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4 Methods To Help Your Lawyer Allow You To When you really need a legal representative for any reason, you have to work closely using them so that you can win your case. No matter how competent they are, they're going to need your help. Listed below are four important approaches to help your legal team assist you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're gonna reveal for them. Privilege means anything you say is stored in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team should know everything in advance - especially information one other side could check out and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuous and factual account of all the information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys because of the data they should help them to win. 3. Show Up Early For All Engagements Not be late when you're appearing before a court and get away from wasting the attorney's time, too, by being on time, each and every time. In reality, because you may have to discuss last minute details or perhaps be extra ready for the situation you're facing, it's smart to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You May Have Your Act Together If you've been charged with any sort of crime, it's important so as to prove to a legal court that you both regret the actions and are making strides toward improving your life. For instance, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for a rehab program. Be sincere and involved with the neighborhood the judge is presiding over. Working more closely with your legal team increases your odds of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you need to win your case.

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Difference Between Legal, Physical And Sole Custody?
What Is The Difference Between The 3? How Easy Is It To Get Visitation If You Have Either? Thanks :)

Legal custody means recognized as a parent by the courts. It pertains to legal responsibilities (mostly financial) as well as legal rights (to decide how a child is raised, things like education and religion).

Physical means the child resides mostly in that household, with vistiation to the other parent.

"Sole custody" means specific things by court order, but generally it means that parent holds all legal rights and responsibilities, plus physical custody.

Custody is not usually relevant to visitation, although for one parent to have "sole custody" usually means the other parent has either had rights removed by the state, or has relinquished all rights, including those of visitation.

Child Custody Need Any Advice?
Okay This The 411 On Me. My Sons Dad Did Nt Bother To Go To Parenting Class Not To Default Anything When I Went To File For Full Custody And Not That He Has Receive Papers In The Mail He Finally Did Something. He Has A Lawyer And Its His Friend And I Don'T. Im Not Trying To Talk Him Away From His Father Cause That'S The Last Thing I Want To Do. It Just Gets Me Mad That He Works Under The Table And Hes 37 And Still Lives With His Mom Who'S A Bad Grandma Because She Doesn'T Even Keep A Close Eye On The Two Grand Daughter That'S He Has To Take Care Of. I Just Need Some Advice On What I Need To Do To Get My Son. I Need Any Thing. I Need To Be Ready For Court Coming Thins Feb. 11 With Me I Know My Some Will Have A Better Feature And That'S All I Want. I Don'T Want My Son To Grow In A Family That'S Always Has Drug Issues, No Responsibly And Are Low Life'S Living Off The Gov. While Me And Other Try And Work Ow-Er *** Off To Make It Better For Ow Er Children.

When you use all caps online, it's considered shouting. It also makes a post VERY hard to read, which is why you will see a warning on the right side of your screen when you write it.

Anyway, about your questions:

In order to retain or win custody of your son, you need to take care of YOUR business. Show, by example, that you are the best parent for your child. Be working, and have documentation to the court. Show that you have adequate care arranged for your son, while you work. Show that he will enrolled in school or preschool if he's of an age to be there. Show the ways that you are the "fit" parent. Go to the website listed below, look up your state and find the children's code in your laws. READ it and read it again. Most will list the specific things that the court looks at when determining what is in the best interests of the child. Make it your JOB to provide those things that the court requires to consider you the best parent for the child.

When you are in court and answering to the judge, continue to state the ways YOU are fit, NOT all the ways the he or his family are "unfit"... the judge can figure that out for himself! Usually judges will appoint someone as an independent evaluator, to conduct an investigation into which household is better for the child. If you're not employed, or adequately housed, these factors will also be strikes against you.

For the most part, you need the FACTS and only the FACTS of the case. Don't make accusations with wild emotion that you are not prepared to PROVE to the court! If you suspect that there is a history of drug use or abuse in the father's family, you can't use that against him unless you have PROOF... and even then, the court may consider this only heresay evidence and NOT admissable. So, saying all the stuff like you wrote in your post can only serve to tear you down. I wouldn't use that in court.

From re-reading your post, you sound very immature. I would be VERY careful about how you speak and what you say when you're in court. Granted, you want the best future for your son, but if you don't have VISABLE and clear PROOF of the resources needed to care for and raise a child, the judge will not believe your intentions. He wants to see actual proof of your working, your education, your abilities to put your child before yourself and do what is best for him. If you are too busy trying to tear down your baby's daddy, you won't be able to show the judge your potential. So, be VERY careful!

Good luck and take good care. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions or concerns, but please, take your caps lock off when you do! ; )

Which Is A Better Job Chef Or Lawyer?
Hey Guys ./.Need A Lil Help On Deciding My Life *Stupid I Know But Now I Really Need Some Help* I Have To Make Up My Mind For My Future.Either It Is A Law Degree ;Llb. Or To Go To Cooking School And Become A Chef What Do You Think Can Help Me Survive ?Pay My Bills Have A Good Family Life.Make A Good Earning In The Future Which Would It Be? Lawyer Or Chef / And How Much Do You Think I Cud Earn?

Tthe best of lawyers make great money. The best of the chefs make great money (but they would be business-owners just as much as they would be chefs).

The worst-performing chefs are practically broke; very difficult to find a broke lawyer.

The average-earners for chefs are okay; the average earners for lawyers make comfortable money.
Also this very bad statistic --- from the many who get student-loans to get more skills to get better jobs, the group that has worst repayment-performance (meaning they don't make enough money after completing their studies) would be cooking-school students.

Legal Custody Question?
I Am 16 And Live With My Dad. But My Mom Wont Give Him Legal Custody. Can I Demend It And If So How Would I Do That?

The state of Texas is the only state where you would have Standing in the court as regards custody. You father will need an attorney, but your mother should not know about it until a temporary order is filed. If you have been living with him for more than 30 days, this gives him basis for a motion to modify custody. Your mother may not want to give up custody because it still obligates him to pay child support in most states.

It is important for him to learn how to interview and hire the right attorney. It is also important to do as much as possible on his own and not pay the attorney to do it.

If he wants to learn how to do all this go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups. There's an educational manual in the file section that can teach you what you need to know. The organization it came from is defunct due to attorneys that tried to take it over and make money from it.

Do You Believe Child Support And Custody Is An Unfair Battle For Any Man? Part 3?
I Read Online About A Guy Who Had 29 Kids And He Is Considered To Be A Person To Have Beat The Child Support System Because The Amount Of Money He Pays To Each Mother Is $65 Or Less Per Month. Now I Do Not Condone This Behavior. However, Do You Think By Having More Kids, Although The Child Support Will Not Get Lowered. This Will Not Allow A Woman To Stay Home And Do Nothing All Day And Just Live Off Child Support. Like My Ex Who Received $2000 A Month And Sits On Her A$$ All Day Long.

In Georgia the child support guidelines didn't change until 2006. This was after a woman was ordered to pay child support, and ended up in bankruptcy.

This Court finds, as a matter of law, that a constitutionally sound standard for the determination of child support guidelines can readily be determined.

First, it must acknowledge the principle ...that both parents are obliged to support their children in accordance with their relative means to do so. The Supreme Court of the United States has provided ample reason to conclude that any guideline discriminating against either parent would be found constitutionally defective....The decisions of our sister States in holding unconstitutional statutory presumptions that custody of children of "tender years" should be awarded to the mother is also persuasive....Procreation is both a joint act and a joint responsibility.

Secondly, it must conform to long-acknowledged limitations on government intrusion into the rights of families....That is, the government's interest in family expenditures on children, whether that family exists before or after the dissolution of marriage, or even in the absence of marriage, is limited to insuring that the children's basic needs are met. Not extravagances, not luxuries, but needs. Once that occurs, government intrusion must cease....

The third and final criteria is that the means chosen for the purpose of determining need and allocating each parent's respective responsibility in meeting that need, whether in the form of a presumptive guideline or otherwise, must be based on a rational relationship between the predicate facts and the conclusion(s) directed....

This standard is not dissimilar to the former needs vs. ability to pay standard, but with the additional criteria that the needs are not excessive, the ability to pay is that of both parents and that the method of calculation is economically rational.

As explained above, the Guidelines fail miserably in meeting these standards.

In light of the Georgia child support guidelines being unconstitutional, Michelle Sweat shall not be required to pay Samuel E. Sweat any child support based upon her gross income of $1,862 per month, the father's gross income of $2,647.50 per month, and the mother having parenting time with the children at least 20 percent of the time. The mother shall, however, continue to provide health insurance for the children which currently costs approximately $70 per month for so long as it is available through her employer. The mother shall also pay 14.3 percent of any unreimbursed medical expenses of the children that exceed $250 per year. This percentage is based on her share of combined income above self-support needs.

For the foregoing reasons, the Defendant's Motion to Declare Georgia's Child Support Guidelines Unconstitutional is hereby GRANTED.

So...Do I think the it was unfair to men? YES! Men delt with this unfair system for years. In this state it took a woman having to be in the situation before they finally decided to try to fix the laws.Imagine that! I guess she "couldn't keep it in her pants", or "be a man" about it either.

How Does Joint Custody Work?
She Agreed To Joint Custody. But What Terms Are The Best? And Is It Tru That With Joint Custody That There Is No Child Support?

It depends on the type of joint custady you set up. There is the 50/50 split where each parent has the child for the same amount of time each year. This is not bad if parents live close enough for child to not have to switch schools. The normal type of joint custady means that one parent is declared the residential parent and the other is nonresidential. the child would live with the residential parent most of the year and see the other parent one or two days a week and everyother weekend. The nonresidential would most likely get a month in the summer and every other holiday.

Child support is a completely different matter than custady. Even if there is a complete 50/50 split of the childs living if there is a major differance in the incomes between the parents then the parent that makes the most would still end up having to pay to help care for the cost of the child. With the residential type of custady the nonresidential parent almost always ends up paying child support. the only exceptions would be if the residential parent signed a form stating they did not want the child support or if the residential parent makes 3-4 times the income of the nonresidential parent.

Hope this help you out. My husband has been divorced from his ex for 3 1/2 years.

PS don't just sign up with the normal visitation routine. You can have your lawyer draw up papers so that if you do end up being non residential parent you get to see the children more than the court stipulates. I know from experiance when the ex gets mad at something all the extra time that was verbally agreed to outside of the court room disappears and you only get the kids when the papers say she has to give them to you.

good luck