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Finding An Experienced Lawyer Irrespective of what your legal needs are you will see that there are countless lawyers in your neighborhood that advertise that they are experts in your form of case. This may make the procedure of finding one with a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it is possible to limit your quest to the right one in almost no time. The first task is to generate a list of the lawyers that happen to be listed in the area specializing in your needs. When you are which makes this list you need to only include those which you have an excellent vibe about based upon their advertisement. After that you can narrow this list down by using some time evaluating their internet site. There you must be able to find the number of years they have been practicing and several general details about their success rates. At this time your list ought to have shrunken further to the people that you simply felt had professional websites plus an appropriate volume of experience. You need to then take time to check out independent reviews of each attorney. Be sure to browse the reviews instead of just counting on their overall rating. The information in the reviews gives you a concept of the way that they connect with their clients and how much time they invest into each case they are taking care of. Finally, you will want to meet with no less than the very last three lawyers who have the credentials you are looking for. This will provide you with some time to truly evaluate how interested these are in representing you and the case. It can be vital that you follow most of these steps to ensure that you find someone that has the correct degree of experience to get you the ideal outcome.

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Do You Know What Defamation Of Character Is?
Are Any Of Your Sons Or Sons In Laws Attorneys?

Yes, I know what defamation of character is. And no, none of my sons or sons-in-law is an attorney, but one of my daughters is.

In English and American law, and systems based on them, libel and slander are two forms of defamation (or defamation of character), which is the tort or delict of making a false statement of fact that injures someone's reputation. "Defamation" is however the generally-used term internationally. Slander is a harmful statement in a transitory form, especially speech, and libel is a harmful statement in a fixed medium, especially writing but also a picture, sign, or electronic broadcast, each of which gives a common law right of action.

Providing, of course, that you are willing to accept that explanation from a FEMALE attorney.

Legal Advice?
My Husband Had A Credit Card Go To A Collection Service, They Worked Out An Agreement That He Would Pay X Amount Up Front, He Then Gave Them Check Numbers To Take Out $100 Every 2 Weeks For Around 6 Months, At Which Time They Would Call Back To See If He Could Settle. Needless To Say, They Have Taken Money Out Of Our Account Past The 6 Months That Was Agreed On. On Top Of That They Stopped Taking Money Out At One Point And Then Said That We Had Missed 3 Payments, Even Though It Was Suppose To Be Automatic Withdrawls. Today They Called To Settle, At Which Point My Husband Told Them We Couldn'T, Needless To Say I Got On Our Bank Account Today And Seen That They Had Taken Another $100 Out Today. Is There Something That We Can Do Here?! We Only Authorized Them To Take Out 6 Months Worth Of Payments. They Are Trying To Scare Us By Telling Us They Will Take Us To Court. Any Help Would Be Much Apprictiated! Thank You!

Unfotunately since you authorized them to take monies out of your account and you gave them your account number the bank is not going to be very sympathic to you. You could call them and file a claim agains the money they took out which in turn the bank will do an investigation and may or may not give you the money back which could take weeks. What the bank will advise you to do is to close out your account and open a new one.
You need to review the last six month and verify how much they have taken out of your account, add the money your husband gave up from and see if you are in fact paid off or not. If you are then I would copy this information and send it to the company for proof you've paid in full, along with a letter requesting they stop ALL FURTHER WITHDRAWLS from your account. Tell them in the letter you no longer authorize access to you account and any further action against your account on their part will be handled through legal actions. Threaten them that you've already contacted your bank and that any futher transactions will be considered bank fraud. (That one works, I've used it)
But if you have not paid in full, and you only have a couple more payments left go ahead and write this same letter and outline to them something to the effect of you have 3 more payments left in the agreement, these payments should take place on this date, this date and this date. Say after this date (last payment date) the account will be paid in full and further withdrawls should be stopped.

There are so many times when these companies will just hound the hell out of people and withdrawl moneys other then the agreed upon amount.
But since you did give them your account information there really is not a lot that can be done with the bank. They will tell you the same thing.

However, once you notify the company in writing you need to follow up with the bank and let them know you've done so.
One more thing you could/should do when you write this letter. End it at the bottom below where you sing your name on the left side of the page Cc: to your bank.
You con't actually have to send it to your bank but if they see that they will think you've sent it to your bank and that you will take legal actions.
Don't let them bully you!! Stand your ground.

Good Luck!!

Divorce Laws?
Should All States Have A Law For People Who Want To Get Divorce Need To Get Counseling To Be Granted A Divorce. Yes Or No? Give Me A Good Reason Why On Both.

I think that people should get counseling before they get married. I'm sure that many would have never gotten married if they had counseling before marriage. It's the same thing about having kids. Couples that plan on getting married should be force to take a parenting course before they get married, and not just after they are married.

I don't think that once a spouse has applied for a divorce that counseling should be forced on them for a divorce to be granted. If a spouse is asking for a divorce then it’s not hard to see that the marriage is really over.

Does Anybody Know The Top/Powerrful Lawyers In Atlanta Ga?
I Want To Sue An Individual... I Need The Best Lawyer In Atlanta Regardless Of How Much They Gonna Charge Me...

Again, without knowing the area of law, nobody here can make an accurate recommendation.

If I had an important case, I wouldn't use any of the attorneys who advertise on tv. If you have no personal recommendations, get hold of a copy of Atlanta Magazine -- I think it was last month's issue -- listing the top attorneys (by discipline) in Atlanta. If they don't have it at your library, call the magazine directly to find out which issue you need, and order a back copy.

Attorney fees can be verrrry steep, so before you say, "price is no object,' you might want to find out what they charge. You may have to pay, regardless of the outcome of your case.

I Want A Civil Rights Attorney To Talk To Do You Or Anyone You Know Have Suggestions?
I Am In La And Mine Is In Chicago

Hi I live in Oklahoma and am a Pre-Paid Legal member I have had a membership for a little over a year now. With my legal plan I have been helped with a traffic ticket , my divorce ,and a debt that I was told I had to pay , but did not owe. With my membership I saved 6000.00 US. Dollars on my divorce, and 1500.00 US. On that debt, and got out of the ticket that would have cost me 250.00 US. Dollars. A Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan SM gives you access to quality law firms for $26 a month or less. To sum this up I copped some info. From their web page. Have you ever...

Been overcharged for a repair?
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Prepared a will?
Even though most people find themselves in these situations, the majority do not seek the advice or help of a qualified lawyer. Why?

It may cost too much.
They may not know where to begin.
The process is intimidating.
You only get as much justice as you can afford. If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any! The top 10% of income earners can afford to have a lawyer on retainer and are accustomed to asking their lawyer for advice before making decisions. What about you?

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Without Pre-Paid Legal:

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If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!

Pre-Paid Legal "levels the playing field" in the justice system. With a Pre-Paid legal plan you can say, "I'm going to talk to my lawyer about this." -- and mean it!

You can have your personal legal document of up to 10 pages reviewed by an attorney and receive advice for your protection - BEFORE you sign. Prepare a Living Will BEFORE tragedy strikes. Pre-Paid Legal makes it possible for Pre-Paid Legal members to prepare a Living Will at no additional charge through the Pre-Paid Legal Forms Service Center. Phone Consultations on Unlimited Matters

As a member, you can consult with your Provider Law Firm toll free by phone on any personal or business-related matter. Just call your Provider's toll-free number during regular business hours when you have a legal problem or question. Here is a web page. To get more info. P.S. prepaidlegal is a Better Business Bureau member in Oklahoma.

How Come People Always Ask Lawyers Questions That Only Cops Can Answer ?

BUT police officers are NOT attorneys nor lawyers; most often they memorize a list of laws and make up the rest as they go along, or repeat whatever they hear others say without even finding out if it's true or not. That's why they are so respectful of attorneys and lawyers and oftentimes of paralegals, too.

Cops cannot answer legal questions; they are not attorneys nor lawyers and their jobs are to enforce, not to explain legalities... nor can Notary Public personnel answer legal questions or give opinions on law matters to any would-be client or person UNLESS they ARE paralegals or attorneys or lawyers (or judges, for that matter).

Police that specialize in certain crimes are somewhat familiar (or have a working familiarity with) certain aspects of laws governing that area of the crime they specialize in. For example, police that specialize in robbery as opposed to those in homicide or narcotics... just as doctors and even attorneys are now specializing in their particular field of expertise. I work with an attorney specializes in Bankruptcy and Real Estate yet he doesn't know much about Divorce or Family Law; another attorney I often work with specializes in Bankruptcy and Divorce but doesn't know much about Real Estate. I know another attorney who sounds like a medical doctor because of his understanding of anatomy, physiology and medical terms because he specializes in Personal Injury cases; he has somehow managed to attend a few autopsies, too. But, these attorneys do NOT know much about traffic tickets or traffic court and what they know about Landlord/Tenant Court procedures is less than what I know (I used to work with the Legal Aid in organizing LEGAL rent strikes back in the 70s, and I often appeared in court with tenants and affidavits and photos I had taken).

Police REALLY do not make the decision to arrest people unless they KNOW something beforehand or they've consulted with an Assistant District Attorney to explain aspects of the law they suspect are being broken.

Do not rely on television police personnel... it's all a nice fantasy... nice make-believe that REALLY deviates from the truth and reality.

WHO do you think trains police trainees in legal matters? And WHO do you think writes those legal books they read and study from? ATTORNEYS and LAWYERS.

I had one police officer tell me that I couldn't park before 12pm and I politely told him that there was NO such thing as 12am or 12pm... and he actually had the nerve to tell me that I didn't know what I was talking about, and he suggested that I was stupid... he obviously judged me by my long hair (worn in a ponytail, now graying) and I asked him if 12am was during the daylight or night... and he first said, it was during the day and I asked, "REALLY?" and he said, "No, I mean, night..." and I explained that the whole scenario of time not standing still... and suggested that he take the time to call up the Maritime Department and ask. So he asked me, "OK,, what do you call 12 o'clock at night?" and I said, "I call that 12 midnight and during the day, I call it 12 'noon." The sign was taken away for a couple of days and a new one put up which indicates that there is no parking allowed before 12 'noon! (The neighbors started calling the sign Calico's Sign)

A few days later, he saw me and came over and said he and his friends got into a debate and he actually won a bet at the precinct since he discovered that there is no such thing as 12am or 12pm but there IS a 12 midnight and 12 'noon, as I had told him. (He later discovered that I was his daughter's teacher at the local college and he really felt bad... and even worse when I did his daughter's wedding photos; we've been good friends now for over 18 years).