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3 Ways To Know You've Picked The Right Lawyer It's pretty intimidating to pass through the court system, especially if you lack confidence with your legal team. Listed below are three important approaches to understand that you've hired the proper lawyer: 1. They Are Experts In Your Kind Of Case Legislation is frequently tricky and this requires specialists to tackle the tough cases. If you want a legal representative, look for person who deals with the issue you're facing. Regardless of whether a relative or friend recommends you employ a good they understand, should they don't have got a focus that's similar to your case, keep looking. When your attorney is an expert, especially in the difficulty you're facing, you know you've hired the right one. 2. The Lawyer Carries A Winning Record Depending on the circumstances, it might be hard to win an instance, specifically if the team working for you has hardly any experience. Try to find practices which may have won numerous cases that pertain to yours. Although this is no guarantee that you simply case will be won, it provides you with a much better shot. 3. They Listen And Respond In case the attorney you've chosen takes time to hear your concerns and answer your inquiries, you've probably hired the best one. Regardless of how busy they are or how small your concerns seem off their perspective, it's crucial that they answer you in the caring and timely manner. From the aim of take a look at a typical citizen who isn't informed about the judicial system, court cases could be pretty scary you need updates as well as feel as if you're area of the solution. Some attorneys are simply considerably better to your case than others. Make sure you've hired the best team for your personal circumstances, to actually can placed the matter behind you as fast as possible. Faith with your legal representative is the initial step to winning any case.

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Where Can Someone Find Low Fee Legal Help/ Lawyer?
A Friend Of Mine Exceeded California'S No Fee Legal Aid. Only Because She Was $200.00 Over. This Amount Is Not Much. Her Children'S Father Refuses To See His Children And Give Child Support. I Would Really Appreciate It If Someone Can Point Us To The Right Direction And Locate A Lawyer That Will Not Charge An Arm And A Leg For A Single Mom That Can Barely Make Ends Meet.

I dont' know any pro bono legal aid, but you can get a ton of legal advice for a flat fee and big discounts if you have to hire a lawyer to go to court. It is amazing what you can get accomplished with the right legal advice and if a phone call or letter on your behalf will help they will do that to. It is only $17 a month in my state and no long term contract or anything. Month to month. You use it for a month and if you don't like it cancel. I love it. Your state may be more or less $$.

Child Support & Visitation Rights?
If You Put The Baby'S Father On Child Support, Does He Automatically Get Visitation Rights?

No, that's why I teach them how to get it and joint or bird nest custody. Or physical custody if you intend to violate his access rights like 60% of mothers do. Usually after making a false allegation, as I imagine you will now do, as demonstrated on Monday Night's CSI MIAMI.

A little lite reading.
All Children Deserve Two Parents
Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears has noted, children born to unmarried women and to those in cohabiting relationships “must often overcome increased risks of poverty, education failure, child abuse, delinquency, emotional distress and mental illness.”…….the lack of a father’s guidance in children’s lives is a major cause of their suffering. “Marriage is the best child welfare, crime prevention, anti-poverty program we have,”

Fatherless America : Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem
David Blankenhorn

Fortune Magazine - Fatherless Families & Crime
“Ominously, the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race but growing up fatherless.”

Stanford University - Divorce, Nontraditional Families, and Its Consequences For Children
"We know that children of divorced parents have more emotional and behavioral problems and do less well in school than children who live with both their Parent."


Joint Custody
"My parents divorced when I was 2 years old. Because I was so young, I cannot remember anything of how the divorce actually felt at the time. But 12 years later, I am quite content with my life and my parents. Unlike many divorced couples with children, neither parent has primary custody of me, but rather, I switch between my parents' houses every other day, spending roughly equal time with my mother and my father."
Equal Time - A Teen’s Views On Joint Custody
Charlotte Juerge
Newsweek - Dec 15, 2008

Father Makes Two - James Cook (Deceased 03/09), Joint Custody Assoc.
By Margot Roosevelt, Nov. 11, 2003, Time Magazine,9171,183968-1,00.html

Single mothers and the baby boom
For some, the growth of single-mother families is a sign of female empowerment. If children without fathers fare worse than children in two-parent families, say defenders of single mothers, the answer is better pay for women and better social programs. Yet even in Sweden with its generous welfare state, a major 2003 study found that children raised in single-parent homes were at significantly higher risk for addictions and serious psychiatric problems.
Single mothers and the baby boom
By Cathy Young - Boston Globe
May 26, 2009

Mom Loses Custody For Alienating Dad
Ruling a 'wake-up call' for parents who use kids to punish ex-partners

Attention Lawyers: Do I Have A Discrimination Case?
Would I Have A Discrimination Case? I Asked To Get Out Of The Pool Because I Was Wearing A Cotton Shirt And It &Quot;Ruins&Quot; Their Pool Filter. I Tried To Get Them To Understand That Because Of My Size (Women'S Size24)And The Size Of My Chest (F) That A T-Shirt Is The Modest Swimming Attire I Choose To Sport. I Was Told It Was An &Quot;Unexeptable Reason And To Leave The Pool Area&Quot;. I Made The Last Ditch Argument Of &Quot;But Those People Are Doing It Too!&Quot; (6 Other Individuals Were Also Sporting Modest Uv Protection In The Form Of A Cotton T-Shirt)And The Supervisor Said That Those People Will Be Dealt With. So I Cried As I Sat In The Shade Watching My Family Play And Felt That The Precious Little Money We Had Spent That Day Was Wasted. For 45 Minutes I Waited For The Supervisor To Handle Everyone Else Wearing A T-Shirt. He Just Sat In His Office As &Quot;They&Quot; (The Cotton People) Continued To Enjoy The Facilities. So I Went To His Office And Said &Quot; I'Ve Been Sitting Out, You Have Yet To Get Others Out Of The Pool, So I'M Going To Get Back In The Pool Till You Decide That Everyone Needs To Get Out. I'M Going To Enjoy The Afternoon With My Family&Quot;. He Threatened To Have Me Escorted Out By Police If I Dipped One Toe In The Pool. I Asked For His Supervisors Info And He Flat Refused And Said He Had Other Things To Take Care Of. I Insisted And Told Him Since I Was Paying To Enjoy The Park And Was Now Unable To, That I Would Just Keep Him Company Till He Found The Time To Get Me The Supers Info. He Found Time After About 10 Awkward Minutes Of Silence. He Chatted With His Supervisor About Personal Business Then Said, &Quot;Oh Boss, There'S A Woman Here (Briefed His Side Of The Mess And Then Handed Me The Phone) I Talked With The Supervisor, He Tried To Smooth Things Over. Told Me How The Cotton Shirts Are Detrimental To The Pool Filter And They Would Have To Shut Down. I Said If &Quot;If It'S So Detrimental Than He Should Immediately Asked The Others To Get Out Also, But He Didn'T And I Was Feeling Discriminated Against. The Others Were Still Out There. He Agreed And Said He Would Handle That Matter With Manager Pak And Agreed To Give Me A Refund Of Our Admission To The Park. Manager Pak Gets Back On The Phone And Laughs And Giggles And Shoots Looks At Me, Then Hangs Up. Rants About How It'S Not His Job To Tell People To Get Out Of The Pool, His Staff Is Trained To Do It And That He Only Deals With The Difficult Cases Such As Myself. Then Says He Will Get My Refund In A Few Minutes After I Get Him The Receipt. I Pointed Out That His Customer Service And Managerial Skills Were Seriously Lacking And His Supervisor Would Be Hearing From Me Again. He Said &Quot; Here'S Your Slip For A Refund, Now Leave.&Quot; Do I Have A Discrimination Case? I Don'T Want Money. I Want The Brat To Apologize To Me For His Rudeness And Bigotry Against Me, And Be Required To Attend Customer Service Classes (The Army'S Version Of &Quot;Customer College&Quot;). Your Help Drafting A Letter On Your Letter Head And Possibly A Phone Call Or Two Is What I Need From An Attorny, Any Helpers?

I assume what you are really asking is if you have a discrimination case based on weight, not T-shirt material.

The answer is still no. It's private property and you aren't a protected class. Sorry. I know it sucks. If they gave you back your money, that's the end.

Any Tips For Mock Trial Defense Attorney?
Important: It Is A Mock Trial Of Lee Harvey Oswald And I Am One Of The Two Defense Attorneys. Do You Have Any Information That Is Useful Wether It Be Pertaining To This Case, Or Just A Clever General Tactic. All Help Is Appreciated, Thank You.

I was once a mock trial coach, and I found that the kids on my team were woefully unprepared, so my first bit of advice is prepare, prepare, prepare. For each witness, read over any statements they have given many times. Know every bit of discovery backward and forward.
In trials, I always use a trial notebook. For me, this is a three-ring binder with index tabs for:
Opening Statement
One Tab for Each Prosecution Witness (for each one, put in any discovery for that person, with important areas highlighted, then have your list of cross exam questions that are suggested by the discovery)
One Tab for Each Defense Witness (again, put in discovery, and have your list of direct questions)
Closing Argument
Rules of Evidence (a summary)

You have to pretty much know the rules of evidence, you don't have much time to object.
The most important ones:
Hearsay (basically the witness is testifying to what someone else said, and the reason the other attorney is trying to get it in is that he's trying to prove that what the original speaker said is true)
Some common exceptions to the hearsay rule are : that it's an admission, in crim law, of the defendant; and that it was an excited utterance, said right away after a surprising event.
No Foundation (the witness hasn't testified that he or she has a basis for knowing what he or she is testifying about).
Irrelevant (the witness is testifying about something which doesn't prove or disprove a matter that's in dispute, like the elements of the crime).
Try to make your objections in kind of an indignant tone of voice, like you can't believe the other attorney is trying to pull this. That gives you some authority with the judge and jury, and it freaks out your opponent.
When the prosecution puts a police officer on the stand, they'll try to get in all of his credentials, like how long he's been a police officer, where he's worked, on and on. This is just to build up his credibility with the jury. Immediately interrupt, and say that the defense stipulates to his credentials.
Treat your client with respect. Look at him with interest, put your hand on his shoulder once in a while, and give him a legal pad and a pen so he can write notes to you. Then he won't interrupt your listening to the trial by whispering to you.
We all know that the Dallas cops beat the crap out of Lee Harvey Oswald, so put a bunch of black and blue make-up on his face, like his wounds haven't healed.
Good luck.

Any Us Labor Lawyers Out There?
I Have An Interesting Question Concerning Overtime Pay In The State Of Virginia. My Wife Is A Nurse (Hourly Pay) Who Is Given An &Quot;On-Call&Quot; Cell Phone For 1-2 Weeks At A Time. She Is Constantly On The Thing When She Has It Dealing With Issues At Work And Talking To Doctors. She Is Also Required To Stay In Town On These Days In Case She Has To Go In For Some Reason. I Am A Manager Myself And I Believe That She Is Due Compensation For The Time She Spends On The Phone With Work. I Cannot Find Supporting Regulations For This Though (Probably Do Not Know Where To Look) And Wonder If Any Of You Know Where To Find The Info. Thanks

Labor laws can be quite complex, however most of your questions can be answered here:

good luck

and thanks for voting for Webb.

Should I Contact A Lawyer Or The Hospital First If I Suspect A Family Member Experienced Medical Malpractice?
My Mother Was Seen In The Er After Slicing Off The Tip Of Her Index Finger. The Physician Was Very Rude And Short With Her When The Lidocaine Block That He Administered Didn'T Completely Work And She Still Complained Of Pain While He Was Working With Her Finger. He Called A Hand Surgeon For A Consult And After The Consult Decided To Try To Stitch Across It To Stop The Bleeding. It Was Very Painful For My Mother And Needless To Say It Did Not Work, Also During The Procedure He Was Mumbling Commands To Her And Then Getting Frustrated As If She Wasn'T Cooperating. Then He Decides To Try To Cauterize The Bleeds And While Doing So Makes It A Point To Show The Nurses That She Is Not Always Responding To The Cautery Tool And States That She Isn'T In Pain, It Is Anxiety But Never Gives Her Anything For Anxiety Either, Also While I Am Watching This All Take Place And Whispering As If I Was Not Standing There. Ends Up Putting A Tourniquet On Her Finger After Cauterizing It And Leaves It There For 45 Minutes. Comes Back And States That The Wound Is Superficial In Areas And That He Does Not Think It Requires Any Skin Graft But We Can Follow Up With The Hand Surgeon If We Want Then Dresses It With A Gel Bandaid And Gauze. The Nursing Staff Was Horrified, You Could See It On Their Face And One Nurse Even Apologized. Needless To Say We Went To The Hand Surgeon For A Second Opinion. When He Looked At The Wound He Was Shocked Because It Was Much Worse Than The Er Physician Described The Night Before. He Said He Told The Er Physician That If The Wound Bed Was Less Than One Centimeter It Would Not Required A Graft And He Could Try Stitching To Stop The Bleeding. The Er Physician Had Told Him It Was Less Than A Centimeter. When He Measured It Was 1.6 By 1.3. And Decided On A Skin Graft Scheduled That Same Day. I'M Not Sure Where To Go With This. I Am Disgusted. I Am An Rn And Am So Angry That I Let My Mom Suffer Through Something That I Thought Was Necessary But Really Wasn'T.

I am not a lawyer, but this is something I know an awful lot about.

You don't ever contact the hospital first, you always contact a lawyer first. Don't call a lawyer off the TV. Don't call a lawyer in a small town. Only talk to someone who is a bona fide med/mal atty, not someone who *also* does med mal. It matters to whom you speak.

I tell you to call a lawyer because you have a Constitutional right to seek redress under the law. However, there are some things you should know before you do because it may well change your mind. You will not feel better, and you will certainly become more angry. This is the nature of medical malpractie and tort reform.

In order to sue a doc for malpractice, you must first prove that the doc's care fell below the standard of care, and that that falling below the standard of care caused a permanent injury. Now you've got number one handled, but do you have number two? Permanent doesn't mean missing your fingertip. Permanent means unable to walk, talk, work, drive, live life as you always have before. Permanent means injured so completely as to affect other people's lives because you need help just to live every day. The average person on the street doesn't know this. They just call you greedy for suing those poor docs. They don't know that there's no such thing as an "I'm p*ssed" lawsuit; that judges can't award principle of the thing, they can only award what you have actually financially lost. As an example, when someone dies due to a medical mistake, most of those folks are classified as "non-economic damages." Because they don't need a lifetime care -- cuz they're dead -- their families don't get to sue.

I'm not being snarky. I know what it is to know the doctor failed, other doctor failed, nurses failed, the lot of them together blame you, they also call you greedy, and there's nothing you can do.

If your mom does not have *that* kind of an injury, you may well be entitled to the cap for non-economic damages, typically capped at $250k to $300k. The problem is it costs that much just to get to court in the first place, and you best believe the doc's insurance company will make your lawyer spend every bit of $250k to keep from having to pay you $250k. And it's the lawyer's $250k you're spending to get to court, not your own.

When a lawyer takes your case, you are essentially taking out an interest free loan. And the risk is all his because if you don't win, he doesn't recoup that money that he paid out. And that $250k does not include his fees. He doesn't get paid his fees, his hours worked, unless he wins. That $250k is just the court costs. That is medical experts, because you know as well as I do, docs will not speak against another doc. That is also economists who must be hired to count the cost of your injury. They will literally count how many pairs of ortho socks you will need over your lifetime, and you will not receive a penny more. That is court reporters, depositions, production, arbitrators, the whole nine yards.

I'm sorry your mom was hurt, and I'm sorry the doctor was such a pinhead. Why these guys don't get someone who knows what they're doing is beyond me. Are they that arrogant? Or do they really not know that they just don't know what they're doing? I find that to be a very valid question

Do contact a lawyer. It has happened before that a skilled lawyer rights a very artful letter and causes said doc to just pay the cost to fix the problem. No lawsuit, no millions of dollars, no years of drama and court costs, just, here's what it will cost to fix it, and I'll pay for that. It's worth a shot. Don't think evil of an attorney who wants to get paid for his work. We all want to get paid, and it's only lawyers who get demonzied for getting paid. Go figure.