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4 Strategies To Help Your Lawyer Allow You To When you want a legal professional at all, you have to work closely along with them as a way to win your case. Regardless of how competent they can be, they're going to need your help. Allow me to share four important methods to help your legal team allow you to win: 1. Be Totally Honest And Up Your lawyers need and expect your complete cooperation - irrespective of what information you're planning to reveal directly to them. Privilege means everything you say is saved in confidence, so don't hold anything back. Your legal team must know everything in advance - especially information another side could discover and surprise you with later. 2. Provide Meticulous Records Keep an ongoing and factual account of information regarding your case. Whether it's witnesses or payments being made, provide your attorneys with all the current data they need to help them to win. 3. Show Up Early For Many Engagements Do not be late when you're appearing before a court and prevent wasting the attorney's time, too, because they are on time, whenever. In fact, because you may need to discuss eleventh hour details or perhaps be extra ready for the truth you're facing, it's a great idea to arrive early. 4. Demonstrate You Have Your Act Together If you've been responsible for any kind of crime, it's important so that you can prove to the legal court that you just both regret the actions and they are making strides toward increasing your life. By way of example, if you're facing a DUI, volunteer for a rehab program. Be sincere and included in the community the judge is presiding over. Working more closely together with your legal team increases your likelihood of absolute success. Follow these tips, listen closely to how you're advised and ultimately, you ought to win your case.

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Legal Help?
Anyone Know Where I Can Get Legal Help?

There are a several options, depending on what you need or what you want to find out.

If you are in trouble with the Courts, they will appoint an attorney for you if you cannot afford one.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, Legal Aid will provide free services for you.

If you feel you are the victim of a crime, call the police or the city or county prosecutor's office for guidance.

If you have questions about other matters, you can call a law office and ask if someone could meet with you for a free consultation.

If there is a Law School in your area, they often offer "Legal Clinics." Call the Law School and inquire.

Should I Seek A Lawyer In A Slip And Fall?
I Recently Slipped On Some Water At The Store And Fell On My Hip Which Was Recently Replaced ( 2 Years Ago). As I Fell A Chip Rack Fell On Top Of Me Causing Some Major Bruising On My Arm. Ive Been In Pain For A Few Days Now, My Hip Was X Rayed And Looks To Not Be Broken. It Is Bruised And Possibly Torn Muscle. I Dont See The Ortho For A Few Days Yet. My Husband Has Already Missed Days Off Work And Ive Had To Pay For The X Ray And Doctor Visit. I Do Have Health Insurance But That Doesnt Cover Lost Wages For My Husband Or The Expensive Co Pays. I Am A Stay At Home Mom And Even Though I Dont Get Paid, Im Not Able To Properly Care For My Children As I Can Barely Walk. Im Not A Litigious Person But The Stores Insurance Company Is Calling And I Dont Want To Get Screwed Either? Need To Know Info 1. Slipped On Water , Didnt Trip Or Cause Myself To Fall 2. Cashier Witnessed The Incident 3. Filled Out An Incident Report At The Store What Should I Do??

A lawyers fee is usually 33% plus expenses of any settlement you get.

The insurance company does not add more to the settlement to cover the lawyers fee.

You decide to hire the attorney - so it becomes your job to pay him.

A claim is evaluated based on the injury itself. Having a lawyer does not make the claim worth more, just means a piece of the pie goes to him. So instead of the pie being divided by 2 ( you and the medical providers) it gets divided by 3 (you, medical providers and attorney). Just to break even - the attorney has to get 33-40% more than you could have gotten on your own.

So, you have to decide - is it worth giving 33-40% of any settlement you get to an attorney?

Or you could talk to the insurance company and see what they do. Feel them out. If you think that you can work it out with them great. If you feel like you can't and it's worth it to give a very large chunk of any settlement you get to an attorney -you can hire one at any time.

It's your choice if you want to hire an attorney or not. And it's your responsibility to pay him. So, if it's worth it to you to spend the money or give a large chunk of your settlement to an attorney - then hire one. Only you can decide what you want to do.

Hope you get better soon.

Can You Give Any Tips For Someone Who Wants To Be A Civil Right Lawyer?
Starting This Morning I Took Interest In Lawyering. I Am 30 Years Old. I Want To Not Be In A Gang Any More And Be More Professional About Protecting My People. Any Suggestions On Getting Started, Schooling, Etc

Civil Rights, not Civil Right.

To be an attorney, you need a Bachelor's Degree first - usually in English or Political Science, although people who go to law school have many different types of degrees. I have a B.A. in English, and I think it's a good start, because lawyers need to write well and have good reading comprehension. But probably the majority of the lawyers I know got their Bachelor's in Political Science.

After you get your Bachelor's Degree, you go to law school to obtain a Juris Doctor. Going to law school requires that you take the LSAT, which is a standardized test - the score will determine what schools you get into, along with your college grade point average.

Being a lawyer requires more than desire - you need to be a very hard worker, and you need to be able to listen and learn. If you can do those things, you can be a lawyer. You just need to put in the time.

You can get financial aid to get through all the schooling, but try to get scholarships - the loans can be pretty daunting. If you borrow your way through college and law school, you'll be paying on student loans forever. I personally felt like it was worth it. Others may disagree.

After you graduate law school, you take the bar exam for the state you live in. It's a 2-3 day exam - in Michigan, for example, there's one day of multiple choice (6 hours) and one day of essay questions (6 hours). But in Texas, there's one day of short answer (3 hours), one day of multiple choice (6 hours), and one day of essay (6 hours). Every state has a different essay exam, but the multiple choice exam is the same in every state. Studying for the bar exam is usually a full time thing - most people don't work or only work part time while studying for the bar.

Once you pass the bar, you're sworn in before a judge, and voile, you're an attorney.

It's good to have big goals. Stay focused, work hard, know your limits, and listen to yourself. Good luck to you.

Divorce Advice?
Let Me Say First That As Of Now We Are Both Representing Ourselves In Court. We Do Not Have Lawyers And Do Not Plan On Getting Any Until Necessary. This Is Why I'M Asking This Question On Here, So I Do Not Need Advice On Obtaining A Lawyer. We Are Both In Debt Big Time And Agreed To Not Obtain Lawyers For Financial Reasons I Had My Divorce Papers Served To My Ex, They Were Returned Back To Me Because, I Guess, He Moved To A Different County. I Have Two Questions. First Do I Have To Do Anything Further With His Paper Work, Or Have I Done &Quot;My Part&Quot; In Having Them Served. Two, If I Do Have Try Again, Can I Just Send Them To His Parents House, Since That'S The Only Other Address I Know? Our First Mediation Meeting Is On The 2Nd Of Nov., So, To Be Honest, I Want Him To Miss The Meeting (This Guy'S A Piece Of Crap (Criminal Records And Domestic Violence Issues) And I'M Trying To Do Anything I Can To Keep Him Away From My Daughter And Me) If It'Ll Make The Case Run Smoother On My Part

first of all, you don't want to ask any questions such as this that can be traced back to you and used against you. Fight fair and within the law, know your rights, and keep everything above board. Do not stoop to his level and give the judge any reason to take his side.

can you consult a lawyer or legal aide? A lawyer here in Canada gives free advice over the phone for first time callers. legal aide here is a service based on what you can afford... something to look into. do you have such a thing as dial a law, or any person to talk to at the courts for someone who is representing themselves...? I will say this... try to find a lawyer, even if it's pro bono... or one waiting and lined up "just in case" you don't want to be blind sided by your ex as he shows up with his attorney and you don't have one... it does happen. my ex and I made agreements, and I took him at his word... his word soon became mud. ( don't trust your ex at his word... but don't tell him you don't trust him, just keep all possibilities and all senerious in the back of your mind.)
God Bless,

Child Labor Laws Question?
So I Just Started This Job (By The Way I'M Under 18) And I Worked 9 Hours The Other Day And We Only Got A 5 Minute Break To Eat. Is This Fair? I Don'T Think It Is But I'M Not Sure. Please Help.

Labor laws vary state to state.
Child labor often refers to children working jobs while they are under age, and I believe also carries federal penalties.
State labor laws cover minors working. That is what you mean, I hope. If you are 10 years old in a sweat shop, it's illegal overall, so unless you get out, buck up on no lunch and the bullwhips. Lol.

I must really picture that you are about 16 years old, and have a job at the local market or similar shop. First, consider that most states' special laws regarding minors in the workplace only apply while school is in session. Given that weekends might not apply, or more particularly - a day before a non-school day (follow?) - no minor labor laws would help you.

The BIG however is that all the regular labor laws apply. In any state I know of (that being 50), it is illegal to work an employee in such a manner. You are guaranteed paid breaks and unpaid lunch breaks. The place to complain is your state Labor Department, which I am sure has a website. Also, since you are a minor, immediately involve your parents to do this with you.

Now, the BIG exception. If you are working an agricultural job, a volunteer service, or the like, your state probably has different laws that apply. But in most cases, even a 14 year old working on a farm is guaranteed food and rest.

Personal Injury Dilemma ?
Hi, Whilst On A Ski Trip I Was About To Sled Down A Hill, My Uncle Was Besides Me And Decided To Push Me. I Truly Know He Meant No Harm And I Would Never Want To See Him In Trouble. Any Way I Have Since Had 2 Spinal Operations For A Herniated L4/L5 Disc. Recently Has A Diseconomy And Decompression, But Still Have Foot Drop And Nerve Damage. I Was Wondering If His Travel Insurance Would Pay For My Medical Bills, Plus Since Being Off Work I Only Get Ssp Which Is Nothing Only About 360 Pound A Month Compared To My Usual 2K, I Have Not Pursued Anything As Obviously The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Get My Uncle In Criminal Trouble Or Have To Pay Anything Out Of His Own Pocket. I Just Getting Worried As My Consultant Feels The Next Step Maybe A Fusion Due To The Injury To The Remaining Disc And My Back Pain. I Have Been Told I Won'T Be Able To Continue To Manual Work I Do Either So I Maybe Out Of A Job! Any Advice Oh And The Whole Thing Is On Video Haha That Someone Was Taping.

His travel insurance will not cover this. Travel insurance does not cover injury to others.

If he has a type of insurance that does cover responsibility for injury to others, and you sue him, and you win the lawsuit against him, then his insurance that covers responsibility for injury to others will pay. But his travel insurance won't.

Even if you do not sue him, the following types of insurance will pay, but only if they are your own insurance, not if they are his insurance:

1) Your own health insurance may pay for your medical bills. His health insurance won't.

2) Your own disability insurance may pay for the time off work. His disability insurance won't.