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Need Volunteers To Fill Out Family Law Survey For Assignment :)?
Hey Guys. So For My Legal Assignment, It Would Really Be Great If You Could Quickly Answer A Few Questions About Family Law, It Doesn'T Matter Where You'Re From, Just Leave Your Gender And Age :) I Know The Questions Look Long, But I Promise It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Answer. Please And Thankyou! 1. Should Same Sex Marriages In Other Countries Be Recognised In Australia? Y/N? 2. What Is Your Definition Of 'Family'? 3.Do You Agree That The Marriageable Age In Australia Is 18 Yo? 4. Should A Couple Have To Be Married For A Minimum Of 2 Years, Before Filing For A Divorce? 5. Should Mandatory Reporting Of Child Abuse Be Compulsory For Everyone? Why/Why Not? 6. Do You Think Same-Sex Couples Should Be Allowed To Marry In Australia? 7. Is 12 Months Seperation The Right Length Of Time To Be Eligible For A Divorce? Should It Be Longer/Shorter? Why? 8. Should There Be A Minimum Length Of Time A Couple Should Be Engaged For? If Yes, How Long? 9. Should Polygamous Marriages From Other Countries Be Recognised In Australia? 10. Have You Ever Been Affected By Family Law? If So, How? 11. What Is Your Opinion On Arranges Marriages? 12. Should Same-Sex Couples Be Allowed To Adopt? 13. Should People Be Allowed To Marry First Cousins? 14. Should People Who Have Had Sexual Reassignment Surgery Be Eligible For Marriage? 15. Do You Consider Smacking A Child A Form Of Child Abuse?

1. Should same sex marriages in other countries be recognised in australia? Yes.

2. What is your definition of 'family'? People you've been brought up with or live like a family with, you don't have to necessarily be related.

3.Do you agree that the marriageable age in Australia is 18 yo? Yes.

4. Should a couple have to be married for a minimum of 2 years, before filing for a divorce? No.

5. Should mandatory reporting of child abuse be compulsory for everyone? Yes.

6. Do you think same-sex couples should be allowed to marry in Australia? Yes.

7. Is 12 months seperation the right length of time to be eligible for a divorce? Shorter, because it doesn't take long to realise things aren't working.

8. Should there be a minimum length of time a couple should be engaged for? No.

9. Should polygamous marriages from other countries be recognised in Australia? No.

10. Have you ever been affected by family law? No.

11. What is your opinion on arranges marriages? It's fine if that's what people want.

12. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt? Yes.

13. Should people be allowed to marry first cousins? As long as they don't have biological children.

14. Should people who have had sexual reassignment surgery be eligible for marriage? Yes.

15. Do you consider smacking a child a form of child abuse? No.

I Need Serious Help, I Live In Federal Housing, And I'Ve Pissed The Lady Off That Runs This Facility, I'M?
Going To College, Working, Raising My Kids, And Trying My Best To Make It With What Little Resources I Have. I'M Surrounded By Morons As Neighbors, And I Called The Police On One Of These Neighbors, Well, Let Me Tell You What Happened Tonight, Then Please Give Advice... I Don'T Want To Be In This Low Income Housing Complex, But I Have No Other Place To Go. So, My Neighbor That Lives Down The Street From Me Has This 6 Year Old Little Boy, Whose Just Not Right In His Head, He'S Constantly Hitting Other Kids, Spitting On Them, He Peed On My 4 Year Old Son. I Mean, The Boy Just Isn'T Right Alright, So, I'Ve Asked His Mother, Who Also Isn'T Right In Her Head, Several Times To Keep This Little Boy Off My Property, So, Earlier This Evening He Came Over, His Mom Wasn'T Watching, Him, And I Mean Literally, There Is Something Wrong With Him, She Don'T Send Him To School, So, Its Hard To Say What Exactly, He'S Never Attended School Regularly In His Life. Anyhow, He Came Over Earlier This Evening, And My 4 Year Old Boy Has This Tonka Truck, Pretty Sturdy Little Truck, Anyhow, This Kid Picks It Up And Starts Hitting My Daughter Whose 7 In The Head With It, So, I Tell Him, Get Out Of My Yard, Now! Well, About 2 Min. Later, He'S Back Chasing My Daughter With My Sons Truck, And I Yell Get Out Of My Yard, And He Takes Off With My Sons Truck, I Yell At Him, Leave The Truck Here, He Kept Going With The Truck, So I Chased Him Down And Took The Truck From Him, Took Him By His Hand, And Walked Him To His Mothers House, Knocked On The Door, Gave Her His Hand And Said,&Quot; Keep Your Son Off My Property!&Quot; Okay, So, She Comes To My House About 10 Minutes After That, With Another Girl, Cussing At Me, So, I Called The Police, Well, The Police Says, There'S Nothing We Can Do, We'Ll Turn It Into Housing And Let Them Deal With It. Now, Here'S The Problem, The Lady Up At Housing, Don'T Like Me, Because She Tried To Evict Another Neighbor Of Mine, And I Stood Up For Her. Anyhow, It'S All Ridiculous, I'M Worried Now, I'M Going To End Up In Some Kind Of Trouble, The Other Mother Said I Threw Her Son At Her, It'S All A Mess, I Didn'T, But, Don'T Have A Right Not To Have A Kid On My Property Hitting My Kids In The Head? It'S Just Plum Ridiculous! Any Advice?

Unfortunately the cops don't seem willing to do anything about this bullying, and I can almost guarantee it's because of where you live. (I hope that doesn't offend you. I'm not trying to be offensive because I've been there).

I know this is going to sound like a standard reply, but you seriously need to talk to an attorney. Go to your local bar association's website and find one through their lawyer finder. There are many who will consult with you free of charge and could set up a payment plan with you (called contingency). You're hitting a brick wall because of your situation, unfortunately, but there are people out there who WILL help you.

And call Child Protective Services and have them investigate that mother. If the child is reacting that way, being abusive, more often than not they are mimicking what they see at home, or what is being done to them.

Have You Ever Drove Drunk?
Have You Ever Drove Drunk ? Also How Drunk Where You ?

I have an interesting story about this.

I am firmly against drunk driving, but I have done it ONCE.

It was my uncles birthday and I ended up doing some stupid stuff that is really out of character for me, because he just had a baby, and the celebratory spirit was high, so I drank like twenty Bud Lights and smoked some weed and a couple hits of Salvia Divinorum. Needless to say the Salvia put me a little out there and my Uncles wife's (who was a new mother) motherly instincts kicked in and kicked me out. I was supposed to have spent the night there so I had to get a ride back to my motel from my other uncle, who knew he was going to have to drive so was actually atone sober except for weed he brought and smoked.
Well for some reason we got pulled over and he quite stupidly admitted to having pot on him when the officer asked if their was any drugs or weapons in the vehicle (routine question). So he got arrested and I was sitting there very, very messed up on beer, pot and a hallucinogen more powerful microgram for microgram than LSD when the officer pulled me out too. So I stood there and he asked me if I had any drugs or knew of the drugs my uncle had. I said "No" and he asked if I had been doing any drugs ,and I said "No". I was sure he knew I was lying and was going to give me a breathaliser as I felt as if I was swaying like a tree in a strong wind and kind of thought the road was melting to my left, but the next question he asked was " Are you okay to follow me back to the station?" I was like "Sure thing" and than he handed me the keys. The other funny thing about this story as I did not have a drivers license and I guess he just didn't care to ask, but here I was being handed keys to a car by a cop while drunk off my ***, and high on copious amounts of weed and a couple bowls of salvia. Under fear of arrest I did not offer to speak up about the reality of my highly inebriated state so I took the keys , and when the officer told me to keep up , I said "You betcha sir."

I sat behind the wheel dumbfounded and more than a little nervous. My paranoid and drug addled mind brought back images of the movie Super Troopers and I was running through a number of terrible "gotcha" scenarios that were about to be played out with me as the unwitting victim.
I sat there for what seemed like forever until finally the cop car pulled away, and I started up the engine to follow. Suddenly I froze as all my knowledge of how to drive seemed to magically dissapear under the terrible anxiety of what I was about to under take. Minutes earlier i was running down this same stretch of road yelling as I felt myself be slowly ground down back into the earth to feed the spirit of the over looming trees that seemed to be communicating with me about the transcendental nature of reality. I was freaking out.

A car went ahead of me, than another, than anohter. I started to lose site of the officer and was snapped back to reality. I had to put this ****** in gear!
I popped it into drive and took off. If I had been in a stick shift I probably would have put it right into second. I found myself racing down the road and thinking "Stay between the yellow lines, keep the car ahead of you a safe distance and just follow the flow" , but suddenly in this night of curveballs a fast ball was thrown. The cop started CRUISING! I was like "Does he expect me to follow him like that?" No way was I falling into that trap and I kept my cool and just kept following the flow of traffic. After a couple of minutes I realized the cop was nowhere to be found and I was on my own. I suspiciously eyed other cruisers that passed me by but none seemed to give me gestures or otherwise make any indication they knew what was going on. I was now seriously considering not going to the station and in fact had quite decidedly decided just that, the only problem was I was still pretty lit and I found myself lost even though I was in relatively familiar territory. I drove around for what must have been forty five minutes before I somehow found myself on the same road my motel was on. I pulled in and proceeded to freak out alone in my hotel room for a while and purge the alcohol that was in my system (stick finger down throat). There is really no conclusion to this story but for the hour or so that it was happening it was a very surreal experience. My uncle got out and had to pay a fine and everything was for the most part all right with the world. I however would always wonder if I really was the victim of some bored country cops prank to see how well a guy ballsed out on salvia would make it when handed the keys of car by a cop and told to "Follow me".

What Made Racehorse Haynes Such A Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney In Texas?

Haynes is widely known in the criminal defense realm and though he’s starting to get up there at 80, he’s still out there trying cases. He made a name defending wealthy, high-profile clients against seemingly overwhelming evidence. He had an ego to match. 'Time' magazine once referred to him as one of the top six criminal lawyers in America and shortly before Cullen’s trial, Haynes was asked by a reporter if he was the best criminal defense lawyer in Texas. He barely paused before replying, “I believe I am.” Then, he immodestly added, “I wonder why you restrict it to Texas.”

Another old article from the Wall Street Journal noted the following:

Once, during closing arguments, Mr. Haynes cross-examined a key witness that the prosecution had refused to call by addressing pointed questions to an empty witness chair. His questions were so demanding of answers that 10 jurors voted to, acquit his client. It also quoted another lawyer saying of Haynes, “The reason Haynes is the best lawyer money can buy, is because he does his own detective work, he picks his juries real careful-like, and he isn’t too damned pin-striped to take a wild-fool risk now and again.”

Below I provided a link that is very Interesting, an Interview with Racehorse Haynes....

I've been to the Dallas and other parts of Texas a countless number of times (best friend lives there)...and, many speak highly of Racehorse Haynes..he's a legend.


How Can I Get Guardianship Of My Sick Father?
I'M 23, And Live With My 67 Year Old Father And Boyfriend. My Mother Died 6 Years Ago, And Since Then My Father Had A Mental Breakdown And Has Just Gotten Worse Since Then. He Refuses To Get Help, And Now He Has Physical Problems Too. He Has Diagnosed Skin Cancer, Which He Won'T Get Seen For, As Well As Copd, Asthma, Emphysema, High Blood Pressure, And Is Underweight (117Lbs For A 5'10” Male.) He Is Basically Anorexic, And Sleeps On The Floor. His Mental Health Is The Real Reason He Won'T Get Help, And He Frequently Makes Suicidal Remarks Or Remarks About Wanting To Be Dead. His Finances Are Horribly Disorganized And He Almost Lost The House Last Year Because He Never Paid The Property Taxes Or Mortgage. What I Want To Know Is: How Can I Get Guardianship Of My Father, So That I Can Make Decisions For Him? What Would Be Some First Steps To Take In Order To Get Help For My Father? I Talked To My Older Sisters (42, 47), And They Also Believe Something Needs To Be Done And Are Willing To Help Even Though They Don'T Live With Us. They Said They'D Go With Me And Even See If We Could 'Share' The Guardianship Responsibilities If Possible. If I Could Even Just Get Temporary Powers To Organize His Finances And Have Him Seen At A Mental Hospital, And Get Steady Treatment Until He Improves Would Be Helpful. I Just Think That Unless I Do Something Like This, My Father Is Going To Die And/Or Ruin Himself (And Our Family) Financially.

Consult with an elder law attorney. If you can't find one that does pro bono (free) work, go to Legal Aid. Guardianship is not easily granted; many see it as stripping a person of their most basic rights - deciding where to live, spend money their money, etc.

You would have to prove mental incapacity to gain guardianship. The court will appoint a lawyer who will work hard to prove your father does not need anyone managing his life so be prepared for a battle (and you'll probably have to pay the opposing lawyer's expenses). In the guardianship petition it will ask why you wish to be guardian and you'll have to list specific events which demonstrate the need for someone to take over the affairs of an adult. If you feel the matter is urgent, ask a lawyer about an emergency petition. That might serve to get the finances back under management and your father's health assessed.

An alternative is that your father agree to give you power of attorney. That may be another battle. But talk to your local Area on Aging (find the number under on your county's website). They're there to work for the interests of our senior citizens.

A last suggestion is to join a caregivers support group. This can be a valuable resource for direction, feedback, and badly needed commiseration and encouragement. is great. This site might be helpful too, the Caregivers Library - And there's a series of articles at that might prove insightful.

Keep in mind that your dad is used to making decisions for himself, that advancing age and declining health have him feeling extremely vulnerable. Getting him to agree to help without feeling that he's losing control won't be easy. That's where advice from those who've been through it would be invaluable.

Best wishes to all of you.

Could Someone Verify For Me If All Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Required To Do A Certain Amount Of...?
Pro Bono Work? Or Was That Just Something Made Up That I Heard At Some Point? And If So, Is It Lawyers The Whole Nation Over, Or Just In Certain States? Like Is It A Federal Requirement, Or Left To States To Decide?

No, it's not true. They might be encouraged to do so, or their firm might have a policy requiring, it but there's no legal requirement that they do.

Lawyers who work as public defenders serve a similar purpose, in that you get their service without cost, but again there's nothing saying you have to work as one for any period of time (although many do).