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Nearly all people do not think about finding a lawyer until finally they are in desperate need. The lawful matter might be personal, like family law, for a breakup or if you are looking for a bankrupcy or trust law firm. It may be a felony condition you want to be defended on. Businesses need lawyers as well, no matter if they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or potentially unfair business practices. Tax legal professionals are also very helpful any time dealing with government complications. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has a number of attorneys with diverse areas of skills, so depending on your own legal issue, you can promptly hold on to the best legal professional to meet your current need without having to start your search each time you need legal assistance.It is most effective to obtain a legal professional you can have confidence in. You want one with a very good track record, who istrustworthy, effective, and wins cases. You really want to have confidence that they will represent you correctly and invoice you reasonably for their services. Occasionally a referral from a pal or business associate can be useful, having said that you should hold your options open and examine all the firms accessible, simply because when you need legal support, you need it immediately and you would like the best you can manage to pay for. Thank you for looking for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is delighted to produce specific search parameters to match your necessities. We consistently make the effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find whatever you are looking for.

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Is Legal Gaurdianship Custody?
If You Have Legal Gaurdianship Does That Mean You Have Custody Over The Child Or What

MLAW is wrong. There are a number of factors to consider in assessing the role and responsibilities of legal guardianship of a child. Here's a sample from Alberta Law Line:

What is a legal guardian?

1. Am I a child’s guardian? Alberta’s Family Law Act defines who is a guardian in many ways. Each person in a couple is a guardian if:

a.) They are married when the child is born;

b.) They marry after the child is born;

c.) Their marriage legally ends no more than 300 days BEFORE the child’s birth;

d.) If they were in an adult interdependent relationship (AIR) when the child was born or entered into an AIR after the child was born (Alberta’s Adult Interdependent Relationships Act sets out what must occur for an unmarried couple to be in an AIR.);

e.) The couple lived together for a 12-month stretch, during which time the child was born; or

f.) If the couple agree in writing that they both are the child’s guardians.

Also, if the child lives with one of its parents for a year, that parent is a guardian. It does not matter if the child lives with someone else afterward – that parent remains a guardian. In addition, a person may become a guardian if they are appointed as such, by will or deed, by a parent of a child who is a guardian.

2. What legal rights does a child’s guardian have? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian has these major legal rights:

a.) to care for the child or have contact with the child; and

b.) to get information and be consulted so that you can carry out your POWERS and RESPONSIBILITIES regarding the child.

3. What can a child’s guardian do? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian can have some or all of the following POWERS:

a.) To make day-to-day decisions affecting the child;

b.) To decide where and with whom the child is to live;

c.) To make decisions about where the child goes to school and about the child’s culture and religion; and

d.) To consent to the child’s health treatments.

4. What are the responsibilities of a child’s guardian? Under Alberta’s Family Law Act, a guardian has these responsibilities:

a.) To support the child using your own money;

b.) To make sure the child has all the necessary things of life including medical care, food, clothing, and housing;

c.) To help the child grow - physically, psychologically, and emotionally; and

d.) To guide the child towards becoming an independent adult.

5. How do I become a guardian? Apply to the provincial court of Alberta. The appropriate law is Alberta’s Family Law Act. The application forms may be found at courthouses and online at At that page, click the link for Family Justice Services.

6. Do I need help applying to the provincial court of Alberta to be made a child’s legal guardian? It depends – for example, the facts may not be simple and someone may want to oppose a guardianship application. In those situations, people applying to be made legal guardians may need help. Several sources can provide them help – for example:

a.) Alberta Law Line provides detailed legal information to callers and can provide free legal advice by telephone to callers who qualify for advice. To see the qualifications for free legal advice, visit To reach the Law Line, call 780-644-7777 in Edmonton and 1-866-845-3425, toll-free, elsewhere in Alberta.

b.) Lawyers have experience making guardianship applications in court. Phone books provide the names and numbers of law offices and lawyers. Alberta’s Lawyer Referral Service gives out names and numbers for free – call 403-228-1722 in Calgary and 1 800 661-1095 elsewhere in Alberta.

c.) Alberta’s Family Justice Services (FJS) may provide relevant help to people making guardianship applications. Alberta Justice and the Alberta courts partner to provide FJS. To reach FJS, go to or call Service Alberta at 310-0000, toll-free, and ask for Family Justice Services. FJS also has units that can help with guardianship applications, such as the Family Law Information Centre and Family Court Counsellor Services.

d.) Alberta’s Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) provides information and education about family law, including making an application in Provincial Court. To reach FLIC, go to or call Service Alberta at 310-0000, toll-free, and ask for the Family Law Information Centre. Alternately, you can call FLIC at 780- 415-0404 in Edmonton, 403-297-6600 in Calgary and 403-297-6600 elsewhere in Alberta.

e.) Alberta’s Family Court Counsellor Services (FCC) can help people apply to court for guardianship orders. FCC does not help people who have lawyers. To contact FCC, go to and click the link for Family Justice Services. Alternately, call 780- 427-8343 in Edmonton, 403-297-6981 in Calgary and 403-340-7187 elsewhere in Alberta. To reach any number, toll-free, dial Service Alberta at 310-0000 and, then, the area code and number.

7. What if I am a child’s guardian and someone else is a guardian, and we cannot get along enough to cooperate about the child? Mediators can help guardians cooperate about the child. Mediation Services provides information and assistance to parents with parenting disputes. To contact Mediation Services, visit and click the link for Family Justice Services or call 403-297-6981 in Calgary, 780-427-8329 in Edmonton or 403-340-7187 elsewhere in Alberta. To reach any number, toll-free, dial Service Alberta at 310-0000 and, then, the area code and number.

8. Can I just stop working with the other guardian? No. Guardians are supposed to work together regarding the child. This is a legal requirement. Only a court order that says they do not have to work together frees guardians from this requirement.

How Hard It Is To Find Jobs At A Law Firm? I Heard Of People Getting Jobs? How Much Time Does It Take To Find?
A Job At A Law Firm? What Are The Tips, Other Than Sending The Resume To The Human Ressources Department?

First, not all law firms have a 'human resources' department. In fact, most don't. You need to find out who the hiring partner is or whether the firm has an office administrator who reviews all resumes before passing them on to the attorneys.

What kind of job in a law firm are you seeking? As a lawyer? As a paralegal? As a secretary? As a runner? As an office administrator? Really big law firms have their own law librarians.

If you are looking for an attorney position, the difficulty or length of time to find a job at a law firm depends on a number of factors such as what was your standing in law school? If you were in the top 10%, it won't be difficult at all to find a job. If you were in the bottom 10%, it might take some time.

How many law firms are in your city also affects your chances of finding a job. The type of law you want to practice affects your job search. For instance, you don't want to work for a personal injury law firm if tax law is your thing.

Did you clerk for any firms while in law school? Who do you know anyone who is already a lawyer?

These are all things that affect your search. Most law schools have a placement department that assists the law students to find jobs, and you will also find some helpful books there as well.

Most states publish a law journal or bar journal that has the recent case decisions for that state. It also has advertising for legal positions. Your law school will know how to find the publication.

" The Law Journal" is a newspaper that carries ads for legal positions.

Finally, make absolutely sure that you don't incorrectly capitalize or misspell any words in your cover letter or resume like you have in your question above.

Good luck.

Divorce Laws In Iowa?
What Are The Divorce Laws In Iowa, And Does Anyone Know How Much It Costs? Or If Seperation Is Just Better Way Right Now, Until I Am Fully Ready?

It will depend on if you can have a civil divorce or if it will be a dirty one. But the cost of the divorce depends on many different things. Like if you have children or not. In the case of the children can you decided on some thing or will it be a fight. Look at your debt situation. It will depend on who makes the most money on how that will be split.
In my divorce we were pretty much civil on all aspects so it ended pretty cheap, mine only cost about $3,000, but I have heard of other divorces costing much more, but they also dragged it out, became really dirty with each other and all of that puts a huge hole in the pocket book. So I suggest if you can't work it out and stay together, try to do every thing as peaceful as possible, keep the proceedings as short as possible and it probably won't cost you your life savings.

Why Should The Drunk Driving Penalties Be Stricter?
Ok, So I Am Writing A Persuasive Speech On &Quot;Why The Drunk Driving Penalties Should Be Sticter&Quot; But I Can'T Seem To Find Much Information About It, Or People'S Views About It. Could You Give Me Some Good Reasons Why The Punishments Should Be Worse?....And Maybe Some Website Links Would Be Good Too. Thanks! =)

For one thing, there are quite a few who won't hesitate to drink & drive. Call it public ignorance or a complete "society motivated disrespect for the law". However statistically speaking, when one out of six accidents in the US involve alcohol, then something has gone terribly wrong with our entire judicial system.

We all remember (MAD) (mad mothers against drunk drivers) a little something launched in the early seventies that has now failed us all, in more ways than one. It's obvious that the average drinker who chooses & is not forced behind that wheel,,, must be held accountable for their actions especially when this particular action involves a tragic car accident with injuries or even a few deaths. It's obvious that we need some tougher laws that treat any drug-induced impairment motivation to a fatal accident, as a capital crime. The cemeteries are full of innocent car accident victims, who crossed the path of a intoxicated driver & paid the ultimate price... Too much appeasement, special deals in an endless deluge of red tape has made it impossible to prosecute these first second & third offense drunk drivers. Look no further than the average attorney approved Yellow Page ad, and you will find the words (specializing in drunk driving cases) A "shameless attitude on the part of the attorney"

Once again statistically speaking, hundreds of thousands of innocent people die each and every year on our nation's highways. A direct result of those who obviously don't care for their attitude is one of selfishness, (I will do what I wanna do) said the average intoxicated driver. At the same time rich shyster lawyers who manipulate those well conceived laws to their own benefit become richer & richer (blood money) by allowing this shameful avenue of escape for any man or woman who is willing to pay a whopping $250 per hour attorney's fee ,too beat the rap. As long as there is big money as the only true motivation, nothing will change...if people were serious than we would legislate new laws and to do away with this ludicrous 1.2.3 strikes you're out nonsense.. Thus replacing that failed policy with some very harsh tough penalties for those who would use a car or truck as a deadly weapon of mass disillusionment.. Those who write our laws must look at the terrible ramifications when a drunk driver causes the death of an innocent motorist. The penalty should fit the crime with no plea bargains and no special deals of any kind...

Fantasyland legislation

Too those who wouldn't hesitate to drink & drive, it's a free country for now, & you can do what you want (whatever feels good) However, if you're involved in an accident while intoxicated & somebody dies as a direct result of your driver negligence,you're going to prison for a hell of a longtime...Buddy

Case closed...

Will The Juvenile Court Appoint Me A Lawyer?
I'M About To Endeavor Into A Messy Battle To Get My Aunt Guardianship Over Me....Will The Court Appoint Me A Lawyer? Or Will I Need To Find My Own.

You only receive a lawyer when you are being charged with a crime. You don't get them for custody battles. If you are a minor and the court feels your best interests are not being represented they may appoint a guardian ad litem over you to make sure your concerns are heard, but you won't be given a lawyer for a custody battle.

Is The Policy Limit On Insurance Different From The Personal Injury Award?
Ok I Was In A Car Accident Last Year And Unfortunately Still Dealing With The Pain From The Injury, Which Is A Bulging Disc That Basically Causes Pain For Me In Both Arms. The Fault In The Accident Was 100% The Other Party. But Her Insurance Only Has A Policy Limit Of $25000. My Medical Bills Have Already Racked Up To $16000 And I Haven'T Even Had Epidural Injections Which I'M Supposed To Get Soon But Those Are Just Going To Be More Money. How Will The Insurance Money Offer The Policy Limit Though? So Far They'Ve Only Offered $18000 But Does That Mean That I Won'T Get Any Thing For Pain And Suffering? I Mean I'M Supposed To Deal With This Pain For The Rest Of My Life And The Therapy Hasn'T Done Anything. The Pain Just Gets Worse Everyday. And I Also Wanted To Know If Personal Injury Award Is Different From The Policy Limit? So Far All I Have Heard Is That Basically I'M Screwed. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks.

The policy limit is the max payable by the insurance company. They can not pay anymore than that.

However, if the at fault person does not have enough limits to cover your injury, you then contact your insurance company and file a claim under your Under-Insured Motorist Coverage.

Since the at fault person has $25K limits, your bills are already at $16K and you are still treating, I suggest you go ahead and call in a claim to your automobile insurance company and have a claim set up under your policies Under-Insured Motorist coverage. (I am assuming you have UIM coverage). That way, your insurance company can go ahead and do their investigation and get their claim ready to step in should it be needed. If it turns out you don't need to make a claim under the UIM coverage on your policy, you can then call your company and let them know so they can close the claim file.