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Finding A Seasoned Lawyer Irrespective of what your legal needs are you will find that there are loads of lawyers in your town that advertise they focus on your type of case. This may make the whole process of finding one with significant amounts of experience somewhat of a challenge. However, if you follow the following it is possible to restrict your research on the right one out of very little time. Step one is to make a listing of the lawyers that happen to be listed in your town specializing in your needs. While you are which makes this list you ought to only include those that you may have a great vibe about according to their advertisement. You may then narrow this list down by taking a bit of time evaluating their site. There you should certainly find just how many years they are practicing plus some general information about their success rates. At this point your list should have shrunken further to those that you simply felt had professional websites plus an appropriate volume of experience. You should then take the time to check out independent reviews of each and every attorney. Make sure you browse the reviews instead of just depending on their overall rating. The information from the reviews will give you a concept of the way they interact with their customers and how much time they invest into each case that they are working on. Finally, it is advisable to talk with no less than the past three lawyers who have the credentials you would like. This gives you the time to really evaluate how interested these are in representing you and the case. It really is imperative that you follow many of these steps to actually find a person that has the best measure of experience to help you the ideal outcome.

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How Can I Look Up Online A Doctors Malpractice Cases?
When I Do Find Them It Says Sued High And Sued Low What Does This Exaclty Mean ? Why Would I Care If He Was Ued Fro A High Anount Or Low Amont? Sueing Is Sueing? Canu Ad A Link ≫? is a free online data base for people to search legal issues and cases.

Can A Lawyer Withhold Information From You?
I Recently Hired A Lawyer To Look After My Grandfather'S Immigration Case. I Paid The Lawyer Nearly $1,000 To Look After The Case However, He Basically Ignored The Case. In Order Words He Wasn'T Doing Nothing. I'Ve Had Enough Of The &Quot;Waiting Game&Quot; And I'M Now Trying To Go About Filing For My Grandfather On My Own. The Problem Is This: The Lawyer I Hired Have Some Of The Information That I Need To Continue Filing The Paper Works. When I Ask My Lawyer For The Information He Said I Have To Pay Him For His Services Before He Gives Any Information. But Pay Him For What!!!??? He Didn'T Do Anything!!! I Feel So Used Right Now. Can A Lawyer Withhold Information From You Regarding Your Case?? Thanks In Advance For Your Help.

If the lawyer has information that you need, then the lawyer DID do something. And $1,000 would only be about five hours worth of work so if you haven't been paying your attorney, it's not surprising that he stopped working on the case.

And the lawyer has no obligation to release his research to you unless or until he has been paid.

I Need Some Serious, Honest Legal Advice, Please Help!!?
Ok, This Is A Pretty Long Story, Please Read The Entire Post, Ill Try To Shorten It Down As Much As I Can. First Off, I'M 19 Years Old, At The Times Of The Crimes Talked About Below, I Was 17 And Prior To This I Had No Criminal Record At All. I Live In North Carolina. In June Of 2010 I (Shamefully) Accompanied 4 &Quot;Friends&Quot; While Breaking Into A House. (I Know I Know, Its Terrible) Anyway, Myself Along With These 4 People Broke Into Someones House In The County I Live In. We Got Away With It. So, 2 Weeks Later, We Did It 2 More Times, In Another County. Again, I Know Its Awful And Terrible. The 3 Times This Took Place, I Either Sat In The Vehicle Or Stood Somewhere Outside The House. I Was The &Quot;Look Out Guy&Quot;. A Few Weeks Down The Road, The Police Came To Question One Of The Guys Involved. He Was The &Quot;Leader&Quot; I Guess You Could Say Of The Whole Thing. He Drove The Car, And Did Most Of The Stealing. Turns Out, At One Of The Houses They Broke Into, A Note Signing Him Out Of School Early Was Found In The Driveway Of One Of The Houses. Well, The Police Questioned Him, And To Sum It All Up, He Cracked. Told The Police Everything. They Only Knew Of Us Being Involved In One Home, And He Told Them Of All Three As Well As Everyone Involved. To Save Some Time, I'M Gonna Jump Ahead Here A Little. The Police Found Stolen Goods In His Vehicle As Well As Another Persons Involved Vehicle. As Well As They Found Out That 2 Other People Involved Pawned Several Of The Items., And The Police Recovered Some Pawned Items As Well, With Ticket Stubs Displaying The Names Of Those Who Pawned Them. They Questioned Everyone But Me. Before They Came To Me, I Went To Them. I Called Up The Next County Over'S Sheriffs Office And Told Them Everything. I Even Rode With A Detective, Pointing Out The Houses We Broke Into, In Doing This, I Hoped I Would Help Myself A Little. Turns Out Down The Road, This Did Nothing But Incriminate Me More, And, Get This, The Officer Whom I Rode With Denies Ever Speaking With Me!?!?!?! I'M Gonna Skip Forward Here To Give You The Upshot Of The Whole Mess. In August Of 2011 I Was Charged With 2 Counts Of Misdemeanor B&E And 2 Counts Of Misdemeanor Larceny. Because My &Quot;Friends&Quot; Lied And Said I Went Into The House In The County I Live In 2 Times To Steal Things. I Spent 3 Days In Jail And Was Placed On Probation For 1 Year, And Ordered To Pay $1200. That'S The Value Of The Thins Taken From The House In My County. Whew, Long Story. Fast Forward A Year I Paid Every Penny Back To The County I Live In, And Served A Successful Probation Term. Well At The Tail End Of My Probation Term For My County, I Finally Get Tried For The 2 Houses That Were Broke Into In The County North Of Mine. Well, This Is What Happened. I Get Charged With 2 More Counts Of Misd. B&E And 2 More Counts Misd. Larceny. Placed On Probation For 18 Months And Ordered By The Courts To Pay A Total Of $5,880!!!!!!!!!!! Here'S Where My Problem Occurs And Where The &Quot;Justice Will Be Served&Quot; Saying Starts To Crumble. In All Of This, I Was The Only One Convicted Of Any Crimes, The Only One Placed On Probation And The Only One Ever Ordered To Pay A Cent Back!! Out Of 5 Total People, Just Me! Ready For Another Curve Ball, When The Da Of The County Of Which The 2 Houses Were Broken Into Read Over The Crimes, He Stated That I Was The Least Involved To The Judge, And The Judge Even Read Off Everyone'S Name Who Was Supposed To Be Charged And Held Liable For The Fines. Fast Forward Till Today, June 5,2013. Nothing Has Changed, No One Else Was Charged, The State Put Everything On Me And It Stuck. I Still Owe The Other County Almost Five Thousand Dollars, And Am Still On Probation. My Probation Will Be Checked Over To See If I Am Complying With The Terms In Few Weeks, And I'M Not. Because I Do Not See It As Justice That I Have To Pay Everyone'S Debt To Society Again. So, My Probation Officer Will Likely Violate Me, And I May Go To Jail Right Then. Or I Will Be Given A Court Date, And Have To Defend Myself As To Why I'M Not Complying. My Question To Anyone On Here, Who Knows Anything About Law Or Court Is, What Should I Do?? Plz Help Me Out Here. I Cant See How Any Judge Can See This As Justice!? There Are Probably Things I Left Out, But That'S About All I Can Remember. I By No Means Think I Have A Right To Get Out Of Paying Anything At All To The Other County, But, I Do Not Think I Should Have To Pay Everyone'S Part Again! If You Have Any Sort Of Helpful Info, Please Share It With Me. Thanks For Reading If You Read The Whole Thing, I Know Its A Book.

First off let me say... paragraphs!! That was hard as heck to read.

I agree with the first answer that above all you need a lawyer. You are entitled to court appointed counsel so take it by all means. Quit worrying about the other people involved. You need to worry about yourself and do anything and everything that is required through probation. Violating that is pure stupidity and will only get you in deeper trouble by being defiant. The judge will have no patience for your little protest and you're only going to make things worse for yourself.

From here on out you need to not do anything at all wrong but abide by what the court has imposed. You're in a big mess but stay out of further trouble and someday you can possibly get this far far behind you.

Since there are multiple charges I don't know if it will be possible but hopefully some day you can get this all expunged from your record. But that is gonna be a couple of years off until you can qualify if at all. So in the meantime get with the program and do what has been required. Get a lawyer to help you get this reduced or at least argued to the judge in a more favorable way for you. You're gonna lose in the worst way every time without a lawyer, period.

Here is a link to expungement law in NC that may someday apply to you Read over these but I think the law that may apply to you begins at the bottom of page 3 of this link. You can research lots more online too.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Describe How A Businesses Can Avoid Litigation?

Treat all customers in a consistant and fair manner, if there is a conflict, write a statement of the episode, have rules in writing that everyone signs off on, have people licensed (i.e. real estate leasing agents or food certifications).

20Yr Old Got A Dui,What Can We Expect?
My 20 Ye Old Gf Got A Dui Last Week In Ks , She Goes To Court Next Friday. Wondering What We Can Expect Her Punishments To Be?

First Kansas DUI

•Jail – 48 Hour Mandatory Minimum, or
•Community Service – 100 Hours
•Fine – From $500 to $1,000
•License Suspension – 30 Days
•License Restriction – 330 Days Following Suspension
•Vehicle Impound – Up to 1 Year Possible
•Court Ordered Treatment Program Possible

First DUI in Kansas results in both criminal and administrative penalties upon conviction.

Administrative Penalties
•First offense DUI in Kansas carries mandatory license suspension of thirty (30) days, with a restricted license (similar to hardship or occupational licenses in other states) for a period of three hundred and thirty (330) days
•Reinstatement contingent upon serving entire suspension period, followed by adherence to license restrictions period, which by law, does not require an ignition interlock device for first offenders
Criminal Penalties
•First offense convictions of DUI in Kansas require a minimum incarceration period of two (2) days, which may be served out as one hundred (100) hours of community service in limited instances
•Any offense will carry mandatory alcohol/substance abuse assessment, which dictates course of further treatment requirements
•Fines range from minimum of $500 to maximum of $1000, but fine amounts do not cover costs associated with completion of other terms of sentence, nor does it cover costs of license reinstatement
•Convictions of first offense DUI in Kansas influence charging and sentencing in future DUI offenses for life

- Stuart

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Child Support/Family Law Attorney In Atlanta, Ga?
Hi. I Am Dad...Known To The Court System As The Ncp...You Know, The Guy Who Works His S$$ Off To Pay Child Support. Thank God I Have Finally Received My Modification Court Date. I Was Not Going To Hire A Lawyer For My Case Since It Is Pretty Simple. When I Was First Put On Child Support 6 Years Ago I Was Earning Right At $150,000. Since The Economy Took A Nose Dive My Salary For The Past 2 Years Has Been $70,000. I Figured The Judge Would Look At My Tax Returns, See The Loss In My Salary, Cut My Child Support In 1/2 And I Would Be Out The Door. However, I Just Found Out My Child'S Mother Has Hired A Lawyer For The Hearing. Since She Is Money Hungry And &Quot;My Personal Welfare Case&Quot; I Know She Will Try To Suck Every Dime Out Of Me That She Can Get. So For My Own Comfort And Protection I Am Hiring A Lawyer. Can Anyone Recommend A Good Lawyer In The Atlanta Area, One That You Have Experienced First Hand. Please Give Me An Idea Of What Good Thing Did For You (Ncp). I Can Not Afford To Pay This Woman Any &Quot;Extra&Quot; Money That She May Say She Needs. Thanks

Representation for you to get a modification is free from the office of child support enforcement.

Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents

If you feel you must hire one, this will tell you how.

To learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you want to join, as well as your state?