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Texas Eviction Legal Advice?
I Did Not Pay My Landlord Rent In July Because He Refused To Fix A Sewer Leak, Now In August He Is Filing An Eviction Suit For Non Payment Of Rent. My Court Date Is On The Thursday The 21St, My Question Is Since It Has Been Seven Days Since I Have Been Served, Can I Still Go And Request A Trial By Jury? Thank You For Your Help.

I think you should go to a legal aid clinic where they help people with landlord-tenant issues. I have valuable advice for you from personal experience:

1) Do NOT go to court without an attorney, any attorney. There are judges who will decide against you simply for not knowing courtroom protocol.

2) Expect it to be very, very difficult to find a lawyer who practices this kind of law on the tenant side. In Texas, the laws are tilted so far in favor of landlords that almost no lawyers serve tenants because it would be a losing proposition, plus, it's more lucrative on the other side.

3) Ahead of your court date, spend a day in housing court in your county and watch the protocol in action.

4) You might want to go to court with the money for the rent and explain to the judge that you have withheld rent because the landlord refused to make a repair and it is the only recourse you have as a tenant to your knowledge.

5) Find out if there is a department of buildings and structures department with the state government and see if you have recourse to report him for refusing to make the repair.

6) If all else fails, I have an eviction on my record courtesy of the great state of Texas and let me tell you that nobody will rent to you there with an eviction on your record. They flat WON'T; you want to take the consequences of this seriously. Your better bet might be just to pay the guy, report the guy to the dept. of buildings, dept. of health, whatever, and find out if he'll withdraw the suit if you pay him in full. Make sure you get a "yes" from him in writing, then pay him, then get the confirmation from the court that the case has been dismissed without prejudice, then give notice, pack up, and just before you move, report him (possibly to the Atty general's office).

In the short run, try to find a lawyer.


Can I just say that any state in which I am in the wrong for withholding rent if the landlord refuses to make repairs is a state in which I will not live if I can help it. That essentially suggests that all the contractual obligations are on the tenant's end and none on the landlord's end.

What Are Private Adoption Laws In Louisiana.?
It Would Be A Private Adoption, As In The Mother Would Like To Sign Over Her Legal Rights To My Husband And Myself At Birth. She Has Told Us That We Would Legally Be Able To Do This, As Well As Sign The Birth Certificates As Her Biological Parents. I Am Not Sure If This Is Correct And Looking For Advice. We Are Trying To Avoid Large Adoption Costs By Hiring Attorneys And Adoption Agencies. How Can I Protect Myself As The Mother Of This Unborn Child, In The Event That 2 Years After Birth, The Birth Mother Decides She Wants To Change Her Mind. I Would Like To Have All Legal Rights And To Be The One To Make All Decisions In Raising This Child. I Have Told The Birth Mom That We Could Keep It Open And She Could Have As Much Intereaction With The Child As Possible, But I Still Want The Child To Be Protected. The Birth Mother Is Giving Her Up For A Reason And I Want To Make Sure The Child Is Safe And Well Taken Care Of At All Times. Advice Please!

Hi JennyLea38,

Sorry you were misinformed on several counts.

It is NOT legal for adoptive couples to sign any original birth certificate in any state. That would be a lie, and it would be theft and deception to the child.

Private adoptions does not mean that large profits are not made. In fact, adoption attorneys make tons of money doing what they do. It just doesn't involve an adoption agency and there are less protections in place for all of the parties.

You say this will be an "open" adoption, yet you say you want the child to be "protected." Protected from whom? I hope you do not see the mother as a threat to the child. I'm sure the mother wants the child to be safe and protected at all times too. Would you feel comfortable sharing those thoughts with her? If not, ask yourself why not. That will be very revealing.

You say there is a "reason." Are you sure that reason isn't that she just does not have the resources to keep her family together? Most mothers really do love and want their babies. Is there anything you could do to help her since that would be in the baby and mother's best interests, instead of encouraging her to relinquish?

You make no mention of the child's father, who has rights equal to the mother's. Adoptions may not legally occur unless BOTH parents voluntarily relinquish their parental rights. One parent may not sign away the rigths for both parents, only for their own.

To proceed legally, you must follow the law every step. Original birth certificates always contain the information detailing the true facts of the birth. That means the parents are the legal parents until relinquishment papers are signed by both of them. Do not think of this as your child until that event happens. If it does, then you need to petition the court to adopt. You need to already have an approved home study completed. Then you need to wait 6-12 months until you can go to court again to try to have it finalized.

Other advice - If for some reason, you cannot adopt this baby, think of it as a good thing for the child. It's one less child who had to be unnecessarily separated from their family. There are many children whose parents' rights have already been terminated. They are already waiting for new homes. You will find them waiting in foster care. There will be little cost or wait once you have been approved to adopt. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

julie j
reunited adult adoptee

ETA - A few more notes after your last comment
(which was cut off before you finished):
You mentioned her rights have been terminated for her other children. Social workers usually try to place siblings together in the same home whenever possible because that is what is best for them. Parents are given a period of time to complete a court-ordered program to improve their conditions so that their families can be reunited. Does this mother need a drug treatment program or to address another issue first so that she could safely parent again? Perhaps a temporary foster care or temp legal guardianship arrangement could benefit them instead of a permanent adoption?

Hormones change during pregnancy. What a woman thinks she might feel now can totally change once her baby is here. That's the maternal instinct, nature's way of assuring that mothers will nurture their babies with love. All mothers and babies deserve a chance to be alone together before any decision can be made to tell them goodbye. If she does not see her baby, she will live to regret that. A decision need not be made right at birth. In fact, depending on your state, there may be a minimum of X number of days required first. There is no maximum. Thank you for encouraging them to take as much time as they need first. Adoption is nothing to rush into. I agree with you that I cannot think of anything worse than losing a child, let alone several. Mothers never "get over that." Ask other mothers who have walked in her footsteps. Yes, it's very painful, and it can be for the children as well. Relinquishing is an act of desperation when there are no better options available. Nobody really wants to give away their baby. We do not typically give away those we profess to love. If you do end up adopting, please don't ever tell a child "Your mother loved you so much she gave you away." Every adoptee knows that makes no sense.

When the father is unknown, efforts must be made to contact him before a final decree can be granted, such as an ad must be run in the paper where he was last known to have resided advising him of a possible adoption for his child in the event he does not claim his parental rights. You will still need a lawyer to represent you. Look for one who specializes in family law.

Bar Association Question?
I Work At A Gas Station In New York State, I Have To Id Anyone Who Purchases Beer Or Tobacco Products If They Look Like They'Re Under 30 Years Old. If They Can'T Present A Valid Id I Can'T Sell Them The Product. Well Tonight A Woman Comes In Wanting To Buy Beer, I Didn'T Id Her Because She Was Clearly Over 30. I Bag The Beer, Tell Her The Total And She Gives Me This Gleeful Smile Before Informing Me That She'S With The Bar Association And I'M Getting A Red Card Because I Didn'T Id Her. She Asked For My Name And Told Me They'D Be Out All Week Doing This. Logic Is Telling Me She Is Full Of It Because I'Ve Been Working At This Place For Over A Year And Never Once Have I Heard Of This Happening. She Didn'T Say A Word About Getting Arrested Or Fined Or Anything Except For That Red Card. I Need This Job So I'M Obviously A Little Worried. I Just Wonder If This Is True At All?

The bar association deals with enforcing the community guidelines of lawyers, and as such, can only effect lawyers. Enforcing law is up to the police or other federal agency (FBI, CIA, etc), who can lead to criminal prosecutions.

The bar can only strip you of your legal legitimacy as a lawyer. They can still report you to the cops, but only in the same capacity as any other citizen.

If You Could Ask A Lawyer A Question..?
What Would You Ask? We Have A Lawyer Coming To Class. Yes, I Know.. Why Are Lawyers Souless And Moneygrubbers Yada Yada.. I Was Looking For Something More Respectful And Insightful Into The Law.

Here are some questions that you could ask that are similar to what you are asking, yet phrased with more respect:

Why do you think some people have a negative image of lawyers, and what do you think should be done to correct the problem?

In order to correct the image problem that lawyers have, do you think the regulation of lawyers should be done by the legislature, or that lawyers should regulate themselves through a bar organization?

What do you think about billing clients on an hourly basis ($300 per hour, for example) versus billing them a contingent fee that takes up to 33% or 40% of whatever is recovered? Do you think lawyers should charge a flat fee for services instead ($5000 per personal injury case, for example) instead of on an hourly or contingency basis?

Do you think the negative image that lawyers sometimes have is a result of those bad commercials we see on t.v.? If so, do you think there should be stricter standards on these commercials?

Corporate Lawyers In Massachusettes!!!!?
I Am Considering A Degree In Law After I Graduate High School. There Are Plenty Of Different Fields I Can Go Into, But I Want To Know A Little About Every One Before I Decide. Please If There Are Any Corporate Lawyers In Ma, Describe Your Job For Me And Your Avergage Salary. Since I Live Close To Boston, It Would Be Better To Know What The Salary Is There Than Some Other City.

Law school is a 3 year degree program after college -- so you should really be looking at getting into the best college possible. By getting into the best college possible, you'll be able to go to the best graduate school or get the best post-college job -- it will keep your opportunities open.

If by corporate lawyers you mean lawyers that do corporate work as opposed to lawyers that go to trial -- then what corporate lawyers do is assist businesses on a variety of transactions. Corporate lawyers tend to specialize unless they work at small firms -- some lawyers help businesses that want to buy or sell other businesses (mergers and acquisitions), some lawyers help companies that want to sell stock or debt in the public markets (capital markets), some lawyers help companies manage their patents (IP), some lawyers give tax advice to companies (tax), some lawyers help form private investment fund (private equity). Day to day though it almost always involves lots of emails, conference calls, drafting lots of forms and having lots of meetings where negotiations and advising takes place. Some corporate lawyers work for companies -- most of the best work for large law firms that companies hire on a per transaction basis. If you like the work it can be rewarding but often, even for the most enthusiastic lawyer, the work is grinding, the pressure is high and the hours can be devastatingly long.

The hierarchy of law firms and lawyer pay is brutal. If you go to a good law school and get into a top tier firm you will make, today, $160,000 before your year end bonus which is usually small (not like investment banking) but will still put you in the $175,000 range likely. But if you don't get into a top tier, I have no idea what you make but its a lot less. So if you don't get into a good college and therefore can't get into a good law school, well, there's no guarantee on what you'll make.

Even if you could be an elite firm lawyer, if you went to a good enough college to get into that law school, you maybe could have gone into investment banking. Banking can be worse in terms of life style but you can make an awful lot more money. The base salary of an analyst might only be $60k but they can get year end bonuses of $160k in the bulge brackets -- and that's for someone who is 23, not someone who has finished another 3 years of law school.

Assuming you can get the best jobs, being a lawyer can promise you with very little risk a very comfortable upper middle class lifestyle but unless you get very lucky you will never have more than a couple million dollars in saving and it will take you awhile to get there and you'll have to work like a dog to do it. Being in investment banking might burn you harder but if you have the strength to make it you'll end up with a lot more cash a lot faster.

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Question For Any Criminal Attorneys...?
I Just Finished Jury Duty On A Burglary And Theft Case. Basically, The Defendant Borrowed Her Cousin'S Car To Gain Access To A Gated Community. We Found The Defendant Guilty And It Seamed To Be An Easy Decision For Most Of Us. Our Main Point Of Contention Was Whether She Was The Perp Or Aided And Abetted The Crime(S). The Thing That Kind Of Bothers Me Was The Defense'S Case Was Mainly &Quot;I Don'T Have The Burden To Prove Anything&Quot;. Their Only Witness Was The Defendant And They Presented Nothing To Back Up Her Story Or Reestablish Her Credibility After She Lied And Gave Inconsistent Accounts. The Defense Attorney Just Mentioned On Several Occasions That The Burden Was On The Prosecution. Is That A Common Defense & Is Common For A Case That Weak To Be Brought To Trial. Could The Defense Simply Been Relying On The Unpredictability Of Juries? I Realize The Burden Of Proof Is On The Prosecution, I Just Would Have Expected Something From The Defense.

As a former defense attorney, I can tell you that sometimes you have a client who simply will not take advice. A defendant has an absolute right to a trial. If their defense is unbelievable & they keep telling lies & inconsistent stories & have no corroborating witnesses & refuse to consider some type of plea bargain, there is just nothing you can do to protect them. Private attorneys can withdraw; but public defenders are legally obligated to follow their client's desires & go to trial with whatever good or bad evidence there is.