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A large number of people today do not think about acquiring a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The legal difficulty could be personal, like family law, for a divorce proceedings or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer or attorney. It may be a criminal case you need to be defended on. Companies need to have law firms as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or possibly unfounded business methods. Tax lawyers are also effective while engaging with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has a lot of attorneys with different areas of abilities, so relying on your current legal issue, you can immediately retain the finest attorney at law to match your existing need without having to start your search each time you need legal help.It is most effective to obtain a lawyer you can have confidence in. You really want one with a decent record, who ishonest, efficient, and wins cases. You would like to have confidence that they will defend you correctly and charge you fairly for their products and services. Sometimes a reference from a good friend or business associate can be beneficial, however you should hold your options open and examine all the firms available, because when you require legal help, you need it quickly and you need the very best you can afford. Thank you for searching for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to deliver specific search variables to satisfy your requirements. We consistently strive to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can promptly find anything you are searching for.

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Free Consultation?
When You Seek Free Consultation From A Lawyer When You Tell Him Your Problem Will He Be Honest If I Really Dont Need A Lawyer Or Will He Say I Needone Just To Get The Money?? How Will I Know If He Is Telling The Truth??

Speak to the attorney at traffic court first. I'm sure he/she will advise you as to whether or not you should seek counsel.

Looking For Advice. Law School With Wife And Baby?
This Is Probably Going To Be A Little Lengthy So I Really Appreciate Anyone Who Reads The Whole Thing. He'S My Situation: Going To A Decent School As A Transfer Student For My Ba. Us News Ranks It In The Top 40 Universities In The Us. I Got An Aa Degree In Administration Of Justice, Left Community College With A 3.25 Gpa. My Transferred Gpa Is About 3.4, Took My First Quarter At The New College And Did Roughly The Same In Terms Of Gpa. I Have A 1 Year Old Baby Girl And A Beautiful Wife. Problem Is That None Of Us Work, Getting By On The Goodness Of Family Members And Financial Aid. I Feel Like A Total Mooch On Both Society And Family But I Want To Get A Good Education So Bad. My Wife Doesn'T Say No But I Don'T Think She Wants Me To Go To School Past My Ba, I'Ve Always Wanted To Be A Lawyer But I Never Thought I Was Good Enough Until I Got Accepted Into The University I'M In Now, And Now I Feel Like I Can Do Anything. (I Did Poorly When I Started Community College Only Passed A Few Classes And Dropped Out, I Came Back A Year Later Because I Was Thinking I Would Get No Where With My Life And Then Started Doing Really Well, This Is When I Meet My Wife). From Community College I Figured I'D Get Into Law Enforcement (And That'S What I'Ve Been Telling Everyone) I'D Get To Be Close To The World Of Law Without Having To Be That Smart But Now I Feel Like I Want More (Maybe Selfishly). I Don'T Want To Drag My Family Through More Years Of Not Earning Any Money But I Also Wants What'S Best For My Family (My Baby Girl And Wife) And I'M Thinking Being A Lawyer Might Be A Better Way Of Doing That. Maybe I'M Trying To Convince Myself, But If I'M A Lawyer Then They Won'T Have To Worry About Things Like Me Getting Shot And Less About Money After I Get Out Of Law School. On The Flip Side, We'D Be In Debt Like 100K From Law School Loans (Probably) By The Time I Finally Got Out (3 Extra Years). ***Tldr: Got Aa Degree In Law Enforcement, In Decent School Now For My Ba, But I Have A Baby And Wife. Should I Try For Law School Despite The Finical Hardships? ******My Questions: Is It Worth It To Put My Family Through This? For Any Lawyers Or Law Students Out There: I Haven'T Taken An Lsat, But If I Started Studied For It Now (Junior In College), Based On What I Told You About Myself, What Type Of Law School Do You Think I Could Get Into? Think I Could Get Into A Tier 1 School? Any Advice In General? I Really Appreciate Any Advice I Can Get.

Sounds like you're going through a lot! You're doing the right thing by asking a lot of questions and wanting to consider how your actions will affect your wife and child. The first thing I would do is talk to talk to an adviser at your school, either your academic adviser or a career adviser or counselor. If you're paying tuition at the school, this should be free of charge. Take advantage of this!

If you want to start doing research on your own as well, I would look at the US News and World Report rankings for Graduate Schools. It's a magazine that comes out every year and may also be available on their website (see link below). That will give you an idea of where you could get into based on your profile (GPA, LSAT score, extracurriculars, etc.). There are also several books that talk about making a decision about going to law school. Browse in a Barnes & Noble, or look on Amazon.

Since money is an issue for you, I would also think about how you and your wife can sustain things economically in the near future, let alone down the road if you have graduate loans. Are you working? Is she working? Are your parents or her parents able to support you at all? Though you may want to jump into law school, you may have to put things on hold for now in order to stabilize yourself financially and make sure that being a lawyer is what you want to do. You can always work after college, and apply for law school when you're ready. Law school is a big commitment and costs lots of money, so it might be better to play it safe than to try to go right after you graduate.

But first things first--talk to an adviser or advisers, do some more research about law school, and don't make any drastic plans before understanding how your wife feels.

Also, take a practice LSAT and see what you get. There are prep books out there. Your school's libraries probably have them (again, free of charge!) and if your school has a career center, they should have them too.

Best of luck!

Harrassed By Neighbor Over My Approved Service Dog, Need Legal Advice?
I Have Been Prescribed By My Psych Doc & Therapist To Have A Service Dog To Help My Depression And Social Anxiety Panic Disorder. Since I Have Gotten Her My Life Has Changed Dramatically For The Better. With That Said, The Owner Of My Apt Was Given The Necessary Paperwork And Approved My Service Dog. After Having Her For About A Month My Neighbor Who Works Graveyard Complained That She Can Hear The Dog Pacing In The Bathroom And Hallway And Barking While I Am At Work. I Kept The Dog In This Small Area Because She Was Still Being Potty Trained. Respectfully I Went To My Neighbor, Apologized, Worked With The Dog On The Barking With A Trainer And Took Her To Day Care Most Days. Even When I Apologized The Neighbor Was Very Rude Stating &Quot;You'Re Not Supposed To Have A Dog Anyways! A Week Later I Injured My Arm Was Home On Disablity Putting Together A Cabinet, The Neighbor Complained I Was Waking Him Up. A Few Days Later, After Returning From The Dog Park Less Than 30 Mins After The Police Were At My Door Because The Neighbor Called And Said I Was Walking Too Hard. I Took The Police To The Apt Managers Door And She Began To Reprimand Me About Controlling My Dog Running Around When That Isn'T What The Police Were There For. I Asked The Apt Manager To Arrange For Myself, Her, And The Tenant To Talk, This Never Happened Instead She Hands Me A Note On Christmas Eve From The Owner Stating I Am In Violation Of My Lease And That The Neighbor Says My Dog Is Running Around Barking And Crying At 1:00 Am. This Issue Has Had Me In Tears. Its Not Fair, I Am A Quiet Student Who Doesn'T Bother Anyone And Just Returned Home To My Apt Manager Stating They Are Complaining Tonight They Could Hear The Dog Walking And Whining. My Dog By The Way Is A 7Lb Poodle And I Have Carpet Throughout My Apt. I Want To Move Because I Don'T Want To Fight Emotionally I Don'T Have It In Me. I Do Think This Is Harrassment And The Apt Manager Is Siding With The Tenant With No Proof. Please Advise Someone Help!

First, psychiatric service dogs ARE service dogs - not emotional support animals - and ARE covered under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). There is no legal registry required by federal law that makes one a "real" service dog. And small "lap dogs" can be service dogs, regardless of some peoples prejudice against them.

And first, before you read further, make sure it IS a service dog. Most therapists, mental health professionals and Dr's don't have a clue what the qualifications are to have a service dog. A doctors note can't get you a SD if you're unqualified. So first, lets review the law:

Service dog (SD): You must be disabled to have one. Must be specifically trained to perform a task, that the handler cannot perform themselves, that mitigates their disability. Is permitted to accompany the handler into no pets businesses, facilities and generally anywhere the public can go.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA): You must be disabled to have one. Does NOT have to be specifically trained to perform any task. Provides comfort, companionship and support through it's mere presence. Is not afforded public access. Only given special consideration in no pets housing and flying in cabin in a plane.

Disabled is by ADA standards - NOT your Dr's opinion. The disability must substantially effect a major life activity in every day life. For Psychiatric service dogs, the psychiatric disability would have to be very severe to make daily living a struggle, even with medication. According to the ADA and NIMH (National Institute of Metal Health:

"It is not enough to have a mental illness to qualify as a person with a disability under the ADA. According to the NIMH, 26.2% of adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental illness in any given year, but only 6% are severely mentally ill. So more than three quarters of those with a diagnosed mental illness are not disabled by that illness and would not qualify to use a service animal even if they would benefit from one."

Service dogs and ESA's must behave and cannot be a nuisance. They cannot bark excessively. Service dogs are supposed to accompany their handler wherever they go, so barking while left alone isn't usually an issue. For ESA's it can be and needs to be immediately corrected. Obviously they can walk - if she can hear a 7lb dog through the ceiling, that just says how shoddy the construction is. Saying that, it seems like the neighbor wanted a dog, got turned down and is now Pissed you got one and is hell bent on making sure you can't have one either.

ESA or Service Dog, the management already approved it's presence there. It's their responsibility to explain to your neighbor that you have a right to have the dog.

Although I'm not a lawyer, I investigate fake service dogs and file charges against people who have them, and this is what I would do.

A: Set up a webcam camera on your computer and record your dog while your gone. Watch the tape later and see if it's actually barking. If it's not, save the files for future proof if the courts get involved. If it does, do whatever is necessary to stop the behavior. Citronella bark collars work and they make shock collars for small dogs.

B: Send a registered letter to the apartment manager and owner, stating your neighbor is unjustifiably harassing you. State you have a federal right to have your service dog and it was approved by them in advance. Inform them that you have proof that the dog isn't barking. State that you feel the neighbor is jealous that you have a dog and instead of just agreeing with her, they need to back up your federal right to have the dog. Let them know that the harassment is aggravating your disability. State that if it doesn't stop IMMEDIATELY you will be forced to file an injunction against harassment against her - something you do not want to do. Tell them you will also file a discrimination complaint with the housing authority and the Attorney General's office against then if it doesn't stop IMMEDIATELY.

C. If it doesn't stop IMMEDIATELY, file an injunction against harassment against the neighbor. Demand the police arrest her if she breaks it.

E. Start writing down every and all problems you have with the neighbor, even if they're not serous enough to have broken the injunction against harassment. Send it by registered letter to the management every two weeks. Tell them it's just to inform them of the harassment you are receiving.

F. Just in case things don't improve, start looking for a new apartment. In the end, it may be better for your mental health to just move.

Good luck.

Need In Irs Lawyer Due To Identiy Theft?
Im Looking For A Good Lawyer In Houston.Tx. I Have A Identy Theft. So I Need Help.To Fixing It Irs Is Charging Me Like 40,000 In Yr 03 When I Was Like 14Yrs Old. Due To Unpaid Taxes I Would Like To Know Some One That Has Usexd This Lawyer To Know Ther Good. And I Really Dont Have Much Money I Have Heard If My Case Wins They Get Paid From Ther. There Is Much More To.My Case In Which I Can Win Something Back Just Didnt Put All Details. Thanks If Anyone Can Help.

No need for an attorney for this.

Contact the IRS Taxpayer advocate office for your area or the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit, toll-free, at 1-800-908-4490. There is a set procedure for the IRS to handle victims of identity theft, including a specific form that you need to fill out (Form 14039). They will assist you in getting this cleared up.

Is There Any Place To Get Legal Advice For Free?
I Have Decided To Leave My Home Once I Turn 18. I Will Be Moving In With My Girlfriend Who Lives In Ny, I Am Currently In Indiana. She Lives With Her Mom N Sis. They Accept Me And Are Really Nice People. My Dad Molested Me As A Kid. I Read Some Where That I Cannot Leave If I Am Still 18 And If I Do, They Can Try To Take Me Back. What Are The Legal Actions My Parents Can Take To Make Me Stay Home? Can They Call The Police And Report Me As A Missing Person If I Decide To Leave Without Telling Them( This Is The Real Thing I Am Going To Do).

Where did you read that?
You probably have a local 'Legal Aid society.
Try them for advice on your rights.
Just tell them you 'want out' ASAP.
Don't tell them you plan to sneak away.
They could be obligated to inform your parents.

I don't know Indiana Law, but generally once you're 18, you can leave.
If you're still in school, in some States, you might be required to finish High School
if your parents insist on it, but that's about all I've heard that might apply.

As to a missing person report, a letter mailed to the local police as you depart,
stating that you left of your own accord, are legally an adult, and want to sever
connections with your family, and why, should keep them off you.
(And save them wasted effort which they will appreciate.)
- You need not state your destination.)

Kentucky Juvenile Sex Offender Laws?
I Have A Family Member That Has Pled Guilty To Sex Abuse, 1St Degree In Kentucky. Th Kentucky Department Of Juvenile Justice Has Done An Assessment On Him And His Lawyer Has Had An Indepedent Assessment Done As Well. This Boy Has Never Been In Any Trouble With The Law Or In School Ever Before. Will They Just Make Him Go To Sex Offender Counseling Or Remove Him From The Home Or What??? Any Advice From Anyone Would Be Helpful. Serious Replies Only Please. The Djj Worker On Her Recommendations It States Detention Until Placed Into Residential Treatment Program. But, Everyone Else Has Just Recommended Counseling.

Not sure about Kentucky But You don't mention his age which is a consideration,you dint mention the nature of the offense,beyond whatever Kentucky feels is 1st degree material, obviously serious... The law varies from state to state, But I am thinking of Factors (such as a 17yo M with a 14 or 15 yo f ... Point is the state is always going to suggest maximum penalties... The sad Part is This sex offender status will follow him for the rest of his life More these days then ever, even as a under aged man at the time of the incident ...