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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer No matter what your legal needs are you will recognize that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise which they concentrate on your kind of case. This will make the procedure of finding one with significant amounts of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it will be possible to limit your search to the correct one in very little time. The first task is to produce a listing of the lawyers which can be listed in the area focusing on your circumstances. While you are making this list you need to only include those that you may have an excellent vibe about depending on their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down through taking a bit of time evaluating their internet site. There you should be able to find the number of years they are practicing plus some general details about their success rates. At this point your list needs to have shrunken further to people that you simply felt had professional websites plus an appropriate amount of experience. You ought to then spend some time to check out independent reviews of each attorney. Make sure to look at the reviews rather than relying upon their overall rating. The data from the reviews will provide you with an idea of the way that they interact with the clientele and how much time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you should talk with no less than the past three lawyers that have the credentials you are searching for. This gives you enough time to actually evaluate how interested these are in representing both you and your case. It is imperative that you follow all of these steps to ensure that you find someone that has the right level of experience to get you the ideal outcome.

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Does Anyone Know Of A Good, Experienced, Non-Aragant Estate Planning/Probate Attorney In San Francisco?
We Had A Family Estate Planning Attorney Who Handled The Estate Of A Deceased Family Member, Prior To His Death! We Found Out That The Attorney Amir Atashi Rang Did Not Do His Job Properly, So Now We Are Stuck With A Useless Trust Agreement That Is Totally Unenforceable Due To The Incompetent Handling Of The Trust By Decedents Attorney. Now We Are Having To Go Through Probate Court, In Order To Settle Decedents Estate. We Need To Hire Another Lawyer Now; In Order To Straiten Out The Mess Of The Original Attorney! or are a good place to start looking for a probate attorney. Most will speak to you for free and you can judge from his or her attitude if you would like them to be your attorney.

There are comptetent lawyers out there, they may be slightly arrogant but there honestly are competent ones who will do their very best for you. For a fee, of course.

Look For An Ultra-Aggressive Child Custody Attorney - Chicago Or Lake County?
My Current Lawyer Was Knowledgeable, And Honest, And Perhaps Too On The Passive Side. My Ex Hired A Bulldog, Shrewd, And Calculating Attorney. My Ex Got A Huge Chunk Of My Life Savings And Steamrolled My Rights.. Lots Of Lies. Very Unfair. And She Won Big. Now More Issues Are Coming Down The Pipeline Related To Her Taking Time Away From My Child. It Was Hard Enough How She Ruined Me Financially. Now She Is Going To Play That Same Game With My Time/Custody Of My Little Girl. I Need To Do It Differently This Time. Please Help Me Find An Aggressive Attorney Who Can Match Her Lawyer In Terms Of Style. Chicago Or Lake County -- Please Can Help Me!

First problem is learning what you can be doing on your own, before talking to an attorney. And how to interview and hire an attorney. For this, go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups.

Denial of visitation, barring the use of false allegations by her, can be handled Pro Se. In many states, she is not allowed to bring an attorney in for these types of hearings. Check with the Clerk of the Court for any forms. It's something attorneys don't tell their clients.

About The Children
I recently set up a scenario on this company just to see how they would respond. When they called me they gave the right answers and recommendation in handling a Pro Se case. Now, that was just one scenario on one state's laws, so I cannot say how they will perform overall, but you might check them out.

Jeffery Leving is a good father's rights attorney in Chicago, though he has a bit of an ego and can be a classic example of a pompous a**, but he knows his stuff.

What Is Your Opinion On The Guy That Confessed That He Killed A Guy In Drunk Driving Accident?
Guy Has Balls. I Know That What He Did Was Irresponsible And Stupid, But Come On The Guy Has Stood Up And Taken Responsability. Now I Would Like To Read Your Opinion. Leave Anything I Don'T Care. And If You Have Not Seen The Video Yet, Look Up &Quot;Drunk Driving Confession&Quot; On Youtube To See What I Am Talking About.

You're right.
The teenager "Manned up". He did something most men would cringe at; he admitted (against his lawyers advice even) to killing another man by drunk driving. There are many who will take heed of this story, perhaps saving lives in the process.
What he did was wrong; he admits it. He made a serious mistake and is taking responsibility for it.
He is willing to accept the consequences, he even goes a step further with his video. I'm sorry for what happened, I'm sorry that he has to do this, but drinking and driving are a very dangerous mix and too, too many people just don't get that.
This kid gets it now, a little too late but at least he's trying to open up a few eyes in his admission.

Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer To Purchase A Home?
I Was Told That Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer Is Not Absolutely Necessary, Since There Is A Lawyer Who Functions On Behalf Of The Lender To Prepare The Proper Paperwork. Does Anyone Have Any Recent Experience With This? It Would Be Almost An Additional $1,000.

If your question is do you need to hire an attorney to represent you in a real estate purchase transaction then the answer is no. If you feel as if you would want to hire one for some reason then that decision is yours to make.

Most states have in place a lot of agencies that would protect you and make sure things are handled properly according to the state laws of the state in which you reside.

In California we have escrows and title to handle most of the paper work in closing real estate transactions. These two companies working together make sure the property is properly transferred, they ensure that all the funds are given and paid to the proper individuals. They also make sure a clean title is passed on to you as the buyer.

In a few states, such as Georgia there are attorneys that do the closings as oppose to escrow officers. These attorneys work closely with the title company making sure that all the proper paper work is completed prior to the closing of any real estate transaction. These attorneys do not represent the buyers or sellers. They are there simply to ensure that the transaction close according to the state laws governing real estate sales.

In the early stages of purchasing property you would be dealing with a mortgage banker/broker or bank to obtain proper financing. Then you would have a real estate agent to assist in obtaining your house you are seeking to purchase.

Each of the companies mentioned above would have staff attorneys on their staff to make sure all state and federal laws are observed.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Any Article On Legal Aid??
Can You Provide Me With An Article Or Essay On Legal Aid, Or Any Information In The Context? ..... Please I Need It Urgently.

I Need Immediate Legal Help.?
This Is Seriously No Joke. I Live In Valparaiso, Indiana And A Last Night I Got A Text From My Girlfriend Who Is 15 Years Old ( I Am 16 ). She Said That Her Dad Took Her Over To One Of His Friend'S Houses, And They Ended Up Drinking. After My Girlfriend Had Arrived Back At Her House She Called Me And Told Me That She Was Raped By Her Father'S Friend. I Was Reluctant To Believe This Information Because She Was Drunk, So I Hung Up On The Whole &Quot;Call Me Back Tomorrow When You'Re Sober&Quot;. She Texted Me At 5Am Telling Me That Everything She Said Was The Truth ( Her Texts Looking More Like They Usually Do ). She'S Not One To Lie To Me Either, So Now I Completely Believe Her. I Need Some Help On What I Should Do. I Want To Create A Police Case On This & Follow It Through, Putting This Man In Jail. I Know Very Very Little Information So Far, But I Will Know More Tomorrow. I Am Actively Pursuing This, And If You Can Answer The Following I Would Undoubtedly Be Forever Grateful. 1. How Do I Approach This? 2. What Information Should I Get? 3. Do I Take This Case To The Police Department Or The Sheriff? 4. Should I Pursue More Information Before Bringing Them A Case With Little Evidence 5. Are There Any Tests She Can Take ( She Had Just Been Raped ) Proving Someone'S Sexual Assault? 6. Will She Get In Any Trouble For Being Drunk While Being Raped? 7. Can I File Charges Against Her Father For Being Associated With His Friend? ( His Friend Is Whom I Am Concerned About ) 8. How Can I Get More Information About What The Rapist Looked Like? 9. Where Can I Find Someone That Will Help Me Find This Man I.E. An Investigator That Will Aid Me? Thank You So Very Much For All Your Help. It Is Much Appreciated. And If Anyone Knows Someone I Can Call For Help ( I Live In Valparaiso Indiana ) I Will Thank You.

1. how do i approach this?
While it makes sense for a friend to want to reoprt this immediately, make sure this is something that SHE can also handle. By reporting to police could also mean that she would need to testify in court. NOT an easy thing whatsoever for any victim. Get her to go to couseling immediately, go with her if that makes her more comfortable. Whatever you do, make sure she is comfortable with reporting though. Tell her not to wash any of the clothing she had on...particularly the underwear and pants, etc. police will want those for possible evidence. Keep your texts from her stored as well.
2. what information should i get?
His name, discription of what he looks like, if she knows where he works, lives, any person information will help. If there's a chance her dad would help HER, then you two may want to talk to him, and get information from him as well.
3. do i take this case to the police department or the sheriff?
Either or, probably the police though. Again, I highly recommend talking to your friend though, it's her that has to hash out even tiny detail in front of the court, so make sure she has control over the choice to do this.
4. should i pursue more information before bringing them a case with little evidence
I think she should be the one persuing this. You have to keep in mind that if there isn't enough evidence to convict him, he will walk away. If she can get the police any DNA evidence it will help handsdown. Other than that, just where the police can find this a$$hole.
5. are there any tests she can take ( she had just been raped ) proving someone's sexual assault?
Yes, hospital will have a female perform a DNA swap, etc. Police will get her to the right medical facility, etc.
6. will she get in any trouble for being drunk while being raped?
If you are reporting a crime, especially one such as this, no she will not get in trouble. They are not there to investigate an underage drinker, they are there to investigate a sexual assault. The poilce should be able to reassure her of this.
7. can i file charges against her father for being associated with his friend? ( his friend is whom i am concerned about )
Not sure. You may be able to report it, but they won't do much with it unless your friend is coming forward, otherwise they look at it as "hearsay". Again though, it really should be in her control though. As her friend, think of how she feels through this...likely powerless, etc. and there's a good chance she'll need that control to choose whether she reports or not.
8. how can i get more information about what the rapist looked like?
Have you ever spoken to her dad before? How about her mom? She may know as well? You'll have to talk to your friend otherwise.
9. where can i find someone that will help me find this man i.e. an investigator that will aid me?
You can google private investigators in your area. I am currently using one, explain the situation and they will help you for a fee. If it ends up with the police, the detectives on the case are expected to investigate properly...unless your in my town...hence the PI.

Not trying to say don't report it, because I did, but I'm just saying, as her friend, make sure it's her decision because ultimately she's the one that will have to relive every horrid detail in a public courtroom. It's awful to hear about people going through this sound like a good friend to help her out though. Good luck.