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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to endure a legal court system, specifically if you lack confidence with your legal team. Allow me to share three important strategies to understand that you've hired the best lawyer: 1. They Are Experts In Your Form Of Case What the law states is normally tricky and this requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. When you want a legal professional, seek out individual who relates to the issue you're facing. Even though a relative or friend recommends you make use of a firm they know, should they don't use a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. Whenever your attorney is surely an expert, especially in the difficulty you're facing, you know you've hired the right choice. 2. The Lawyer Includes A Winning Record Dependant upon the circumstances, it could be challenging to win an instance, especially if the team helping you has little to no experience. Look for practices that have won numerous cases that apply to yours. Even though this is no guarantee which you case is going to be won, it will give you a far greater shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In the event the attorney you've chosen takes time to hear your concerns and react to your inquiries, you've probably hired the best one. No matter how busy they can be or how small your concerns seem from their perspective, it's critical that they respond to you inside a caring and timely manner. From the purpose of view of a regular citizen who isn't informed about the judicial system, court cases may be pretty scary you want updates as well as think that you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are just considerably better to your case as opposed to others. Ensure you've hired the best team to your circumstances, to ensure that you can placed the matter behind you as quickly as possible. Faith within your legal representative is the first task to winning any case.

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Legal Advice Please!?
I Traded In A Car About 4 Years Ago For A New Car. The Dealer Was A Family Friend. They Don'T Have Copies Of The Title Or Anything That I May Have Signed It Over. I Got A Notice In The Mail Saying That This Car Is Still Registered To Me And Its Still In My Name.It Was Impounded By The Police And Its Sitting In An Impound Lot. I Don'T Have The Title For It Or Any Paperwork On The Car And The Police Department Is Saying Its Still Mine. What Do I Do? Do I Have The Write To Still Go Get The Car? The Car Was Supposed To Be Sold At An Auction So I'M Not Sure If The Title Is Still In My Name Or Not?

With the limited information provided in your question, my legal advice is based solely on the facts that you have provided. Also, laws vary state to state and without this information, it makes it difficult as well to ensure my legal advice is 100% accurate.

First, if you traded this car in for a new car at a dealership regardless that it was a family friend, the dealership has to have some type of legal documentation that they took ownership of the vehicle. (the title or a bill of sale signed by both parties) Do you remember signing the title over or a bill of sale?

Second, if the police impounded the vehicle, I am assuming that some individual was driving the vehicle and for whatever reason (abandoned the vehicle, operating the vehicle while unregistered, not inspected and/or uninsured, driving without a valid drivers license) that is how the vehicle came to be impounded by the police. When you registered your new vehicle did you transfer your plates from the old vehicle to the new vehicle or did you leave your old plates on and get new ones? Another scenario could be that the individual driving the vehicle never did any of the above and attached plates that belonged to another vehicle and drove it around, in which case the police would have determined by the VIN # that you were/are still the legal owner of the vehicle.

My advice is to resolve this matter by getting the necessary documentation that proves you have not owned the vehicle for at least four years and bring it to the police. In order to get a car that had been impounded out, you must pay for the towing of the vehicle, all of the impound fees that have been incurred to date and any citations that may have been issued by the police. Since, you have mentioned the fact that this car is about to be or may have already been auctioned off and you obviously traded the vehicle for the one you currently have, why would you want to pay all of the money that is due to get the vehicle back? You should be more concerned with clearing your name of any ownership to the vehicle.

Please feel free to list any additional information under your question or email me if you prefer.

Best wishes.

Several People Have Told Me To Apply For Legal Aid. What Exactly Is It?
What Do They Do? How Do You Apply For It? I Tried To Look It Up In The Phonebook But Did Not Find Anything. I Am Trying To Get Divorced Or Legally Seperated With Sole Custody Of My Daughter.

Legal aid I believe is a program sponsored by the government to provide low cost legal advice. They can tell you what you need to do and what forms you need to fill out and supply to the Court in the proceedings for your particular matter. The Court follows strict guidelines and deadlines to supply the proper documents in order for your case to continue and it can be very confusing to the average citizen that is not already familiar with the legal process. Call your local County Court or Superior Court (every state is different) and ask for information on how to apply. You can also look for a pre-paid legal service. These are usually paralegals (not attorneys) who can advise you and prepare legal documents for you at a fair cost.

How Do You Find A Good Lawyer In Florida That Specializes In The Following?
Wills, Trusts, And Estate Planning? How Do You Separate The Average From The Best?

A place I've found to be a good source is:
They have ratings and reviews for lawyers in all fields of law. In general it's a good place to know about, because you have access to a lawyer if you should need their legal services.

If you're seeking a lawyer for any of the above topics you listed. I personally would call a few in your local area, and get a feel for the office. Speaking with the administrative assistant is a good start, it'll tell you alot about their practice. Are they pleasant, abrasive, inpatient? The best thing to do is seek a consultation, you'll get a real good idea of whether you'll want them to represent you or not.

Good Luck!

Education Assistance Program Discrimination Need Legal Help?
My Company Has A Tuition Reimbursement Program That Is Discriminatory. I Like To Get Serious Opinion And Help On This Subject. I Am A Manager With The Company I Completed All The Requirements Indicated In Section 5.0 Through 5.2. The Section I Feel Is Discriminatory Are 5.21 And 5.3. Based On My Location Of Employments There Are No Senior Vice Presidents Therefore I Would Not Have Enough Interaction With Them To Gain A Nomination. There Is No Nomination Criteria? In Section 5.3 How Will I Be Able To Complete &Quot;Certification As To Deductibility Of Education Expense By Employee&Quot; If Senior Vice Presidents Are Not In Our Building. All Our Senior Vice Presidents Are In Our Corporate Office Which Is Located In Another State. In My 5 Years With The Company I Can Count In One Hand The Times I Seen A Senior Vice President Let Along Have The Time To Ask One To Nominate Me For A Executive Graduate Level Program. I Perceive This As A Way To Limit And Hold Down Employees That Would Like To Pursue An Executive Level Programs. Its A Form Or Segregation Only The Selected Few Can Rise To The Top. This Is Not Fair Or Its Not Providing An Equal Playing Field. Below Is Our Policy Executive Graduate Level Programs 5.1 Executive, Or Expedited, Graduate Degree Programs, Including Executive Mba Programs Are Specifically Excluded From This Education Assistance Program, As Defined Above. These Programs Include: 5.11 Programs With A Compressed Time Frame, Generally Requiring The Employee To Be Given Paid Time Off From Work On A Regularly Scheduled Basis; 5.11 Programs With An Advance Implication To The Employee Of Company-Sponsored Commitment Beyond The Initial Semester Or Quarter. 5.2 Approval For Company-Paid And/Or Sponsored Participation In Executive Graduate Level Programs Must Be Secured In Advance As Follows: 5.21 The Functional Senior Vice President Must Nominate The Employee To The Senior Management Staff For Participation In The Program, Including An Estimate Of The Total Cost And Time Frame For Completion; 5.22 The Senior Management Staff Must Approve The Employee For Company Sponsorship And Participation; 5.23 Payment Of Program Costs Must Be Authorized By The Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Worldwide. 5.3 The Employee And The Nominating Senior Vice President Must Complete And Submit The “Certification As To Deductibility Of Education Expense By Employee” Prior To The Start Of The Course.

you obviously don't have a clue about what is and is NOT discrimination....

the policy is what it is, you need to speak with your supervisor and HR they will be able to assist you. IF your supervisor and HR believe you are a possible candidate they will contact the appropriate VP......

If you felt I was rude I apologize, the fact is many users claim discrimination and they don't have a clue as to what discrimination is. In your original question and the added details YOU stated:
"My company has a tuition reimbursement program that is discriminatory"
since you had already made up YOUR mind that they were discriminating against you I found it prudent to provide a link for you to learn what is and is NOT discrimination...

I was NOT rude..... Sorry if you felt that way...

I find it hard to believe that the HR department does not know their own policies; these are just the type of issues that they are to deal with....

IF you have proof that the SOLE reason you have been treated different is based on race file a complaint with HR, then if they fail to deal with it contact the EEOC.... from the statements have made so far there is nothing to show you have been treated differently based on race, your primary complaint is that you are not considered for this program due to your physical location not being in the same offices as the VP..... That is NOT discrimination...

I Am Creating An Online Directory With A List Of Businesses. Is It Legal To List Names Without Permission?

You're alright...nothing stops people from linking; there is no law on the Internet to stop linking. If you're are using a business name and linking to them...I'm sure 99% of the people would be happy.

Rate These Jobs In Terms Of Social Status?
Medical Doctor, Scientist ,Engineer, Air Pilot,Astronaut, Nurse Occupational Therapist ,Police Officer,Accountant ,Lawyer, Journalist ,Plumber And Macdonald Waiter Question For Psychology Class And Pls Say Why Do You Think The Most Prestigious Deserves To Be That Way In Your Own Personal Viewpoint Thanks In Advance

Medical Doctor
Air Pilot
Occupational Therapist
McDonald's employee
Police Officer.

Because nobody likes police. Aside from that, I ranked them according to how much training is involved in the career listed, and also based it on my idea of how much people value that career. Although lawyers are highly trained and make good money, they aren't always respected, so I bumped them down a ways.