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3 Strategies To Know You've Picked The Correct Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to undergo the court system, particularly if lack confidence within your legal team. Listed below are three important strategies to recognize that you've hired the correct lawyer: 1. They Focus On Your Form Of Case Legislation is usually tricky and this requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want an attorney, look for one who deals with the issue you're facing. Regardless of whether a member of family or friend recommends you employ a firm they are fully aware, once they don't have got a focus that's comparable to your case, keep looking. Once your attorney is surely an expert, specifically in the trouble you're facing, you know you've hired the best one. 2. The Lawyer Includes A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it can be hard to win an instance, particularly if the team working for you has virtually no experience. Look for practices who have won numerous cases that affect yours. Even though this is no guarantee that you simply case will be won, it offers you a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond If the attorney you've chosen takes the time to listen for your concerns and answer your inquiries, you've probably hired the best one. Irrespective of how busy they may be or how small your concerns seem from their perspective, it's critical that they respond to you in the caring and timely manner. From the purpose of view of a typical citizen who isn't acquainted with the judicial system, court cases can be pretty scary you require updates and also to seem like you're section of the solution. Some attorneys are just considerably better to both you and your case than others. Make sure you've hired the best team for the circumstances, to ensure that you can put the matter behind you as soon as possible. Faith within your legal representative is the first task to winning any case.

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Prepaid Legal Services Inc?
Does Any One Have Any Complaints Aobut This Company?

Pre paid Legal is not a scam but it also may not be worth it.

You have to decide if what you plan to use if for is worth what you will pay for it.

Think about what you are doing.

You are paying for something you are not yet using and may never's kind of like insurance.

You don't want to necessarily use it, but want it there anyway.

If you need peace of mind, then by all means go for it.

But from a smart consumer perspective, it makes more sense to save the money and just pay legal costs if you ever need them piecemeal.

Whats The Difference Between Dui And Dwi?
I Know Dui= Driving Under The Influence And Dwi= Driving While Intoxicated Arent They The Same Thing? Or Is Dwi More Serious Because You Can Be Driving With Alcohol In Your Body But Not Be Drunk

DWI- Driving While Intoxicated
DUI- Driving Under the Influence

There is NO difference between the two. Roughly 40 states in the U.S. enforce a DUI (driving under the influence) as the offense. The other ten states enforce DWI (such as Missouri, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New Hampshire, all DWI States, NOT DUI).

There are also other states that classify the offense as DWAI, OUI, DUII, OWI

DWAI (Colorado, which also enforces the DUI)
OUI (Maine)
DUII (Oregon)
OWI (Indiana, Michigan)
You can't be charged with a DUI or DWI in these states, other then Colorado which enforces two of them.

So, it completely depends on which state you get pulled over in. Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be giving to a driver, whether he has been drinking, or on any type of mind altering drug (including certain prescriptions). Although each state has different penalties for the offense, they are considered the same in the national database.

Officers Do You Like Or Dislike Defense Lawyers?
My Law Professor, Is An Ex Prosecutor, And Now A Defense Lawyer. I Have Asked Him Many Questions About Defending Murders And Rapist, And Does That Effect Him. He States He Cannot Let It, In Order To Do His Job Correctly. Personally, I Do Not Think I Could Defend A Client That I Knew Murdered Or Raped Someone. This Is Just Me Though. My Question Is As Leo's Do You Tend To Have A Negative Perspective Of Defense Lawyers? Especially, The One That Defend Heinous Criminals?

Absolutely not, everyone that is arrested is entitled to a competent representation under the United States Constitution, and LEO's know that defense attorneys are just doing their job, like the LEO is.
The attorneys that LEO's tend to dislike are the sneaky attorneys that bend the law to the point of breaking it in representing their client.
How would you feel if you were accused of a heinous crime and couldn't find an attorney to represent you? Or if someone framed you for a crime that you didn't commit. And an attorney wouldn't represent you because of the crime that you had committed.
Attorney's who defend people convicted of heinous crimes are often appointed by the Court because the defendant cannot afford legal representation, and in doing so, they must separate the person from the crime, they are accused of committing, and defend that person to the best of their ability. That is why in most jurisdictions, death penalty cases are required to be tried with 2 defense attorneys for the accused. This because of the added burden of the death penalty.

Child Legal Rights? Custody?
So My Parents Are Getting Divorced And My Mom Wants To Move To Start Over. We Currently Live In California And My Dad Is Not Letting Us Go Willingly. So We Have To Have A Child Custody Evaluator/ Child Mediator And We Discovered Through Out Own Experience And That Of Others That She Is Biased. She Seemed Biased In The Session With Me And My Two 12- Year Old Sibilings, And She Said Some Very Innapropriate Things To Us And My Mother. I Am 16 Years Old And I Would Really Do Well With This Move And It Would Be Good For Me. At What Age Am I Legally Allowed To Decide Which Parent I'D Like To Live With (Custody)? I Believe In California It Is 18, But I Really Need Help Getting The Ok To Move There. Any Suggestions Or Legal Tips Is Greatly Appreciated. What Can We Do To Try And Get The Court To Approve The Move Without The Consent Of The Father. He Really Wasnt A Very Actively Involved Dad But He'S Put On A Good Show For The Court And Child Custody Evaluator. We Really Need Help And Any Info That We Could Use To Be Able To Move Is So Appreciated. Many Thanks!

At your age the Court will give great weight to your wishes regarding custody. The 12 year olds' wishes will also be considered, but not as much. But Courts like to keep children together, so your testimony will be a big factor.

If you aren't offered the opportunity to talk to the Judge, your mother should request that you be allowed to do so, in private. Just tell the Judge the truth, be very polite, and try not to be nervous. Don't say really mean things about your Dad, but make it clear that he hasn't been very interested in you in the past and you think that he would lose interest again as soon as the custody issue is settled.

You're going with your Mom, I expect. Good luck.

I Need To Find A Lawyer To Sue A State, The Dhs And Ex-Husband For My Children Being Sexually Abused!?
My 3 Small Children Were Sexually Abused By Their Eldest Half-Brother Who Does Not And Did Not Live With Us. I Found Out After A Wellness Check Up That This Had Been Happening Each Weekend Visit Of Each Month. Back In 2001 I Reported To The Dhs Concerns I Had About My Eldest Son Touching My Youngest... They Did Nothing. In 2004 My Young Daughter Told Me Her Half Brother Was Asking Her To Let Him Come To Her Room. I Told His Dad And Supposedly He Came Down Hard On Him. I Didn'T Know This Was Happening And Feel As Though The Dhs Failed Me The First Time, The Dad (Ex) Failed Me The Second Time. My Son Was Charged With 3 Counts Of Lewd Molestation And One Count Of 1St Degree Rape. I Want Justice! My Kids And I Are In Counselling...Still, Almost 1 Year Later. My Son, Still In A Treatment Center.

Unfortunately since there have been REPUBLICANS in power they have cut the budgets so severely that this is happening all the time. There aren't enough social workers and case managers to do anything to protect children.

The half brother that was doing the molesting was likely molested himself. Was the father to blame?

I'm not sure you can sue DHS but I hope that you are able to get some justice for these kids. There needs to be sweeping reform and I hope that you take action on this and write every single representative you can. Write lots of letters, make phone calls and protest.

The laws regarding child abuse are way too easy on predators. For those of you who told this mother to calm down you have no idea what it is like. She didn't ask for judgement she asked for help.

These kids will struggle for the rest of their lives to maintain self esteem and healthy relationships. The effects of this will stay with them and they may not even realize that it is happening. Thank goodness for therapy but gently remind them they may need treatment as they get older.

I Have A Question About Legal Representation. My Husband And I Are Being Evicted For Being Late Partial Rent?
For The Month Of October. My Husband Lost His Job, And While We Were Awaiting His Unemployment, I Had To Sell Something To Make Our Rent Payment For That Month. I Was Able To Pay Her The Money, But I Was $100.00 Short. I Told Her I Would Get Her The Money As Soon As Possible. After Living There For 2 Years And Paying Our Rent Every Single Month, I Thought She Would Be Understanding A Little Of Our Situation And Give Me The Time To Come Up With The Rest Of The Money, But She Was Not. At First She Gave Me A Letter Saying She Would Be Okay With Waiting, And Then Less Than A Week Later, She Decided To Verbally Evict Us, Even Before Rent Had Been Due For The Next Month. We Were Only 100.00 Short. On The Day Rent Was Due For The Next Month, I Was Given The Written Notice For 10 Day Eviction, So That They Would Look Better In Court To Not Have Filed Something For Only $100.00. We Couldn'T Find A Place Within 10 Days. That'S Insane To Expect People To Move With A 17 Month Old Baby In The Winter, After Husband Just Lost His Job, In 10 Days...Impossible. So They Filed Through Court. They Had Said In Eviction Notice That They Were Willing To Forget The November Rent Since They Had Asked Us To Leave The Day It Was Due, As Long As We Paid The Remainder Of Octobers Rent. Then In The Court Papers They Filed, They Claim We Owe Them $425.00 Not Including The Almost $200.00 Court Costs. I Talked With An Attorney Who Thought They Were Crazy For Trying To Evict Us Over A $100.00 Payment That Was Late When Court Costs Are Actually More To Pay Than What We Owed Them. He Told Me To Try To Give Them The Money Owed To Them Right Away, And Go To Court And Explain To The Judge That We'D Fallen Upon Hard Times But That We Were Trying To Do The Right Thing And Made Payment On What Was Owed. I Couldn'T Really Afford To Pay The Attorney To Represent Me At This Time, Even Though I Feel I Need One. I Went To Give Them The Money Yesterday, And They Refused Payment. ???? If They Want To Evict Us For Payment, Why Would They Refuse What Is Owed To Them? Even In Court Papers, And Eviction Notice They State We Were Good Tenants, And We Are Good Tenants. We'Ve Dealt With Much Since We'Ve Been Evicted From Them, Including Serious Harrassment, It'S Been Crazy Actually. I Just Wanted To Do The Right Thing And Pay Them. I Have A Written Note Stating They Refused Payment. I Talked To The Attorney Today And He Thinks The Whole Thing Is Insane. Especially Considering That We'Ve Lived Here For Over 2 Years, Making Rent Payments Every Single Month, And Even Doing Alot Of Repairs To This Place That Were Owed To Us In The Deduction Of Rent Which Was Never Given To Us. My Husband Remodled Things In The Kitchen, Bathroom, Replaced Fixtures, All Which Are Stated In Our Lease That Would Be Deducted From Our Rent, We Gave The Receipts And It Was Never Deducted. I Cannot Afford To Pay An Attorney But I Talked To Someone Over The Weekend Who Told Me To Look For A Pro Bono Attorney In My Area. They Said It Seems Like I Need Someone To Stick Up For Our Situation Since It Seems Like They'Re Trying To Do Something Tricky For God Only Knows What Reason. My Guess Is That It'S Because Of The Fact That We Found Out Our Furnace Was Not Up To Code And Very Dangerous A Couple Weeks Before We Were Evicted And I Had Asked For It To Be Fixed, And Magically I Was Evicted. Either Way, My Hearing Is On Tuesday, And All These Things Are Happening And Everyone Is Telling Me I Now Need To Get An Attorney Because Everyone Thinks They'Re Up To Do Some No Good Things In Court, So Can I Get A Continuance On Monday So We Can Find An Attorney Or Is It Too Late? Isn'T It My Legal Right To Find Legal Representation, And Also How Long Do You Get For A Continuance?

Where are you? State and local laws can make a big difference in these cases. You could try googling legal aid with the name of your state, city, or region (I'm assuming you are in the United States), but they might be closed for the weekend. In civil cases like eviction, people have a right to an attorney if they can afford one, or if they can find one to take the case for free, but they don't have a right to postpone court dates because they haven't found an affordable (effectively free in the case of many) attorney in time.

There are a wide variety of reasons not to give legal advice over the internet, so I'm deliberately phrasing the following information as information, not advice.

People that can't afford an attorney or aren't able to find a free attorney are permitted to act as their own attorney. rwa000 is dead wrong about there being no defenses to nonpayment of rent, and he's also dead wrong about there being no pro bono lawyers for tenants in eviction cases, although it's easier to find one in some regions than in others. I have personally represented tenants for free, and I've worked with many people that take eviction cases for free.

In the United States:

Breach of the warranty of habitability is a defense to nonpayment of rent. When there are conditions in the apartment that are in violation of building codes, and the tenant has requested repairs, and the landlord has not made repairs within a reasonable amount of time, the warranty of habitability has ben breeched.

Retaliation against a tenant for requesting repairs is another defense to nonpayment of rent.

Defendants need to prove their defenses by a preponderance of the evidence in order to win their eviction cases. Evidence in such cases includes things that indicate that a condition in the apartment is not up to code, such as photographs and notices of violations from the department of building inspectors. Other forms of evidence include evidence that the tenant requested repairs, such as copies of written requests and witness testimony.

Stay strong. Good luck.