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4 Methods To Help Your Lawyer Enable You To When you really need a lawyer for any reason, you should work closely along with them to be able to win your case. Regardless how competent they can be, they're likely to need your help. Here are four important strategies to help your legal team help you win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - no matter what information you're likely to reveal in their mind. Privilege means anything you say is kept in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team needs to know everything in advance - especially information other side could learn about and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep a regular and factual account of information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the current data they need to help them win. 3. Turn Up Early For All Engagements Not be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, by being by the due date, each time. Actually, because you may want to discuss eleventh hour details or be extra ready for the way it is you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate That You Have Your Act Together If you've been arrested for any kind of crime, it's important so that you can convince the court that you simply both regret the actions and they are making strides toward boosting your life. As an example, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for the rehab program. Be sincere and included in the cities the judge is presiding over. Working more closely with the legal team increases your chances of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you must win your case.

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What Happened To Judge Mablean Ephraim On Divorce Court?
Who'S This New Chick?

This is from

"At a press conference last week to explain her reasons for leaving the syndicated Fox Television series “Divorce Court,” Judge Mablean Ephriam said the syndicator was unwilling to pay her as much as the other TV judges, and had the nerve to demand that her hairdo not change for the entire season.

“There will be no changes in the current hairstyle to avoid time consuming issues regarding her hair,” Fox was said to have stated during its negotiations – a demand Ephriam found to be very offensive and racially insensitive.

Here were her words at the press conference:

“The requirement also comes very close to a violation, if it does not in fact violate, the Fair Employment Practices Act. An employer cannot demand one to wear a particular hairstyle unless it directly affects or impacts the employee’s ability to perform his or her employment duties. My hairstyle does not meet this criteria, it is, however, a racial and ethnic issue.

“Suddenly, after seven years of a show that has run neck- in- neck with the other top rated court shows, why is my hair an issue. Why, I ask? Because of my ethnicity – African American, Black, *****, whatever term you prefer to use. Because of my genetics (short, curly, hair) which requires the use of chemicals and/or a hot pressing comb to straighten and curlers to style. It cannot be styled by a wash, blow dry and set. Therefore, in Fox’s opinion, it is a time consuming issue.

“I wore a short hairstyle which was my own hair. Due to a misapplication of a chemical process, I lost a substantial amount of hair in season six. Out of my desire to maintain continuity, and the image I had created (for the last five years), I elected to wear a wig last year. Had Fox asked me to maintain a short hairstyle for continuity and for image, it would have been a different issue. But they are saying I must continue to wear the wig because that would expedite the hair styling process. However, my hair has now grown. I had not yet decided what hairstyle I would wear for season eight. If I were to accept their demands, I would have been unable to make that decision.”

Ephriam also said the salary Fox offered her for season eight was substantially less than all of the other court show judges.

“Though I made several offers of reduction from my initial demand, in an effort to reach a settlement, Fox remained firm in its ‘low-ball offer’ and finally, its ‘take-or-leave it offer’ which contained a very small increase from its initial position, coupled with some other unreasonable demands,” she said. “Fox took the position that in order to receive this small increase (which was still unequal); there would be ‘significant production changes.’”

Among them:

• Tape seven shows per day (sometimes eight), instead of six. “I indicated I could not do this effectively and produce quality shows,” she explains.

• No vacation time during tape schedule. She notes: “My national church convocation in November is the only vacation I take during tape season. Will I now not be allowed to observe my religious practice? This was non-negotiable for me. I believe this infringes on my freedom of religious belief? The other times-off from taping were promotional appearances… at the request of civic groups, schools, churches, women groups, and non-profit organizations such as the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage, which benefits Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s).

Ephraim continued: “There were several other issues related to the tape schedule and taping itself which were unfair to the staff and crew of ‘Divorce Court,’ as well as me. For instance, ‘we no longer will be able to pay for the holiday luncheon’ stated Fox. ‘Divorce Court’ has one catered meal the entire season, the Christmas holiday luncheon, before hiatus. This would be cut out if I were to be paid the small increase. This would not be fair to the staff and crew.

“Not only have I been impacted but my personal assistant Princess and my daughter, Darlene Allen. Darlene was head of the wardrobe department. She too now has been terminated.”

In closing, Ephriam thanks Fox “for the last seven years, for the opportunity, for the exposure. I also thank Fox for refusing to pay me what I know I was worth. It set me free to ascend to higher ground. To go beyond before. I firmly believe that God has a better plan for my life.”

Could be true..or false.

Desi :-)

Does Anybody Know How The San Joaqin County Family Law Courts Are How Are The Judges Etc.?
My Child Custody And Visitation Case Originated In Santa Clara County The Judge Oredered A Change Of Venue To San Joaquin County I Dont Know If This Is A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing Considering How The Courts Work My Question Is Does Anybody Know If San Joaquin Is More Lienent When It Comes To This Type Of Case




How Much Does A Real Estate Lawyer Make?
I Thought That Lawyers Make A Lot Of Money, Like On Average Some $160,000/Yr. But I Look At My Professors At School And Some Of Them Are Lawyers And Honestly, I Don'T Know. I Don'T Mean To Sound Shallow, But Like The One Professor Who Is A Real Estate Lawyer And Accountant And Has His Private Practice. He Lives In A Average House ($250,000 Value), Drives Kind Of Old Ford Car, His Kids Go To Public Schools And Are Not Really Any Smarter Than The Rest. I Doubt His Wife Works, Though. And The Fact That He Is A Professor Too, Makes Me Doubt That He Makes Any Good Money As A Lawyer, Because In My Opinion If He Was A Good Lawyer He Would Make Enough Already Without Having To Teach. And Once He Said That If He Were To Do It All Over Again He Wouldn'T Have Gone To Law School...So I Wonder, Is It True That Only A Handful Of Lawyers Make Good Money And The Rest Are Just Upper Middle Class In The Best Case?

"I don't mean to sound shallow, but like the one professor who is a real estate lawyer and accountant and has his private practice. He lives in a average house ($250,000 value), drives kind of old Ford car, his kids go to public schools and are not really any smarter than the rest."

So you think an expensive car and huge house and private schools are the only signs of real wealth? Honey, you need to read "The Millionaire Next Door" and wake up. Chances are that as a real estate lawyer he knows a lot about real estate investing, and for all you know his family is sitting on $1mil or more in real estate investments, which they've been able to build up from living a relatively modest life.

And that he said if he were to do it all over again he wouldn't have gone to law school is even more telling... he may wish he'd skipped school and gone straight into real estate, since you only need a license and not a degree to practice. I've told people the same thing. I was a licensed agent until I moved, and my husband and I are now investors.

You really shouldn't judge people by their material possessions. I drive a 2001 Ford Escort with WELL over 100,000 miles that doesn't even has cruise control. My husband drives a 2005 Jeep Wrangler with 50,000 miles and no power locks. We live in a 30 year old townhouse that is a mere 1050 sf. Yet this year our net income will be over $250,000, we own two properties, and I run my own business. Could we afford a bigger house and newer cars? You bet. But you don't build wealth by spending all of your money.

Legal/Custody/Guardianship Question...Help!!?
Lets Start With Background Info... Mother And Father Of The Child Are Separated. (Never Married) With Joint Custody. They Live In Indiana. Lets Say The Father Signs Over His Part Guardianship Temporarily (To Childs Uncle & Aunt) Because He Needs Some Time To Get Back On His Feet. What Rights Do They Have As Far As Custody Goes? Childs Mother Is Living Out Of A Hotel Because Of Eviction. Mother Is Attempting Getting A Restraining Order Because She Wants To Move Out Of The State (So She Made Up Some Stuff To Try And Get Out Of Joint Custody). Please Let Me Know If You Can Find Any Websites On This Topic. I Know I Need A Lawyer, Already Have An Appt. I Just Wanted To Research All Possible Options. Thank You So Much For You Answers.!

In most states...a child 13 or older can decide who they want to live with permanently

"Lets say the father signs over his part guardianship temporarily (to childs uncle & aunt) because he needs some time to get back on his feet. What rights do they have as far as custody goes? " - They only have temporary rights as outlined in the custody agreement.

"Mother is attempting getting a restraining order because she wants to move out of the state (so she made up some stuff to try and get out of joint custody)." - She can relinquish her own custody rights if that is what you mean...otherwise, she cannot get a restraining order for the child if joint custody is still in play. Unless, abuse is determined to be taking place by the judge. If she "made stuff up", she can wind up in jail if it is proven false. She can get a restraining order for herself, but the judge will have to approve it.

If both parents can be "PROVEN" to be negligent/neglectfull/incompetent, on the childs behalf, the temporary guardians can petition a judge for full legal custody. This would not be easy by any means, and would take alot of time and money...with no guarantees the order would not be reversed.

On a side note. If either parent were to move out of the state, unless expressily prohibited by a judge they wouldn't be breaking any laws., You cannot kidnap your own child, and law would then apply to the custody battle in that state, which basically puts the entire case back to square one. Initial hearing, so on and so that state. This means that in order to legally get the child back, they would have to be TAKEN by a legal guardian in the same manner, or a new legal proceeding filed in that state. A legal guardian is not considered kidnapping by leaving the state with the child, and not notifying the other legal guardian. MOST states will not extradite individuals, or children, for violating custody orders by judges in other states. Especially, if the child is already enrolled in school. Refer to the laws in the state they are moving to.

Question About Child Labor Laws?
Flsa: No Employment Permitted During School Hours. May Work After School In Occupations Not Declared Hazardous In Agriculture. See Child Labor Bulletin 102. (Exception: 12 And 13 Year-Olds May Be Employed With Written Parental Consent Or On A Farm Where The Minor’S Parent Is Also Employed; Minors Under 12 May Be Employed With Written Parental Consent On Farms Where Employees Are Exempt From The Federal Minimum Wage Provisions.) I'M 13. Does This Mean I Can Get A Job At Some Places If My Parents Say It'S Fine?

Minimum Age

Chapter 450.021 governs the minimum age for minors working in certain occupations. In general, children below the age of 13 cannot be gainfully employed in any occupation; however, the law states that there is no minimum age for a child working as a page in the Florida State Legislature. Minimum age laws do not apply to the entertainment industry either, in recognition of the fact that sometimes a theater, film or television production may call for the portrayal of a very young child. Children under the age of 10 cannot be employed to deliver newspapers, no child under the age of 17 may be employed anywhere that alcoholic drinks are sold to the public, unless the child is working in a drug store, grocery store or other retail establishment where alcoholic drinks are sold to be consumed off the premises, as set out in Chapter 562.13 of the Florida statutes.
Hazardous Occupations

Children below the age of 15 are not allowed to work in hazardous environments or with hazardous equipment. These are listed in Section 450.061 of the Florida statutes and include work with power mowers, work in sawmills or logging, work on scaffolding, heavy building work, work making or transporting flammable substances, or manufacturing work involving heavy machinery. Other hazardous occupations include elevator repair, spray painting, alligator wrestling and door-to-door commercial selling. The law further states that children under the age of 18 cannot work with, or near, explosives or radioactive materials. Children younger than 18 also are not allowed to work as firefighters, in the meat-packing and slaughter industry or in any occupation involving work on electrical wiring. Working with tractors and working with metal-forming machines also is forbidden to those younger than 18.
Violation of Child Labor Laws

Violation of the Florida child labor laws is considered to be a misdemeanor in the second degree, and every day that the law is violated counts as a separate offense. This means that if a child is employed for seven days contrary to Florida laws, the employer has committed seven separate offenses. A company, government agency or person suspected of violating child labor laws must be given a written notice stating the rule that is being violated and the facts supporting the department of labor's suspicions. The notice must also state the action that must be taken to remedy the violation of the law and a time frame for taking the action. If the party who is breaking the law complies with the terms of the notice within the specified time frame no fine is levied, but if an employer continues to break the law beyond the time frame of the notice, the maximum fine that can be imposed is $25,000, depending on the seriousness and frequency of the offense.

I Got Caught Shoplifting, Legal Advice?
I Was With A Friend, Long Story Short We Walked Out With A Tube Of Lipstick From The Store Valued $12. We Were Caught, Parents Were Informed And Since We Are 17 The Police Told Us To Call Youth Referral Program Within Seven Days And Made Us Sign Our Signatures. My Question Is, What Happens If I Dont Call The Referral Program? Will They Know? Do They Have Any Records? They Said I Dont Have A Record All I Have To Do Is Some Program And Pay A Fine And Its Like It Never Happened. I Have 3 Days Left To Call Please Help.

Geez, stupid twice. Why would you not call? Are you on a self-destructive path? Do you want to go to juvie and have a record? They will try you as an adult.

If you choose not to call, the police can press charges against you. And yes, they do follow up.

By the way, you can also expect a bill, for a civil fine, from the people you stole from. That will run $250 or more. And that is separate from the criminal case. And yes, you do have to pay it or they will take you to court, sue you and your parents, and you will get stuck with legal fees.

You don't really seem to know what you did, because you haven't learned a damn thing. Stop breaking the law. Follow the rules, or spend the rest of your life unemployable because you have a record and no one will want you.