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The majority of people today do not think about acquiring a lawyer until they are in desperate need. The lawful situation might possibly be personal, like family law, for a divorce or separation or if you are searching for a bankrupcy or trust lawyer. It may be a felony circumstance you want to be defended on. Businesses need law firms as well, whether they are being sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, or perhaps unfair business strategies. Tax law firms are also useful when dealing with government challenges. Just like doctors, lawyers have expertise. A sizeable, full service law firm has numerous legal representatives with diverse areas of skills, so depending on your legal issue, you can immediately hold on to the top lawyer to fulfill your current need without having to begin your search each time you need legal assistance.It is best to locate a law firm you can have faith in. You really want one with a good record, who isstraightforward, reliable, and wins cases. You want to have assurance that they will stand for you accurately and invoice you fairly for their services. From time to time a recommendation from a buddy or business affiliate can be very helpful, however you should keep your options open and review all the firms available, simply because when you require legal support, you need it immediately and you want the finest you can afford to pay for. Thank you for looking for a attorney with us. Your time is valuable, and Action Pages, at, is glad to supply specific search variables to fulfill your requirements. We continually make the effort to concentrate on the most popular phrases so you can instantly find anything you are looking for.

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Attorney Question.?Well This Isn'T Really An Attorney Question But I Have Physical Custody Of My 11 Yr Old Son
We Have Joint Custody But Like I Said He Lives With Me. He Is Going To Start Middle School This Month. He Has A Mild Form Of Autism. His Dad Is Taking Me To Court In Front Of A Mediator.To Talk About The Middle School He Will Be Going To. I Want Him To Go To A Middle School I Have Been To And His Dad Wants Him To Live Over There And Go To The School In That Area. His Dad Is Worring About Gangs And Bullies. I Do Not Agree. Every Middle School Has Gangs And Bullies. He Said He Does Not Have An Attorney. But It Is Going To Be At A Courthouse And I Was Served The Summons That Had His Attorneys Name On It. I Can Not Afford An Attorney And Was Wondering If Anyone Knows Of Any In The Fort Worth Tx Area Who Will Work With A Low Income Person. Do You Think I Would Need An Attorney?

Gosh, YES, you need an attorney! Your child is your most important asset. There are no second chances with these cases! Beg, borrow or steal to ensure both you and your child are properly represented. Check out the Texas State Bar Association lawyer referral service and also the link If You Can't Afford A Lawyer See also Lexis Nexis listings for family law attorneys in Fort Worth: Start at the top and ask each if s/he has a sliding scale and, if not, does s/he know of colleagues who might? And be gracious. What you're asking for is time, the only commodity lawyers have to sell.

Help With Financial Aid?
I Am 18 Years Old, Female, And I Live In Louisiana. I Do Not Live With My Parents, I Live With My Brother, So I Depend On His Income. I Don't Have A Job. How Do I Get Financial Aid? And Anybody Who Just Wants To Leave A Smart *** Remark Don't Even Bother, Because I'm Pretty Sure I'm Asking For Help, Not Mean Remarks. Thanks.

In order to get financial aid, you will have to fill out a FASFA form. That is what will determine how much financial aid you will receive, and what types of aid, such as student loans, work study, grants, etc.

You will most likely have to have your parents income listed on your FASFA, whether you live with them or not. Since they are your legal guardians, you will need their names, birthdates, social security numbers, and all of their tax information.

The only way to not use your parents information is if you declare yourself an "independent" student. But be careful... just because you don't live with your parents and you are "independent" and out on your own doesn't matter to the school.

In order to be classified as an Independent Student (where they would take only your income into consideration) you need to meet one of these criteria:

Be 24 years of age by Jan 1, 2009.
Be married.
Have children (dependents) of your own.
Be a member of the military.
Your parents are deceased or your are legally emancipated from them.

I would suggest going to the school of your choice, and talking with the financial aid department. They are your biggest source of help because they can tell you the specifics about what you need to do at that particular school.

Check into scholarships as well. Most students don't take the time to fill out the applications and write the essays, but it can come in handy!

Good luck to you!

What Kinds Of Lawyers Are There?
And Can I Have A Lil' Description Of Each Plz....... And Thx

1. Asbestos Lawyer : an Asbestos or Mesothelioma lawyer represents clients that have been exposed to Asbestos particles & have suffered repercussions in their health for it.

2. Auto Accident Lawyer : An Auto Accident Lawyer will fight for the rights of an individual who has been injured of an auto related accident.This includes hit & runs,rear end collisions,drunk driving accidents,even pedestrians who have been hit by a car would seek the counsel of an auto accident lawyer.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyer : A Bankruptcy Lawyer will help you file all of the necessary court papers needed to declare Bankruptcyl.Sometimes a Bankruptcy Lawyer may help you avoid filing Bankruptcy.

4. Compensation Lawyers : Workers Comp,Auto Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers : These lawyers deal with seeking compensation for individuals who have been injured.This may be an accident at work,in a car or somewhere else.

5. Divorce Lawyer : A Divorce Lawyer deals with Family Law.They handle all of the issues pertaining to divorce.This includes custody,visitation,spousal & child support.

6. Employment Lawyer : An Employment Lawyer deals with issues related to the workplace.These may include incidents such as severance pay,workplace discrimination & harassment.

7. Fraud Lawyer : A Fraud Lawyer will defend an individual (the victim) who has been conned out of money.

8. Injury Lawyer : An Injury Lawyer will defend anyone who has been the victim of an accident & has sustained an injury.The injury may be physical or it may also be mental.

9. Insurance Lawyer : An Insurance Lawyer will handle all of your insurance questions & needs.Also about their rights & terms of the insurance policy.

10. Patent Lawyer : When someone develops a new product or has an idea for an invention,the first step is to hire a Patent Lawyer.The Patent Lawyer will handle all of the paper work & the legal aspect of the patent process.

Horrible Crisis, Can Anyone Recommend A Good Child Custody Lawyer In Buffalo Ny?
Going Through A Horrible Crisis At The Moment. I Was Divorced From My Husband When My Son Was Only A Few Months Old. He Was Extremely Verbally Abusive Towards Me And Made Some Horrible Threats During The Divorce And Child Custody Fight. After 4 Years , We Now Have Tried Working Things Out Again And I Got Pregnant Once Again (Accidentally) .He Lives In Florida And Me Here In Ny , Doing The Long Distance Thing. Well, It Looks Like Once Again, I Made The Biggest Mistake Of My Life As We Can'T Be Around Each Other For More Than 5 Minutes Without Fighting And Screaming At Each Other And Him Putting Me Down And Making Me Look Horrible In Front Of Our Son. So, Now I'M 8 1/2 Months Pregnant And He'S Already Making Threats That He Wants Custody And Wants The Kids To Live With Him In Florida For At Least 6 Months Out Of The Year. I'M Scared To Death And He Is A Heavy Pot Smoker And Has A Horrible Horrible Temper. I Know I Need A Good Lawyer, Advice?

You don't really need a good lawyer, trust me! I have been up one side and down the other of the NY family court system (i'm in Rochester) The judge will assign a attorney or a law guardian to your children. This attorney is not chosen by your or your ex but assigned by the court and you do not have to pay this person. The law guardian will visit your home, speak to your child and you. You tell the law guardian your side, show and documents you have, police reports, any documentation from the childrens dr saying the father is possible threat. When you go back to court, the law guardian will report to the judge and a decision will be made. If you do not agree with the decision (or he doesn't) you will then go to trial. At that point you will need an attorney but you can take the 1st steps without one. And with any luck, he will see that he is not going to get custody and just agree to whatever the judge decides.

Your FIRST step, if you haven't already done so, is to go and petition for sole custody. If you do not already have sole custody, he is free to take the kid to FL and you cannot stop him. You would then have to file for emergency custody to bring the kid back to NY. Make sure you tell them when you file that you don't want him to leave the county with your child and that you fear he will. They may put in a temp. order so that he cannot leave with the child.

Family court in NY is so cut and dry that you don't need a attorney. Unless you are a drug user or something, no judge is going to take your children away from you. Good luck to you!

Legal Advice Regarding My Complicated Divorce?
I Filed For A Divorce In August 2006 Along With A Restraining Order. I Filled Out A Dissolution Of Marriage, Paid The Fee And Waited For A Court Date. (Never Got One) Meanwhile I Was Dealing With The Restraining Order Which Was More Difficult, Because After I Kicked My Ex Out And He Stole My Things... I Had No Address For Him Or His Family. I Tried Having The Sheriff'S Department Serve Him, But They Couldn'T Without An Address. So After A Few Months Of Reissuing Temporary Restraining Orders, I Found A Business Card Of A Job That He Had Just Started At The Time And My Mom Served Him. He Trashed The Papers In Front Of Her And Didn'T Show Up To Court. Then Honestly Left Everything As It Was Till July 2008 And Looked Up The Status. They Said My Divorce Was At A Standstill... I Was Surprised Since My Friends Said That I'D Be Divorced 6 Months After I Filed. So I Got Back On It Again And Figured Out What I Had To Do. I Never Used An Attorney And Have Been Doing It On My Own Since 2006. But In 2008 My Ex Finally Got An Attorney And Finally Wanted The Divorce Too. He Was Trying To Claim More Things, Saying I Had A Car, Computer, Dvds, Even Kitchen Appliances, The List Went On. Which Is All A Lie, He Took All His Things And Even Stole My Things And I Let Him Just So He Would Leave. The Car He Is Trying To Claim Was A Gift, By My Mom And Brothers. I Have Proof Of All That And It Isn'T A Worry. But He'S Very Spiteful And Is Going Out Of His Way To Delay The Divorce And Hurt Me. So I Went To The Workshops And Re-Served Him The Divorce Papers With An Address I Got From His Attorney. The Court Got A Notice Saying It Didn'T Go Through Somehow. I Don'T Know How He'S Avoiding Getting That... I Went To Court Had Someone That Knows About This Do It With Me And We Pulled Up His Address And I'M Still Not Getting A Court Date! But Anyway, His Attorney Wrote Something Up For Me Last December (2008) Saying If I Signed It, That I Wouldn'T Have To Show Up To Court And That We'D Be Divorced. I Read It Through And Said I'D Sign It If He Changed The Part Where My Ex Claims To Have Never Been Served The Restraining Order Papers. Cuz That Was The One Thing I Did Serve Him In 2006. I Told His Attorney That I Was More Than Willing To Remove The Restraining Order If He Changed That And Put The Truth. I Never Got A Reply From His Attorney. A Few Days Ago I Get An Email From His Attorney Saying I'Ll Be Charged My Ex'S Attorney Fees About $2000 Worth Along With A Bifurcated Judgment, Saying I Never Returned His Calls. I Explained To Him That I Was Unwilling To Give My Number Out, Due To The Fact My Ex Will Get It And Maybe Harass Or Intimidate Me Again. He Had My Email And Did Not Email Me Until June 18 When He Informs Me That I Have To Show Up To Court In July And Forced To Pay Fees. What Can I Do? I Never Avoided Any Communication, And I'Ve Been Desperately Trying To Get The Divorce Finalized! I'M The Petitioner For Crying Out Loud. I Feel Like My Ex And His Attorney Are Trying To Screw Me Over. He Didn'T Make Any Attempts To Contact Me Or Email Me And He Admitted That Through Email, But He Said That He Called My Mother'S Number Several Times. As Far As I Know That'S Not True. Also, I Really Don'T Want To Be Near My Ex Husband. My Restraining Order Still Stands And I Don'T Want To Miss My Court Date. What Can I Do? Do I Qualify For A Court Call? I Really Really Need Help, If You Know Anyone That Would Know What To Do In This Situation, Please Send Them My Way.

You really need the advice of an attorney (a lot of them will speak to you for only $50.00). If you are employed, check to see if your employer offers pre-paid legal services (they are absolutely awesome to use)....cost very little in your paycheck. The pre-paid legal is anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00 a month (a well worth it).

I found these links on the internet if your employer doesn't offer this....I can't recommend any of these services as I haven't used any of these companies...but it's worth checking into.

This website can direct you to a Local Attorney for Free:

You also might talk to a local "paralegal" you can use their services to reply to attorney letters etc. (they are less money than an attorney) and they are required to operate under an attorney.

I wish you the best in all that you's a tough time for you and especially because of this tough economy.

Cant Afford Dwi Attorney. Not Poor Enough For Assigned Council?
Ive Got 500 Bucks In My Bank Account, And Its Spoken For Because Ive Gotta Pay Rent Tomorrow. Ive Got 65 Bucks In My Savings Account. I Dont Have Any Money And Cant Afford A Private Dwi Lawyer, But According To The Application I Sent In For Requested Appointed Council, Im Not Poor Enough To Recieve Assigned Council.... So Wtf Am I Supposed To Do If I Dont Have Downpayment Money To Give A Dwi Lawyer, And The $300/Month That I Could Possibly Be Saving I Wont See Until The End Of The Month.......My Court Date Is The 18Th (Before The End Of The Month) Im Messed Up In The Worst Way And I Dont Know What To Do...

Here's the issue: a DWI attorney may or may not be able to get the charge reduced. Depending on what state you're in, there may be no point in having an attorney, anyway.

However, I think we can all agree on one thing: you are clearly demonstrating that you cannot afford to drive drunk.

Call Legal Aid in the phone book and see if they will help you get a free or cheap lawyer to help you.

- Stuart