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Finding A Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will recognize that there are numerous lawyers in your area that advertise which they specialize in your sort of case. This may make the whole process of finding one with a great deal of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, should you follow the following you will be able to limit your pursuit on the right one out of very little time. The initial step is to make a selection of the lawyers that are listed in your area focusing on your position. When you are causeing this to be list you must only include those that you have a good vibe about according to their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down by using a little while evaluating their internet site. There you should certainly find the number of years they are practicing plus some general details about their success rates. At this moment your list must have shrunken further to the people which you felt had professional websites and an appropriate quantity of experience. You should then spend some time to search for independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure to see the reviews rather than just relying on their overall rating. The info inside the reviews will provide you with a concept of the way they interact with their customers and how much time they invest into each case they are working on. Finally, you should meet up with at least the past three lawyers that have the credentials you are looking for. This will provide you with enough time to truly evaluate how interested these are in representing you and the case. It is actually important to follow most of these steps to ensure that you find a person containing the right degree of experience to obtain the ideal outcome.

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Need Assistance, Leads For Lawyers, Foundations, What-Have-You; Concerning Domestic Violence.?
When The Man Kills The Female. The Family Needs Help. In So Many Ways...≪3 The Woman Was So Beat-Up, / Traumatized She Died Tonight At 6Pm, Est. Her Liver, Kidneys, Lung Function Were All Diminished. Her Heartbeat Was Erratic. How Would The Family Know That The Authorities... (Across The Board) Did All That Could Be Done? The Family Needs Help. If You Know Of Any Agency, Foundation, Law Firm...???? That Can Help, Please Do Tell.... The Victim, Was Initially To Scared To Tell, On Him. The Vic'S Mother Witnessed The Beating. (Yes, She Tried To Stop It. She'S Old, Frail, Tiny, And Sick Herself.) So, Earlier Today The Vic'S Mother Took Out A R.O. Against Said Perpetrator. (After Speaking To The Mother, For Hours Yesterday) He Hasn'T Been Seen, To Be Served. And Now, The Young Woman Has Expired. She Did Go To A Hosp., And A Medical Ctr., They Treated And Released Her. Yesterday, She Had To Be Taken By Ambulance To The Hosp., They Admitted Her. The Beating Happened 4 Days Ago. (Please For Give Me Where I Or My Words Seem Erratic. I'M A Bit Emotional, And Did Want To Try To Include As Many Details Necessary}

So sorry to hear, my heart goes out to you all.
DV is listed in each state a crime, the degree of violence taken, sets the charge, here Murder, previous acts also weighs in here.
Eye witness.
File a police report.
Doctors statements, Hospital records, dates of admittance, records read what?
Hire an Attorney to help you with this.
Dv is also found under federal law(s)
Domestic Violence, Child Abuse etc - 42 USC 5101
Violence against women: Acts of :
1994 & 2000 - 42 USC 13701
Out of these acts, standards have to be met in all family violence matters by a police report, DHS, Prosecution etc.

.Divorce Court Monday!! Eeekk?
So Monday I Am Going To Court For My Divorce, My Cheating Husband Left Me For Another Woman At 5 Months Pregnant,And Has Not Helped Me With Our 3 Month Old Son Once, Missed His Birth, Never Called Or Asked About. I'M His Second Wife And Baby Mama. His Whores Now Prego And They Are Planing To Marry! I Dont Use The Term Whore Very Often, And He Was Divorced From His Wife For 4 Years. His Current Gf Is A Solidar In His Unit, Knew He Was Married And Knew I Was Pregnat! Didnt Bother Her At All. Did It Anyway So Yes She Is A Homewrecking Whore And He Is A Deadbeat Loser. He Was So Abusive To Me Physically And Emotionly And I'M So Glad I Got Out When I Did But I'M So Nervous To See Him Monday, Ive Had Nightmares For The Past Week. I Have Not Seen Him Since I Was 5 Months Pregnant. How Can I Build Up The Courage To Look Strong Like I Am When Hes Away?We Are Just Fighting Child Support He Wants To Pay Less Then 270 And The Military Lawyer And A Texas Lawyer Said 652. I Know A Judge Actually Sets The Amount. Are Texas Judges Nice? Anyone Been To A Cleburne Tx Judge, Ive Never Been To Court Before. Do They Go By The Guidelines Are Just Set An Amount? Any Tips To Acting Confident And Not Let Him Get To Me? Hes A Very Manipultive Man, And Is The Best Liar! I Already Know Hes Going To, Luckioly I Have Documents. Anywho Any Advice? Also, Im Just Fighting For What My Child Deserves, Not Trying To Take All His Money, I Have Serval Interveiws Lined Up For Next Week Because My Baby Just Turned 3 Months And Im So Ready To Work! I Jsut Think He Should Help Since He Helped Make Him!

Whoo, am I glad you asked this question! I am in the army, I live in Texas, and I am also going through a divorce due to adultery. I have lots of experience to share!

First thing first, it is against the UCMJ (military law) for a service member to commit adultery--whether they are married or whether they are canoodling with a married person. Contact his commanding officer AND the commanding officer of the other woman (probably the same CO), and tell them what's happened. When you call, ask them for the phone number to the Inspector General. The IG is a regulating authority that makes sure that service members are following the regulations, and this will light a fire under their commanding officers to take action against your husband and his mistress. They're looking at extra duty, forfeiture of pay, possible rank reduction (very likely if they are in the same unit), and possibly some other punishments. For good measure, ask the commanding officer for his/her commanding officer's number and then fill them in on what has happened. This will ensure that there is no hiding of facts, and makes sure their commander won't try to sweep things under the rug in order to keep the unit from looking bad.

Secondly, because your husband is married and in the military, he gets special pay and allowances for supporting a household. As his spouse, you are legally entitled to a large portion of this pay, even if you are not living together. Check with the Inspector General about this; they will tell you the exact amount he owes you according to his rank and time in service, and they will force him to pay you if he is not. That money is given to him to support you and the baby, and you are owed it.

Third, here is what to expect from the divorce: Texas is shared property state, which means that you may contest him for any property bought or paid for during the period that you were married. You are owed about half of that normally, but being that you now have a baby, the amount going to you should be closer to two thirds. Generally, Texas will not award alimony to couples married less than 10 years, BUT you will DEFINITELY get child support. Expect between 25 and 30% of his total pre-tax earnings--the number of $652 you got from the lawyer sounds reasonable. A judge will laugh his request of $270 out of court. Custody will almost definitely be given to you, both on the count that he screwed around, and based on the fact that he is in the military and is unlikely to be able to support the baby due to deployments, etc. Texas courts are very protective of single parents, and the judge will make certain that he gives you all the support you need to raise your baby. Because he is in the military, he really has no option but to pay you the court-ordered support, and you can go to the Inspector General if you have any trouble. The payments should come automatically out of his pay.

You will come out very well from your divorce. However, do not expect the court to "punish" him for his adultery by awarding you extra property or compensation. Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means that a judge will not be more or less harsh on him based on the circumstances. I probably do not need to tell you, but do not sign ANYTHING he gives you without presenting it to your lawyer first. If there is any way for you to lose in this situation, it is by letting him bully you into signing documents that favor him, which is a common tactic and should be expected. Play it smart, trust your lawyer, and remember that you are not at fault for any of this.

I'm very sorry that this happened to you. I'm going through a similar experience myself, except my wife was the adulterer. Just stay confident, and things will work out fine.

What Are The Laws And Practices Of Buddhism?

I don't think an appropriate term to use in conjunction with buddhism. Since the buddha himself said "do not believe anything you hear even if i have said it unless it agrees with your own logic and reasoning".

some practices origins:
Well buddhism is a very logical religion. A lot of the great ideas in buddhism are often lost in mystical mumbo jumbo, theres little to no mysticism in buddhism.

There has never been a religious war in the name of buddhism in all of history and buddhism is 500 years older than christianity.

It started with a man who was born of royalty. A prophet claimed that he would either be a great ruler or a powerful religious man. His father wanted the first come true so he cut him off from the world and any form of suffering. He lavished riches, women, and other things upon him but one day the prince this man - named siddhartha gautama wanted to go outside the palace. His father cleaned up the street so it too would appear wondeful as the palace did. However while he was out he saw one elderly person, one sick person, and one dead. He asked his cart driver what these things were, as he had never heard of or experienced them before.

He then realized it doens't matter who you are, all of these things happen to every person and we are all equal on this basis, no matter how much we do we will all end up the same. So he ran away and lived a life of deprevity for many years until he was just a skeleton. A woman from a local village nursed him back to health and while meditating under a bodhi tree he achieved enlightenment and then created the four noble truths that lead to the middle way.

1. Life is frought with suffering (this is the correct version of the first noble truth - it is not 'life is suffering'.

For you see we can't escape it, happiness is very fleeting. If you want a new car, to eat at your favorite resteraunt, or a new pair of shoes that can make you happy - but it's not permanent it will leave and gain you will return to a state of unhappiness wishing for something else to fill that void (this is speaking on a very general level - realize)

2. We suffer because we grasp for things

As i explained about we search for happiness outside of ourselves - hoping that some inanimate object will make us happy but it won't. Now this doesn't mean abandon all material posessions and live in a box in the woods. No, you can still take simple pleasure from these items but realize and do not delude yourself into thinking that you can always be happy with only these things or that these things will make you happy forever.

3. We can end this suffering, it is not inevitable

This perhaps sounds like a waste of a noble truth. But basically this is about hope. We are not doomed, we can save ourselves. We can realize that we already have everything we need inside of ourselves to be happy and that we can change - its never too late.

4. The way to do this is by the middle way or the eightfold path

The middle way i can best explain by goldilocks and the three bears. This porrige is too hot, this porrige is too cold - this one is just right. Live your life by just right. The eightfold path is another story of explanation - message me if you would like to know about it.

Other ideas are:
Some key ideas in buddhism are self-mastery as attained through study and meditation.

No-self, this doesn't mean you don't exist but simply that you don't only exist. It's an idea that says we need to function as a community, no person individually would survive and this is true. We all affect each other and we all need each other. We're realizing just how true this is with environmental issues and global warming. So if you hurt someone ultimately you're hurting yourself since we all need eachother and this leads to the idea of compassion and tolerance.

We all have the same potential, no one person is better than any other because ultimately we all experience four things (given that we live a long life) Birth, sickness, old age, and death - regardless of wealth, gender, race, religion, etc.

Also theres Karma, a widely misinterpreted term. This is not a physical idea or an eye for an eye. It's not if you steal something something will get stolen from you - i believe thats irony if anything. Karma is more of an internal thing, it could be compared to the christian idea of a soul. If you do something bad you're hurting yourself internally, and if you do something good it helps you

Well heres some, i think i'll stop here i gave you enough to read -.-
hope this helped!

Tobacco Attorney?
Anyone Know A Good Tobacco Attorney Licensed In The State Of Idaho

Any attorney can work in any state if he works with a local attorney as co-counsel. If you have someone you would like to take the case, contact them and they can hook up with someone in Idaho to run your cause. We have done this in many civil suits and it's worked just fine. The big gun does all the fancy footwork, the local guy does the filing and the initial appearances until the trial. Good Luck!

Need Legal Advice?
Last Month I Was In A Car Accident. I Termed My Former Lawyer 2 Weeks Ago. I Retained Another One 2 Weeks Ago Also. Today I Get A Call From The Rental Car Company Stating That I Owe Money. I Have No Car No Friends Or Family That Will Help Provide Transportation Bills Are Piling Up I Am Working And So Is My Spouse We Have No Choice But To Turn In The Rental Car And Be On Foot My Wife Has Arthritis Bad We Need Transportation Oh Yeah We Haven'T Had A Settlement Offer

Here is some advice. Lawyers don't give a crap about your vehicle, nor the rental. They only care about your injuries and taking 33% of YOUR injury settlement.

For the insurance to stop the rental, they had to have a reason. They either totaled the vehicle and stopped it, or, they are disputing fault. Once insurance stops the rental, then you are on the hook to pay out of your pocket.

IF, you had injuries, and if you are still treating, and (IF) you are not at fault for this accident, then NO injury settlement will be made, till done treating, and they get ALL of the doctors reports of your injuries, and then they will review and make an offer to settle with your lawyer. My guess, this will take on average of 6 months to a year or more.

Here is another fun fact to think about. The 1st lawyer you had and fired, can have a LIEN on your settlement also, and could end up paying for 2 lawyers and have seen it happen.

What you do, is make an appointment (in person) with your lawyer and ask the lawyer what you need to do. This lawyer needs to EARN his money, and a bunch of strangers cannot answer since we do not have the facts.

How Good Are Court Appointed Attorneys For Federal Cases?
Does Anyone Know?What Are There Duties? What Should I Make Sure I Know From The Court Appointed Attorney? Is Is True Some Are Not Experienced?

They are often quite good -- especially where the system is that there is a professional corps of public defenders. In some places, there are problems where inexperienced people take on criminal defense for the money -- so I'd just ask about the amount of experience your lawyer has in both the type of case your husband has, and the court inn which it is occurring. It would also be good to know how much experience your appointed attorney has with the other side.

But you should not go in thinking a court-appointed attorney is necessarily a bad attorney. Not at all.