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4 Strategies To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To If you want a lawyer for any reason, you must work closely along with them so that you can win your case. No matter how competent they may be, they're likely to need your help. Here are four important approaches to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest Or Higher Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - irrespective of what information you're likely to reveal for them. Privilege means whatever you say is stored in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team should know all things in advance - particularly information another side could check out and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a continuing and factual account of information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the data they must enable them to win. 3. Appear Early For All Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and avoid wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are on time, each time. In fact, because you may have to discuss last minute details or be extra ready for the truth you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate Which You Have Your Act Together If you've been charged with any sort of crime, it's important so as to convince the legal court that you simply both regret the actions and they are making strides toward improving your life. As an example, if you're facing driving under the influence, volunteer for any rehab program. Be sincere and linked to the cities the judge is presiding over. Working more closely with your legal team increases your chances of absolute success. Try these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you need to win your case.

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Legal Advice- Immunity Using A Lawyer?
I'Ll Try To Make A Long Story Short.. If It Helps, I Live In Michigan (Not Sure If Laws Involving This Are Federal Or State) The Story: I Was Charged Back In August For Assault.. The Day That It Happened, I Flead From The Scene, And Went To My Dads House To &Quot;Hide&Quot;. They Knew Exactly Where I Was.. They Showed Up About 15 Minutes After I Did. They Knocked On My Dads Door, And Smelled Marijuana. That Night I Went To Jail For Assault (Not Involving My Dad). The Very Next Day, The Officers Got A Search Warrant, Went Back To My Dads House And Found An Ounce Of Weed In The House, Along With 12 Pot Plants In His Back Yard. Thinking That I &Quot;Set Him Up&Quot;, My Dad Told The Officers It Was All Mine, Thinking He Wouldnt Get Charged With It. Needless To Say, He Got Charged Anyway, For Possession. A Month After His Sentencing, They Came After Me. Instead Of Possession, They Are Trying To Charge Me With Marijuana Manufacturing, Which Is A 4 Year Felony, And Not A Misdemeanor Like His. Anyways, The Only Evidence They Have In This Case Is My Dads Police Report Stating That Its Mine. The Facts: I Currently Have A Court Appointed Attorney, As Most Of You May Know Is Total ****. He Has Stated If I Bring It To Trial, I Would Lose Since I Cannot Prove Anything. But This Is Not My Question. My Question: My Dad And I Have Made Ammends, He Is Very Sorry About What He Said, Obviously.. He Has Already Been Charged, He'S Almost Off Probation From It (He Got 6 Months). He'S Not Worried About Getting Charged Again, Since Its Double Jeopardy Etc. He Is Worried About Coming To Court And Stating Something Different Then The Police Report. I Did Some Research, If He Were To Get Charged With A False Police Report, The Crime Is That Of The Charge. Which Would Be A Felony. In The State Of Michigan, Found Here: Http://Www.Legislature.Mi.Gov/%28S%28Rwcybmi4xivkn1nzwp3a2x55%29%29/Mileg.Aspx?Page=Getmcldocument&Objectname=Mcl-750-411A I Have Already Discussed With My &Quot;Lawyer&Quot; About My Dad Obtaining Immunity, Which Would Free Him Of Any Prosecution, He Has Stated That Only The Prosecutor Can Offer Immunity, And In A Case Such As Mine, There Is No Chance In Hell He Would Do That, Seeing As It Would Help Me And Not The Courts. They Obviously Want A Conviction. I Have Heard From A Few People (Which Is My Ultimate Question), That By Using A Lawyer To Make A Statement In Court, And If You Remain Silent, They Cannot Prosecute You For Anything The Lawyer Says. However, Someone Else Has Told Me, That They May Not Be Able To Prosecute You For What You Say In Court, But If The Police Report Were To Be Found False In Any Way, Shape Or Form, That They Can Go Back On The Police Report And Charge You Separately That Way. So My Final Question I Guess Is, Is There Any Loopholes, Or A Way That My Dad Can Come Into Court And Tell Them I Had Nothing To Do With His Plants Without Facing A Prosecution For A False Police Report? We Are Both Caught In A Catch-22..

"I have already discussed with my "lawyer" about my dad obtaining immunity.... I have heard from a few people"

Public defenders are, almost without exception, the most experienced trial lawyers in any jurisdiction. In addition, because they are up against the same DA's, in front of the same judges, every day, they know what DA will go for what plea bargain, or under what circumstances he will offer immunity.

I can guarantee you that his legal knowledge and advice is better than what you'll get from people whose knowledge is based on the fact that they've been caught themselves in the past.

"He has ALREADY been charged, he's almost off probation from it (he got 6 months). He's not worried about getting charged again, since its double jeopardy etc."

Wrong. It isn't double jeopardy, and he can be charged with a different crime from the one he was already charged with. If he'd been acquitted on the possession charge, or charged with manufacturing and acquitted, trying him again on those charges would be double jeopardy.

Now, normally a DA must charge all crimes arising from the "same series of bad acts" at one time. This would usually mean that he couldn't charge your father with possession, then come back later and charge him with manufacturing. BUT... When the decision not to charge a more serious crime was based on the accused's own untrue statements, that is an exception to that rule.

Because the DA decided not to charge him with manufacturing based on his testimony that the plants were yours, if the DA becomes satisfied that he lied, and the plants WERE his, the 'same series of bad acts' rule is waived, and your father can be charged with the manufacturing. (AND the false police report)

Your father cannot testify at your trial through a lawyer so as to avoid having to perjure himself, or avoid admitting that he perjured himself in the police report. "You" cannot be required to testify at your own trial, and under some circumstances you can have your lawyer make a statement. however, a lawyer cannot make a statement that he knows, or believes, to be false.

If the DA wants your fathers testimony then he will subpoena him, and put him on the stand. Once there he has three choices.
1) He can testify that the plants were yours. With your own father telling the jury that, you'll probably be convicted.
2) He can admit that they were his. If the jury believes him, you will likely be acquitted. The DA will then almost certainly charge him with manufacturing, and probably with the false police report as well.
3) He can take the 5th, and refuse to testify on the grounds that his testimony might incriminate himself. The DA will introduce the police report as a prior inconsistant statement, since it did 'not' incriminate him. The jury might then convict or acquit, based on what they believe is true.

Be aware that if he takes the fifth, then even if you are convicted, nothing stops the DA from deciding that the two of you were both involved in growing the plants, and charging him anyway.

You are right about one thing, though. The DA wants a conviction. He most likely doesn't really care whether he hangs the plants on you, or on your father, so long as he gets one of you. He's not going to allow you to get off on the basis that the plants were your Dads without then hanging them on him.


Do You Think That People That Have A Dwi Arrest Are Generally Sketchy Or It Depends On Other Circumstances?
I Had One 10 Years Ago, Right Out Of College. Since Then, I Have Gotten An Mba And Earn Six Figures In A Corporate Job And Have Two Kids And A Wife. I Rarely Have More Than One Drink A Week As Getting Drunk, To Me, Was Just A &Quot;College Thing&Quot; In A Case Like This, Am I A Sketchy Person? Is This A Really Bad Thing, Could It Be A Problem In The Future, As Far As Climbing Further Up The Corporate Ladder?

your dwi and your success have nothing to do with each other.
one would think that with all that education you should know the answer to your own question. in fact if you were paying attention in your dwi classes you would know that a dwi can happen to anyone AND you don't even need to be drunk to get one.
your one drink a week can land you in the hooskow just as quick. all it takes is one drink to get you a dwi if you are involved in ANY kind of accident (even if it is not your fault it will suddely become your fault) you don't even need to be at .08 to get a dwi. .01 will do it if there is an accident involved.

so no it does not mean a person is sketchy. it can and does happen to everyone. including the cop who got pulled over in roseville california the other day. yup got his just desserts

Child Abduction Or Drunk Driving?
Which Is More Of A Problem?

Drunk driving is more of a problem by at least 10:1. It's easy to get drunk, to get behind the wheel of a car, and especially to get away with it as the cops are usually not where the drunk drivers are until the driver hits and kills somebody. On the other hand, abducting anyone is a difficult crime to pull off except when it comes to parental abductions where a person who doesn't have custody takes a child (or children) and goes into hiding. They usually get caught but it may take many years.

Can I Be A Criminal Lawyer If I Have A Bachelor In Finance????Or I Need Another Major Before Law School???
I Want To Practice Criminal Law But I Have A Bachelor In Finance.

That's absolutely fine. If you plan on going into a liberal-arts aspect of law, your undergrad major wont really matter. If you plan on going into let's say chemical intellectual property law however, some background in chemistry would be nice. So, with a background in finance, you can still do criminal law.

One of my friends did political science for undergrad but eventually went into corporate law for grad...two different fields. So, yah! your future has not been closed

Question For Lawyers?
Hey! I Was Curious About How Being A Lawyer Worked Because It Interests Me. :) Here Are A Few Questions Of Mine! 1.) How Much Money Do Lawyers Make On Average? (In Canada Or In The U.S (: ) 2.) Somebody Once Told Me You Don'T Get To Pick Who Your Fighting For, Like You Could Get Stuck Defending The Criminal? Is That True? Or Do You Get To Pick Your Cases? 3.) Whats The Best University To Go To, To Become The Best Lawyer You Could Be? 4.) Is Your Life Ever In Danger? Like.. If You Fight Againest The Criminal, And Then He Goes To Jail For Five Years And Gets Out Would He Seek Revenge On You? Has That Ever Happened? 5.) Is Your Job Enjoyable? Or Do You Only Do It For The Money? 6.) How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer? How Many Years Of University Do You Need To Do? And How Good Do Your Grades In School Have To Be To Become A Lawyer? Thank You! Sorry If My Questions Are Stupid :/ I Know Nothing About Lawyers! I'M Just Curious!

In Canada...

1. Earnings depend on a few factors. If you're working in a big Bay Street firm, you're raking it in - close to 6 digits right after getting called to the bar, and really no upper limit, depending on area of practice. Geography and practice areas count for a lot, but I would guess that the majority of lawyers in Canada - once they're well-established - make between $150k and $200k.

2. As for picking who you fight for...that depends, too. If you're generally a prosecutor, nobody's going to force you to defend a criminal. Lawyers usually practice within a given area of law, and in general there's no strict obligation to take any particular file. (Technically, you ought to have a reason to decline a file, but it isn't hard to find a reason.) But economics mean a lot. Declining paying clients isn't a good business practice, in general.

3. In Canada, most law schools are roughly equal.

4. Certain practice areas entail dealing with occasional crazy people. If you're in one of those practice areas, you need to take precautions to protect yourself and your staff. It's not a huge deal, though.

5. Enjoyable? Personally, I love law, and it's hard to imagine doing anything else. Still not sure I'd say I *enjoy* it.

6. In general, in Canada and the U.S., you're looking at 4 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school. In Canada, you don't strictly need the full 4 years of undergrad, but it's becoming increasingly necessary. After graduating law school, you need to pass the bar admissions exam, and in Canada you also have to spend a year or so as an 'articling student'. Grades...depend. You need pretty decent grades, but the number depends on program and what school you want to go to. You also need a good LSAT score.

Craigslist Listings, Legal Advice Sought?
Many Companies Use Craigslist To Advertise On. Example: Let'S Say You Are A Property Management Company And You Rent Apartments. Your Company Manages Many Properties Under Different Names. Many Of Which Advertise On Craigslist. Lets Say One Of Your Properties Is Call Santa Apartments. Now, As A Resident Or Ex Employee Of Santa Apartments, I Am Aware That Santa Has A Serious Bed Bug, And Roach Problem In The Apartments. As An Individual I To Can List Advertisments On Craigslist. Am I Allowed To Create A Posting Warning People That Santa Has Bed Bugs And Pest Control Issues? Does Freedom Of Speech Protect Me? Let'S Assume For The Sake Of Argument, That Santa Apartments Is Well Documented As Being Pest Infested. Am I Infringing On Any Rights Of Santa Apartments? Am I Putting Myself Open To Any Legal Action From Santa Apartments? Thanks In Advance For Any Help.

Freedom of Speech will not protect you, as it does not make slander legal nor does it give you any rights to violate anyone elses rights. Unless you own craigslist you can not use it for your Free Speech.

That aside, yes, you are opening yourself up to civil and possible criminal liability. We all know that craigslists will identify you to the police if you break any laws.

You had better have some serious proof not only of an infestation but that the apartment did not comply to Health department orders.

If they suffer any loss (say a vacancy) they can come after you for that money.

If you are an expemployee they can come at you with a criminal charge is any of this is things that you knew about while under their employ.