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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Regardless of what your legal needs are you will see that there are countless lawyers in your area that advertise which they specialize in your kind of case. This can make the process of finding one with a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, in the event you follow the following it will be possible to define your search to the right one out of very little time. The first step is to generate a set of the lawyers which can be listed in your neighborhood focusing on your needs. While you are which makes this list you ought to only include those that you have a great vibe about according to their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down by using a while evaluating their site. There you should certainly find the number of years they have been practicing and some general information regarding their success rates. At this time your list should have shrunken further to the people which you felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate volume of experience. You need to then take time to check out independent reviews of each and every attorney. Be sure to read the reviews rather than just counting on their overall rating. The details within the reviews gives you a concept of how they connect to their clients and how much time they invest into each case that they are working on. Finally, you will want to talk with no less than the final three lawyers who have the credentials you are interested in. This gives you the time to truly evaluate how interested they may be in representing you and the case. It can be crucial for you to follow most of these steps to actually find someone containing the correct level of experience to obtain the ideal outcome.

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I'M Now In 8Th Sem B.E Telecom.. Want To Become Legal Advisor?
Can U Plz Tell Me What Course I Have To Take.... (Correspondence & Regular) Tell Me Course Duration.. And Job Opportunities..Fee If U Knw.. Good College Names.. And Finally Whatever U Knw About This Field... Thanks In Advance

In the USA, to become a Lawyer, IF you go to school full-time:
1) Bachelor's degree - four years from a traditional college/university.
2) Study for LSAT. Take LSAT.
3) Law school - three MORE years.
4) Study for Bar Exam. Take Bar Exam in the state where you want to practice.
5) Pass the Character and Fitness Evaluation. Then you can practice Law.
6) You still have to take additional classes/seminars/legal training etc. each year to obtain CEUs to keep your license to practice Law. (You aren't done with school!!)
7) In many states there are even laws requiring a certain percentage of your legal work to be "pro bono" (free of charge) for some charitable purpose.

Choosing a career is one of life's most important and difficult decisions. But knowing what your expectations are, and then comparing them to the realities will help you make educated decisions.

There are more attorneys than there are legal employment positions. We simply already have way too many Legal Professionals. AND the legal profession is dramatically changing: it is in absolute CRISIS! Job searching in this vocational field has changed >>DRAMATICALLY<< in the last five years. And, every year, more and more people graduate from law school, but there are fewer and fewer jobs. Even the largest and most reputable law firms are experiencing unprecedented cutbacks. I don't expect the situation to improve in the coming years.....

Be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are STILL in a World-wide Recession. Obviously, economic conditions affect the number of jobs available. Consider career paths that have available JOBS.<< Even in a Recovery, there are some jobs that just won't return - the field of Law won't make a comeback. Too many things have changed in this vocational field.

Warning> Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This no longer is a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many, many reasons: We now have computers. So, many people today (mistakenly) think they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet and legal books. Also, there are a lot of companies out there making very efficient legal software for the field of Law. Today's graduating lawyers tend to be very computer savvy, so they just do the work themselves to save themselves the cost of overhead - they aren't hiring legal staff. Also, the "Public" buys this legal software/law books in order to get legal work done without the expense of an Attorney. Also, we simply already have way too many Legal Professionals - we just have an absolute glut!! ("Legal Professionals" includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc) For example: Sites like have taken away work that many small-time attorneys/lawyers would do/used to do.

The field of Law has a mystique that actually exceeds reality. The field of Law is a vastly overrated career - especially by television.<< There are many myths regarding the field of Law. Law is a more demanding profession than most people realize. It is not like what you see on TV.

Cost of law school to be lawyer, approx $150,000+. Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt, if becoming an attorney is your "true", ultimate goal!!<<< Even after paying the expensive tuition, you still need to pay for books, room and board, and miscellaneous fees.

Employers (usually law firms) in the field of Law today want employees with degrees from traditional (bricks and mortar) colleges/universities. Those "certificates" you see advertised aren't worth the paper they are printed on - they are generally scams. (>>I found this out the hard way.) Also, the law school's program needs to be accredited by the American Bar Association - if it isn't, you are just wasting your time/money.

Even if you finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking (at an alarming rate), many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <<this would be your competition. And the competition is fierce in TODAY's job market!!

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we already have too many law schools. We are STILL in a Recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival - they will tell students anything to get to the students' money. (Which is why they won't tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates.............Remember>>> law schools are BUSINESSES - their TOP concern is making money for themselves.

>>>>>THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can't stress this enough>>>): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the BOGUS, INFLATED law school salary/job stats given out by >law schools< (AND by the U.S. Bureau of Labor)!!***<<<<<

If you don't believe me, then:
**Check out these websites: http://informeddecisionmaking.blogspot.c...
(A link to a website does not constitute endorsement.)
**do a SEARCH here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local law firms - ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources - ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about future job availability in the field of Law..................
**Do "informational interviews" with several attorneys from at least two or three different firms. (You can find how to do "informational interviews" from your local Public Library - ask the Librarian.) Interviewing attorneys is a time-efficient and extremely beneficial way of discovering if law is the right vocational field for you. Talk to a few Human Resource Managers who work at employers in the field of Law. Ask them what their opinion is on future jobs in this field.
**Talk to recent law graduates. Ask them what success they are having finding employment opportunities. <<<<<

If you want a JOB when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the fields of: >>>Healthcare, Information Technology, Law ENFORCEMENT, environmentalism, emergency planning, accounting, education, entertainment, utilities, home-car-commercial-industrial repairs, vice industries, clergy, and/or debt collection. I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where the jobs are, and future job opportunities/availability....and scholarships.

There are MANY issues of working in the vocational field of Law. My answer is an attempt to give you a realistic way of looking at this career, and I have told you things that most will not tell you about the profession - at first. Be careful, do your research, and have your eyes open wide.

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please be careful and do your research.<<< You DID ask the question here on Y/A. I am just trying to help you.)

I Have A Slip And Fall Lawsuit And My Lawyer Sent Out The Demand Letter, Now What Happens?

There will be negotiations between your lawyer and the other party. If not resolved, there will be a trail. Either way, don't expect to see any $$ for several years.

Free Legal Advice In In?
My Ex-Wife Has Refused Visitation Since Christmas 2005. We Have Already Paid Out $1200 To An Attorney And Have Gotten Nowhere. Now She Has Moved And We Can'T Locate Her Or My Children. We Are At A Loss. We Have Tried Our Local Courthouse And People Locator Services With No Luck. We Would Appreciate Any Response As To How To Locate Her Or How To Obtain Any Free Or Reduced Legal Advice. My Children Have A 5-Month Old Brother They Have Never Seen. Please Help!!!

I got free advice from two family law attorneys on a website:

I hope they can help you too.

Good Questions To Ask A Defence Lawyer?

In what context? Do you mean if you are thinking about hiring him or her, or do you mean in an interview for the school paper? Or do you mean what questions you should ask about the case?

The questions would be very different depending on why you were asking the question.

Joint Custody/ Visitation Advice?
My Daughters Father And I Recently Broke Up A Month Ago And He Has Taken Me To Court For Joint Custody Of Our 10 Month Old. I Counter Sued Him For Some Other Stuff He Has Done.. Now Just Last Week He Called Me & Apologized & Yes Buttered Me Up. Now I Don'T Feel Like Mentioning All The Bad Things He Did To Me. He Wants Joint Custody But I Do Not Want That.. Since My Baby Girl Has Been Born I Am In Charge Of Her Medical Things Such As What Insurance, What Doctor, What Hospital, What Vaccinations, What Day-Cares, Etc. I Am The Sole Decision Maker When It Comes To Our Daughter. He Has Never Cared Or Bothered To Interfere With Making Decisions Because He Knows I Make My Research And He Trust Me With That. Now, What Should I Do In Regards To This?? I Have Asked Him For Us To Stay Away From Court But He Does Not Want To He Says We Can Work On Us 1 Day At A Time But He Needs To Be Guaranteed By The Court He Will Be In Baby Life. I Can Agree To Visitations But Not To Joint Custody. I Don'T Want It To Bite Me In The Butt Later On In Life When I Want To Change My Daughter From One School To The Other Or If I Want To Move From One State To State. Thank You

first and foremost... having joint custody does not mean you can't make decisions on your own about certain things. Not if you are the one with the custodial rights. There is one parent who is non-custodial and one who is custodial... the one with the custodial rights is the one who can make the small decisions. Like what school the child attends, what doctors they see and so forth.

Now... I think you need a childrens in the middle class really badly. All you talk about is what you want and not what is best for the child. The father should have more than just visitation rights and should be in that childs life on a full time basis. He is right to not settle with you. If he is a fit parent, there is no reason a judge won't grant him joint custody. Not likely you will win here. And with your actions and attitude, a judge may not feel you are fit to do what is in the best interest of the child instead of what you want most. You really need to change gears here. Know how many women would LOVE it if their baby's father were in the picture?

Since he has never interfered before with the choices you are making, why do you believe that would change with joint custody? I shared joint custody with my ex, who was a horrible and abusive man who still won joint custody, and yet I still made all the decisions because I was the custodial parent.

Start doing research on what is best for a child. You'll find that psychologically, joint custody is best of the child. Start putting the child first in this situation. Otherwise he could take away custody completely on the grounds that you do not have the childs best interest at heart like he does. And a judge will listen to that! Seen many a women lose the custodial rights over things like this. Don't be one of them.

I Am An Inmate And Because Of Negligence From C.O. I Was Sexually Harrassed, Who Do You Hire As An Attorney?
Male Inmate At Work Release Facility In Bethlehem Got Passed Guards Numerous Of Times Before Entering The Women'S Pod And Exposing His Genitals To Me While Masturbating In My Face. Also Guard Was Instructed By Superiors To Ask Me If I Had Been Touched By Inmate And If I Was She Would Have Had To Send Me Back To Lehigh County Prison. I Felt Like They Were Trying To Intimidate Me Especially After I Called Salisbury Police Dept. After They Instructed Me Not To Because It Was An Internal Affairs Matter.

You can hire any attorney you want to.

If you have no money to hire an attorney (and this is not a contingency case) ask if there is a legal advocate program. Back in the day Legal Services used to have an advocate for prisons but I don't know if they still have funding for that. Ask your worker.