program. That is what you want. Good grades. It doesn't matter if it is in Nuclear Physics, Anthropology, or whatever. A high GPA is what you are looking for. Interestingly, I hear Computer Science helps you in law school because it promotes the "appropriate" way of thinking.

Next, start doing practice LSAT exams. Time yourself, be strict. I found a Critical Thinking (Philosophy) course to be VERY helpful!

Get your LSAT up as high as you can...practice, practice, practice. Time yourself so your mind/body prepare for the real thing. Note all your scores. What is your high, your low, your average? Use that data plus your GPA to analyse which law schools you have a chance of getting into.

One last thing. How many times have you asked your Doctor which medical school he or she went to? Remember that if you go to Yale you will be expected to perform at a Yale level for the rest of your life. Is that something you really want? Or do you want a nice balance in your life. You get paid in many ways, money is just one of them. There is free time, happiness and so forth. Just try to keep things in perspective and you will be much happeir in the end.

Can Someone Find An Example Of A Child Support Letter From A Lawyer?
I Need An Example Of A Child Support Letter From A Lawyer Plz And Thank U.

To demand child support from someone? Or to do something else?

Attorney letters demanding something generally say something like this:

I was hired by A.
You owe A $$$ for ____.
The law allows A to sue you if you do not pay.
If you do not pay by X date, you will be sued.
Please send your money by X date.

Law Degree?
I Have Recently Been Accepted At Cambridge - U.K. To Study Law. What Is The Difficulty Level Of This Degree - In Terms Of Focus, Dedication, Daily Revision Etc. Also In Terms Of Employment,Does Employment - Especially Significant Employment In Terms Of Economical Income - Largely Depend On The University Educated At? E.G. Most Applicants From Oxford And Cambridge Find Employment In Top Law Firms, Far Quicker And Easier Than Say Those Of Plymouth University. Thanks.

Yes it is true you will probably find it easier to be employed by the top law firms than someone who went to Plymouth, but you have to rememeber that times are changing and alot of these law firms and chambers are actually now shying away from the elitist universities. It could sometimes depend on your background, race, and gender as the legal system is trying to make itself seem more equal. So you may find you have gone to Cambridge and still be unattractive to law firms.

Also your work experience and results matters equally as much as what university you have gone too. The elitism of law is dying. But with a degree from Cambridge, because it is so well renowned, whether you get a 2.1 or a 2.2 you will still be able to find a job out of law much easier. Mainly because you will have a degree from a prestigious university.

Law is law at all universities, it may be taught differently but it will not be any harder than at any other university in the UK. Although at Cambridge you are expected to dedicate alot of your time to your degree. In fact you are not even allowed to have a job, otherwise you will be kicked out of the university.

Can An Investment Bank/Financial Advisory Firm Double As A Corporate Law And Entertainment Law Firm?
The Firm Would Double. Not In Terms Of Investment Bankers Also Doing Law But The Firm Would Also Hire Lawyers Specializing In Corporate Law And Entertainment Law Providing More Diversified Capabilites Than Most Firms.


As long as the attorneys do not solicit and conduct securities business without the proper licenses, there isn't anything stopping an investment firm from having attorneys on the payroll or conducting more than one business line..