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Finding A Highly Skilled Lawyer Whatever your legal needs are you will notice that there are many lawyers in your town that advertise which they are experts in your form of case. This can make the entire process of finding one with quite a lot of experience a bit of a challenge. However, if you follow the tips below it will be possible to limit your quest to the right one in very little time. The first step is to make a listing of the lawyers which can be listed in your town specializing in your needs. While you are which makes this list you ought to only include those that you may have an excellent vibe about according to their advertisement. Then you can narrow this list down if you take a while evaluating their webpage. There you must be able to find just how many years they have been practicing and several general information about their success rates. At this stage your list must have shrunken further to those that you simply felt had professional websites as well as an appropriate amount of experience. You ought to then make time to look up independent reviews of each and every attorney. Make sure to look at the reviews rather than just relying upon their overall rating. The information within the reviews will give you a concept of how they connect with their customers and the time they invest into each case they are concentrating on. Finally, you will want to meet up with no less than the final three lawyers which have the credentials you are looking for. This will provide you with some time to truly evaluate how interested they are in representing you and your case. It really is vital that you follow every one of these steps to ensure that you find someone containing the right amount of experience to obtain the perfect outcome.

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Best Law Firm In The Us?
What Is The Biggest And Best Law Firm In The Us? Please Be Descriptive And Detailed To Be Chosen As Best Answer

The best law firm in terms of actual skill and results depends on the state and the area of practice, but almost of all of the "Big Law" firms are in NYC and Washington DC. Personally, I'd choose a local firm for most things involving a state court, like personal injury, divorce, probate, contracts, etc., but these big-time firms are the go-to firms for huge Federal litigation, planning, and lobbying, and for international transactions. Vault does some surveying every year for this kind of thing, and the top five are:

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Cravath, Swaine, & Moore
Sullivan & Cromwell
David, Polk, & Wardwell

If you're thinking about trying to work for one of these firms, don't even bother finding a house to rent or buy. You'd be better-suited just getting a cot and a wardrobe for your office and sleeping there. Your work hours will basically reduce your time at home to an average of 6 hours a night. I had a professor who worked at Skadden. He told us he quit because after doing a major securities deal, he had been away from his apartment for so long he literally forgot where it was. The only reason he found it was because the dry cleaners he used were on the first floor of his building and he got the receipts from his secretary. After he found out he could earn over $100k a year teaching at a law school working 40-50 hours a week, he bailed. His words were something to the effect of, "I like pizza, beer, ESPN, and hiking. I don't need to work that much to pay for those things."

Is Being A Fraud Investigater A Good Career?
Whats A Day In The Joob? Do You Regret Being A Fraud Investigater? Is It A Stressfull Job? Do You Like It?

You apparently don't know what you are talking about. Every government agency or organization and every type of business in every type of industry investigates fraud. They are NOT "fraud investigators." They do it as part of their regular jobs.

The credit card companies investigate fraud. The banks examiners investigate fraud. Lawyers investigate fraud. CPAs investigate fraud. The FBI investigates fraud. The CIA investigates fraud. The OIG investigates fraud. All mortgage companies investigate fraud. The SSA investigates fraud. The IRS investigates fraud. Every state in the U.S. has a State Attorney's office that investigates fraud. Every state has a state labor board that investigates fraud. The SEC investigates fraud. All state tax auditors investigate fraud. All welfare and government assistance program have people who investigate fraud.

There are thousands and thousands of people with jobs as inspectors, examiners, auditors, administrators, etc., in every phase of government and business who do their regular jobs and sometimes discover fraud. Fraud is generally not something that is known in advance, but is discovered during the normal routine performance of a person's job.

Fraud is a crime and discovering it by an inspection or audit can become a dangerous job as sometimes it leads to criminal charges. And those people don't want to get caught. And, yes, it can be a very stressful job. It's not necessarily a job you would want to have as you could get shot and killed by someone avoiding detection and arrest.

Generally speaking, you should try to avoid jobs that are stressful as they cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems, and can kill you. Good luck.

A Lawyer To Help Get Disability?
Are There Lawyers That Help, Step By Step In Applying For Disability?

Yes, but you're paying them to do stuff they never had to do, if you happened to be one of those people who would be approved the first time with or without a lawyer. (That would be like getting a lawyer to read a standard contract to buy a car. You can buy a car without a lawyer's help, but they'll be happy to take the money, if you want them to read it anyway.)

It's best to do the work on your own. The long-winded forms don't become less long-winded by having a lawyer write down the answers for you, and you'll have to be equally involved either way.

Most people don't get lawyers until after they've been denied to the point of going to court, but I didn't have the energy to wait that long, and, frankly, I already knew my disability didn't fit into all the pre-required conditions, so I would be denied. (Botched surgery caused chronic pain around waist. Who gets that to put it down as a regularly occurring disability?) I had done enough research to know that 60+% of people who claim disability denied the first time, so that's when I hired a lawyer, thus getting help on the particulars.

As for who to get? The truth is lawyers don't guarantee success and they only get paid, if they win, so Binder and Binder doesn't look any worse or better than any other lawyers. My lawyer told me even lawyers average a 25% rate, because SSDI is that hard to get on, and so many people try who can still work, but don't want to because it's harder with the disability. The only advantages they have is they know the laws, they get to know the judges enough to know what they want, and they can present that better.

My lawyer didn't want me in the courtroom, so I didn't go. I needed Disability, because the chronic pain stopped me from doing enough things I cannot work. Little did I know, he got me in because the pain was so bad I was suicidal, until doctors helped with the pain. Who'd have thought a year of fighting to not kill myself works, but I can't lift more than 12 pounds, can't sit or stand for more than 90 minutes at a time (without having to lie down for a while), have trouble leaning over for more than 5 seconds, or a bunch of other things just crazy enough to stop me from having an employer keep me for more than half a day, wasn't enough?

He had four cases that day. I was the only one he won. I wouldn't have won, unless I had a lawyer. (It seems my main problem in life is I gave up looking like I'm in pain, because looking like I'm in pain never lessened pain levels, so was a waste of time and energy. That I refuse to act like a victim was the same reason he didn't want me in the courtroom. lol)

Get a lawyer if you're denied, but don't waste your back pay on a lawyer to fill out forms. As for Bender and Bender? I went local lawyer, because that firm would know local judges. Bender and Bender is national, so I don't know if they're lawyers move or are part of the community. To know that Judge Smith is a hard-nose leglist, while Judge Jones wants an emotional tale along with the evidence is the very reason I got a local lawyer.

When I was disabled, my lawyer was a one-man company trying to look big. Three years later, when hubby needed a disability lawyer, we went to the same firm, only to find out there were three lawyers now. I only saw my old lawyer once in passing. (He remembered me. Apparently, I was one of his first cases. lol)

Can I Win Child Custody Without A Lawyer?
I Currently Have A Lawyer But Its Just Too Expensive. I Have Some Evidences That I Think I Can Use To Prove My Ex Is Unfit Father. If I Dont Have A Lawyer And He Does, Can I Win By Just Telling The Truth. I Know Alot Of Lawyers Know How To Make U Look Like A Liar Even Thou You'Re Not..

i cant remember who said " a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client"

but it rings true
a lawyer will run rings round a layman unless you have vast legal knowledge
thats why they cost so much
8 years to pass the bar isnt for nothing i'm afraid
when it comes to child custody, i wouldnt leave anything to chance

How Do I Locate A Lawyer In Tampa Fl?

Let's say you are looking for lawyer experienced in personal injuries related to sailing:

Click on that link and modify the type of lawyer as needed for your situation.

How Can I Go About Hiring A Lawyer, If I Have No Income?
I Have Been Trying To Get Ssdi Benefits Sense About 2004-2005 Until About Now. I Keep Getting Denied, I Have Proof Of My Disability From My Recent 2011 Hospital Psych Ward Stay. ... But I Know I Cannot Work, And Have Proof! I Want To Know, How Can I Hire A Lawyer To Guarantee Benefits, For Me If I Have No Income??!

THE best way to find a lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask your: family, friends, coworkers, anyone you might know in the same situation, etc.


Call your local (usually county) bar association. Ask for names of attorneys that handle your type of matter. (If money is a BIG problem, you could also ask for the phone number of your local LegalAid office. - the attorneys at LegalAid are "real" attorneys, but sometimes in the field of Law, how much you are willing to pay does affect the quality you get.)


Go to your local Public Library. Ask the Reference Librarian for their "MARTINDALE-HUBBELL" - and/or on the computer - to find an attorney based on practice, geography, etc.

When you call the law office(s), insist on speaking with the Lawyer. Just tell the Secretary the main idea of your matter - do not tell all the little details of your matter to the Secretary - save the details for the Attorney. When you get the Lawyer on the phone line, ask him/her:

- Do they give >>>FREE, initial consultations for the FIRST meeting? (most do, but not all - you have to ask, don't assume)
- How much do they charge (per hour)?
- Could you make payments on your account?
- Can they help you? OR Refer you to someone who can help you?

Good luck.

(This is based on my knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Seeking advice over the Internet is not a good idea - the field of Law is too complex for that. Please be careful and do your research.)